Why Healthy Athletes suffer from Heart Attack ?

 A few days ago, Sourav Ganguly, former Indian Cricket Captain and present chief of BCCI, suffered a heart attack. He is a perfectly healthy guy (by looks), and often seen in advertisements of healthy oil, soya chunk and sports shoes. In all of these advertisements he advises people about healthy lifestyle and making better choices about what they eat. Sourav is seen as a fitness enthusiast, but as soon as news of his heart attack spread in the media, "healthy oil" halted the further airing of his advertisements.

Sourav was diagnosed with blockages in three coronary arteries, one of which was successfully treated with a stent. He is fine now and may get discharge from hospital in a day or two. In a few months you might see him in some health insurance advertisements (a joke which might come true). This whole episode arises a question in mind that how a healthy looking 48 year old athletic person can suffer from cardiac arrest. We will try to find an answer to this question. 

We often think that a healthy lifestyle and nutritional diet is sufficient to live a healthy life. But it is not so. Human body is a very complex machine which not just depends on the food and exercise but several other factors, which are beyond our control, affect it. If you have ever met with an accident due to someone else's mistake, then you can better understand it.

Now we will tell you some heart health conditions which are beyond your control.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) : is a health condition in which the heart muscles grow thick and obstruct the normal pumping process of heart. In most of the people suffering from HCM, septum (the muscular wall between ventricles) becomes thicker. HCM is a genetic condition which is beyond control and your healthy lifestyle and diet have nothing to do with it. This heart health condition shows symptoms like irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, chest pain or fainting during exercise.

Myofiber Disarray : It is also a genetic condition in which heart muscles are not properly aligned and result in irregular heartbeat. It can trigger a condition know as arrhythmia, in which the heart either beats too fast or too slow with an irregular rhythm. Myofiber Disarray is common among people suffering from HCM.

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) : is a hole in heart between the two upper chambers. This condition is common in all newborn babies, but the hole closes within a few months after birth. One in five adults is not so lucky and often lives a normal life except some cases where the size of the hole the hole is larger and create some disturbing side effects. Know More about Patent Foramen Ovale.

Calcification : 99% of calcium in our body remains in the form of bones and teeth, but 1% may remain in blood. In some cases it may get deposited at a place inside arteries and create blockages. Such blockages are hard to remove and can't be opened using stent, and require surgical intervention. Know more about Calcification in Arteries.

Bacteria inside arteries: Some bacterial lipids get deposited inside arteries and cause blockages that can cause heart attack. Our immune system usually considers such blockages as foreign material inside body and cause swelling in that area, which worsens the problem. These bacterial deposits inside arteries are entirely different from cholesterol deposits. Know more about bacterial deposits inside arteries.

Lack of Sleep / Disturbed Sleep / Snoring : Snoring disturbs our sleep and releases stress hormones. Same thing happens due to lack of sleep. Stress hormones increase our heart beat and directly affect our heart health. Untreated snoring and lack of sleep due to any reason may sometimes become a reason behind heart attack.

Tight Clothing: Tight clothing is fashion trend among youngsters which sometimes puts excess pressure on our blood vessels and blood flow. In several cases it has caused heart attack by making our heart work harder for longer duration. Know more about Heart diseases due to tight clothing.

Sometimes there are more than one reason behind heart problems. So if you feel that you are healthy with correct BMI and need not to care about heart health, then rethink about these issues and react on time. Some of these issues are beyond our control, as no matter what we do, we can't change our genes. We don't know what might be the exact reason Sourav Ganguly's heart attack, but we hope that betterhealthfacts.com has given you some new knowledge about heart related issues.

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