Are we Robot - A Biological Machines

Are we just "weird human beings" or "wired human beings" ? Some of us might find this fact weird, but who knows the truth. Being a robot does not mean that there will be electronic chips and wires inside your body.

Today we the humans are trying design robots that will look like humans, speak like humans, walk-run like humans and never get tired. Except when they are out of power and they themselves go to their changing station. We are trying to make them intelligent with AI learning capabilities and trying to copy-paste every human capability into them. We want these robots to think, learn and make themselves better. In a way we want them to evolve themselves, just like we did during evolution, but we just want to make the process fast.

If we think about the above process deeply, some of us may think if we the humans are also a robot, except that our engineering if much deeper than what we are doing with electronic robot. Those who study human body often think if we are designed by just nature or we are biologically engineered to be what we are today. 

Lets compare our bodies with a robot.

Hardware of Human Beings

  • CPU : Our brain is the actual CPU which is controlling our whole body.
  • Wiring / Connections : We need electrical impulses to make our body work, which carry the instructions from brain to body through a well connected nervous system.
  • Memory: We store the memories in our brain and utilize them as per need. Do you know the storage capacity of our brain. Some of you might argue that our memory don't store everything that happens with us in our lifetime. To understand that you must know that we have got a brilliant mechanism that deletes the unnecessary memories and we store input from all sense organs, not just an audio-video stream.
  • Processor: Some part of our brain acts like a processor which is faster than any of the computer processors made till now. 
  • Power Source: The power that our body needs is gathered from food that we eat and emergency storage of energy is also made in the form of fat.
  • Input: We have got five senses: touch, smell, taste, see and hear. Input from their respective sense organ is sent to brain for further processing.
  • Output : We provide output through talking, writing or doing some physical work.

Software/Coding of Human Beings

Coding is the most important part of a robot, as it tells him how to operate. Our coding is situated deep within our DNA. After decades of research we have successfully decoded the human genome code but we are struggling to understand it completely. We know the purpose of very few part of this code and every year new discoveries are being done by researchers about purpose of some some specific segment of that code. 

We are still trying to read our genetic code and understand its purpose in our bodily functions. As we are understanding genetic science, we are using it to develop new plants which are beneficial for mankind. Genetic engineering among animals is also being researched to find answers to genetic diseases.

The very first case of genetic engineering occurred in 1970s when some scientists changed the genetic code of a bacterium and made it resistant to antibiotic. Read about dangers of Genetic Engineering in our next article.

There are some people who believe that evolution is a myth and we are directly made like that. No body know if we are also some genetically engineered beings or our DNA coding was so advanced that we developed from unicellular beings after altering our DNA ourselves. What we call evolution is actually an AI learning program, which modified our DNA as per need and took millions of years to reach the present stage.

Extra Capabilities that make us different from traditional robots

  • During sleep time, our brain remains awake and does a number of repair works in our whole body to make it ready for next day. Our sleep is a mystery and we are trying to uncover it. 
  • We the humans often consider ourselves as conscious beings, but we don't know that at which point evolution becomes conscious. This consciousness makes us believe that we are not robot. Our consciousness is the ability to know that i am living inside this body.
  • Our ability to reproduce and grow in size may make you think that it is not possible for a robot. When we think about robotic reproduction, we just assume that a robot will assemble a new robot by using the spare parts like chips, wires and metal coverings. But if you think about genetically engineered beings then it is possible to reproduce by generating a new being inside womb from a single DNA.

Do you know that "Biorobotics" is a new field where biological engineering and genetics is being used to design robotic systems.

No matter whatever we write, most of us will never believe that we are robots. But you will believe one thing that nature has designed us so well that no human-made robot can beat our brain.

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