Does FDA approval makes a food item really "SAFE" !

FDA has approved a number of food items as "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS in short). Recognizing something as safe does not mean that it really is. When a food certification agency recognizes something as safe then there are a number of clauses attached to it, such as how much you should eat in proportion to per pound of your body weight. But reality is that nobody cares for that. We just eat what we find tasty and eat it till we feel full.
We the people just do blind faith without trying to know the reality. FDA is no god, who can inspect every aspect of a food item on all categories of people ranging from kids to senior citizens or a pregnant women.

FDA approval means that the FDA has decided the benefits of the approved item outweigh the potential risks for the item's planned use.

If we look at the above statement then it clearly means that a FDA approved food item might have some potential risks. One more thing is the planned use. What is that planned use ? Planned use is how much you should eat per pound of your body weight, or up to what temperature it can be cooked, or in how much time it should be consumed after cooking. There are so many conditions connected to a FDA approved food item that you can easily be a victim of its potential risks.

Most of the fast foods items contain ingredients which you don't know and don't care about their potential risks. Some of such ingredients include trans fat, artificial sweeteners and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

When you cook a food, you know the ingredients you used and you also know that none of them would harm you. Did you ever think that shelf life of a home cooked food is never more than a few days even if you put it in a fridge. But shelf life of packed food ranges from weeks to months. There must be something in it to not let it be inedible after so much time. There are preservatives and artificial ingredients to do so. You don't hesitate in consuming those ingredients thinking that its approved by FDA and don't think even once about the potential risks. Even if the potential risks are less, you are still prone to them by consuming those packed food items everyday.

How to save yourself from potential risks of FDA approved food items ?
Most of us blindly believe that FDA approval is guarantee of a food product being safe for use before the expiry date mentioned on the package. Instead of getting fresh fruits and vegetables directly from some garden, we prefer the packed food. Different companies involved in marketing of packaged food use preservatives and artificial ingredients to increase the shelf life of these products. FDA try to do its best, but every aspect of a food item can't be checked. When it comes to rules, even the consumers don't follow them completely. Sometimes we eat more then the recommended serving and sometime we use the packet for days after opening and don't care till how much time it should be consumed after opening. If we follow the rules then we can save ourselves from potential risks. Another way to completely save yourself is by being natural. Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Instead of eating the packed fast food, try to cook something at home and try to have your own kitchen garden.

We humans first made artificial ingredients and then made agencies to find if these products harm us or not. After researching a lot and spending millions of dollars, these agencies come to conclusion that benefits of the item outweigh the potential risks, so it should be approved. All such things seems to help only in marketing of these products.

Artificial Sweeteners degrading your health

If you are diabetic or trying to lose your weight or both then you must have heard about Artificial Sweeteners. Artificial Sweeteners are a substitute of sugar but with no calories. Therefore millions of people purchase these artificial sweeteners to fool their bodies. These sweeteners satisfy their urge to eat something sweet but with no calories. Most of us don't know that these artificial sweeteners are actually degrading your health. But how ? The answer might surprise you. has collected some facts about the disadvantages of artificial sweeteners. After reading these facts a health conscious person will never use them.

What are Artificial Sweeteners ?
Artificial Sweeteners are chemical compounds than are edible and give a false feeling of sweetness on your tastebuds. They have no nutritional value, thus no calories. Diabetic people use them to keep having the taste of sugar. Even some health conscious people, who count every calorie they eat, use them to stay away from calories. Some artificial sweeteners are 20000 times sweeter than sugar, i.e. one table spoon of such artificial sweetener can sweeten 20000 cups of tea / coffee.

Where are these Artificial Sweeteners used?
Artificial sweeteners are used in food industry where large scale production is done. Several bakery chains use them. Using these artificial sweeteners not only reduces the cost of production, but people using them also feel that they are eating something healthy (while they are not). Non nutritive artificial sweeteners approved by FDA are
  • Saccharin: 700 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K): 200 times sweeter than sugar
  • Sucralose: 600 times sweeter than sugar
  • Neotame: 13000 times sweeter than sugar
  • Advantame: 20000 times sweeter than sugar
  • Steviol glycosides: 400 times sweeter than sugar. It is a low calorie sugar.

