How to Get Your Hair Back

Hair loss is one of the most common problems these days. But one thing that is more common than that is that we think that these hairs can't be brought back. What you need to do is just check out one of your old photo, in which you have got your hair. Now think that if you have got those hairs now, wouldn't you look handsome. We know how to get your hair back.

Before you know how to get your hair back, its important to know the reason of their loss. Most of the people think that its an age factor. But some of us start losing them even in 30s (thats not age factor). Some say that its due to stress and inappropriate lifestyle . But 90% population face stress and lifestyle problem, then 90% population should be bald. These things make us feel that there must be some other reason. How to get your hair back should be your primary motive if you feel that above mentioned reason can't make your hair fall.

A number of hair product advertisements are running on television to save your hair, but most of
them are ineffective or less effective. If you want to know how to get your hair back, then you must not be prey of that false marketing as just use the method that we are going to tell you. That method is used by thousands of those people who were nearly bald and they got their hairs back. Those who used it have not only got their good looks back but also their confidence.

How to get your hair Back : Read about the product.

The product that we are telling you has provided benefits to thousands and the counting is still increasing. Hair fall has remained a problem for mankind from centuries and now its true reason is known. Its known as Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and its curable. According to some doctors it occurs due to sensitivity in the skin of our head from the testosterone hormone. This hormone is natural in body of men and its necessary. But this sensitivity of the skin of head can be cured and your hairs can be brought back.

Walking vs Cycling for Weight Loss

Walking and Cycling, both are good physical activities to keep you healthy and also good if you are trying to lose weight. But when it comes to choose that which one is better then its a tough job. We will tell you some facts which can help you in deciding that either walking is better or cycling is better.

When it comes to losing weight then most of us avoid running, which is one of the best things for Weight Loss. We avoid it either because we are not physically fit or we feel shy in running with such a large tummy. In such cases people try to opt between Walking and Cycling.

Calculate your BMI using our Free BMI Calculator .
Note: BMI is a standard unit to measure obesity level.

Walking vs Cycling for Weight Loss

Which one inspires you to Move: Most of the people will say cycling. Its important to get up before starting cycling or Walking. So the one which inspires you to get up.

Cycling costs while Walking Don't : If you want to save money then go for walking, because if you choose cycling then you have to some amount on buying a cycle.

Ask your Knees : Some people think that cycling is easier for their knees as riding a cycle don't put much pressure on knees. Most of the over weight people will go for cycling as knees of overweight people are usually weak.

Burning Calories : It is easier to burn more calories by cycling. The faster you go, more calories you burn. A person who weighs 160 Pounds will loose 3 Calories per minute while walking at a speed of 2mph, 6 Calories while walking at a speed of 4mph. But if you go for cycling then the same person will loose 11 Calories per Minute while cycling at a speed of 12 to 14 mph. 

Now we hope that most of you will go for cycling.

Benefits of Running in the Morning before Breakfast

Running in the morning before breakfast is considered as one of the physical activities. So what makes it best. Here we will tell you some interesting facts about running in morning. Those who are conscious about their health should read it and decide it themselves if they want to start running or not. Running is not just to improve your stamina or leg muscles, its works on several aspects of your health.

Benefits of Running in the Morning before Breakfast

  • It improves the working of your lungs. If you run on regular basis then you will notice that you won't feel out of breath while climbing stairs.
  • Running improves the hearing capacity by supplying more blood and nutrients to our ear while we are running.
  • Running helps in getting relief from Migraine pain. Those who run regularly are less prone to Migraine.
  • Running prevents age related muscle loss and generates new muscles.
  • You are less prone to Depression if you run regularly. Running is a natural Antidepressant. 
  • It boosts your blood flow for a few minutes and supplies blood to some important parts of brain, which increases your brain power.
  • Running starts nerve cell production in brain and also creates new blood vessels. It increases our thinking and analysis capacity.
  • It makes your knees healthy and help them remain fit till an elderly age. Running increases cartilage production, which saves your joints from arthritis.
  • Running increases bone density and make them stronger. Thus you are less likely to get a fracture.
  • Your immune system become strong if you run regularly in the morning. If your immune system is strong then you are less likely to fall ill.
  • During morning air is more oxygenated and less polluted. So its more beneficial rather than evening.
  • Running in the morning before breakfast reduces the extra fat in your body. So morning time is a good running time for you if you want to lose fat.

All of the above benefits increases the work productivity as you remain healthy with a good working brain.

Running not only saves us from various diseases but also improves our metabolism and immunity. It makes you able to live a long and healthy life. Most of us don't run due to our lazy attitude towards our health. Everybody should make a habit to get up early in the morning and then go for running after answering the nature calls. In the beginning you might run a lesser distance. In that case you can follow Run-Walk-run method. In a few weeks you will be able to run a longer distance.

If you are suffering from High Blood Pressure / Heart Problem or any other major disease then consult your doctor before starting running on a regular basis.

Its better if you start running regularly from 20s or 30s. It will not only save you from aging factor and diseases but also increase your work productivity.

Blood Sugar Chart (Irrespective of Age and Weight)

Blood Sugar Chart

Some people think that its normal to have high or low blood sugar after reaching a certain age level. But its not so. Blood sugar should remain in a constant range for people of all age groups. You should not ignore your blood sugar level if its going high or low. Here we will bring you Blood Sugar Chart, which is irrespective of Age and Weight. By using this blood sugar chart you can decide it yourself that in which type of people your are.

