What actually makes a person Happy

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What really makes a person truly happy ? If you ask this question to different people then the answer will be different depending on their age, sex, circumstances and intellectual level. As of now some of you might be thinking about money and sex as the answer, and yes you are true, but that is the half truth. Sex might make a sex deprived person happy and money might make a poor happy, but the actual answers might make you rethink about your choices and methods to be happy.
Here is a list of some common things and actions that make a person happy. The list is not is a particular ranking as ranking of these items may differ by your age, sex, circumstances and intellectual level.

  • Sex: It is the ultimate thing to give happiness to a person. Nature designed us in a way that we can't resist the attraction of sex unless you are suffering from any psychological disease. It takes us to a state where our body releases the feel good hormones in our body and we feel relaxed and happy for some time.
  • Money: Those who don't have it might think that money can make them happier. They may be somehow true as money helps people in living a good life full of all luxury, but those who already have it know that happiness can't be purchased. A poor person might feel himself at the top level of happiness after winning a lottery, but that happiness fades with time.
  • Sleep: If you ask a sleep deprived person about happiness, his answer will be a good sleep is all he want. It is a truth that if you get a good sleep then you will get up in a good mood. But if you are sleep deprived that then nothing in the world can make you happy except a good sleep. 
  • Addiction: Those who are addicted to some habit, either it is good or bad, know that when they get indulged in their addiction, they feel themselves happy. Different people have different addiction such as smoking and drinking, which are harmful for health, while some have addictions like photography, travelling, painting and reading books, which are somehow creative and good for you. Either it is good or bad, but the addiction makes your brain feel happy. 
  • Feeling of Gratefulness: This is the feeling which comes most often when you a number of people around the world living in very worst conditions. You feel grateful to god that he has given you birth at the right place and provided you good family, food and education, which is better than what most of the world is getting. This feeling of gratefulness is also happiness. However sometimes its opposite also happens when we see people living in much better condition that us. But if you want to remain happy then see those people who have nothing. Its better to get motivated by watching the success of others who have much better life than us.
  • Happiness of a close one: When a person who is very close to us feels happy for something then we also feel happy. That person may be your close friend, your spouse, your siblings or your kids. Happiness spreads itself. Even if you are not is a good mood and then you find a close one in happy mood due to any reason then your mood elevates itself.
  • Satisfaction: Regardless of what you have and what you don't have, if you feel satisfied then you feel yourself at peace, which is also a kind of happiness. 
  • Physical Workout: Those who are health conscious and those who go to gym on regular basis know the feeling that they get after a workout. This feel good feeling is something that comes from some hormones released by our body and also due to our belief that our health and body shape will improve due to the workout. Physical workout may be anything like swimming, cycling, running, jogging, yoga, walking or playing your favorite sport.
  • Entertainment: Definition of entertainment can differ for different people. Some may find a laughter show full of entertainment and some may find a football match full of real entertainment.
  • Good Health: Good health actually makes us happy but we don't notice it unless our body gets affected by some disease. We come to know about this feeling as we age. As we get affected by obesity or blood pressure or diabetes, we suddenly think that how happy we were when our body was healthy. But the problem is that we don't notice that happiness when we were in good health.

I hope that the above list will make you rethink about happiness. Regardless of who you are the feeling of gratefulness and satisfaction is the ultimate key to peace and happiness.

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