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What happens when you don't express your Anger

If you don't express your anger then your mind tries to show it through some other ways such as rough tone while talking, criticizing others, not eating properly. These are just a few symptoms which not only affect your health for long term but also affects your social life.

Why is it necessary to express your anger ?
Anger is an energy. Its expression can be done in both positive and negative ways. But its expression is must. If you don't express it then it will start boiling you from inside and one day will come when you will explode like a volcano on some very simple issue. So it is better to express it.

What happens when you don't express your anger ?
Every person have a capacity to hold his/her anger. But it is better to not check your limit. If you start holding your anger then your holding capacity will decrease gradually. Anger is an emotion and every emotion is meant to be expressed. Suppression of an emotion can create some form of psychological disorder. Some common changes made in the behavior by not expressing your anger or uncomfortable feelings are listed below.

  • You start feeling that your partner don't know you anymore.
  • It will become harder for you to be happy.
  • You feel trapped inside your own body.
  • You will feel stressed but don't know the reason.
  • Others start finding your behavior emotionless or like robots.
  • You feel afraid of expressing your emotions.
  • You will feel that hiding your emotions is becoming a habit.
  • Your trust on others will start decreasing.
  • It can make you suffer from depression for years.
Apart from the above changes in your behavior, there are some physical changes in your body as well. Holding your anger can cause following changes in your body.
  • Some stress hormones level remain always high in your body.
  • It can make rise in body temperature and elevated blood pressure.
  • Risk of heart diseases increase.
  • Some antibodies decrease in the body due to constant anger.
  • Lack of these antibodies make you prone to some common diseases.
  • You will start eating either more or less than required by your body. Both of them are harmful.
  • All of the above medical conditions can easily decrease your lifespan.

How should you express your anger ?
Expression of anger can be done in both negative and positive ways. Most people think that anger can be expressed only in negative ways such as yelling at others, scolding, talking in harsh tone or being physical sometimes. But what most people don't know is that expression of anger can be done in positive ways which is called constructive anger expression. You may get more information about constructive anger from our last article Constructive Anger  - The anger that is actually healthy.

Expressing your emotions in a healthy way is necessary to save yourself from diseases. Instead of getting constipated with anger and other emotions, it is better to release the pressure and feel light from inside.

Constructive Anger - The anger that is actually Healthy

Usually we consider anger as a negative energy that can only harm a person. Very less people are aware of the fact than anger can be utilized in a healthy way. Constructive Anger Expression is way to express your anger in a constructive way. It seems a little tricky to utilize the anger, but it can be done with a little practice. Normally anger is found connected to heart diseases, but constructive anger is not associated to heart diseases. Most important fact is that constructive anger can save you from depression.

Constructive Anger Expression

When it comes to anger management then most people think that only way to not losing your temper is hiding your anger. But hiding your anger can only worsen the condition as one day will come when your body will deny to hide it and your anger will explode like a volcano. It is better to express your anger to others in appropriate way. Shouting and yelling at others can worsen the condition, but expressing your anger in a normal tone and telling the person in front of you what you didn't like. It can not only save your health but also makes a better image of yours.

Benefits of Constructive Anger Expression

  • It can save you from heart diseases
  • It can save you from depression
  • Constructive anger expression can change your overall personality in a positive way.
  • It can save your relationships
  • It makes you understand the person more with whom you were angry.
  • It reduces the chances of conflict in future.
  • After expressing your anger with a constructive approach, you will feel that something positive happened.
  • It makes you the master of your body. If you study your anger with a bit of intrinsic approach, you will find that you were the main the reason behind your anger, not the event that just happened or the person in front of you. It seems a bit philosophical but it is the truth. Our anger is something created by our own mind. Once you start controlling your anger with constructive approach, you become the master of your own body. 

How to implement Constructive Anger Expression

Once you know the benefits of Constructive Anger, you will start understanding the situations in a different way. No person in the world would like to do things wrong. If something wrong is done by other person, the most probably it is not intentional.

