How to Lose Weight without Exercise and Gym

In the modern world being obese or overweight is a self-invitation to diseases. Most of us notice the situation when they have already crossed the limit. Loosing weight becomes a challenge especially if you either don't have time to exercise or you don't want to exercise. This page contain information for those candidates who want to lose weight without exercise and gym. Initially it seems impossible but the truth is that it can be done. You don't need any medication to loose the fat gathered around your tummy, neck, face and thighs. But what you need is a discipline and dedication to stick to that discipline.

How to Lose Weight without Exercise and Gym

Here are a list of steps that you should follow to loose pounds of weight in a week.

  • Change you diet: Dietary changes are the basic thing if you really want to lose weight. But if you can't control your eating habits then its nearly impossible to lose weight.
  • Decrease Calorie Intake: In the beginning measure your calorie intake and then reduce it by 500 calories per day. It will make you lose 1 to 2 pounds in a week. Don't cut you calorie intake more than that as it may result in nutrient deficiency.
  • Drink Water: Drink 8 to 12 glass of water daily. Here water is the key. Don't think that you may drink any liquid. Drink any soft drink or sweetened drink will increase you calorie intake.
  • Eat lots of fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, but they are low in calories. Fiber makes your stomach feel full and digestion is increased. It makes your body absorb more nutrients from it.
  • Choose Protein over Carbohydrate: When you go for Carbohydrate then eat things rich in fiber such as whole grain. But eating more protein will be beneficial. Protein will make your stomach feel full and you won't need to stay hungry. You may eat dairy products, sea food, eggs and legumes.
  • Wear Sunscreen: As we loose weight sometimes skin gets sagged and wrinkles. To stay away from these side effects its better wear a good sunscreen.
  • Have enough Sleep: Sleeping too much or too less is an invitation to being obese. So have around 7 hours of healthy sleep on daily basis.
  • Avoid alcohol, fast food and sweetened drinks

If all of the above measures are of no use to you then you may consult your dermatologist for liposuction, botox or laser treatments. Dermartologist may suggest the best thing that suits your body and budget. But we personally feel that non-surgical measures given above are the better option to loose weight.

Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Facts

In US there are 123,000 patients waiting for an organ donation. Out of these patients 100,000 are waiting for a kidney. Kidney is the most transplanted organ in medical history. But still only 16000 kidney transplants are done every year. These figures are sufficient to tell the shortage of kidney donors.

Why do one need a Kidney Transplant or Dialysis

Kidney transplant or Dialysis is needed after kidney failure. Till one kidney is arranged, the patient may survive on dialysis. The function of our kidney is to purify the blood by extracting excess fluid, toxins, salts and minerals from it. If this purification is not done then our blood pressure will increase and our bones will become weaker day by day. Shortage of hemoglobin may also occur as hemoglobin is manufactured inside bone marrow. To overcome this thing artificially the blood is purified through machines, which is called Dialysis. It takes 4 to 5 hours for the dialysis to complete and needs to be repeated around thrice per week.

Dialysis vs Kidney Transplant

Dialysis bounds a patient life in certain limits. The patient can't enjoy the life to proper extent as he bound to remain near his dialysis center and visit it every alternative day. If the dialysis expenditure is not covered in your health insurance then it becomes an economic burden as well.
If we compare dialysis to kidney transplant then Kidney transplant is better. But Kidney transplant is not the final step of the treatment. But still Kidney Transplant is the better option. It gives you freedom to a certain extent.
Some patients in US prefer a dialysis machine at home, which gives them certain extent of freedom. But it needs a dedicated operator of the machine who have received the 4-6 weeks dialysis training. Even a family member can receive this training and get it done for you at home.

Facts about Kidney Transplant

  • Kidney from a living donor is more successful than from a deceased donor.
  • If you are suffering from Diabetes or suffered a heart attack then your doctor might not recommend a transplant for you. Age and health condition is also checked before transplant.
  • Before a transplant doctors check if its a match for you (blood group and tissue type). Its transplanted only if it matches you.
  • Kidney of a family member has more chances of body acceptance.
  • Immunosuppressive drugs are given to patient after a transplant, so that the immune system in body don't reject the new kidney taking it as a foreign material.
  • The old deceased kidneys still remains in your body and the new kidney is placed below in the groin region taking blood supply from one of the legs.
  • Body of an overweight receiver is less likely to support a new kidney compared to a healthy person. So doctors advice you to keep your BMI index under 30.
  • Usually women patients get more offers of kidney donation from family members but still women receive lesser transplants. The reason is that they don't prefer transplant from a living donor.
  • Kidney from a living donor starts working immediately, while kidney from a deceased donor may take a few days or weeks to start working. In the mean time the patient may need dialysis.
  • The living donor might put his health insurance at stake. In some countries the kidney donor are either not considered suitable for health insurance or they have to pay extra premium amount for their health insurance.
  • Only 60% of kidneys received from a living donor works for more than 15 years compared to 50% in case of deceased donor.
  • Only 80% of kidneys received from a living donor works for more than 5 years compared to 70% in case of deceased donor.

