Visceral Fat: Most Dangerous but Easiest to Lose

Visceral fat is that fat which is deposited between different organs in our body. Its not the fat which is directly under skin. Most of the visceral fat is in the abdominal cavity and it harms us the most. Visceral fat is also known as excess intra-abdominal adipose tissue accumulation. Visceral fat is blamed for cholesterol, diabetes , Alzheimer's disease and cancer. But the good news in that this visceral fat is easiest to loose. To know how ! Continue reading this article.

Our body stores fat in form of Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat. We can't control its storage procedure. Our genes make it happen. Any of these fat can be more depending on our diet, activity level and genes. Similarly its hard to target on loosing any one type of fat. However subcutaneous fat be removed through surgeries but not the visceral fat. The methods to lose visceral fat, which are described in this article are not 100% meant for visceral fat (as we say it depends on your genes), but still it will reduce the amount of visceral fat in your body.
We called visceral fat as most dangerous. Here is the reason why we said so.

Diseases caused by Visceral Fat

  • Inflammation: Visceral fat acts as if its an organ itself. It interferes with regular body activities by releasing some chemicals known as cytokines which can cause inflammation in any organ. Inflammation of different organs can result in different diseases.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Visceral fat can also secrete some hormones and it interferes with regular hormones in our body which regulates regulate appetite, weight, mood and brain function. This thing can be very dangerous and may trigger various diseases.
  • Diabetes: Visceral fat affects our lever and pancreas either by inflammation or hormonal imbalance or both. It can easily create abnormality in insulin secretion which leads to diabetes.
  • Heart Diseases: Visceral Fat increases the cholesterol level in blood and inflammation makes the condition more worse. It results in heart diseases like hypertension and heart attack.
  • Dimentia: Some researches believe that Dimentia, a memory loss problem, is also linked to visceral fat. Leptin is one of the hormones released by visceral fat, which can affect our memory, learning capability and appetite.
  • Depression and Mood Problems: Hormonal changes by fat can easily create depression and mood problems by interfering with some neuro-transmitters.
  • Cancer: Visceral fat is one of the factors responsible for cancer. Researches are still being done in this field.

There are 3 ways to loose Visceral Fat

  • Dieting: Simple Calorie math is the reason behind dieting. Eat less calories and consume more. It will make your body burn some visceral fat and thus reduces its content. Reduce the intake of Fat and Carbohydrate, which are major source of calories. Protein and Fiber should be used more. If you are participating in some physical activity then protein will help in repairing some muscles. Some people completely remove fat and carbohydrate from their diet while on dieting. Its a bad practice and can make you more obese when your diet will return to normal. So instead of doing any such experiment with your health its better to eat everything in lesser amount and decrease the ration of fat and carbohydrate. Lack of dietary fat can cause lack of nutrition as some vitamins can not be absorbed by our body in absence of fatty acids. Know more about Better Things about Fat
  • Cardiovascular Exercise: Cardiovascular exercises go on for longer duration and helps in burning more calories. Burning more calories should be the main objective when we exercise to burn fat. So cardiovascular exercises are more beneficial rather than weight training, which are meant to build muscles.
  • Resistance training: Its the new name of weight training which includes dumbbells, bench press and lifting weight in various ways. However some people believe that doing crunches will burn belly fat, which is not true. Fat is burned by body in the say way it is stored, which is governed by genes, and its different for every person. So doing a biceps exercise and crunches will burn similar amount of belly fat. However crunches might make your stomach muscles a bit tight to give a feeling of some fat lost, while its not so. Resistance training can also burn visceral fat by increasing the muscle mass. the energy used in generating those muscles come from burning the fat stored in different parts of body. If like resistance training more than cardio, then stick to it. Body builders don't have visceral fat at all.

You may choose any of the above ways to reduce your visceral fat. But make sure that you stick to that way and reduce your fat. Doing any of these things depends on your personal choice and medical condition. Resistance training is not meant for everybody. suggest you to choose your way accordingly. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit !

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