  • Things get wrong by mistake. If you start understanding the other person's point of view then your anger is automatically diminished. So the best way to implement Constructive Anger Expression is putting yourself in other person's shoes.
  • Mind your tone. It is something you have to work upon. Even if you are angry, but you use a normal tone to talk, then you can hear the wrongdoer's point of view. Yelling at others not only makes others voice inaudible but also makes the situation worst.
  • Don't show disrespect to others. Sometimes in your angry behavior you may show some gestures or use some words which are disrespectful. If you control such gestures and mind your language at the time of anger then you can implement the constructive anger expression more easily.
  • Think before your talk. Most often it happens in an angry behavior that you talk so much without thinking. In the heat of moment you sometimes say such things which were not your original thinking. It can sometimes make the situation irreparable. So take your time and don't utter a word without thinking.
  • Let the other person talk too. It is important to hear the other party. It should be a two way talking if you really want to calm down the situation. Biggest wars can be avoided with discussion on table.

Anger is not bad, it is the way we express it. Constructive approach towards your anger can change a lot of things. It is not only for a good health but something more.

How to Control your Anger

The worst thing about anger is that if you don't control it, then it will control you. Anger can easily destroy not only your relationships and social life but also your own health. Being healthy is the primary motive of this website and this article will tell you about some simple steps that you can take to control your anger and don't let it make you unhealthy. There are some very simple and easy methods that you can apply on yourselves and you will instantly feel that your anger is gone and you are not loosing your temper like before.

Methods to control your Anger

  • Deep Breathing: It is the most common and easiest way to calm yourself down. Deep breathing can easily lower your anger and blood pressure. Within a few deep breaths you will feel that your anger is gone and a calm person can easily handle a situation.
  • Change Environment: If it is possible for you to leave the scene and go for a walk, then it can calm you down. Continuously facing the cause of anger can delay the time taken to calm down, so take a walk and make a conscious attempt to calm yourself down.
  • Get Busy: Leaving the scene and engaging yourself in some other work will take your mind to some other activity and may help you forget your anger.
  • Express your anger in appropriate way: This is the thing that most of us don't do. Instead of the expressing your anger in the form of yelling, talk about the situation and help the person in front of you understand what he/she has done wrong as per your point of view. Yelling can only trigger the anger in opposite person, while talking can solve the matter and makes a better image of yours.
  • Identify Triggers: A problem can only be solved if you know the reason behind that problem. Only a certain set of situations make a person lose his/her temper. You should identify those triggers and make a conscious attempt to change your response to such situations. Deep breathing can help you in changing your response to such situations.
  • Don't hide your anger: If you hide your anger then it will be stored somewhere inside and you may blast one day. This act is more harmful instead of expressing your light anger in appropriate way. Light anger can be easily utilized rather than trying to control yourself when you are losing your temper.
  • Constructive Anger: Anger is an energy. You can either use that energy to destruct yourself or construct yourself. If you control that energy then you are the master but if you let that energy control you then you become a slave. A constructive way to utilize your anger can be some physical activity which can make your body a little better. You can do sprint running, power lifting or any other physical activity which suits your body type and accessible to you.

Getting angry is actually punishing yourself for the mistake of others. If you keep this thing in your mind then your anger will always be in control.

How Anger affects your Body, Brain and Life

Anger is an energy that is often released in a negative way. It not only disturbs the environment around us but also affect our own body, brain and life. Usually we think that it is the expression of anger that creates the negative impact, i.e. shouting loudly, getting physical or breaking some thing. But the truth is that all of these impacts are just instant impacts that are visible to eyes. There is something more inside our body that is disturbed by anger. has collected some facts about anger and its impact on body and your life.

Anger is a natural expression of emotions activated due to some activity that is unpleasant to a person. In other words anger is ignited due to some stressful situation. Adrenaline and some other stress hormones are released in our body during such condition. It increases the heart beat and contracts the blood vessel, which increases the blood pressure. This condition is usually temporary and blood pressure drops to normal within a few minutes.

