Does Walking and Running affect Bone Density

Walking and RunningWalking and Running are one of the best physical activities to keep one healthy for a lifetime. It not only exercises your muscles but also provide oxygen to every cell of your body and extends its capability. Recently a number of researches were done to know the effect of exercising on bone density of a person. The effect on bone density judges the strength of bones of person. Before you make an opinion its better to have a look at the results of these studies.

In 2013 a study was done on National Runners and National Walkers. That study compared the results of two different health studies done on these two groups that tracked the participants for 6 years. The comparative study concluded that both running and walking provides same health benefits like reduced hypertension, lower risk of diabetes and decreased cholesterol.

One more study published in American Journal of Public Health concluded that jogging makes our femoral neck stronger which helps in preventing hip fractures.
Do you know that Running or Jogging can damage you Knee and Joints

According to NCBI walking or running has limited positive effects on bone density, while jumping and weight lifting can increase bone mass to a greater extent. Walking and Running are such exercises which can be done by anybody without need of any special equipment, so walking / running is considered best to increase bone density.

How does Walking and Running increase Bone Density ?

When our body especially bones sense less physical activity, they start to shed their mass as if if there is no need of it. It makes our bones fragile and more prone to fracture. But its opposite is also true. If we get indulged in physical activities like walking, running or weight lifting then our bones think that they need extra strength and start to absorb more minerals from the same diet and our bone density increases. Thats why doctors suggest mild exercises to patients of osteoporosis to increase their bone density.

Physical activities not only increases our bone density but also increases the bone thickness 10% more than a normal man.

Modern lifestyle make us sit more. We spend most of our time either sitting in front of TV, on office chair or on Dining table. It decreases our bone density. If we add some physical activity like walking or running in our lifestyle then we can increase the bone density and decrease the risk of fracture that usually increases with age.

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