Quitting smoking really worse than Death !

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Most of the smokers know it that smoking is degrading their health and making them prone to worst diseases on this planet, but still they continue to smoke with a fear that quitting smoking will be worse than death for them. Is it really so ? Can quitting smoking be really so much painful ? Will that pain continue for whole life ? To know the answer to these questions we need to know what chain smokers think about quitting smoking and what are their fears.

Quitting Smoking : The Fear

A chain smoker is not made is a single day. It takes years of practice. His/her body adapted itself to the nicotine, a very addictive drug. Cigarette becomes a part of their life from waking up in the morning to getting to sleep in the night. Every task in their life become dependent on cigarette. When the get up from sleep in the morning, they feel a little headache and dizziness. A cigarette or two makes them fully awake. All works either its physical or mental need support from cigarette. Even the thinking process become dependent on cigarette. A chain smoker can't think or analyse something in absence of cigarette. Cigarette becomes an extra hand for them, without which they feel handicapped or paralyzed. You will be surprised to know that most of the workplace accidents occur on a No-Smoking Day.

A feel good chemical is released in the brain when a chain smoker smokes a cigarette. They feel more alive with that feeling. They feel that if they quit smoking that feel good feeling will be gone and they won't be able to do anything just like a handicapped person. There will be no meaning to their life and this feeling will continue for whole life. Their thirst for cigarette will always be their on their lips and they might die due to that thirst. This is what an addiction is. Most of the chain smokers are aware of withdrawal symptoms and they don't want to feel those symptoms for their whole life. Therefore most of them don't quit and decide to live a shorter life full of pleasure of cigarette.

Quitting Smoking: The Truth

The truth is that most of the withdrawal symptoms reach their peak with 2 to 3 days and after that they are start to diminish and completely gone in a few weeks. Most of the ex-smokers feel more alive and full of stamina, which they never felt while smoking. The addiction makes your mind believe that you won't be able to survive without cigarette. It is how addiction plays with your mind and makes you believe that you are incomplete without it. But the truth is that addiction is something not only unnecessary, but something that can easily enslave your mind. Only a strong will can make you get rid of that addiction. Getting rid of an addiction can never kill you, instead it makes you life full of freedom, where you can enjoy life playing with your grand children without the fear of giving them secondhand smoke. Quitting smoking increases your physical stamina and increases your lifespan up to 15 years.

Be sure that quitting smoking won't ever kill you and you will feel more alive as an ex-smoker.

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