Advantages of being Color Blind

Sometime what we consider as disability is actually a special-ability that we the so-called normal people can't perceive. Color blindness is also one such disability or special ability. Do you know that, on an average 8% men are colorblind, while just 0.5% women are colorblind. There are different types of color-blindness and being colorblind don't mean that the person sees only shades of grey. Such total colorblindness is very rare, just 1 out of 30,000 people.

Before proceeding further, if you want to check if you are colorblind or not, then you may use this test on to evaluate your vision in a minute. Color Blindness Test

Lets talk about the special abilities of colorblind people.

Red-green color blindness gives you better ability to detect camouflage in a green environment. During old times such people used to be a better hunter. In military colorblind snipers and spotters are a high-value asset.

Colorblind have better night vision, which is a special ability in certain fields.

This color blindness also provides you ability to better distinguish textures and patterns. Such people have natural benefit in fashion industry, graphic design, or visual arts.

Colorblind people can save more money, as they don't get attracted to colored advertisement posters. Now-a-days advertisers play scientifically with consumers brain and use those colors in their posters or logos that attracts us towards them unintentionally. So psychology of colors can directly impact our subconscious judgement and decision making. Thus colorblind save the unnecessary expenditure.

Colorblind can see more details in an image compared to a normal person. A person with normal vision concentrates more on colorful areas, whereas a colorblind finds the details even in the darker area of image.

Colorblind people are usually more productive. They don't get distracted by colorful advertisements. It saves money and also helps him in concentrating more on work and increases their productivity.

Colorblind have better memory. Memory is something that can be made better with practice. Today we don't even need to memorize a phone number, as everything is saved in smartphone. On the other hand a colorblind person remembers the name of colors of such objects, which are not even colorful to him/her, so that they can behave normal with other people. Even if they can't see that the apple is red, they need to remember it to act normal. When you exercise your memory with numerous such things, your memory obviously gets better.

Colorblind save their shopping time especially when they choose clothes as they prefer black, white, gray, and blue colors. These colors match easily with different types of clothing.

Colorblind people are good believers. Just like we believe in religion and god, they need to believe in green or red color, even if they can't see one of them (depending on their color blindness).

Being color blind is really special

Almost 4.5% population is color blind. But instead of thinking them as blind, you must know that it might have been an adaptation in their ancestors to be a better hunter and survivor among animal kingdom. Today military needs such people to be a better sniper and private companies are hiring such people, due to their better productivity and better memory. Apart from that, such employees also benefit their companies in designing such products which are more friendly to people like time. Afterall 4.5% population is a huge market.

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