Secrets to Improve Sperm Count and Health

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This article is basically meant for those men who want to be a father soon and get bless with a healthy baby. The direct relation of healthy baby is with a healthy sperm. Every man have more 20 to 150 million sperms in per ml of ejaculation. If its less than 20 million then its less sperm count. Here will tell you how you can increase the count and health of your sperms.

Don't let them stale

A fresh sperm is the healthy sperm. Its the key. Don't abstain from sexual activities for weeks. Your abstaining will make them unhealthy and incapable of fertilizing an egg cell. Even people with less sperm count are advised by doctors to indulge in sexual activity more often to keep the sperms fresh as it increases the chances of fertilization. Read more in another article A Week Old Sperms are Unhealthy .

Save them from high temperature

Our testes lie outside our body in the scrotum for a reason. It because they need slightly less temperature than body temperature to keep the sperms healthy. Wearing tight jeans, or working with laptop on your lap are increasing the temperature of the scrotum and making sperms unhealthy. Hot bath tub is suggested to avoid by many doctors due to the same reason.

Your Health and Diet

Being obese or underweight can also decrease sperm quality as sperm production is directly linked to fat content in your body. A balanced diet not only keeps you weight in good range but also your sperms. According to some researches lack of folic acid in diet can decrease sperm quality and eating more soy products also have a bad effect on sperm health.

Your own age also matters

Quality of sperms decreases with age. After 40 the chances of genetic disorders in offsprings increases only due to unhealthy sperms.

Emotional well being is also necessary

Your mood and emotional well being is directly counted to sperm health and count. So a unhealthy social environment and emotional stress among partners can directly affect the sperm count and quality.

Note: A man may produce millions of sperms in a single ejaculation but at max only 200 healthy sperms are able to reach the egg and only one lucky-one fertilizes it. So keep your sperms healthy.

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