Does Sleeping too long or too short affect your Body

Some people suggest that a sound sleep is best medicine for a human being. But now a researchers have done a number of researches on sleeping habit of different people and also concluded some amazing facts. In this article we have collected these amazing facts about our sleep. Here you will get answer to the question that how much sleep is adequate for you and does it have any effect on your body if you sleep more or less than required.

Effects of sleeping too short

Sleeping too short not only make you prone to some physical diseases but also to mental diseases. Lack of sleep is OK for one or two days, but if its going for more than that then its a physical and mental health hazard. Here a few facts about effects of sleeping too short.

  • If you sleep too short then you will awake with the same tiredness with which you slept.
  • Most of the road accidents are done by those people who didn't slept well last night.
  • Lack of sleep can put you to risk of blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Sleeping too short can cause lack of interest in s-e-x life.
  • It can also cause depression.
  • Sleeping too short on regular basis makes your skin look old.
  • If you are having memory problems then it might be due to lack of sleep.
  • Weight gain is one of the worst symptoms of lack of sleep, which to lead to various other diseases.

Effects of sleeping too long

If you have slept a little more than your normal routine because of some tiresome work that you have done last day then its OK, else the oversleeping is usually harmful for you.

  • Oversleeping messes with our biological clock and may cause physical and behavioral changes.
  • Habitual oversleeping indicates physical or mental illness.
  • One important side effect of oversleeping is disturbance in biological clock and a person unable to judge what time it is. Feelings of lethargy, fatigue, and drowsiness also come from disturbed biological clock.
  • Some most common side effects of oversleeping are lower back pain, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.
  • According to some researches those who oversleep usually complain of headache.
  • Sometime oversleeping is a result of depression which is caused due to exposure to drugs, alcohol or a combination of both.
  • Some other negative effects of oversleeping are lack of energy, loss of appetite, and memory loss.

How much sleep is adequate for you?

For a healthy person eight hours of sleep is considered best. But the previous statement don't consider the age of the person. Usually our sleeping time decreases with age. A newly born sleeps for most of the day. Sleep is necessary for our body to grow and make repairs in our body. As we grow our sleeping hours decreases. Some old people say that 4 hours of sleep is enough for them. At that age there is no new growth or much of the repair work in our body.
So before you reach to the answer of this question, consider your age as well. 

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