Benefits of Kitchen Garden for your Health

A kitchen garden is one of the healthiest things one can have at his/her home. It won't be wrong to say that it is better for your health compared to a regular workout at gym. If you are money-minded then you should know that kitchen garden can save you a lot of money in your monthly bill. If you are nature lover then you might already have the knowledge that kitchen garden connects you to earth in a number of ways.

Benefits of Kitchen Garden for your Health

  • Fresh and Nutritious Diet : It is the basic necessity for a good health. Freshness is the first quality that makes a food good. The fruits and vegetable that you purchase from market are usually stale but looks fresh as they are kept in cold storage. The freshness of market vegetables can't be compared to that vegetable that you grow in a kitchen garden.
  • No Pesticides and Natural Fertilizer: Chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers have contaminated our diet to a great extent and they are reason behind a number of health problems. When we grow something in kitchen garden, we use natural fertilizers like compost and stay away from using pesticides. It keeps the nutrition intact and no side effects of harmful chemicals.   
  • Kids like home grown vegetables: It is a well known fact for parents that kids don't like vegetables. But one better fact is that kids like home grown vegetables. There is a psychological reason behind that. Usually kids try to help in kitchen garden, like watering the plants or weeding or hoeing or planting some new plants. These acts make them interested in tasting the vegetables or fruits that they helped growing.
  • Improves Immunity: You must be thinking that these pesticide free and nutritious vegetables increases your immunity, but truth is something more and better. Being near soil automatically increases your immunity. This is the same process that develops immunity in kids when they play on ground or show their creativity in sand or soil. When we come in contact with soil during gardening our body is contaminated by microbes, and our body develops immunity against them within a few days. This process continues and our immune system become stronger than others. 
  • Reduce Healthcare Cost: Better nutrition and immunity results in lesser health issues and saving the healthcare cost.
  • Natural Workout: Gardening is a natural and productive workout. It is equivalent to doing workout in a gym. Only difference in that gym requires a monthly fees while garden gives you fruits and vegetables as a result of your workout. 
  • Better Sleep: Spending some time is garden also gives a good sleep in night. You don't need to engage yourself in reading something or checking your smartphone before the sleep take over you.
  • Self Appreciation : Gardening brings you more closed to earth and mother nature. It gives you a sense of self appreciation, which itself saves you from any psychological complications.
  • Whole Family Activity: Sometimes gardening provides an opportunity to engage whole family including kids. Even talking during gardening can reduce stress. It is a great activity and learning tool for kids. It is an entertainment activity as well that relaxes you. Sometimes it can give you life long memories that will make you happy whenever you remember them.  
  • Its beautiful : Gardening has the ability to turn wasteland into beautiful landscapes. Even an unused balcony corner can be made beautiful through gardening. Butterflies and birds coming in your garden makes it even more beautiful. Its pleasing look uplifts your mood and make you happy.
  • Make you creative: A kitchen garden not just grows vegetables but some creative ideas as well. Those creative ideas can give a better look to your garden and may also help you in other fields of your life. Get some creative gardening ideas by looking at some samples.
  • Improves Knowledge: Gardening improves your knowledge about horticulture and makes you love the plants, thus connecting you to earth. Even kids learn a lot about plants through gardening, which can't be taught in a school.
  • Cleans the air : Usually we think that its impact will be small, but the truth is than just four plants are sufficient to clean enough air for a single person. A kitchen garden usually have much more plants than that.
  • The Aura : Plant have an aura which helps the person coming in contact with them. You might have noticed that sitting under a big tree makes a positive impact on your mood and overall well being. It is the impact of Aura of that tree. Similarly a kitchen garden have its own aura and it improves you from inside. 
We at hope that the above information will inspire a few people to make their own kitchen garden. If you have the wish but don't have space then a creative garden in balcony or terrace can be best. It not only improves you but also contributes in making a greener society with better air.

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