Lisinopril Dosage (5mg, 10mg, 20mg) Side Effects

Lisinopril is an effective high blood pressure medicine and commonly used by patients who have survived after a heart attack. Lisinopril is an ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme). Lisinopril is easily available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg dosage. You can take it with or without taking food. It should be stored away from moisture and heat. Never increase or decrease the dosage without consulting the doctor. Use of this medicine is strictly prohibited for pregnant ladies and diabetic people.

Lisinopril Dosage

Lisinopril Dosage should be taken in correct amount, otherwise it may be harmful for your health. Its 5mg, 10mg ans 20mg tablets are available in market. Its dosage should be appropriate according to your type of disease and age. Lisinopril Dosage mentioned here are just an estimated value based on normally prescribed values. But we strongly recommend you to get a prescription from a good doctor before taking this medicine.

Lisinopril Dosage for Adults (Hypertension)

Initial Dosage: 10 mg (OD) Once a Day.
Normal Dosage: 20 to 40 mg (OD) Once a Day.

Lisinopril Dosage for Old People (Hypertension)

Initial Dosage: 2.5 to 5 mg (OD) Once a Day.
Increase at 2.5 to 5 mg/day increments after every one or two weeks.
Maximum dose: 40 mg/day.

Lisinopril Dosage for Children (Hypertension)

For children upto 6 years of age:
Initial dose: 0.07 mg/kg of body weight OD (once daily).
Maximum initial dose is 5 mg (OD) Once a Day
Maintenance dose: Dosage should be adjusted according to BP (blood pressure) response after every one or two weeks.
Maximum dose: Doses above 0.61 mg/kg or greater than 40 mg have not been studied in pediatric patients.

Usual Adult Dose for Congestive Heart Failure

Initial dose: 5 mg orally OD (once daily). (If patient is diuretic, then the diuretic dose should be reduced).
Maintenance dose: 5 to 20 mg orally  OD (once daily).

Usual Adult Dose for Myocardial Infarction:

Initial dose: 5 mg orally (within 24 hours of the onset of acute myocardial infarction).
Subsequent doses: 5 mg orally after 24 hours.
10 mg orally after 48 hours.
Maintenance dose: 10 mg orally  OD (once daily). This dose should continue for 42 days, i.e 6 weeks.

Patients with a low systolic blood pressure (<=120 mm Hg) should must consult a doctor before taking Lisinopril.

Usual Adult Dose for Diabetic Nephropathy

Initial dose: 10 to 20 mg orally  OD (once daily).
Maintenance dose: 20 to 40 mg orally  OD (once daily).

Lisinopril Side Effects

Sometimes Lisinopril may cause some serious side effects. Thats why the initial dosage is kept low for all type of patients. Even you you feel some allergic reactions the don't hesitate in consulting your doctor immediately. 
Some of these side effects may be difficulty in breathing, severe stomach pain, swelling on your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Call your doctor immediately if you face any of the following side effects:
  • A light-headed feeling, like you might pass out; 
  • swelling, rapid weight gain
  • fever, chills, body aches( flu symptoms)
  • tired feeling, muscle weakness
  • Slow heart rate, weak pulse
  • Less or no urination
  • Uneven heartbeats 
  • psoriasis (raised, silvery flaking of the skin)
  • chest pain
  • Muscle weakness, Tingly feeling 

Common lisinopril side effects may include depressed mood, headache, mild skin itching, upset stomach and Cough.

Precautions before using Lisinopril

  • Pregnant ladies should not use Lisinopril as it may harm unborn kid. If you are already using Lisinopril and got the good news of getting pregnant then immediately stop taking it and consult your doctor.
  • Lisinopril is also not prescribed to diabetic people as it may react with some salts present in the medicines used by diabetic patients.
  • Kidney patients should also avoid using it.
  • Consult your doctor if you are breast feeding a baby.
  • If you are going to be operated for some thing, they you may need to stop taking Lisinopril for some time.
  • Don't use liquor while you are on Lisinopril as it may lower your Blood Pressure to a dangerous level.
If you miss a dose then don't double you next dose. Its better to skip a missed dose.

