How would Vegans justify killing Plants !

This statement came from some intellectual non-vegetarians who don't want to draw a line between plants and animals, and treat both of them as living beings. They want to tell the world that if killing animals to eat them is inappropriate then killing plants is also the same as both of them are living beings. This article will make them think again if they are giving right logic or just justifying their eagerness to eat meat by giving a totally inappropriate logic.

Plants don't feel pain: Plants don't have a nervous system like animals, thus they can't feel any pain. Mother nature designed them in that way so that even if a fruit or branch of them is plucked by any animal, then they don't feel any pain.
Plants don't have brain: Just like nervous system, there is no brain in plants. Brain in animals help them with all their senses to feel pain, grief, fear. So killing an animal and a plant is a lot different.
All plants are not killed to get food from them: We don't need to kill a tree to get fruits from it. We don't need to kill a plant to get vegetables from it. Only in some cases, such as grains and pulses we need to cut the whole plant. It can't happen with animals.
Plants regrow: You can't even think of cutting a leg piece out of a living hen and then let that leg grow again. But it happens with plants. Even if a few branches or fruits of a plant are broken then they grow again in a few weeks. Plants can regrow even if their main trunk is cut.
Plants don't run: Plants don't have the capacity to move to remain uncut. But animals try their best to escape from butchers knife.
Level of consciousness: As a fact of science, everything is living in this universe. Either its a stone, an animal, bird or a complete planet. What matters is the level of consciousness. Level of consciousness increases from so called non-living things (such as stone, soil) to plants and then animals. We the humans have highest level of consciousness. Low level of consciousness in plants don't let them feel the death, the way animals and humans do.
Plants are designed by nature to be eaten: All of the above facts cumulatively are sufficient to prove that mother nature designed plants to be eaten by animals and provided them the ability to regrow.

Some non-vegetarians give a smart logic that survival of the fittest is the law of nature, so humans (the fittest being on earth) have the right to kill any other animal. But as per logic of a vegetarian, survival of fittest is applicable only in jungles, where food chain needs to be maintained by nature. This law no longer works in human social life, else lives of all poor and incompetent humans would have been finished by now. There is one more thing related to this law. Survival does not mean to kill others. We the humans once killed and ate meat, when our ancestors lived in the forests. Today we have got ability to digest both veg and non-veg only due to our ancestors. But today the things have changed, we are no longer an animal. We have formed a good social life, good houses, good security systems and the other animals on planet are no longer a threat to us, unless you put yourself in danger willingly. Truth is that we humans are the biggest killers today, while we don't need to be.

I don't know how many of you would agree to the philosophy written above, but even if a single person will change from non-veg to veg after reading it then i will succeed.

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