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Do Vegetarians get all essential amino acids from their food

What are Amino Acids 

Amino Acids are simple organic compound which contain both a carboxyl (—COOH) and an amino (—NH2) group. These amino acids are building blocks of proteins and necessary in construction of our body cells, tissues and muscles. Our body can't exist in absence of amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acids. All proteins are combinations of these amino acids.

What are essential Amino Acids

Some of the amino acids required for our body can be constructed by our body itself, but there are some amino acids which should be compulsorily a part of our diet. These amino acids which are necessary to be a part of balanced diet are known as Essential Amino Acids. There are nine essential amino acids which are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

Do Vegetarians get all essential amino acids from their food ?
There is a misconception among non-vegetarians that vegetarians can't get all essential amino acids from their veg diet, so non-veg is mandatory for a healthy body. Different amino acids are part of different vegetables, grains, pulses and dairy products. If you are having a balanced vegetarian diet then most probably you are getting all essential amino acids. It is not necessary to get all essential amino acids in every diet or within a day. You may have some of then on one day and others on other day. Our body can utilize them whenever we eat them, so it doesn't matter if we don't eat a few of them for a few days in a week.

There is another misconception about proteins, that vegans don't get enough proteins in their diet. The truth is that an average vegan gets much more than recommended intake of proteins. While only 42g of protein are necessary for an average man on daily basis, non-vegetarians eat way more i.e around 80g, while vegetarians eat around 70g in a day. The truth is that our body also needs fiber in diet and vegans get the fiber in sufficient amount compared to non-vegetarians.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that vegetarians should care about. It is available in Pistachios, quinoa and legumes including tofu and tempeh. If you use to eat eggs in your vegetarian diet then most probably you won't face lack of any essential amino acid. But even if you don't eat eggs then a combination of vegetables, fruits and whole grains can provide you enough of them to live a healthy life.

How would Vegans justify killing Plants !

This statement came from some intellectual non-vegetarians who don't want to draw a line between plants and animals, and treat both of them as living beings. They want to tell the world that if killing animals to eat them is inappropriate then killing plants is also the same as both of them are living beings. This article will make them think again if they are giving right logic or just justifying their eagerness to eat meat by giving a totally inappropriate logic.

Plants don't feel pain: Plants don't have a nervous system like animals, thus they can't feel any pain. Mother nature designed them in that way so that even if a fruit or branch of them is plucked by any animal, then they don't feel any pain.
Plants don't have brain: Just like nervous system, there is no brain in plants. Brain in animals help them with all their senses to feel pain, grief, fear. So killing an animal and a plant is a lot different.
All plants are not killed to get food from them: We don't need to kill a tree to get fruits from it. We don't need to kill a plant to get vegetables from it. Only in some cases, such as grains and pulses we need to cut the whole plant. It can't happen with animals.
Plants regrow: You can't even think of cutting a leg piece out of a living hen and then let that leg grow again. But it happens with plants. Even if a few branches or fruits of a plant are broken then they grow again in a few weeks. Plants can regrow even if their main trunk is cut.
Plants don't run: Plants don't have the capacity to move to remain uncut. But animals try their best to escape from butchers knife.
Level of consciousness: As a fact of science, everything is living in this universe. Either its a stone, an animal, bird or a complete planet. What matters is the level of consciousness. Level of consciousness increases from so called non-living things (such as stone, soil) to plants and then animals. We the humans have highest level of consciousness. Low level of consciousness in plants don't let them feel the death, the way animals and humans do.
Plants are designed by nature to be eaten: All of the above facts cumulatively are sufficient to prove that mother nature designed plants to be eaten by animals and provided them the ability to regrow.

Some non-vegetarians give a smart logic that survival of the fittest is the law of nature, so humans (the fittest being on earth) have the right to kill any other animal. But as per logic of a vegetarian, survival of fittest is applicable only in jungles, where food chain needs to be maintained by nature. This law no longer works in human social life, else lives of all poor and incompetent humans would have been finished by now. There is one more thing related to this law. Survival does not mean to kill others. We the humans once killed and ate meat, when our ancestors lived in the forests. Today we have got ability to digest both veg and non-veg only due to our ancestors. But today the things have changed, we are no longer an animal. We have formed a good social life, good houses, good security systems and the other animals on planet are no longer a threat to us, unless you put yourself in danger willingly. Truth is that we humans are the biggest killers today, while we don't need to be.

I don't know how many of you would agree to the philosophy written above, but even if a single person will change from non-veg to veg after reading it then i will succeed.

Are Humans evolved to eat Veg Diet Only ?

The topic might make you believe that i am going to advocate for vegetarian diet for all, but the truth is that i am going to explain some facts based on evolution of man. These facts are collected after reading the history of evolution of humans. We all know that human beings evolved from monkeys which are basically herbivorous. But in the chain of evolution humans became omnivorous due to some geographical needs. A number of studies are done on this topic ranging from religious studies and scientific studies. Here are some facts.