If we talk about Blood Sugar, then there are three type of people

  • Normal
  • Pre Diabetic
  • Diabetic

As the word Normal suggests, Normal are those whole blood sugar lies in the correct range.
Prediabetic are those whose Blood Sugar is going slightly high above the normal range. But if it continues for years then they will go to Diabetic category.
Diabetic are those who have crossed the barrier and gone into diabetic range of blood sugar.
Insulin Resistance: The reason behind Diabetes
The Blood Sugar Chart that we have provided below will help you in deciding that at which level you are. its better if you are in Normal. But if you are in Prediabetic range then you should change your food habits and lifestyle to make it to normal range.

Blood Sugar Chart (Irrespective of Age and Weight)

Type of ConditionFasting Values2 Hrs after Meal
70 - 100 mg/dL
Less than 140 mg/dL
Pre Diabetic
101 - 126  mg/dL
140 - 200  mg/dL
Above 126  mg/dL
Above 200  mg/dL

Normal Blood Sugar Chart at different time of day

Time of DayNormal Blood Sugar Values
After Waking Up
80 - 120 mg/dL
Just Before Meals
80 - 120  mg/dL
2 Hrs after Meal
Less than 160  mg/dL
Before Sleeping
100 - 140 mg/dL

Arterial Blood Gas Values Chart (ABG Values and Meanings)

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide are the main gases dissolved in our blood. There is more oxygen in arterial blood, while there is more Carbon Dioxide in Venous blood. Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) test measures the acidity (pH) and levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. The normal values of ABG differ in people living at different height from sea level. So normal values of ABG in New York might differ from normal ABG values in Washington DC. We will provide Arterial Blood Gas Value chart for people living at sea level. If your ABG differ from it, then refer to normal value shown by the lab in your locality. Don't conclude a result after checking the values in your ABG test report. If you find the values differ a lot, then its better to get it verified by a doctor.

Sometimes we try to know what is the meaning of ABG test values. Here we will try to tell the meaning of Arterial Blood Gas Values. Arterial Blood Gas test measures the following things in blood. We are providing the normal range of their values for those people living at sea level height.

Arterial Blood Gas Values Chart

  • Partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2): Greater than 80 mm Hg (greater than 10.6 kPa)
  • Partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2): 35–45 mm Hg (4.6–5.9 kPa)
  • pH: 7.35–7.45
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3): 22–26 mEq/L (22–26 mmol/L)
  • Oxygen content (O2CT): 15–22 mL per 100 mL of blood (6.6–9.7 mmol/L)
  • Oxygen saturation (O2Sat): 95%–100% (0.95–1.00)

Which conditions can affect your Arterial Blood Gas Values

  • If you are having abnormally high or low body temprature, i.e. Fever or hypothermia.
  • Anemia or polycythemia which affects the oxygen carried by blood.
  • Active or passive smoking just before test can affect test adversely.
  • A closed room which is freshly painted or varnished can also affect the result.

Best food for Heart Patient

Best Food for Heart Patient

If you or any of your family member is a heart patient then you must have asked your doctor about the best diet practices for heart patient. Usually doctors ask to avoid that food which is high in cholesterol and fat. Here we will explain the best food for heart patient. There are several dryfruits, vegetables and fruits which are good for health of heart patient. These foods not only contain lesser fats but also contain compounds like Omega-3, Niacin, Pectin and Antioxidants which are best for Heart Patient.

Dryfruits best for Heart Patients

  • Walnuts: Its full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, Vitamin E, folate and Polyunsaturated fats. All of these are necessary for a healthy heart.
  • Almonds: Full of Omega-3
  • Chia seeds: Its one of the best sources of omega-3. Just a spoonful of chia seeds contains only 60 calories and helps reduce bad cholesterol and plaque buildup.
  • Oat: It reduces cholesterol.
  • Raisins: Raisins are packed with potassium, which helps lower hypertension and increases immune-boosting antioxidants.

Best Vegetables for Heart Patients

  • Broccoli: Its low in cholesterol, high in fiber, and contain lots of antioxidants.
  • Brussels sprouts: This vegetable looks like mini cabbage heads. It reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system and improves blood vessel health.
  • Cauliflower: Its high in Fibre and contain antioxidants and allicin, a component of garlic, which lowers the risk of heart attacks and reduce cholesterol.

Best fruits for Heart Patients

  • Apples: It contain pectin, which blocks absorption of cholesterol, and fiber, which sweeps out cholesterol. The result of eating an apple a day is 40% decrease in LDL cholesterol.
  • Oranges: Another source of pectin, this citrus fruit is also packed with a flavaonoid that lowers blood pressure and reduces artery inflammation. Citrus also contains hesperidin, a plant chemical that improves blood flow to the heart, and vitamin C, a potent protector against stroke.
  • Grapefruit: Like oranges, grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C which, according to research, can help protect against stroke and helps reduce cholesterol.
  • Avocado: This fruit is loaded with monounsaturated fats, also known as “good fats” that can help minimize blood cholesterol and blood clots. But they are also high in calories (240 per average-sized avocado), so go easy.
  • Blueberries: These dark berries are packed with resveratrol and flavonoids, another antioxidant that helps prevent coronary disease.

Other Food Products for Heart Patients

  • Olive oil: Make sure it's extra virgin. The purer olive oil contains higher levels of “good fat” and antioxidants to help unclog your arteries and is considerably more healthy for your heart than vegetable oil and its cholesterol-inducing “bad” fats.
  • Coffee: Coffee is high in antioxidants.
  • Red wine: Red Wine have resveratrol, a compound with antioxidant properties.
  • Green tea: It contain catechin and flavonids, antioxidants with multiple cardio benefits including reducing blood clots. It also lowers hypertension.
  • Soy milk: Its low in fat and reduces cholestrol. Niacin in Soy milk boosts blood circulation.
  • Dark Chocolate: Choose only those which contain at least 70% Cocoa. It lowers the BP and its flavonols relax arteries and increase blood flow.