Alkaline Water : Good or Bad for your Health

Some people believe that alkaline water is good for health and it can save us from a number of diseases. While some people don't believe in it, calling it just a myth, as there are no solid researches to support this belief. We at tried to gather the information about the Alkaline water and its health benefits and got some interesting facts. We also researched about the water purifiers which can make water alkaline for you. Facts in this article will enlighten you about water quality and your health.

What is Alkaline water ?
Alkaline water is water with ph Value of 8 or 9. Pure Distilled water havea ph Value of 7, which is considered neutral. If ph value decreases then it becomes acidic, while if ph value increases then it becomes basic (or Alkaline). 

Natural vs Artificial Alkaline Water
Alkaline water occurs naturally in some water reservoirs where  water comes after flowing through rocks and spring and minerals are naturally added to it making it alkaline. Artificially water can be made alkaline either by adding some minerals to it or by using Water Ionizers that uses electricity to break water molecules and make it alkaline.
Natural Alkaline Water provides minerals to our body which are necessary for good health.
Artificial Alkaline Water created by Water Ionizers create a false effect of alkalinity with no added minerals. Such artificial alkaline water is harmful for body as it has no minerals in it. However now some good brands have made water purifiers that add minerals to water or retains the minerals to make it alkaline, which is a good practice.

Natural Alkaline water is best for your health. But sometimes natural water contain impurities like pesticides and heavy metals which is harmful for your body. So instead of going for cheap water purifiers, go for top brands which can maintain the healthy minerals in water and takes out only the impurities. It is not necessary to always drink alkaline water, but drinking pure and mineral rich water is of utmost importance. Hard water found in most localities is hard due to high amount of minerals and impurities. If these impurities are removed and standard amount of minerals are retained in it by a water purifier then nothing is better than that.

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