Are Humans evolved to eat Veg Diet Only ?

The topic might make you believe that i am going to advocate for vegetarian diet for all, but the truth is that i am going to explain some facts based on evolution of man. These facts are collected after reading the history of evolution of humans. We all know that human beings evolved from monkeys which are basically herbivorous. But in the chain of evolution humans became omnivorous due to some geographical needs. A number of studies are done on this topic ranging from religious studies and scientific studies. Here are some facts.

  • Our religions and religious text are the oldest source of knowledge, and most of them advocate for vegetarian diet.
  • Albert Einstein, one of the most intellectual humans, has said that humans will need to completely adopt the vegetarian diet to save themselves and the planet.
  • Evolution of humans is not just physical, humans evolved their morals and understanding of emotions. A person who can't understand the pain of others is not considered a good human being. As a matter of fact most of the non-vegetarians can't eat meat if they see how animals are butchered.   
  • Our ancestors ate raw meat but killing animals, but that was around 500,000 years ago. As humans evolved, they stopped eating meat, just like they stopped to practice cannibalism, rape, slavery. however slavery, rape and murder are still there, but they are considered as crime now. 

Facts relating to our biological structure 

  • Canine teeth of humans are not same as dog or any other flesh eating animals. Our canines prove that our ancestor were not flesh eating, and even if they were then they have stopped it thousands of years ago.
  • Those animals who are evolved to eat meat have claws. Men don't have claws, which indicates that men was herbivorous. 
  • Carnivorous animals don't have skin pores while humans have.
  • Carnivorous animals have small intestinal tract compared to herbivorous animals. Humans have comparatively larger intestinal tract, which proves that it was meant for vegetarian diet.
  • Stomach of Carnivorous animals releases larger amount of hydrocloric acid to digest the higher amount of fat and proteins of meat. Herbivorous animals release 20 times less acid as it is sufficient to digest veg diet. Amount of acid released in human stomach makes it a herbivorous animal. Therefore meat stays longer in human stomach to get digested compared to veg diet.
  • Carnivorous animals don't have amylase in their saliva which is necessary to digest starch. Humans have amylase in their saliva as veg diet have more starch compared to non veg diet.

Some people can still argue for Non-veg diet by giving some other facts. We humans have got a good brain and it can prove anything by giving different logic. But the truth is that giving pain to a living organism for the sake of our tongue is not a good thing for beings with the highest morals and intellectual level.

There is no difference between the animals in your home and the animals in your plate. Both of them can't utter a word, but there eyes tell if they are happy or in pain.

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