Diseases that cause Obesity

Whenever we see anybody Fat or Obese, the first thought that comes in our mind is that it must be due to overeating or inactivity. This preconceived notion is not always true. In some cases it might be correct but not all. There are a number of diseases that can make you obese. Its not necessary that only over eating and inactivity are the possible reasons for obesity. However there are some disease that can make one over eat and get obese. Here we have listed some diseases that can make you fat.

Diseases that cause Obesity

  • Depression: Some people overeat due to depression. It can easily become a reason for Obesity. So if you ever find any close one getting obese and also find him/her in some depressed state then consult him/her to visit a doctor regarding that matter.
  • Hypothyroidism: When our thyroid gland secrete lesser amount of thyroid hormone then this condition is known as Hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is responsible for our metabolism. Lack of thyroid hormone slows down our metabolism and causes weight gain. It can be easily diagnosed by a simple blood test.
  • Cushing's syndrome: This disease is caused due to excess secretion of steroid hormone "Cortisol" by adrenal glands. This gland is located on top of kidneys and its excess secretion of cortisol results in deposition of excess fat on face, abdomen and upper back. Thus it causes Obesity.
  • Heredity: Some inherited brain diseases can also make you obese. Sometimes genes may also matter. Genetic conditions such as Prader-Willi syndrome is one such example. Some scientists believe that combination of genes and behavior makes a person prone to obesity 

Some other factors which are not disease, but also not related to over eating and inactivity.

  • Some medications can also make you obese. Some of these medications include antidepressants, high blood pressure medication, steroids and seizure medication.
  • According to one more research those kids who had breastfeed even after 6 months of birth have lesser chances of getting obese. It means mothers milk can save a child from getting obese at a later phase in life.
  • Sometime stopping smoking can also result in weight gain.

Obesity is itself a disease and it come become a reason for various other diseases. So if you find symptoms of any of the above mentioned diseases in yourself then get it checked by a doctor.

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