How does Artificial Sweeteners harm diabetic people ?
While eating Artificial Sweeteners we think that we have fooled our body as it is sweet but with no calories. In reality we fool ourselves. We will tell you how ! There are two ways in which they cn harm you.

  1. After regularly having artificial sweeteners, diabetic people often find an excuse to eat unhealthy food sometimes thinking that they have already saved many calories and eating a pizza won't harm them. Such psychology is found in most people and in long run it leads to more weight gain compared to those who don't have artificial sweeteners.
  2. When we eat anything with artificial sweeteners, our body think that it is sugar and releases insulin in high amount to utilize the calories. Over amount of insulin turns on the fat storage mode of our body and as we consume any diet most of the calories are turned into fat, making us more obese.

Health Hazards due to Artificial Sweeteners

  • Harms taste buds: Artificial Sweeteners are much more sweeter than normal sugar and it harms our taste buds. It leads to a situation where we can't find any taste in fruits and vegetables.
  • Lack of nutrition: As we find find nutritious items less tasty, we avoid eating them automatically and it leads to lack of nutrition. Apart from it, artificial sweeteners are themselves non-nutritive.
  • Addictive: Researches have proved that Artificial Sweeteners are addictive and those who eat them crave for more.
  • Over usage: FDA and different health agencies have set some standard usage quantity for these artificial sweeteners, which is usually not followed by consumers as they treat them totally unharmful due to their zero calories.
  • Headaches: Some studies have found that some people reported headaches like migraine after consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners.
  • Increases Obesity: Artificial Sweeteners make our body release more insulin than a normal person and it turns our body into a fat storage machine.
  • May cause Diabetes: Obesity is a leading factor for Diabetes Type 2. Apart from that, a research done in Israel found that artificial sweeteners can cause Glucose Intolerance which is connected to Insulin Resistance, a leading cause of Diabetes.

Transfat: The artificial fat is another gift of chemistry to our kitchen to degrade our health.
Instead of eating artificial foods items prepared in a laboratory, its better to stay natural. Its better to restrict yourself from unhealthy lifestyle / food and motivate yourself for healthy lifestyle and food. Its better to enjoy the sweetness of fruits rather than destroying your taste buds with artificial sweeteners.

How Low Calorie drinks are making you Sick !

Low calorie drinks are the latest addiction that is making our young generation sick. People go towards these drinks thinking that they are beneficial for them, but the results are totally opposite. The truth we found is that these low calorie drinks are just chemical cocktails that provide a taste of sugar and make you addict. found some interesting facts about these low calorie drinks and some of them will make any health conscious person to totally stop drinking them.

Are zero Calories really useful ?
Zero Calorie is just a myth. Even the water in your house is a zero calorie drink with lots of nutritional minerals in it. But soft drink companies advertise their low calorie drinks as a new health discovery and you get fooled by these chemical drinks and later get addicted to them.

How low calorie drinks degrade our health ?

