Being Humorous can make you Successful

Everybody know that being humorous is a healthy habit and good for your heart. It can even make others happy and improve their health too. It is because humor releases such chemicals in our body which are good for health. But can humorous behavior make you successful as well ? When we researched this fact, we found some interesting information that is worth reading. It will definitely encourage you to being a little bit more humorous.

Is it necessary to be humorous at work ?
It is not compulsory, but it can create a better work environment for you. A little humor help you in being open with other colleagues. But too much humor can sometimes be unpleasant to others, so keep that in mind.

Type of Humor Matters

  • The humor should should not target a specific person, as it can act against you.
  • Don't be too loud. Loud humor can disturb those who are doing their own work. So keep your tone low, especially when you are talking to a single person.
  • Vulgar humor at work should be strictly avoided, however most of the people don't do it. Accidental vulgar humor with colleagues of opposite gender can be considered as violation of behavioral conduct.
  • Don't make humor of your boss or manager, especially in front of those who can convey it to them.
  • If you are new then you should indulge in humor only with your colleagues and subordinates. Being humorous with boss can sometimes create a negative impact.

What are benefits of humor at work ?

  • It creates a better communication and chances of communication gap is reduced.
  • It reduces the work related stress. Humor is a good tension breaker at work.
  • Others will enjoy working with you, as they will take you as a human instead of a robot just doing his work.
  • The humor brings the real person out of a worker. The nature of humor helps others understand that person better.
  • Humor builds trust and relationship among employees which is critical for success.
  • Humor and fun at workplace encourages people to come to work.

Being humorous is a quality of good leadership
Being humorous is a part of good leadership, as it helps you in getting mixed with your team and get the work done in a better way. When you do some humor with your colleagues, then it creates a better communication. It even encourage people to share their work among a team. A humorous boss is more approachable by subordinates, which make a better work culture and employees don't hesitate in sharing their innovative ideas. But being too much humorous can sometimes do the opposite, so maintaining a balance between humor and strictness is necessary for a leader.
A study done by Bell Leadership Institute found that employees want their leader to be humorous along with strong work ethic.
But still a number of people don't like to laugh at work, as it can make them look less sincere towards work. In such case you need to relax and take your work a bit less seriously. Being too much serious during office hours can also cause psychological problems, which will hamper your performance.

Robert Half International survey found that

  • 91% executive believe that humor is important for career development.
  • 84% believe that humorous people do better work.

Do you know that some companies attract employees by advertising their work culture full of fun and humor.  
Every person counts in a business, especially if he/she is a leader. Humor and fun increases productivity.

Why Being humorous can make you successful ?
It is because people like to work with such people as they feel comfortable with them. Humor allows them to open up. Humorous environment increases productivity of any business, as people enjoy working is such environment. Work no more remains a hassle, while working with someone humorous. One fact that most of us ignore is that humorous people and usually more intelligent than others with increases their chances of success.

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