Sciatica Exercises and Pain Treatment (Yoga & Alternative Therapies)

Sciatica is a disease in which the pain arises from hips and leads itself to either both legs or just one leg. Usually it happens due to herniated disc, in which the soft tissue of the disc is lead outside forming a tumor type structure, which makes pressure on a nerve and it makes a sensation of pain extending towards one or both leg.

Sciatica Treatment

Primary treatments of sciatica are just to get relief from pain temporarily. In extreme conditions even surgical measures are used to treat sciatica. Here we are focusing on treatments that are non surgical and can be done at home. Some yoga and alternative therapies are also used to treat sciatica, and some patients find them more effective than any other treatment. The benefit of these treatments is that they are free from any side-effect. Apart from that you can stop the treatment if you find it uncomfortable and switch to any other therapy. Here of the list of therapies that might be useful for you.

Hot/Cold Water Therapy: Using to hot/cold water in a rubber bottle to warm/cool the affected area is sometimes useful. Hot water therapy is preferred by more people.
Massage: Some people massage therapy a useful one. But thew right technique is the key in this treatment. If you are getting the massage using the right technique then you will be benefited more.
Exercise: Exercises suggested by physiotherapist or you physician is sometime the best treatment of sciatica pain. The exercise may vary person to person depending on the symptoms and exact cause of pain. So don't just go for any exercise, instead ask your doctor to suggest one.
Acupuncture: This is one of the alternative therapies used to treat Sciatica. Hair thin needles are inserted into the affected area, which are usually not felt. This therapy works by directing some kind on energy flow in the body.
Yoga and Stretching: Yoga is a good therapy to get relief from sciatica pain. Some stretching exercises in Yoga are beneficial in getting relief from the pain. Some of these stretching exercises are raising your legs, squatting, and bringing your knees towards chest. Doing these stretching exercises on regular basis can be better.
Avoid one posture for longer duration: Sitting, Walking or Standing for longer duration can trigger the pain. So avoid being into one of those movements or postures for longer duration.
Spinal Adjustment: Some type of spinal adjustments by specialist medical professionals can also help in getting relief from herinated or ruptured discs.

Snoring Reasons and Solutions to Stop

Snoring is common daily life problem in people reaching an elderly age. This problem affects the sleep of our family members more than the person himself. The sleep of the person having the snoring problem is rarely affected by his own snores. Sometimes snoring is a symptom of some other medical condition. So according to its better to have correct knowledge of your snoring condition and know the reason behind it. There are some solutions to snoring problem depending on the reason behind it.

Reasons behind Snoring

There are various reasons behind Snoring but the ultimate reason is the turbulant airflow inside the air passage in our throat. The airflow causes vibrations due to some tissues in back side of nose and throat. Usually the air passage is narrowed by base of the tongue or soft palate. It makes it harder for the air to pass through it and the air makes its way in and out by struggling through the walls of throat which creates the snoring sound.
There are various reasons behind narrowing of air passage while sleeping. Some of the reasons are obesity, sleeping position, some underlying disease, use of some medication. Some of the major reasons behind snoring are discussed below.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: It is a sleep disorder that can cause snoring. In this medical condition the airway gets blocked by relaxed throat muscles. Men are more prone to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and being a chain-smoker increases the risk of this disease as well.
Overweight: Being overweight can also be a risk factor for Snoring. Fat deposited on the throat is also a reason behind Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Fat or Long Tongue: According to a research Fat or Long is also a reason behind snoring. So those who have a Long tongue or Fat tongue are more prone to snoring. Overweight people are prone have fat deposits on their tongue which may lead to snoring.
REM Sleep: Our sleep is basically divided into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Stage and Non-REM Stage. During REM stage we have dreams and our brain relaxes all muscles except breathing muscles. Unfortunately at this moment our tongue, palate, and throat muscles may also relax and narrows the airway thus making snoring sound.
Sleeping Position: When we sleep on our back the relaxed muscles in throat may narrow our airway and make a person snore. So by sleeping on side we may stop snoring.
Some Other Factors: Even those people who don't snore may report snoring after a viral illness, after having alcohol or after having some medication.

Solutions to Stop Snoring

Snoring can be stopped by both surgical and non-surgical measures. In most of the cases non-surgical measures are sufficient to solve the problem.

  • If you are facing problem by your partner's snoring then you may tickle on his/her ribs and make him/her sleep sidewise.
  • Reducing your weight may also help in reducing the snoring as Obese person are more prone to snoring.
  • If your snoring problem is due to some medication then it will automatically stop as soon as you stop that medication.
  • Getting rid of Alcohol Addiction may also help in reducing snoring.
  • Sometimes doctors advice to use a device to put in your mouth. This device makes way for air and don't let it getting blocked by relaxed muscles.
  • Changing your pillow and having good amount of fluid in your diet may also help in reducing snoring.
  • There are some anti-snoring exercises which help reduce snoring by making your tongue, mouth and throat muscles stronger.