Visceral fat vs Subcutaneous fat

Fat deposits in or body are a serious thing that all of us should know about. Fat in our body is taken more seriously since Obesity is declared a disease in USA. There are two types of fat deposits in our body, but rarely anybody is concerned about them. We just take fat as fat. If you want to defeat an enemy than its better to have full knowledge about him. Same thing applies on Fat, which is the itself a disease causing element in our body. There are two types of fat deposits in our body: Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat. We will tell the basic difference among them and also that which one is more harmful.

Subcutaneous fat is that fat that lies directly under the skin and we can grab and squeeze it with our hand.

Visceral fat is that fat that surrounds our organs. It is the fat around internal organs like stomach, kidney, liver and heart. Most this fat affects the main trunk of body that includes our respiratory and digestive system organs.

Which type of fat is more hazardous to health ?
Visceral fat is more hazardous to health as it makes us prone to heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.

Can both types of fat be removed through liposuction ? 
Unfortunately No ! Only Subcutaneous fat can be removed through liposuction. In some researches on liposuction surgery it was found that there was no health improvement after liposuction if patient had a lot of Visceral fat. The visceral fat is more hazardous but can't be removed through liposuction.

Which one of them can be easily reduced through exercise ?
Visceral fat can be easily reduced through exercise. Subcutaneous fat needs much more effort to reduce its level. Regular exercise and healthy diet can easily manage the visceral fat, that surround our organs and more harmful for us. So even if there is no visible effect of exercise on your subcutaneous fat, its still reducing your visceral fat.

How can i measure the level of Subcutaneous fat ?
Subcutaneous fat can be easily measured with the health of caliper (as shown in the very first pic in this article). A trained professional measures the skin-fold at various parts of body like abdomen, sides, chest, front thigh, back of arm. You may get calipers at reasonable price but it need professional training to measure the fat correctly. If you measure it without any training then most probably you will measure it wrong. There is one other way to measure the fat using some x-ray machines but it need specialized equipment and medical professionals.

How can i measure the level of Visceral fat ?
CT Scan is the most accurate way to measure visceral fat but it costs from $200 to $300. There is other easy method, which is not so accurate but can give you an idea if its alarming condition for you or not. Measure your waist where it is maximum, then measure your hip where its maximum. Now divide the waist measurement by hip measurement. For men, if its above 1 then you have visceral fat and you should do something for it. For women, if its above 0.85 then you have got visceral fat.
Above facts must have cleared the difference between two types of fat. If you have got visceral fat then be serious and do something to reduce it. Be fit, be healthy and keep reading .

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