Life and Death | Is There any Afterlife (Souls) ?

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Life and Death

Life and Death is a never ending topic for discussion. Everybody have their own views and philosophies, but those views don't change the meaning of life and death. It only shows how that particular person thinks about it. Views of every second person will be different from the first. Difference might be minor but there will be.

What is Life ?

Is life just taking birth, growing up with your parents, getting married and watching you son / daughter and then their son/ daughter.Then finally saying goodbye to all. This is very common thinking about life. But if you think in that way, it means you are living a very normal life with no fun at all and waiting for death.
Some people think tat life is time to have fun. They like to travel, party, drink, eat and say that this is life. They also know that death is certain but they want to enjoy every moment of it. Other people think that these people are wasting their money for no reason. But if you ask them they will say that they want to live (without misery).
What do u think which one of these people know what life is ? The answer is nobody knows. But what matters is how you live that life. Life is an opportunity. Don't waste it for normal reason just like a common man. If life is coal under the ground, you can either make it diamond or just let it be there where it is. Others will use it for their own reasons and you will suffer.
There are three types of people. First, who live a normal life and die. Second who enjoy every moment of life and then die. And Third, who try to find and answer to life, they keep searching for the answer through books, preachers and meditation. I think that the second and third type of people are on the better way. At least they know what they are doing with their lives.
Life is a journey. You can either live it like a donkey (controlled by others) or as a master of your own. You know which one is better.
Sometimes people say that they want to enjoy every moment of life but can't due to the situations. There may be some problems in your life or with your near ones, which keep binding you with their pain. But that doesn't mean you can enjoy life. You can enjoy life where you are. You don't know to go on a beach to be happy. Otherwise everyone living on the beaches would be happy.
Happiness and enjoyment is something that belongs to you. You don't need to search for it anywhere. Its your own way of living, your thinking that makes you happy. Circumstances and current environment can just change your mood for a few moments.
Some people think they will be happy while drinking, but they can't do it whole day.
Some think they will be happy on a vacation, but you can't be on leave all the time.
You can live a happy life where you are, just try to be happy and put your efforts in the best way to make your life happy.

What is Death?

Its the question that nobody can answer. Everybody have his own philosophies. No body know whats true. Some say that its an end. Some say that its a new beginning. But one thing is certain that its end of your body. Every thing that is born comes to an end, so is with body. Every body have a hidden desire to beat death and become immortal. But nothing is immortal in this mortal world.
According to a philosophy, the concept of soul is just a output of our hidden desire to remain immortal. We can't believe that we would not remain in this world without our body.
Don't worry anything about death as its not in your hand, but your life is. Make it beautiful and full of happiness.

Is there any Afterlife ? Are there Souls ?

Some people keep saying no to all pleasures of life so that they can get heaven, but nobody ever returned from heaven to tell weather he/she got those pleasures or not. If you think like an intellectual person, we have got five senses in our body (touch, smell, taste, sight, speak, listen). We feel all the pleasure due to these senses. All these senses are contained in this body. But if we don't have this body, then can we feel pleasure. Did you ever tried to find if the soul have some senses. Even if there are souls, they can't feel anything. So why should we sacrifice our present for an unknown life after death. That's why i say that enjoy life.

There is a lot more to discuss, as we are talking on a never ending topic. BetterHealthFacts will bring more such intellectual discussion for you in near future. Keep visiting !

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