How Exercise affects your Blood Pressure

To know the effect of exercise or workout on our blood pressure its better to study the blood pressure of athletes. Its a well know fact and proved in various research studies that normal blood pressure of athletes is lower than a non-exercising person. Its because the cardio vascular system of an athlete is far better and effective than others.

How Exercise affects your Blood Pressure

  • A single session of Aerobic exercises or some moderate intensity exercises can lower your resting blood pressure and this effect can last up to 22 hours. This study was published in March 2014 journal of "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise".
  • Exercising can temporarily increase your blood pressure, but in a normal human being its not something to worry about. It will just increase the power of your heart and increase elasticity of blood vessels.
  • When we exercise on regular basis, our heart pumps more blood at that time and temporarily increases the blood pressure. It makes our heart stronger and it pumps more blood with less effort compared to a normal human being. This whole thing decreases our resting state blood pressure.
  • Usually our blood pressure increases with age due to various factors. One of these factors is reduction of elasticity of blood vessels. But exercising on regular basis can help in not getting our blood pressure increase with age.
  • Regular exercising can reduce the Systolic Blood Pressure (the upper reading) by 4 to 9mmHg . This effect is equivalent to taking some medication for blood pressure. So if you can reduce it without medicines then why don't you exercise.
  • Blood Pressure of a healthy human being should be always less than 120/80 . If its slightly above than that, then its time for you to take some step and lower it.
  • Apart from all of the above facts, exercise can help you in getting rid of extra fat. Obesity is the major reason behind high blood pressure. Reducing your fat can directly save you from a number of heart diseases.

So from now onward adapt a drug free approach to lower your blood pressure. If its possible with routine exercise then why should we take medicine for that. You may do any type of exercise that you like. It may be running, jogging, power-lifting, swimming, aerobics or yoga. Its not necessary to run a marathon or being a body builder to lower your blood pressure. Just being active is the main motive of doing exercise.
If you are already a patient of hypertension (high blood pressure), still you can do mild exercises to help yourself. But its better to consult your specialist before starting it.

We hope that all these facts collected by us will help you in lowering your blood pressure.

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