Medicines for Depression and Anxiety (Herbal, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic) Common Medication

Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety is a psychological disorder of human mind caused due to emotional pain or over-thinking. Medicines may take 4 to 8 weeks to recover a person from the state of depression and anxiety. There are various types of medicines like antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers. These medicines for Depression and Anxiety should be taken only on Prescription of a Doctor. Never try to use them without consulting a doctor, as it may create some adverse effect.

Natural Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

There are various natural treatments for Depression and Anxiety. Its better to use them first as after using them you might not need to use any type of Medicines. Natural Treatment includes some therapies. Some of these therapies are:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Aromatherapy : Its based on certain perfumes which makes you feel good.
  • Sleep : A good sleep cam make you feel relaxed and take you out of depression.
  • Exercise and Stretching :  Exercising in routine secretes feel good chemicals in your body and thus make you relaxed.
  • Proper Diet

Allopathic Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

  • SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors):  Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, Zoloft, Paxil,  and Viibryd. 
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs): Nardil,  Emsam and Parnate.
  • SNRI (Selective serotonin & norepinephrine inhibitors): Effexor, Pristiq, and Cymbalta.
  • Older tricyclic antidepressants, such as Elavil, Pamelor, Sinequan, and Imipramine. 
  • Tetracyclic Antidepressants that are noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressants (NaSSAs), such as Remeron.
  • Dopaminergic drugs such as Wellbutrin.
Don't take these allopathic medicines without any medical prescription, as they have various side-effects and their improper dosage can make your condition worst.

Herbal Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

  • Catnip : Its a part of Mint Family and used to treat anxiety. Its also useful in certain types of headache and removes muscle tension due to anxiety.
  • Fennel:  It treats some symptoms of anxiety such as indigestion and coughing.
  • Chamomile: Its a natural sedative that is used to treat mild anxiety.
  • Hops: Its used to treat insomnia, stress, headache, lowers uric acid level and skin disorders. It can also give relief from fever.
  • Kava Kava: Its effective on anxious thoughts. Consult your doctor before using it if you have a liver problem or if you drink alcohol. 
  • Passionflower: It works like Kava and work on mood swings and hot flashes of anxiety.
  • Motherwort: Usually its used to treat menstural discomfort, but it also treats tension due to pregnancy. Its avoided in first two trimesters. It lowers BP and fight heart palpitations.
  • Skullcap: Its a sedative but also works on muscle tension. Its used in treating Restless Leg Syndrome, restlessness and increased heartbeat.
  • Valerian Root: Its a sedative and sleeping aid which removes tension. Its not recommended for pregnant women and children.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

There are some herbs that be used to treat anxiety, such as sarpagandha, khus, jatamansi, bramhi, kevada, vacha, tagar, amla, and rose. Tonics like Ashvagandha and Bala are used to make nervous system strong. Ayurved is basically an Indian Medicinal System, so the names of herbs provided are in Hindi. Consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking any of these herbs.

Homeopathic Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

Immortality: Myth or Reality

Immortality is the one thing that has driven men crazy since ancient times. Some are still searching for it. The reason is simple. Nobody wants to die. Death is the worst fear and search for immortality will always remain in this world. But this search for immortality has given a number of lessons and gifts to mankind. This search has taken some people in wrong directions but also taken some towards great scientific discoveries.
Religions are also created for immortality and remove fear of death. This thing is true for most of the religions. All religions and castes are created to remove the fear of death.

Castes Religions and Fear of Death

If we begin from castes, then Castes are a group of people belonging to a particular trade. When we are in group, we feel a feeling of security. Basically this feeling of security removes fear if death.
Now if we talk about Religion, then religions were group of people from a certain locality or country. Religions include a number of castes. So religions are bigger groups, so its effect to remove fear is bigger than caste group. Different philosophies were created by different religions to connect men with god. Connection with god is the ultimate way to remove fear of death. In this way religion make its very hard impression in the life and mind of simple human beings. However there we intellectuals in all religion who created methods of meditation to connect men with ultimate power of universe.

