A week old Sperms are Unhealthy !

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Some philosophers believe that abstaining from sexual activity makes a man more fertile. But today science is saying that if the sperms remain stored in a man for more than a week then it becomes unhealthy. Here betterhealthfacts.com will try to figure out the truth. This article is specially meant for those couples who want to be blessed by a healthy kid.

It can cause abnormality in child

If a sperm remains stored in a man for more than a week then it becomes unhealthy compared to fresh ones. Such sperms are not only less capable to fertilize an egg but can also cause genetic defects in kid which may result as some abnormality.

Abstaining from sex may cost you !

When a men is diagnosed with low sperm count, then the first thing they think is abstaining from sex for a few days as it may increase the count the next time they pair. But some scientific studies found that it may increase the count a little bit but the health of sperms is compromised in this way. The best way is to get indulged on daily basis for better results.

How to keep your sperm store healthy

As we told earlier that indulging in any sexual activity which results in releasing the semen can keep your sperm store fresh and healthy. As the old store is emptied, our body produces more healthy sperms. Read Secrets to keep you sperms healthy.

Do sperm's health have any relation to man's age ?

Yes there is a clear relation between the man's age and sperm health. According to some researches infertility level in men increases after the age of 40. Apart from that the sperm quality also decreases with age. It increases the chances of genetic disorders in the offspring.

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