How does exercise improve your Cardiovascular System

Regular exercise is a good lifestyle habit to stay away from diseases and get a good looking body. Those who are suffering from some heart diseases often come to know the importance of exercise once they got affected by it. If you make exercise a habit from the very beginning of your adulthood then most often you won't ever by affected by any cardiovascular disease or any other health issue. In this article we will discuss the effects of exercise on your cardiovascular health and how it saves you from hypertension.

  • Exercise makes your heart stronger: Regular exercise makes your heart stronger and its ability to pump blood increases. When we exercise on regular basis, our heart starts to adapt and left ventricle enlarges to store and pump more blood per beat. It is the reason why professional athletes have low resting pulse rate compared to an average person. Their blood pressure also remains on lower side. 
  • Exercise improves quality of Blood: Exercise stimulates our circulatory system and enhances the removal of toxins from blood. It also increases the flow of oxygenated blood in body.
  • Exercise lowers Bad Cholesterol:  LDL Cholesterol, which is considered bad for human health is found more in obese people or those who live sedentary life. Exercise on regular basis triggers some enzyme activity in body which helps in transfer of that bad cholesterol from blood vessels to liver which later converts it into bile and further excreted from body.
  • Exercise makes you arteries flexible: There are some flexible tissues in the arteries which usually diminishes as we age. But we exercise regularly then these flexible tissues remain there for longer duration and arteries remain flexible. Flexibility of arteries helps our body in dealing with sudden elevation in blood pressure due to some intense physical activity, such as running.
  • Exercise lowers blood pressure: Resting blood pressure of a person who exercise regularly will be lower than a person who don't exercise. It is because of the facts explained above. Exercise makes heart stronger, arteries flexible and improves quality of blood by removing toxins and bad cholesterol. All of these things help in lowering the blood pressure. Low blood pressure means less chances of stroke or heart attack.
  • Exercise Reduces Inflammation in Body: Regular exercise reduces C-reactive protein (CRP) in body which indicates inflammation in body. Inflammation is body is also responsible for Coronary Heart Disease.   
  • Exercise can help in quit smoking: Some researches found that regular exercising can help those who want to quit smoking which can save you from heart diseases.

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All of the above facts about exercise and cardiovascular system are for those who understand human anatomy. Very simple fact about exercise is that it reduces your weight and keep it under control. If you have your weight in control then you are automatically saved from those diseases that are directly connected to obesity. Hypertension and diabetes are most common diseases found in overweight people. So even if you don't know more about human anatomy, you may get sure that you won't get hypertension of diabetes if you exercise regularly.

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