Blood Circulation Problem in Legs Symptoms and Treatment

Our legs carry our weight for whole life, so lets give some precious time of yours for your legs. This article about Blood Circulation Problem in Legs is not just to increase your knowledge about this disease, but to make you understand that your body, especially your legs deserves some of your attention on daily basis to keep themselves healthy for a long life. You can't live a healthy life if your legs are not healthy. If you are a healthy person with no problem in your legs, then you can keep your upper body healthy by jogging or walking on daily basis. But if your legs are not working properly and you can't even walk properly then your complete health will degrade. So lets increase your knowledge about Blood Circulation Problem in Legs and know their symptoms and treatment. 

Blood Circulation Problem in Legs

There are various types of blood circulation problems in legs. Some of them are discussed below with their symptoms and Treatment.

Peripheral Artery Disease of the Legs

It narrows the arteries in the legs and the blood flow to your leg muscles is reduced. It occurs due to atherosclerosis, a condition that hardens and narrows the arteries of whole body. Smoking, high blood pressure and inactivity are the main causes of Peripheral Artery Disease.
Major symptom of Peripheral Artery Disease is pain in Calf, Hip or Thigh even after mild activity.

Intermittent Claudication

Femoral Artery, that takes blood to your leg is either blocked or narrowed in Intermittent Claudication. It causes cramp and pain even after slight walking. Most it occur after 50 years of age. It can occur earlier if you are a chain smoker and diabetic. Sometimes body can find some alternate arteries and enlarge them to provide proper blood supply to leg muscles. It is called collateral circulation. Collateral Circulation takes 6 to 8 weeks to develop and symptoms of Intermittent Claudication are reduced.

Blood Circulation Problem in Legs Symptoms

If following symptoms appear in your legs then you should consult a doctor as it might be due to blood circulation problem in legs.

  • Fatigue or cramping during activity
  • Cramping during inactivity
  • Swelling and achiness
  • Tingling
  • Persistent coldness

There are some more symptoms that indicate that you are prone to blood circulation problem in legs. If you feel any of these symptoms listed below then you should start taking care of your legs.

  • If your toes are red, purple, or blue.
  • If you are feeling hair loss on your legs and feet.
  • If your feet remain excessively cool compared to other body parts.
  • If your feet “fall asleep” easily.
  • If your feet feel better when you hang them over the edge of bed.

Some behaviours that can lead to Blood Circulation Problem in Legs are

  • Tobacco smoking
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Improper and unhealthy diet
  • Immobility: Sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time

What can you do for your Legs ?

If your legs are healthy, then
  • Running, Walking or Jogging on daily basis.
  • Massage you legs, once a week
  • Massage you foot (5 Min Daily)
  • A Healthy Diet, to give proper nutrition to your legs.

If your legs are unhealthy, then
  • Consult your doctor. It depends on severity of your condition and other aspects like your blood pressure and Heart Health. 

Blood Circulation Problem in Legs Treatment

You should consult a doctor for better help. But you can also practice following things in your daily life.

  • Stop cigarettes smoking.
  • Keep your BP (blood pressure) and cholesterol in a healthy range.
  • Exercise on regular basis.
  • Avoid long periods of immobility. Don't sit for long periods continuously.
  • Elevate your legs. Sitting in a recliner with your legs up can help you in getting some relief from pain.
  • Leg Massagers and Exercisers can be used to stimulate and improve blood circulation.
  • Support hosiery or socks can help you to improve circulation in legs.

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