  • Artificial Sweeteners: However Artificial Sweeteners are low in calorie but they are extremely sugary in taste. Their over usage damage or affect your taste buds in such a way that you can't find taste in fruits and vegetables any more. It affect you complete diet and it does not remain balanced, which affects you health to a great extent.
  • Over Insulin and Obesity: Artificial Sweeteners can also make body to release insulin, which can easily turn the calories in blood into fat leading to obesity. According to a research in University of Texas those who drink diet coke, a zero calorie drink, reported 70% more increase in waist compared to non drinkers.
  • No Nutrition: Water is a no calorie drink but contains important minerals, but these low calorie drinks don't even have these minerals as they use purified water to increase their shelf life.
  • Reduces Immunity: Most of the zero calorie drinks contain purified water with no minerals in it. It makes of body deficient of important minerals which are essential for all metabolic activities. In absence of these minerals our body can't absorb vitamins from our diet making our immune system more weak.
  • Addiction: Just like addiction of smoking and other drugs, you can easily fall pry to addiction of low calorie drinks thinking they are making you healthy while the reverse is happening to you.
  • Headaches: Some studies have found that some people reported headaches like migraine after consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners.
  • Tooth Erosion: Tooth erosion is a habitual diet soda drinker is of same level as a  cocaine-user or a methamphetamine-user. It is sufficient to tell you how your smile will look like if you are a regularly drinking low calorie drinks.
  • You try to fool your body but get fooled yourself. You consume zero-calorie drinks thinking that won't harm you and your body will treat it as sugar, but the insulin released in your body turn you into a fat storage machine. Another psychological factor plays more important role in fooling yourselves. After drinking low calorie drinks on regular basis, you think that is OK to have a pizza or cake sometimes as you have already reduced enough calorie intake, but it leads the surplus calories.

 Why should i stop drinking low calorie drinks ?
If you want to save yourself all of the above health hazards then you should stop drinking low calorie drinks. Instead you should drink more water, which is a no calorie drink and it also provides minerals which are necessary for your body.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD): The Fatal Hole in Heart

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) is a congenital heart defect, usually present from birth. In VSD there is a hole in septum (the wall between right and left side of heart) between the right and left ventricle. Ventricles are lower part of heart which pumps the blood out of it. Right ventricle pumps the blood to lungs while left ventricle pumps the blood to remaining body. The hole between these ventricles mixes the oxygen-rich blood with oxygen-less blood and exerts extra workload on lungs, heart and pulmonary artery.

What causes Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) ?
VSD is usually detected in infants soon after birth. In most of the cases it fills on its own within a few weeks, but if it doesn't then it is considered as a health risk. The cause of VSD still not known. It is a rare disease and some experts believe that genetic factors might have some role in it. Similar to VSD there is another medical condition called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), also known as Atrial septal defect (ASD). PFO is also a hole in heart which is present in almost 20% population but it causes no visible symptoms and often remains untreated. However the reason behind PFO is known which is described in our last article.

Symptoms of Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)
As we told that VCD is usually detected in newly born kids, so the symptoms need to be checked either by parents or doctor as the the kid can't tell these things on its own. Some common symptoms are

  • Poor feeding
  • Fast breathing
  • Getting tired more often
  • Poor Weight Gain
  • Bluish tint to the skin, lips and fingernails

Health Complications caused due to VSD
If the hole due to VSD is small then it does not cause any health complications and doctors suggest to wait for sometime to let it close itself, but they recommend regular checkup of kid to monitor the VSD hole if it is shrinking or not.
Health complications arise if the VSD is large or if there are multiple small VSD. VSD increases the pressure of blood in Right Auricle which supplies blood to lungs through Pulmonary Artery. Usually oxygen less blood travels to lungs, but the VSD hole mixes some oxygen-rich blood into it as well. All factors not only make our lungs and heart work more intensely to provide proper blood supply to body but also increases blood pressure in pulmonary artery which is known as Pulmonary Hypertension. Usually Pulmonary Hypertension us not considered as curable disease but if it is due to VSD then treatment of VSD can treat it as well.
If VSD remains untreated that it can be fatal.

Treatment of Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)
Previously Open Heart Surgery was the only option to treat VSD. But a newly born kid with a major VSD can't go for that, so surgeons go for a small surgery procedure known as pulmonary artery banding, which narrows the pulmonary artery and reduces the blood flow to lungs. As the child gets older an open-heart-surgery is performed to remove the band and fix the VSD.
If the VSD is small the it can be sewed, but if it is large then a patch of fabric or lining around the heart is used and sewed on the hole. Later hearts's own tissues grow on that part and make it permanent.
Now a days a modern technology called catheterization laboratory is performed to stay away from open heart surgery. In this technique a catheter is inserted into a blood vessel in thigh that leads to heart with the help of an x-ray machine. Then the VSD is detected and a mesh device is sent to the site through catheter which closes the hole from both sides. This complete procedure just needs a maximum one night stay for the patient.

