Lifestyle Factors that weakens our Immune System

Usually we think that we can live a disease free life if we keep ourselves away from sick people, especially those who are sneezing or coughing. But this is just a holistic approach to stay healthy. A healthy immune system is necessary for everybody to save ourselves from diseases and infections. Immune system is the power of our body to resist against infections and diseases. A person with better immune system is always at lower risk of catching infection.
Most common belief is that being fully vaccinated, washing your hands, getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet makes your immune system better than others. But it is just a misconception.
Immune system develops with age, but some lifestyle factors weakens our immune system and we don't even notice them. Here we will discuss those factors and help you in modifying your lifestyle in a better way to improve your immunity.

Lifestyle Factors that weakens our Immune System

Sugar : High level of blood sugar decrease the ability of White Blood Cells to defend against bacteria. Bad bacteria, yeast and fungi survive on sugar. 70% of our immune system resides in our Gut. If too much sugar is present there then it weakens that immune system. Avoiding processed food and refined sugar are necessary to keep your immune system fit.
Do you know that WHO recommends not more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, while average intake of sugar in US is 22 teaspoons per day.
Stress : Prolonged Stress episodes can reduce efficiency of immune system. Stress makes our brain produce cortisol, which is a hormone that impairs the function of T cells. T cells are important part of immune system. Yoga or Meditation are best to fight against regular stress.
Do u know that just talking to family and friends reduces stress to a great extent, which indirectly boosts our immunity.Even hugging someone reduces the stress.

Grief and Loneliness : You must have heard that loneliness kills, which is now accepted by medical science. Anxiety caused by loneliness suppresses our immune system and make us sick more often. Grief, such a loosing a loved one, weakens our immune system and makes us prone to infections like flu.

Usage of Antibiotics: Usually we think that we are treating ourselves by using antibiotic medicines. But the truth is that antibiotic medicines also kill the those good bacteria who are undisclosed friends of our immune system. Killing those good bacteria reduces efficiency of our immune system.
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Vitamin C and D : These vitamins are responsible for improving immune system. Those who stay away from sunlight (from where you get Vitamin D) and don't eat fruits and vegetable (source of Vitamin C) should change their lifestyle to get these vitamins. A few minutes of sunlight and some citrus fruits can put these nutrients back in your body to empower your immunity.

Inactivity: Too much sitting and escaping from simple workout also makes your immune system sit idle. It increases chances of infection, inflammation and premature death.
Too much exercise : Yes you heard it right even too much exercise can harm your immune system. "Overtraining Syndrome" is correct word to describe it. Mostly professional athletes suffer from this condition which is harmful for immune system. When you workout too hard reaching above the limits of body to recover from the physical stress, then you do a self harm.

Too much cleanliness : It may sound a bit odd but the truth is that too much cleanliness makes your immune system weak. Researchers have found that those kids who live in completely germ free environment are more susceptible to allergies. It is because their immune system does not get opportunity to develop immunity against those microbes which are easily available everywhere else. So let your kids play outdoor and let them make houses of sand and soil.

Alcohol, smoking, sleeping less and eating too much salt are some other well known factors which weaken your immune system. So keep the above points in mind and don't let your lifestyle weaken your immune system.

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