Foods with Trans Fat : Threat to your Life

Trans fat is the gift of chemistry to the world for a life full of diseases. This statement may sound a bit crazy but its the truth revealed in some recent researches. We recently published an article on about hydrogenation, which is the chemical process of making trans fat. This trans fat can easily make you sick with its bad cholesterol. It can cause diseases like hypertension, stroke and other heart diseases. Some researchers even believe that isomerism in trans fat is even responsible for causing cancer.

We have collected a list of food items which are rich is trans fat. These food items are easily available in any food store and people are crazy for them.

Foods with Trans fat

  • Frozen Pizza: All those food items which are meant to be kept frozen and then microwaved for usage, usually contain a high amount of trans fat. Frozen Pizza is one of those and mostly used by US citizens. 
  • Breakfast Sandwiches: It also falls in the above category. People get these ready-made sandwiches and keep them in freezers for morning breakfast. It might make your easier but this easiness costs you a lot of trans fat in your body. 
  • Cakes, Pies, Cookies and Biscuits : Most of them have trans fat to increase their shelf life. 
  • Microwave Popcorn: You must have seen some fat mixed in the microwave popcorn packets. It might have saved some of your time but trans fat content in that fat is very high, just to increase its shelf life.
  • Margarine: Its a commonly used butter spread with very high value of trans fat. It may contain 15g of trans fat in per 100g Margarine.
  • Fast Foods: Most fast foods, even those served in restaurants contain trans fat as they use partially hydrogenated oil to these fast foods.
  • All those food items that can stay fresh for weeks in your pantry might have trans fat. So be aware of them as well.

Make a good habit of checking the list of ingredients before you buy any food product. The nutrition information written on packaging is something meant for you to read, if you really care for your body.

Trans fat increases the shelf life of any food product and its cheaper than other saturated animal fats. These characteristics make it one of the item used in various fast foods. So if you ever again buy any fast food then must check the ingredients list mentioned in it. Try to avoid those food items which are rich in trans fat. Even if you can stop eating fast foods, its better to decrease the frequency for your own good health.

The good news for health conscious people is that U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has asked manufacturers to remove all trans fat from their ingredients by year 2019. So there will be no trans fat  in any food product after 2019 in United States. But rejection of food products with trans fats by consumers will result in early implementation of that order. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.

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