Transplant Tourism Pros and Cons (Unknown Facts)

A number of people in US go to Asian countries to get organ transplant and then return to US for follow-up care. There are various reasons why they prefer that. Here we will discuss both pros(benefits) and cons(disadvantages) of Transplant Tourism. Transplant tourism makes a big part of medical tourism in all developed countries.

Pros of Transplant Tourism

The pros of Transplant tourism can be known after go into depth and find why patients prefer Transplant Tourism. Both donors and recipients sometimes have something good in it.
According to recipients:

  • Sometimes its a cheaper or faster alternative for getting a new organ. Transplant costs in developed countries like US are much more than some developing Asian Countries. Even the addition of Air Fare is not a burden in transplant tourism.
  • The belief that patient will get a disease free life after transplant.

According to donor:

  • It proves to be an easy source of one time earning.

Cons of Transplant Tourism

  • In case of transplant from a donor of different continent the chances of rejection of that organ by recipient body is much more. Its because the organ and body belong to different genetic ancestors.
  • In some cases the organs come with some diseases as the donor either never received any vaccination or never get tested for that disease before donation.
  • Some times the recipient is not aware of laws and rules about organ donation in that country and may find themselves in trouble if something goes wrong.
  • Sometimes the transplant is a success but the organ fails within a week or 2.
  • In most of the cases the donor belongs to a poor background and selling his organ to get rid of some kind of loan.
  • Sometimes you are are not aware of the fact that you are becoming a part of illegal organ donation. 
  • In some cases the donor is not aware of the act and his/her organ is taken without his consent. Human trafficking is done to get such donors.

Unknown Facts of Transplant Tourism

Now we are bringing some unknown facts about Transplant Tourism. These facts might bring the real picture of transplant tourism in front of you.

  • In 2003 an international study revealed that a kidney recipient paid $100,000 while the donor received just $800.
  • There is no after care provided for donors in developing or undeveloped countries.
  • Transplant tourism is banned in Istanbul because it violates the principles of equity, justice and respect of human dignity.
  • In 1997 Brazil passed a law to make it illegal to sell organs. In 1998 a new law was made to make every adult an organ donor at death.
  • According to a 1984 law in China, organs from an executed prisoner can be transplanted if the family don't claims the body.
  • The huge need of organs for transplant has opened gates for criminals for illegal trafficking of human organs. The use every illegal way for that varying from kidnapping to murdering.
  • Major Organ exporters on the map are Pakistan, China, India, Philippines, Bolivia, Brazil, Iraq, Egypt and South Africa.
  • Major Importers of Organs are residents of developed countries like Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and USA. 

According to a study by American Medical Association on kidney donation in India.

  • 96% donors donated their kidney to recover from some debt.
  • 74% failed to pay their debt even after 6 years of donation.
  • 86% reported that their health condition deteriorated after donation.
  • 79% of donors don't recommend it to others.

The team of believes in organ donation as a healthy practice and want every body to donate their organs at death. It will not only remove organ trafficking but will also save those who sell their organs for just money.

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