Donald Trump: Unknown Facts

Donald Trump is the recently elected president of USA. This news has spread across the world like anything. Now people want to know more about him. We have collected some interesting facts about our new Mr President.

  • Donald Trump has never smoked, never had drugs and never drank alcohol. His brother Fred died due to Alcohol Addiction.
  • However Trump don't drink but he still launched his own vodka brand in 2006. He stopped its production in 2011 due to lack of sale.
  • Donald Trump's parents sent him to New York Military Academy at the age of 13 as he was energetic with lack of discipline.
  • Donald Trump looks different when he wakes up, which is due to his well known hair style. His hairstyle is formed by blow-drying his hair in forward direction and then combing them backward.
  • Donald Trump don't like shaking hand. Some say that he is a germaphobe (a person with an extreme fear of germs). But still he is full of self confidence.
  • On an average Donald Trump receives 67000 new followers on twitter every month.
  • Trump is a businessman, not a politician, and he has seen 4 of his casinos gone bankrupt. One of those casinos was Trump Taj Mahal.
  • Trump Tower in Chicago is known s the tallest residential structure in World. It has got 98 stories.
  • Trump loves Golf. He has got 16 high-end Golf Courses across the world.
  • Trump was producer of "The Apprentice" and received a Star on the walk of fame. He made $375,000 per episode.
  • Trump is a real estate king. He owned 14000 apartments when he was 27 years old.
  • His total property is worth $4.5 billion.
  • Trump's residence, Trump Tower, was used in movie "The Dark Knight Rises" as the fictional Wayne Enterprises.

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