Tight Jeans are making you Infertile !

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Yes, you heard it right ! Tight jeans are making you infertile. If your jeans is tight at your scrotum then you may have problems like bladder weakness, urinary tract infections, twisted testicles and even low sperm count. And low rem usage of such jeans can impact more badly. Betterhealthfacts.com have done a good research on this topic and bring you some rarely known facts about negative effects of wearing tight jeans on your sexual and overall health.

Tight fitting jeans decreases blood flow

Too tight jeans can easily decrease the blood flow in your veins. It results in collection of blood in your legs and it swells your legs and the condition become worst if you wear them regularly. Usually our arteries (which bring the fresh blood from heart) are located at more depth under the skin, while veins (which takes the deoxygenated blood to heart) are not much under skin (or you may say superficial). These veins can be easily blocked by some pressure from outside and it collects more blood in legs. It can easily cause lack of sensation in your toes, lower leg, and thighs.

Tight fitting jeans can damage muscles and nerves in your legs

In a recent incident published in a science journal a woman did some squatting exercise after wearing a tight pair of jeans and the condition become so worst for her that she was hospitalized. Doctors cut open her jeans to save her and she was hospitalized for 4 days. Later doctors explained that the combination of tight jeans and squatting made condition worst for the lady. After squatting the muscles of the legs tried to swell, but there was no space to swell and it made muscles to go inward and damage the nerves. Same thing can happen to anybody.

Temperature issues in Jeans can kill your sperms

If you are a men and your jeans is tight at your scrotum region than you are making yourself infertile by your own mistakes. Our testicles lie outside of our main body in the scrotum for a reason. That reason is that sperms can remain healthy at comparatively some degree cooler temperature than our normal body temperature. While our tight jeans bring our scrotum in tight contact with main body and increases their temperature, which not only degrades sperm health but also the count.

Some more groin region problem related to tight jeans

Twisted testicles is one other side effect of tight jeans. In this condition the spermatic chord is twisted and it may cut off its blood supply and sometime need surgery to correct it. Tight jeans can also cause fungal infection in that region. Women may also have vaginal yeast infection due to tight jeans. Bladder weakness and Urinary Track Infection (UTI) some other problems related to the same factor.

Our sexual health greatly depend on our legs. So don't let the blood pause in your legs and don't let tight jeans damage your leg muscles and nerves. Its not just the scrotum region but the whole legs which should be healthy for it.

Note: Style should be secondary and first should be health. A man may think that style is necessary to impress the opposite sex , but that style is worth nothing if you are weaker or infertile in the real task.

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