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) : The hole in your Heart

Foramen Ovale is a medical condition found in most of the newly born babies. In this medical condition there is a hole between the upper chamber of heart (i.e. right and left auricle). It is a common phenomena in babies. But this hole is closed automatically within a few weeks after birth. But one in every five person is not so lucky and his/her Foramen Ovale remain open. This medical condition is called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), also known as Atrial septal defect.

What happens to our body due to Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) ?
Our right auricle contains the deoxygenated blood while left auricle contains the oxygenated blood. The hole between these two chambers of heart mixes the pure blood with impure blood. The same blood is then sent to different body parts and the same mixed blood is sent to lungs to get oxygenated. No major symptoms can be noticed of this medical condition in childhood. But as the person reaches 30's some symptoms become visible. These symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Getting tired soon
  • Swelling in legs anf feet
  • heart palpitations
  • heart murmurs

These symptoms vary from person to person. Symptoms are more clear in people with large PFO hole, while people with small hole might never feel any symptom.
 Note: In very rare cases if a baby have both PFO and some other heart condition then blue tint may appear on skin while crying or passing stool.

Health Risks related to Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)

  • A person suffering from PFO may live a healthy life, but chances of getting a stroke attack is more compared to a person with no PFO. 
  • In our last article discussed the effect of Air bubble getting injected into veins, which can cause problem is a person suffering from PFO. 
  • In some researches migraine is found connected to PFO. Those who have got their PFO corrected through surgery reported reduction in migraine.

Why do newly born babies have Foramen Ovale ?
When the arteries and veins develop in a baby inside the womb of her mother it needs blood supply. The hole (Foramen Ovale) provides more blood instantly to the heart to pump into these newly developed arteries. This Foramen Ovale does not cause any harm to baby as at that time lungs of mother are oxygenating the blood for baby. Baby's own lungs don't oxygenate the blood as baby can't breathe in the womb. As the baby is born the Foramen Ovale closes itself within a few weeks.

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Diagnosis
It can be done using ECG (echocardiogram) through a bubble test performed with saline water. The doctor checks it through ECG machine if the bubble passes between two upper chambers of heart.

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Treatment
PFO can be closed through surgery. There are more than 20% chances that you have got a PFO in your heart. But you don't need to go for surgery unless your doctor tell you that your PFO is causing some trouble in your body. What happens in the surgery is visible in the gif image provided here.

What happens if Air is injected into Veins !

Have you ever witnessed an air bubble in an injection or an IV drip ? Did you ever think that if it may harm you or not ? Some of us might have noticed it and just ignored it thinking it may be a usual thing. But found some important information about what happens if air is injected into veins. However air is not a toxic element for our body, but it is not supposed to flow in our veins. The information that we will provide here might surprise some of you.

What happens if Air bubble is injected into Veins in a Healthy person ?
Don't forget that we are explaining about just an air bubble getting injected in a healthy person. Usually veins carry deoxygenated blood back to heart. So the air bubble will travel to Right Auricle(RA) of Heart. From there it will got the Right Ventricle, which will pump it into Pulmonary Artery to take it to Lungs to get oxygenated. As pulmonary artery leads to lungs, it will get divided into pulmonary capillaries where the bubble will get trapped and will be eliminated through alveoli. But as we said all of this happens only if air bubble is small and the person have a healthy body. If the air bubble is large or if the person is suffering from VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) or Patent Foramen Ovale(PFO) then the situation can be completely different.

What happens if air bubble is injected into a person is suffering from VSD ?
That is where both luck and bad luck may work. One in every 500 is suffering from VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), a diseases in which there is a hole in the heart between the right and left ventricle. However bubble first travels to right ventricle and there are very less chances of it getting into left ventricle through the hole, as left ventricle is a high pressure zone. But still if the bad luck works and bubble manages comes into left ventricle then it will be pumped into aorta (the largest artery), which takes blood to different organs. If you are really unlucky this time and the bubble travels to brain then it can be fatal.