Is anger always harmful for body ?
No, if it is occasional and not a habit of yours then it is a natural trait. It is harmful only if you are habitual of getting angry on every topic, or if you are suffering from some cardiovascular disease. If you are a cardiovascular patient then anger can increase your chances of heart attack by five times. If you suppress your anger too much then it can also harm your body.

How anger affects your body, brain and life?

If you get angry too much then most of the times your blood pressure will be on higher side, you hear rate will be more and your blood vessels will be contracted. Apart from that the hormones responsible for such condition of body will always be on higher side. Combination of all these physical conditions creates a number of side effects on body. Some of them are listed here.
Some visible effects on body are

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Increased breathing
  • Increase in body temprature
  • Increased respiration

Some effects which are not visible on outer body but harms a person from inside are listed below.

  • Under the influence of stress hormones, blood supply to gut is lowered and that blood is supplied to muscles awaiting for energy supply to express that anger. If you remain angry most of the day then your digestive system will be disturbed due to lack of blood supply.
  • Stress hormones can cause inflammation in your airways and continuous episodes of anger can not only lower your lung capacity but also makes you prone to respiratory problems.
  • Immune system weakens due to Anger. A research done in Harvard University found that level of antibody immunoglobulin A dips for 6 hours just by recalling some anger episodes of yours. If just recalling can do such harm then you can imagine the actual effect of anger on your immune system.
  • Even if you used to be healthy, the long term anger episodes will increase workload on your heart and put you at risk of some heart disease.
  • Chances of stroke are increased. Some tiny arteries in our brain can't handle the always high blood pressure and get ruptured and blood clots in the brain which can either cause stroke or paralysis.
  • Anxiety can occur due to anger. This is a condition known for excessive and uncontrollable worry, which can disturb the life of a person.
  • Anger can shorten your life span. All of the above negative effects on your body can easily shorten your life. 

In spite of getting angry too much try to learn to control it and express it in a healthy way.

Blood Pressure & Short Tempered Behavior

We often correlate short tempered behavior of a person with high blood pressure. But is it correct to correlate them. Can High Blood Pressure lead to short tempered behavior or vice-versa ? Most of the people think that there is some link between high blood pressure and anger. We tried to find some researches done on this subject and bring you the actual information based on facts. Anger is a part of human behavior and often researched to know its consequences on the person itself. Here we have collected some interesting information that connects your blood pressure with short tempered behavior.

Does an Increase in Blood Pressure makes a person short tempered ?
The direct answer is No. Hypertension can't make a person short tempered. Sometimes on temporary basis some event might trigger both. Something that makes you angry can also increase your blood pressure. But just an increase in blood pressure can't make you angry.

Heart Attack Risk Calculator

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Does short tempered behavior increases the blood pressure ?
Yes, short tempered behavior can easily increase your blood pressure. If you have a healthy body then that increased blood pressure might not harm you, but anger increases the chances of heart attack five times. If you are already a patient of hypertension then you should definitely worry about your short tempered behavior, as you are risking your own life due to it.

How does short tempered behavior increases our blood pressure ?
Usually short tempered behavior is caused due to some stress. In the condition of stress our body releases some stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) to handle the stress. These hormones create a temporary effect of increasing the heart rate and contracting the blood vessels and our body enters into a fight or flight mode, which increases the blood pressure temporarily. As the stressful situation goes away, our body returns to normal mode and blood pressure is lowered.

If stressful situation and short tempered behavior occurs occasionally and you have a healthy body to handle that increased blood pressure then it won't harm your body. But if you are already suffering from some cardiovascular disease then it can increase the chances of heart attack up to five times. Even if you have got a healthy body but short tempered behavior is becoming a regular habit of yours then it can easily keep your blood pressure at an elevated level throughout the day, which can lead to serious side effects for your body.

Instead of letting the stress igniting your short tempered behavior, motivate yourself to sort things out by talking. Anger only complicates the things. Any problem in the world can be solved by talking with each other and finding a solution. Peace in your behavior will make your body a peaceful place for your soul to live.