In this way men tried to remove fear by creating religions, meditation and ways of worship. But some men with scientific approach also tried to make men immortal.

Science and Fear of Death

Medical science succeeded to increase the lifespan of men. A number of new medicines and vaccination were discovered by scientists and some life-threatening diseases were fully removed from various countries. In similar way men made a number of discoveries to make make life comfortable. For example electricity, bulb, telephone, fan, airplane and lot more. All these things are in some way related to postpone the death. But none of them succeeded in removing death from men's life. Medicines and luxuries made human life comfortable and increased lifespan but death can't be removed.

Some intellectual people tried to use meditation to connect men with the energy of universe, and concepts like souls and traveling from one body to another is discovered. According to some philosophies soul never dies. It takes birth as a baby, dies as an old man and then again takes birth as a new baby. Some people strongly believe in this philosophy while some don't. It may be true but it may also be true that we believe in soul so that we feel that we are immortal. If we think like an intellectual, the population of world is constantly increasing and if each body has a soul the from where are these new souls coming into existence.

We will discuss the fact of Souls in our next article. Keep visiting for more such articles. Your comments and most welcome. It may help in better understanding of immortality.

Death is Truth (The only Truth)

We are living in the age of technology where every thing is in the form of 1(one) and 0(zero). If 1 is everything then 0 is nothing. If 1 is life , 0 is death. Usually people don't like to talk much about death. Do u know why ? Its the fear of death. Nobody ever want to die, or let his near ones die. Even thinking about our death or death of a closed one makes us uncomfortable. Its normal. Its true for everybody. Life in itself is a struggle for existence.

Can death be explained ?

Death is not a very simple phenomena. Its a constant process that starts from our birth and finishes with our body, which we call death. First we will discuss it as a biological concept. Till we are in a mother's womb we are getting life. Our body organs are formed and new cell and tissues are formed. After we are born, the wear and tear starts on our body. Some cells die and body generates new cells. But the process of generation of new cells is higher till we are fully grown into a man or woman. It remains balanced till a certain age. But after some time the process of generation of new cells becomes slower than death rate of cells. Here we are not just talking about cells and tissues of outer body but also of the inner organs. Our immune system also starts to degrade. Combination of these negative features becomes the reason for various diseases. All diseases occur due to mis-functioning of our vital organs. For example diabetes occur due to mis-functioning of Pancreas, Blood pressure occur because our blood can't control the cholesterol level and elasticity of blood vessels is also degraded. So in the end when one of our vital organs is degraded to the extent that it can't work, then our body dies. Usually we call it death when our heart stops beating or our breathing stops.

Death is Truth

If we talk with a positive attitude then life is truth. But what do we call positive ? We only call positive that is good for us. But is it correct to to say positive to those things which are good for us. According to me thuth is that which is the beginning. Beginning of human body is just a part of sequence of steps. But truth is that beginning of all things is zero. Universe started from a zero and in the end every thing will be zero again. That means zero is truth. Our life also starts from a zero and also ends in a zero. Which means zero (death) is truth.

Philosophy about Death

According to a number of religions, life is a never ending process. Our body is a part of it. Truth is our soul, which can never die. Our body dies because it has certain limitation of time. It can't remain healthy after certain amount of time and thus our body have to die. But soul travels from one body to another and get new birth.
That was the religious philosophy, but it can also be explained in a scientific manner. Life continues in different forms. It doesn't need a soul to there. Our body is composed of different elements present in nature. When we die, either our body is cremated or burnt according to the religion that we follow. But thing remains same our body got mixed with soil, water and air. All these things produces life in new forms. It may be in the form of trees or insects. You might not like it if i say that you would be insect after death, so lets say you will be a tree. Fruits grow on tree. Humans, Birds and various animals eat those fruits and vitamins and minerals present in those fruits help them grow their body. Thus our human body helped in development of various forms of life. Thus life continues.
You can also assume it like an ice cube. Suppose you are an ice cube and when you are poured in a glass of water, your death process starts. You might think that you are going to die. But you are dissolving in the form from which you were generated. Just your state is changing from solid to liquid. When the ice cube is fully dissolved it mixes with that water in the glass. Now if you want to extract that same cube again, its impossible as the molecules of that ice cube are mixed into the complete complete glass of water.
I hope that my explanation of death will help you in understanding death in a better way as its nothing to fear about. Its a part of journey and its the only truth.
Your comments are most welcome. It might also help me in improving my knowledge.

