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Do Headphones save you from Cell Phone Radiation ?

Some people say that headphones can protect you from radiation. Some people believe that wired headphones will bring more concentrated radiation directly into your ears. Some say that wired headphones are better than Bluetooth headphones, as bluetooth works on radio frequency. So which type of headphones are better ? Answers to all of these questions are available in this article.

If you are struggling to find that which type of radiations are emitted by cell phones and if they are harmful for human body then you must read our previous article : Cell phone Radiation.

The answer to all the questions rising in your mind depends on how you are using the headphones.

Do Headphones save you from Cell Phone Radiation ?
Yes Headphones can save your head from the radiation by keeping your cell phone away from your head. Some people say that radiation can travel through wires, but what they miss is that cell phone only transmits the sound frequency in headphone wires. Main radiation occurs at your phone as it communicates with the communication tower which is situated miles away. The frequency needed by your phone to transmit the sound to very small speakers in your headphone located just a few feet away is negligible. The electromagnetic radiation of your headphone is comparatively very less and can't be a health issue unless you use it at high volume for longer duration.

But Headphones can't save your body from Cell Phone Radiation !
Yes, as we said in the last paragraph that headphones only saves your head. Headphones are not responsible for rest of the body. If you have put Cell Phone in your shirt pocket or trouser's pocket, then it harms more. Our head have a strong skull, which is a tough bone, that can save us from some radiation but our lower abdominal organs are not protected by any bone cage. Thus our kidneys, liver and reproductive organs become prone to radiation.

According to some researches cell phones transmit radio frequency which is a non-ionizing radiation that is comparatively very less harmful than ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation can only heat the body. But constant heat on any organ for longer duration may put some harm. Some researchers believe that putting cell phones in front pockets of trousers may harm sperm quality of men, as it needs very specific temperature.

Bluetooth Headphones vs Wired Headphone
Some people use bluetooth headphones to get rid from hassle of wires. Some people say that bluetooth radiation directly affects the brain. But as per our research on internet, its not so. Compared to radio frequency of cell phone tower and cell phones (which can communicate from distance of miles) the strength of radio signals (bluetooth) between cell phone and bluetooth headphone is very weak, as it needs wireless communication within a range of few feet only. If non-ionizing radiation created by communication between cell phone tower and cell phone can't affect your health apart from just heating the skin, then how can the weak bluetooth communication affect your health. However the researches are still on to know the effect of non-ionizing radiation on health, but the weak bluetooth headphone radiation is very weak to affect human body. So if you are ready to spend few extra bucks to get rid of hassle of wires, then don't stop due to fear of radio frequency radiation.

Note: Its a suggestion of to keep your phone away from your body while talking. Its better to be on safer side. Using headphones can help you in this process. Try to keep your phone on a table instead of your pocket, or in a carry bag while travelling.

Cell Phone Radiation: Non-ionizing Radiation, SAR Level

Past two decades were the decades of cell phones. During these years the technology revolution in cell phones made every person on planet have access to cell phones. Smart phones with touch screen are the latest one of them. Now a discussion is happening all over the world about radiation produced by these cell phones and if it is harmful for our body. Non-Ionizing Radiation and SAR level are the most discussed issues among some health conscious groups. Here will try to find if these radiation are harmful or not.

Every electrical or electronic equipment is capable of making some electromagnetic radiation. The level of this radiation vary from device to device. The energy stored in a radiation is measured by its frequency. If the frequency is high then its called Ionizing Radiation and if the frequency is low then its called Non-Ionizing radiation. Ionizing Radiations are harmful, such as X-rays. Over exposure to ionizing radiation can cause cancer. Cell phones don't emit Ionizing radiation, but they emit Non-Ionizing radiation.

Non Ionizing Radiation by Cell Phones

Cell phones work on radio frequency, which comes under non-ionizing radiation. It ranges from 30 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz. This radio frequency can generate heat and heat-up any nearby object. Its example is microwave oven, where microwaves (300Mhz to 300Ghz) are used to heat food items in kitchen. But Microwave oven consume very high electricity to produce that heat. Sometimes our cell phones also heat up when we talk for longer duration, which is an effect of radio waves. It can easily heat up our ear as well. Researches are still on to find if these radio frequency waves can affect health of a person. Some researches have revealed that over exposure to this non-ionizing radiation can damage skin tissues by heating and photo-chemical reactions.The damage by this radiation to the human body depends on duration of exposure and frequency of radio waves. Some radio waves can penetrate deep into tissues and heat them up. If this heating is near brain (as we keep cellphones on our ear while talking), then it may do some harm to our health.

