WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is degrading Women's Health

Past 50 years have played an enormous role in women empowerment and women are doing every type of outgoing jobs. They are not just going outside for daily grocery shopping, but for office jobs and even those jobs which were earlier meant only for men (such as police and defense). This sudden change in just 50 or 100 years have not given sufficient time to their bodies to evolve, which biologically takes thousands of years. 

Social Life Imbalance

Society wants them to handle their home, while the companies and governments want them to handle their jobs properly. This double burden on most of the women is resulting in stress, tension, depression, hormonal imbalance and a lot more. Kids are seen as a responsibility of mother and a working mother always struggles hard to fulfill that responsibility.  

Women Health : A Burden in Job

The menstrual cycle is one of the biggest hurdles in adult life of all women. Every month they suffer for 5 days, but they continue to live their regular life without letting anybody know about that. During that phase the hormonal changes in body also cause mood swings which affect their performance. Some women suffer from abdominal cramps, while some from thigh-pain. A woman can't complain about the menstrual cycle in her job, neither can she take leave.

Women Empowerment and Equality

Most of the women love to be a home-maker, but the amount of investment made on their education, puts an extra mental pressure on them to do a job to get some return, plus it is necessary for their own empowerment. We are not against women-education, but the motive of getting a return through a job is underestimating the power of a home-maker. Instead of putting pressure on women to prove themselves by getting a good job, we should  let them choose what they want to do. Education is never wasted. No matter we are in which phase of life, our education makes us better in that. A women is the first and best teacher of their kids, but we are taking away that possibility just because our so-called women-empowerment model starts to brain wash the girls from the very beginning that you can't stay behind boys in any field. 

Men want total equality

Instead of motivating the girls/women in the job-culture, men are trying to give full competition to women counterpart only to prove their supremacy in jobs. Usually men think that women get the job due to their gender and they are not competent enough while the truth is that neither government nor any private companies offer jobs to non-deserving candidates. Those jobs where muscle power matters, men try to show their supremacy. All men can't be treated equally as those who support them are also there and constantly motivating them, but this deed seems insufficient. Those men who want total equality should understand the fact that nature has made some differences in our bodies only because it is necessary for survival of our species. Both genders have their pros and cons. If men are more muscular, then women are better in fine arts and languages. Instead of competing among genders, we should provide appropriate opportunities to women and let them be a part of work-culture.

Men versus Women

Increasing crime on women

Women are paying the price of this slow evolution and fast progress with increase in crime-on-women. Men dominant society always targeted women as a property, and still some evil minded men can't handle to see a women boss. Even subordinate women staff often report verbal and sexual harassment. Their journey to the work place also remain vulnerable to on-road crimes. Some people may say that people of both genders are vulnerable to such things, but they will also agree that the difference between men and women bodies make women more vulnerable. Every women is usually not a martial art expert who can defend herself from a men who is more muscular and taller.

Evolution is ongoing

Women will change to be more muscular due to their outgoing jobs. It will lead to rise in level of testosterone to promote muscular growth. It will happen in thousands of years. Women empowerment or equality will play a major role in that part of evolution. It will not be as simple as it seems, because too much testosterone will have its own effects on women's body, as they will loose the current feminine body structure and become more manly. Its effect on their reproduction system is another topic of research, as this system is heavily dependent on hormonal cycle. However it is hard to predict how our race will evolve but evolution always depend on our common bodily needs.

Women Empowerment and their Health

Women's health is constantly facing health conditions due to all of the above listed issues. Instead of empowering women, "Women Empowerment" has provided women with some serious health issues. On one hand women are facing lack of muscle power necessary for outgoing jobs, while on the other they are constantly facing social pressure to manage their house-wife responsibility. Managing this double work burden needs sufficient physical power. Apart from these physical health challenges, women are also dealing with emotional health issues. Apart from work-life challenges from gents colleagues and sexual discrimination, they are also vulnerable to sexual harassment. When such issues are discussed they also feel lack of social support and often get a lecture "to be strong" and "improve their dressing-sense" to avoid the eyes of lustful men. Such issues make them vulnerable to depression.

Women empowerment is taking its toll on women health. In this stage they need support from men, a support that should not be physical but emotional. Men need to create this world a safer place for women. On one-hand we need to teach self-defense to girls in schools, and on the other hand we need to teach the boys to respect girls/women with some moral education. Women are not just made to be wives, but they are sisters and mothers as well. A man can never be complete without a healthy mother, sister and wife. So we need to teach something to masculine gender to make this world a better place for feminine gender.

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