Life and Death | Is There any Afterlife (Souls) ?

Life and Death

Life and Death is a never ending topic for discussion. Everybody have their own views and philosophies, but those views don't change the meaning of life and death. It only shows how that particular person thinks about it. Views of every second person will be different from the first. Difference might be minor but there will be.

What is Life ?

Is life just taking birth, growing up with your parents, getting married and watching you son / daughter and then their son/ daughter.Then finally saying goodbye to all. This is very common thinking about life. But if you think in that way, it means you are living a very normal life with no fun at all and waiting for death.
Some people think tat life is time to have fun. They like to travel, party, drink, eat and say that this is life. They also know that death is certain but they want to enjoy every moment of it. Other people think that these people are wasting their money for no reason. But if you ask them they will say that they want to live (without misery).
What do u think which one of these people know what life is ? The answer is nobody knows. But what matters is how you live that life. Life is an opportunity. Don't waste it for normal reason just like a common man. If life is coal under the ground, you can either make it diamond or just let it be there where it is. Others will use it for their own reasons and you will suffer.
There are three types of people. First, who live a normal life and die. Second who enjoy every moment of life and then die. And Third, who try to find and answer to life, they keep searching for the answer through books, preachers and meditation. I think that the second and third type of people are on the better way. At least they know what they are doing with their lives.
Life is a journey. You can either live it like a donkey (controlled by others) or as a master of your own. You know which one is better.
Sometimes people say that they want to enjoy every moment of life but can't due to the situations. There may be some problems in your life or with your near ones, which keep binding you with their pain. But that doesn't mean you can enjoy life. You can enjoy life where you are. You don't know to go on a beach to be happy. Otherwise everyone living on the beaches would be happy.
Happiness and enjoyment is something that belongs to you. You don't need to search for it anywhere. Its your own way of living, your thinking that makes you happy. Circumstances and current environment can just change your mood for a few moments.
Some people think they will be happy while drinking, but they can't do it whole day.
Some think they will be happy on a vacation, but you can't be on leave all the time.
You can live a happy life where you are, just try to be happy and put your efforts in the best way to make your life happy.

What is Death?

Its the question that nobody can answer. Everybody have his own philosophies. No body know whats true. Some say that its an end. Some say that its a new beginning. But one thing is certain that its end of your body. Every thing that is born comes to an end, so is with body. Every body have a hidden desire to beat death and become immortal. But nothing is immortal in this mortal world.
According to a philosophy, the concept of soul is just a output of our hidden desire to remain immortal. We can't believe that we would not remain in this world without our body.
Don't worry anything about death as its not in your hand, but your life is. Make it beautiful and full of happiness.

Is there any Afterlife ? Are there Souls ?

Some people keep saying no to all pleasures of life so that they can get heaven, but nobody ever returned from heaven to tell weather he/she got those pleasures or not. If you think like an intellectual person, we have got five senses in our body (touch, smell, taste, sight, speak, listen). We feel all the pleasure due to these senses. All these senses are contained in this body. But if we don't have this body, then can we feel pleasure. Did you ever tried to find if the soul have some senses. Even if there are souls, they can't feel anything. So why should we sacrifice our present for an unknown life after death. That's why i say that enjoy life.

There is a lot more to discuss, as we are talking on a never ending topic. BetterHealthFacts will bring more such intellectual discussion for you in near future. Keep visiting !