What happens if air bubble is injected into a person is suffering from PFO ?
Foramen Ovale is a natural condition in newly born kids. Foramen Ovale is a hole in two upper chambers of heart, which closes as the baby grows. But if that hole does not close then it is called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). This condition can cause similar effect for air bubble just like we described about VSD. Your luck matters most in such a case. But what most people don't know is that one in every five person have PFO and most of them spend all of their lives without even knowing it.

What happens in Air bubble reaches your brain ?
Air bubble can block the blood supply to any part of brain, as there are very tiny blood vessels in brain. Brain is one of the most important organs in our body and lack of blood supply to any of its part can lead to various severe medical conditions and some of them are fatal.

However medical practitioners do their best to remove air bubbles from injections and IV drips have a number of mechanisms to stop bubbles from getting into veins. But still if a bubble manages to get into your blood stream then your body has got the mechanism to deal with it. But if you have got conditions like VSD and PFO then your luck matters.

Some people believe that during WW II Nazis have done experiments on prisoners of war to research on this phenomena. According to them if more than 50mm of air is injected in one go then it can be fatal.

How Diabetes affects your Life : How to deal with it !

Diabetes is not just a disease but a lifestyle disorder. It affects your eating habits and eating schedule so much that your daily life and social life is affected. Everybody in your family can't adjust according to your dietary needs. All such factors and your medical condition affects everything around you. Here is going to explore all these factors and how to deal with them.

How Diabetes affects your Daily Life
Diabetes is not just taking sugar less tea/coffee but much more than that. Your complete diet plan is affected by this disease. You may either struggle with your taste or just accept it as a fate. However some people choose wisely and go for tasty low-calorie food. Now you can get taste of sugar without its drawbacks. Low calorie sugar is an easily available option these days. You have to control your taste buds only for carbohydrate rich foods. Apart from dietary changes you need to devote some time for regular exercise, which is one of the most important change that you need to make in your daily life.
Treatment of Insulin Resistance (Diabetes Type 2)

How Diabetes affects your Social Life
When we talk about social life then it is get together, parties, family celebrations or spending holidays with your loved ones. All such occasions make your life meaningful. But the food you get at such occasions is usually not appropriate for a diabetic person. Cakes and other snacks might be something better than daily diet for some of us, but it is a slow poison for a patient of diabetes. However your loved ones should care for you at such time, but if they don't then instead of eating nothing at all, you should choose wisely among all available snacks. You may also choose to spend more time interacting with others and eating less. Usually snacks have more carbohydrates, fat and sugar than what was intended for a diabetic patient. You may either keep some healthy snack handy for you for such occasions and have it if your find nothing useful there. But instead of getting frustrated in such situation and sacrificing your social life, you should find solutions with calm mind.

How Diabetes affects your Relationships
As somebody says that the way to you heart goes through your stomach. This proverb is completely feasible is our daily lives. If you are not satisfied with your diet then it be reflected in your behavior. If one family member is diabetic than everybody in your family will not want to adjust to your diet and sometimes it affects the relationships. But instead of letting this thing affect your relationships, you should talk about diet habits to stay healthy and tell them that if they go for a healthy balanced diet then they can save themselves from getting diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Making some tasty snacks a few times in a month won't affect much if you are following a good lifestyle. Your happiness is the best medicine. Eating a healthy diet with sad faces won't do much good for any of us irrespective of our health condition. But a slightly unhealthy snack one a week won't do much harm if you have it a smile. Both sides need to adjust, not just to keep a diabetic person in health, but to keep other healthy persons in the same state as well.

