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Does Meditation cures Diseases ?

A number of people believe that meditation can cure diseases, not just psychological but physiological as well. Usually meditation is just considered beneficial for a balanced state of mind but people often practice it to get a balanced body with good immune system and good concentration power. If you ask a real practitioner of meditation about purpose of meditation then the response may not satisfy your expected answer of "good health". The main purpose of mediation is to take you consciousness to a higher level and to make you understand the purpose of life, but a normal human being who is busy in other aspects of life expects something else from meditation. His expectancy is something which is just better side-effect, not the actual objective. Apart from raising the consciousness level, some forms of meditation upgrade the health, physical capability and concentration power of brain.

Here our main objective is not to tell you about the real objective of meditation (as a guru), but to tell you about health benefits and how it can be used to treat diseases.

Most sought health benefits of meditation
  • lower blood pressure
  • ease symptoms of depression
  • improve sleep
  • reduce anxiety
  • decrease pain
In India, meditation is known as Yoga which consists of various types meant for different objectives. Some yoga are just meant to make your breathing stronger, improve your muscles and increase your flexibility, which further helps you in beginning harder yoga practices. Those who are not physically capable of doing those yoga practices due to old age or medical conditions opt for other yoga practices that include sitting in a relaxed posture and focusing on your breathe, thought, object or sound. Those who practice yoga regularly, even after getting diagnosed with some diseases, often report that they feel better after practicing yoga. Some people even claim that their medication is decreased due to yoga. Indian science of Ayurveda says that diseases are caused due to imbalance of bodily fluids, and yoga experts believe that yoga has got the power to bring that balance back on track.

A quora user described how meditation saved him from extreme depression and anxiety. He shared his experiences and wrote how his personal and academic life made him suffer with depression and anxiety to a level where his limbs use to shiver vigorously before getting blank. As he practiced meditation, his condition improved. Read More.

In response to this experience some other users said that mental diseases are of two type: functional and structural. Depression is a functional disease of brain which might get cured by meditation, but they are not so sure about structural diseases like tumors and bleeding inside brain, which need surgical intervention. However this logic is not so logical because meditation is not meant for instant effects, which is necessary to cure any structural damage. Surgery is best for instant relief from structural diseases, while meditation takes months of practice to show benefits on your body. Meditation is also a science, not a magic.

According to Harvard Medical School's cardiologist Herbert Benson any medical condition caused or worsened due to stress can be cured by meditation. It improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves. Our blood pressure and metabolism are also lowered. Several medical studies have confirmed the good effect of meditation on heart health. When it comes to brain, a study on buddhist monks have shown effective changes in those parts of brain which are responsible for attention, working memory, learning, and conscious perception.

According to an article published in, meditation influences the expression of those genes which affect inflammation response of body. However inflammation is a response of our body to protect us from possible infection, but in some cases the excess response becomes an autoimmune-disease itself, such as asthama, arthritis and some cardiovascular diseases. Meditation can improve the inflammation response of our body and can cure auto-immune diseases.

  • According to a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, the group which meditated for 8 weeks prior to getting flu-shot produced more antibodies for flu-virus.
  • According to a study done on meditating women, PMS symptoms reduced by 58% and intensity of hot-flashes also decreased, when compared with women who don't meditate.
  • New mothers can double the production of milk by meditating on images of milk flowing.
  • Positive emotions like happiness also increase due to meditation.

Some experts believe that repetition is the key behind all benefits of meditation. The repetition may include anything like breathing, a sound, a word (or mantra), a prayer or a movement. There are various types of meditation and each of them is not meant of every person. Which meditation suits you depends on your body and mind. For-example Hath-Yoga (हठ योग or Hot-Yoga) is not meant for people with physical ailments and heart diseases, as it challenges the extremes that your body can bear. Similarly some meditation practices which deal with controlling the thought process can't be done by a beginner. Meditation is not something forced, but something happily accepted by your body and mind. Once you practice meditation with acceptance then it brings peace to both, your mind and body.

Even if some serious or structural medical conditions can't be cured by meditation, but it can cure from a number of normal medical conditions. Meditation definitely prevents you from a number of diseases by improving your immune system. If you want to learn meditation to improve your health, then it is not a rocket-science to learn, you can begin it after watching a few minutes of breathing meditation techniques on youtube.