SAR Level

SAR is Specific Absorption Rate which is expressed in watts per kilogram (W/kg) taken over the volume containing a mass of 1 gram. It is a unit to tell how much radiation produced by a device will be absorbed by our body. In US SAR level of a device should be kept below 1.6 . You may check your cell phone's SAR level by dialing *#07# .  Usually most of the devices show Head SAR and Body SAR . Head SAR is the absorption rate by human head and Body SAR is absorption rate by Human Body.
Note: The head and brain of children can absorb more radiation from a cell phone, which is not mentioned in any phone manual. So try to keep kids away from your cell phone.

However cell phone manufacturers claim that their phones are safe but still we should take some safety precautions our self by reducing the cell phone usage. Men invented technology to use it as a slave, but now that technology has made us slave of its own. We can't think of a day without internet and cell phone. We should give ourselves a break sometimes and spend sometime with our family and friends, putting our cell phones away from us. Even if cell phone don't cause any disease, its better to live one day in a month without it. Try it ! Its a detox and better than living in a detox camp to get rid of internet addiction.

Smartphone Blindness: Using Phone during night ?

If you are one of those who use their smartphone during night after turning off the lights, then here is something you must read. A new disease of modern world is discovered recently "Smartphone Blindness", where the patient uses smartphone during night after turning off the lights of the room and when he/she wakes up in the morning the eyesight was gone. However mostly it happened as a temporary problem, but nobody would like to experience it. Being blinded without a blindfold is something very scary. If you want to save yourself from this condition then you must read this article.

How eyes adapt between darkness and light

Before we tell you more about this recently discovered Smartphone Blindness, you must have some basic knowledge about how our eye helps us in watching things during day and night time. There are two types of cells in our eye. One is Rod Cells and second are Cone Cells. Cone Cells are responsible for viewing colors and bright things (thats day time vision), while Rod Cells can view better in dark (thats night time). If you are in a completely dark room from sometime and someone turns on the lights suddenly then it takes our eye 5 to 7 minutes to adjust to it, as cone cell in the eye activate themselves for it. But when the opposite thing happens and we go from a well illuminated room to a dark one then it takes 30 to 40 minutes for our eyes to completely adjust and activate Rod cells.

Smartphone Blindness

What we see is a joint output of our eyes and brain. Sometimes our brain works in a strange way, where the researches were not done yet. One such thing is Smartphone Blindness. Using your Smartphone in a dark room for longer duration is perfect condition for this medical condition to happen. Two such cases were reported in "New England Journal of Medicine". Two ladies of age 22 and 40 reported that they suffered from temporary blindness. Doctors tried to find the reason behind that. But to the surprise of doctors the reason was surprising. Both ladies used to work on their phone till late night after turning off the room lights and sometimes their one eye use to remain close due to pillow. Both of them used just one eye to operate their smartphone in a dark room. After finding these facts, scientists tried to find the reason.

The result they found is something new. When we use a smartphone with one eye closed (either by pillow or some other hindrance), then our one eye get adapted to brightness while the other adapt to darkness. Sometimes this thing can mess something in our brain and we can loose our sight for sometime either during night or for few minutes after waking up.

If you want to save yourself from this Smartphone Blindness, then never ever use your phone in a dark room with one eye. Using your phone till late night is itself something unhealthy. It not only disturbs your sleep but also disturbs your biological clock. Now a days mobile phone manufactures are increasing brightness of screens, so that you can use it during a sunny day, but its making extra stress on our eyes. Especially if you don't know how to set the brightness level to low, you are harming your eyes. Even some people who know about the brightness level, don't set it to low as they want to see everything crisp and clear. What such people don't know is that brightness can permanently damage their eyes.

Please use your smartphone with less brightness and use it less during night. Even if you have to use it during night, use both eyes to look at screen, not just one.