Can anyone be scared to death ?

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You must have seen it in horror movies that sudden fear or shock made a person die due to heart attack. Is their any truth in it ? If there is, then a person with a fearful heart can easily die due to sudden scary thing happening around him/her. Does this fear has something to with our heart, or its just in our brain ? will put some light on this topic in this well researched article. Before we proceed further let me tell you, YES fear can kill a person. However chances are quite less compared to horror movies, but its true.

Fight or Flight Mechanism

When we see something scary the Fight or Flight Mechanism of our body starts itself. As the name suggests it means either fight with that scary thing or run away (that is flight). That scary thing can be anything either a mouse, lizard, spider, height and sometimes some imaginary creatures in the dark. Fear of darkness is the oldest and most common fear as its the fear of unknown. Lets come back to fight or flight mechanism. As soon as this mechanism gets started our body releases adrenaline hormone which increases our muscular strength temporarily. It helps us in either fighting aggressively or run away very fast with full energy.

But how can anyone be scared to death ?

The truth lies in the same adrenaline hormone. Adrenalin increases our heartbeat and supplies our muscles with large amount of blood and oxygen to work more effectively. But every muscle has its own limitations. It applies on heart as well which is itself a bunch of muscles pumping the blood. More amount of adrenaline for a longer duration can damage the muscles of heart, and a weak heart or person already suffering from some cardiovascular disease can easily collapse due to heart failure. However it can't happen to a healthy person with a strong heart. Adrenaline hormone is meant to save us from some critical conditions, but sometimes higher dose of a good medicine can even kill you.

How can you save yourself from this scared to death condition?

  • As we said earlier that a healthy person need not to fear about such death. But keeping your heart healthy is the key to remaining unaffected by high adrenaline. You can keep your heart healthy by exercising regularly. 
  • Second thing that you can do is to win your fear either by positive thoughts or facing it intentionally. 

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