What happens when you don't express your Anger

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If you don't express your anger then your mind tries to show it through some other ways such as rough tone while talking, criticizing others, not eating properly. These are just a few symptoms which not only affect your health for long term but also affects your social life.

Why is it necessary to express your anger ?
Anger is an energy. Its expression can be done in both positive and negative ways. But its expression is must. If you don't express it then it will start boiling you from inside and one day will come when you will explode like a volcano on some very simple issue. So it is better to express it.

What happens when you don't express your anger ?
Every person have a capacity to hold his/her anger. But it is better to not check your limit. If you start holding your anger then your holding capacity will decrease gradually. Anger is an emotion and every emotion is meant to be expressed. Suppression of an emotion can create some form of psychological disorder. Some common changes made in the behavior by not expressing your anger or uncomfortable feelings are listed below.

  • You start feeling that your partner don't know you anymore.
  • It will become harder for you to be happy.
  • You feel trapped inside your own body.
  • You will feel stressed but don't know the reason.
  • Others start finding your behavior emotionless or like robots.
  • You feel afraid of expressing your emotions.
  • You will feel that hiding your emotions is becoming a habit.
  • Your trust on others will start decreasing.
  • It can make you suffer from depression for years.
Apart from the above changes in your behavior, there are some physical changes in your body as well. Holding your anger can cause following changes in your body.
  • Some stress hormones level remain always high in your body.
  • It can make rise in body temperature and elevated blood pressure.
  • Risk of heart diseases increase.
  • Some antibodies decrease in the body due to constant anger.
  • Lack of these antibodies make you prone to some common diseases.
  • You will start eating either more or less than required by your body. Both of them are harmful.
  • All of the above medical conditions can easily decrease your lifespan.

How should you express your anger ?
Expression of anger can be done in both negative and positive ways. Most people think that anger can be expressed only in negative ways such as yelling at others, scolding, talking in harsh tone or being physical sometimes. But what most people don't know is that expression of anger can be done in positive ways which is called constructive anger expression. You may get more information about constructive anger from our last article Constructive Anger  - The anger that is actually healthy.

Expressing your emotions in a healthy way is necessary to save yourself from diseases. Instead of getting constipated with anger and other emotions, it is better to release the pressure and feel light from inside.

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