Difference between Meditation and Yoga

Usually Meditation is taken as a part of Yoga, but still there is a huge difference between them. A number of people struggle to find which one is better for them. In spite of some differences there is a dependency between both. That dependency is the key. Yoga is incomplete if you have not taken it to the level of meditation. Yoga is just a physical exercise if meditation is not your objective. But even if meditation is not your objective, Yoga is better than other physical exercises in lot a ways. Physical exercises are prohibited in some medical conditions but a number of yoga postures are there for people with different medical conditions. This feature of Yoga makes it a better physical exercise.

Difference between Meditation and Yoga
Yoga is usually for physical body and done using various body postures, but Meditation is not about body. Meditation is something for your soul, it is to find the inner peace. However there are some physical benefits of Meditation, but its main motive is inner enlightenment. Yoga is for physical fitness and mental peace. Better posture, weight loss, increased immunity, feeling of more physical energy and stress reduction are some of the major benefits of Yoga. Meditation is concentrating on breath, sound, object, visualization, movement, or your own self. It helps you in living in present moment, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation.

Which one is better ? Meditation or Yoga
Those who want to distinguish the better one among Meditation and Yoga, the answer is "What you are seeking ?". Meditation and Yoga might be related to each other but their objective is different.  Yoga is to keep your body in balance, while Meditation is to keep your soul at peace and enlighten it. If you are a seeker of real knowledge then you should opt for Meditation, but if your motive is just a healthy body then you should opt for Yoga. No one can tell which one is better, as both are designed for different objectives.

How are Yoga and Meditation connected ? 
However meditation is a part of Yoga, but it can take you to a completely new dimension. Soul seekers often choose to meditate to find their true self. Some yoga postures are necessary in beginning to meditate, but as you learn the art of meditation then no posture remains a necessity. If you attend some meditation classes then you will notice that most of them begin with some yoga postures. Some yoga postures are helpful is attaining the concentration required for meditation.

How does yoga helps in Meditation ?
Only a physically fit body can meditate for longer duration else you will start feeling uncomfortable after few minutes of meditation. Practicing yoga on daily basis gives your body the inner strength to meditate. Usually meditation is done by sitting idle in a posture and concentrating on something, but an unfit body can't stay that way. Practicing yoga on regular basis improves your control on your own body. A person who can't control his own body in a good way will face problems in controlling his/her mind, which is the key for meditation.

How to Meditate on God - Meditation Tips

Meditation is considered as one of the best practices to keep body and mind in balance. It not only helps to stay calm but also helps you to concentrate on your work. It can make you feel happy and blessed. It can relax you and help you understand things and situations in a better way. In this article we will teach you how to meditate on God and increase your self potential.

How to Meditate on God

Understand God

Before you meditate on God it is necessary to understand God. Is it a distinct creature sitting in the sky and watching everything that we are doing? The answer is NO. Instead of thinking of god like that you should assume it like energy. This energy has no shape. This energy is everywhere in the form of light, heat, sound, vibrations. Every object that we see is energy. This energy can take any shape. It is also present in you. If you want to meditate on God then you you should meditate of that energy.

Meditate on God

You need the following things to start your meditation practice (especially if you are a beginner):

1) A silent room.
2) No surrounding sounds
3) Proper ventilation
4) Loose  clothes

These things are only necessary if you are beginner, but once you get the taste of God then you can meditate anywhere and anytime.

You should follow following steps to meditate on God:

1) Lie down on your back in a comfortable position. You may use a bed or a yoga mat, whichever you feel comfortable.
2) You should be in your loose clothes, so that there is no stress on your body. Make yourself as much comfortable as you can.
3) Close your eyes slowly and start to take long breaths. Then come to normal and comfortable speed.
4) Don't concentrate on your breath now.
5) Now concentrate on the energy in your body. (In India we call it "Praan Oorja", Life Energy). Feel as if this energy is flowing in your body.
6) Now feel as if this energy is collecting in your forehead, just in the middle portion above your eyes.
7) Try to feel that energy is flowing from all parts of your body towards your forehead. From toes, tips of fingers, through legs, arms, stomach, chest,neck to your forehead.
8) In the beginning you might find it difficult but within weeks you will feel the difference.
9) Practice it for 15 to 30 minutes daily.
10) Within weeks you will feel that after meditation you forehead is little bit warmed up. The heating will increase with time.

To get deeper into meditation practice it is necessary to have a Yoga Guru who have a deep knowledge.