How Diabetes affects your Sex Life
Last but not the least. Sex life is an important factor of a every person's life. One of our article describes sex as one of the best medicines. But we as a patient hesitate is discussing such matters with our doctor. Diabetes can directly affect our blood pressure and both of them can easily affect our performance in bed. Diabetes affect our nervous system and may harm those nerves which are directly linked to our sexual stimuli such as lubrication and orgasm. If you keep your blood glucose, blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol is level through a balanced diet and lifestyle then you can easily save your sex life from any side effects of diabetes.

Treatment for Insulin Resistance (Diabetes Type 2)

Insulin Resistance, the main reason of Diabetes Type 2, is a normal metabolic activity of our body to provide sufficient glucose to brain. But when this normal metabolic activity (Insulin Resistance) becomes uncontrolled and stays on all the time then it causes Diabetes Type 2. Treatment of Insulin Resistance is directly linked to the causes of Insulin Resistance. If we take care of these causes then we don't just protect ourselves from Insulin Resistance but can also treat it.

Treatment for Insulin Resistance (Diabetes Type 2)

Insulin Resistance is directly connected to our lifestyle and heredity. But the heredity factor can be easily overcome through good lifestyle habits. Here is going to describe some treatment to Insulin Resistance by means of changing your lifestyle.
What is Insulin Resistance ?

  • Never miss your Breakfast: If you are in ahabit of missing your breakfast or doing it late then you are yourself putting yourself at risk of Insulin Resistance or Diabetes Type 2. Some researches have revealed than missing your breakfast can easily activate the Insulin Resistance mechanism in your body. Some experts believe that it happens to provide sufficient glucose to your brain. Missing your breakfast daily can make Insulin Resistance a daily activity and it becomes permanent in long run causing diabetes type 2. If you don't understand the fact mentioned here then you must know it that missing your breakfast can easily make you fat (its proved in a number of researches), and obesity is a leading factor responsible for diabetes. So now if you ever miss your breakfast again then remember the fact that you are making yourself prone to this lifetime disease.
  • Exercise Regularly: Exercising regularly can save you from getting obese and saves you from diabetes, but there is one more logic behind it. Exercising empties the energy from your muscles and other body cells and craves them for getting more glucose out of blood stream. It keeps the glucose absorption and expenditure cycle running in a better way. Insulin Resistance is a stage where body cells lose their ability to absorb glucose from blood stream, but regular exercise can keep this phenomena away from your body. If you don't have much time for exercise then 10-15 minutes intense workout can provide the same effect, but it must be done only if you are physically fit to do so.
  • Eat less more times: If you eat all of your daily calorie need in just 2 diets, then your body can't utilize all of that energy and a large part of those calories is stored as fat. Excess fat causes obesity and can easily lead to diabetes. But if you eat less and increase your number of diets then you can save yourself from the excess fat. To understand this fact you need to understand a very simple theory. We expend energy throughout a day and body cell lose their glucose content, if we eat less at that time then it will give sufficient energy to body to fill those body cells again with the energy and no extra glucose will remain in blood stream to be converted to fat. After a few hours when you again feel hunger then again eat less and keep this cycle running. In long run you will feel that you are neither over-eating (which you can easily do in 2-3 diet per day) nor feeling any lack of energy in day-to-day activity. It will create the same effect as exercising and energy expenditure and absorption cycle of body cells keep running.
  • Light workout before meal: A light workout like climbing stairs / few push-ups / sit-ups / spot point running can empty the energy stock of cells and as soon as you eat your diet, the calories will be used to fill that space in cells and thus lesser calories will be converted to fat.
  • Balanced diet: Balanced diet has its own importance. If you want to treat Insulin Resistance then balanced diet can easily help you in maintaining the balance. If you adopt all of the above lifestyle habits then you can enjoy your favorite food items throughout your life. Diabetes is not just about sugar intake but an overall healthy and balanced diet.

Your age matters !
If your age is above 35 then you are at risk of developing diabetes type 2. Most of the new type 2 diabetes cases are reported after reaching this age. If you implement the above lifestyle treatments on your body then most probably you can live a healthy life without diabetes.

