Is it impossible to quit smoking after a certain age ?

Some of the smoker senior citizen never had any health issue due to smoking and they feel that leaving this habit now may make some drastic changes in their life and they may not be able to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms. Senior citizens often have a point when they say "what will they get if they quit smoking now ". It takes our body 15 years to fully recover from the negative effects of tobacco smoking. Who knows weather they will survive that long or not. Some of them often say that they are not sure about the physical capacity of their body in dealing with quitting smoking. This thinking can easily ring bells in the ears of their closed ones and they may stop asking them to quit. This thinking creates a confusion ! Is it impossible to quit smoking after a certain age ?

Answer to this question depends on your will. According to doctors there is no age limit to quit smoking. You start getting the benefits of not smoking from the day when you stop smoking. You don't need a strong body to quit smoking. What you need is strong will. If you start believing in yourself then you can do it.

Those who say that they never face any negative consequences due to smoking, they must know that even if they don't get any life threatening disease till now but they may get it soon. Smoke degrades your body from inside. You can't see your body from inside but doctors can tell you how much of your breathing capacity has reduced. You might seem healthy from outside but now you can't run as much as a nonsmoker of your age. Even if you feel healthy, your health might be better than this if you don't smoke. Even a small difference in your health can increase your life span by years, that too with a good health.

What changes can happen in the life of a senior citizen if they quit smoking?

  • you can run longer.
  • you can watch a movie or drive without need for a smoke break.
  • you won't feel dependency on smoking to wake up or to get relief from stress.
  • a pack of cigarettes won't remain your lifeline anymore.
  • you will enjoy life more without any smoking intervals. 

Some other facts related to your age and quitting smoking.

  • According to daily mail if you stop smoking by the age of 44 then you may live the same lifespan as a non-smoker.
  • Even if you quit smoking after 60, you will get some add on years in your life. You may spend those extra years watching your grand children grow or getting married.
  • Your running stamina starts increasing with a few weeks after quitting smoking, so don't think that it will take years to be healthy again.
  • You blood pressure may return to normal within a few days after quitting smoking if it is not attributed to any other medical condition.

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