Making Love is the best medicine - Its Organic with No Side Effects

As the title of this article says that Making Love is the best medicine for a number of diseases. It not only cure you from a number of diseases but can also treat a number of them. Most of the diseases that we have during our lifetime are in one or another way related to chemicals in our body. Lack of one chemical leads to some disease and abundance of other chemical leads to another disease. A proper balance of these chemicals is necessary to live a healthy life and making love acts as an instrument to make that balance. found a number of facts while researching on this topic and now we will bring it here for you to understand them and share them with your loved ones to make their life much better than before. In the modern world where we are going back to organic medicines, nothing is more organic than making love.

Why making love is the best medicine ?

  • Did you ever notice that no one ever have a stuff nose during lovemaking. Its because love making is a natural antihistamine and helps us fight against asthma and hay fever.  
  • Endorphins are endogenous opioid neuropeptides which are produced by the central nervous system and the pituitary gland. They provide us a sense of euphoria and a feeling of well-being. These endorphins are produced in our body while making love.
  • A number of psychological diseases don't even appear in sexually active people, and if they appear due to your in-activeness then making love can act as a medicine to most of them.   
  • Edrorphin is also a natural pain killer, thus cures headache and other body pains.
  • It tones up every muscle in the body and gives a feeling of complete exercise. Those exercises are considered best where we burn more calories in a shorter amount of time and making love solves the purpose (may be in the end :) ). 
  • Its a good calorie burner and help us in remaining slim. Obesity is itself an invitation to a number of diseases. So make love and remain slim.
  • Sweat produced during the act cleanses the pores in our body and saves our skin from various skin diseases.
  • Estrogen hormone is released in women when they do it and this hormone is responsible for shiny hair and smooth skin.
  • Making love keeps our testosterone and estrogen hormones in balance. It save us from heart diseases in long run. Some studies have found that chances of heart attack is much less in those who make love at least twice a week.
  • It helps in controlling our blood pressure. Some researches have found that making love lowers the systolic blood pressure. Some researchers believe that it increases our blood flow and increases the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • According to some recent researches, regularly indulging in such activity can save a man from having prostate cancer.
  • Kissing builds more saliva in our mouth and thus our mouth and teeth get better cleaned. Its also lowers the level of acids that causes decay and plaque buildup in our mouth.
  • Making love is a sedative medicine which gives us a feeling of peace, calmness and quietness.
  • The more we do it, the more our body desires for it by attracting our partner through the pheromones produced by our body which leads to more exercise and more calorie burning and thus being more healthy.
  • It gives us a better sleep. The quality of you sleep matters most for your health, and the sleep that you get after making love is much more better. During a good sleep our body repairs all wear and tears in the body and make it ready for new day, so don't compromise on your love life and sleep.
  • It reduces the effect of ageing. Some people think that frequency of love making decreases with age, but its not so. If you remain healthy and have it regularly than the effect of aging will be minimal on your body. I have heard about couples doing in regularly till their 90s. However during some phases of life the frequency can get reduced either due to some social problems or menopause in women, but still its a better idea to get back to your normal frequency to live a better life.
  • Making love improves bladder control in both men and women by exercising our pelvic region muscles stronger. 
  • Sexually active people take less sick leaves, which is itself an indication of their better health.
  • Sexually active people have more antibodies in their blood compared to less active people. It proves that our immune system is directly affected by our sex life.
  • Your drive and healthy body increases your self confidence and helps in making your life better.
How does Making Love saves your Heart from Blood Pressure

Once i heard in a TED talk, that most of the matters can be easily solved between couples if they solve them while sitting on a bed with no clothes. No problem of our life is bigger than ourselves and if you have got a partner than it can treated more easily. What is better than an easily available organic medicine with no side effects. So enjoy it and live a less problematic life with more happiness around you and that too with a healthy body. 

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