The above mentioned treatments for Insulin Resistance are not only good to stay away from Diabetes Type 2, but they also improve your overall health and saves you from a number of other diseases as well.

Alkaline Water : Good or Bad for your Health

Some people believe that alkaline water is good for health and it can save us from a number of diseases. While some people don't believe in it, calling it just a myth, as there are no solid researches to support this belief. We at tried to gather the information about the Alkaline water and its health benefits and got some interesting facts. We also researched about the water purifiers which can make water alkaline for you. Facts in this article will enlighten you about water quality and your health.

What is Alkaline water ?
Alkaline water is water with ph Value of 8 or 9. Pure Distilled water havea ph Value of 7, which is considered neutral. If ph value decreases then it becomes acidic, while if ph value increases then it becomes basic (or Alkaline). 

Natural vs Artificial Alkaline Water
Alkaline water occurs naturally in some water reservoirs where  water comes after flowing through rocks and spring and minerals are naturally added to it making it alkaline. Artificially water can be made alkaline either by adding some minerals to it or by using Water Ionizers that uses electricity to break water molecules and make it alkaline.
Natural Alkaline Water provides minerals to our body which are necessary for good health.
Artificial Alkaline Water created by Water Ionizers create a false effect of alkalinity with no added minerals. Such artificial alkaline water is harmful for body as it has no minerals in it. However now some good brands have made water purifiers that add minerals to water or retains the minerals to make it alkaline, which is a good practice.

Natural Alkaline water is best for your health. But sometimes natural water contain impurities like pesticides and heavy metals which is harmful for your body. So instead of going for cheap water purifiers, go for top brands which can maintain the healthy minerals in water and takes out only the impurities. It is not necessary to always drink alkaline water, but drinking pure and mineral rich water is of utmost importance. Hard water found in most localities is hard due to high amount of minerals and impurities. If these impurities are removed and standard amount of minerals are retained in it by a water purifier then nothing is better than that.

How Diabetes can make you Blind : Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes has become an epidemic in past few decades and complication arising from it have made people more fearful about it. The worst fear of all is getting blind due to diabetes. High blood glucose level can directly affect your sight and it can make you blind if the blood glucose level remains high for months or years. Diabetes is something to fear about but if you keep your sugar in control through dietary and lifestyle changes then you don't need to fear it. Diabetic Retinopathy or Diabetic Eye disease are other common names to tell about sight loss due to diabetes.

How diabetes affect your eye sight ?
Eye sight problems occur in 80% people suffering from diabetes for more than 20 years. This fact is sufficient to tell you the severity of diabetes and how it affects eyes. Diabetes is responsible for 12% cases of blindness in US every year. Vision loss due to diabetes is caused by following medical conditions.

  • Lens loses its focus: Some fluids are accumulated in lens of eye. It affects the focusing ability of lens and vision gets out of focus as curvature of lens is disturbed. But this condition can get better if the sugar level is controlled.
  • Glucose harms blood vessels in retina: High blood sugar is harmful for tiny blood vessels in retina. It narrows them and blood flow is decreased in retina. At this stage no vision loss occurs and it can be reversed if sugar level is controlled.  
  • Macular edema: In this medical condition new blood vessels may form in retina to provide proper amount of blood to retina. These new blood vessels are fragile and sometimes get burst causing blood loss in retinal region which blurs the vision and sometime responsible for complete sight loss.
  • Damage to optic nerve: Optic Nerve is that nerve that transfers the vision signals into our brain and brain coverts these signals into image. Due to above mentioned condition the pressure on eyes increases and it can harm the performance of optic nerve and may damage it. According to some researches, those who are suffering from diabetes from past 25 years are more susceptible to nerve damage. If that nerve damage occurs in your optic nerve then you may go blind.

Our eyes are a precious sense organ in human body. So the only way to save them from the above mentioned negative effects of diabetes is to save yourself from diabetes and keep your blood sugar in control.