  • Our religions and religious text are the oldest source of knowledge, and most of them advocate for vegetarian diet.
  • Albert Einstein, one of the most intellectual humans, has said that humans will need to completely adopt the vegetarian diet to save themselves and the planet.
  • Evolution of humans is not just physical, humans evolved their morals and understanding of emotions. A person who can't understand the pain of others is not considered a good human being. As a matter of fact most of the non-vegetarians can't eat meat if they see how animals are butchered.   
  • Our ancestors ate raw meat but killing animals, but that was around 500,000 years ago. As humans evolved, they stopped eating meat, just like they stopped to practice cannibalism, rape, slavery. however slavery, rape and murder are still there, but they are considered as crime now. 

Facts relating to our biological structure 

  • Canine teeth of humans are not same as dog or any other flesh eating animals. Our canines prove that our ancestor were not flesh eating, and even if they were then they have stopped it thousands of years ago.
  • Those animals who are evolved to eat meat have claws. Men don't have claws, which indicates that men was herbivorous. 
  • Carnivorous animals don't have skin pores while humans have.
  • Carnivorous animals have small intestinal tract compared to herbivorous animals. Humans have comparatively larger intestinal tract, which proves that it was meant for vegetarian diet.
  • Stomach of Carnivorous animals releases larger amount of hydrocloric acid to digest the higher amount of fat and proteins of meat. Herbivorous animals release 20 times less acid as it is sufficient to digest veg diet. Amount of acid released in human stomach makes it a herbivorous animal. Therefore meat stays longer in human stomach to get digested compared to veg diet.
  • Carnivorous animals don't have amylase in their saliva which is necessary to digest starch. Humans have amylase in their saliva as veg diet have more starch compared to non veg diet.

Some people can still argue for Non-veg diet by giving some other facts. We humans have got a good brain and it can prove anything by giving different logic. But the truth is that giving pain to a living organism for the sake of our tongue is not a good thing for beings with the highest morals and intellectual level.

There is no difference between the animals in your home and the animals in your plate. Both of them can't utter a word, but there eyes tell if they are happy or in pain.

Does your Food affects your Mind and Thinking

When i decided to write this article about how our food affects our thinking, my motive was thinking not human brain or body function. But most of the internet is full of information relating to how food affects brain functions. Some of them even compared food with drugs. They may be somehow true, but my topic of this article in related to thinking, which is something about our mind. Does the food that we eat really affects our thinking. Can our dietary changes, change the way our mind thinks. I had some initial knowledge about what i need to tell in this article, but still i researched on internet to get some more insight into this topic.

A few years ago i read about different types of foods in some Indian Hindu Text. When i tried to search for that information i found that this information is part of Hindu culture and some most important hindu texts such as Gita and Ayurveda. The information provided below is totally an extract of that knowledge.

There are three types of food and personalities. Both foods and personalities have same name.

  • Satvik
  • Rajsik
  • Tamsik

Satvik is considered best, then Rajsik and Tamsik is the worst category. We will describe some foods that come in these categories and also the characteristics of personalities that are attained due to that type of food.


Satvik food is not just pure-vegetarian but it contains only selected types of vegetarian food. Onion and Garlic are totally banned in satvik food. Fresh green vegetables, grains, fresh milk, fruits and almonds come in this category. But if the cooked food is not consumed within 4 hours then it can't be treated as Satvik. A person who eats satvik food on regular basis is intelligent and forgiving, he performs all of his duties without any greediness and his mind remains calm.


Rajsik food if consumed in right quantity can inspire us to work by using our brain and body. But if it is consumed in higher quantities then it makes us aggressive and full of anger. Food items that come under Rajsik category are spicy food items, onion, garlic, tea, coffee and oily dishes. Therefore Satvik food can become Rajsik if a lot of spices and oil is used in its preparation. Rajsik food is usually tastier than Satvik food.


Tamsik food makes our body and mind full of laziness. All non veg foods, fatty foods and stale food comes under this category. If you eat stale food by heating it again, then you are making it tamsik. Even satvik or rajsik food can be turned into tamsik in this way. Food items with high sugar content are also considered tamsik. Tamsik food can easily make our body full of diseases.

According to ancient Hindu text ayurveda, our diet decides our personality. Making some changes in our diet can change our personality. It can change our thinking quality and quantity. We all know that good diet can give us good health but this information provided above is something more than just health. Apart from deciding our health, our diet can change our thinking. Our thinking makes us who we are, so choose your diet wisely. You diet makes you who you are.

When a journalist asked an Indian Guru named Sadhguru about non-veg diet then he explained how our thinking changes by our diet. He explained it in our modern terminology of software. All of the living objects have different levels of consciousness. Plants have the lowest level of consciousness, then comes the animals, and then we the humans have highest level of consciousness. If we consider consciousness as software, low consciousness means simple software and high consciousness means complex software. When a complex software consumes a simple software then it can easily override its features. But if we consume something complex then either our body struggles more to override its features, our some of the features of that complex software become our own features. Animals have a complex software due to their higher level of consciousness. Eating them can infect us with their consciousness and we might start thinking like them and anger and cruelty can become a part of us.