Exercises to reduce Tyres of Stomach (Belly Fat Reduction)

Exercises to reduce Tyres of Stomach

Tyres of Stomach  are really something to worry about. You should try to get rid of them as soon as you notice them. This belly fat is a normal phenomena caused due to more intake of calories than what you consume. You can reduce this belly fat or tyres of stomach by doing some exercises on regular basis and consuming more calories than you intake. You can easily reduce 1 pound weight in a week if you consume 500 calories more than what you intake. It means that 3500 Calories equals one pound of body weight. But you can't reach this target if you don't exercise. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidelines 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio is essential for a normal man. If you want to loose weight then it should be 150 to 300 minutes. Plus you should also do strength training for two days in a week.

Moderate-Intensity Cardio Exercises to reduce Tyres of Stomach

Moderate-Intensity Cardio include walking, running, biking, step aerobics, jumping rope and swimming. These are some basic things that everybody should do remain healthy. But if you want to reduce the tyres / belly fat then you should do it in excess (around 300 minutes per week), which means around 50 Min daily. If you are ready to do it then you will easily loose 1 pound every week.

Strength Training and reducing Stomach Tyres

Strength training activities include traditional weightlifting and body-weight exercises. Its not necessary to do it every day. But a minimum of two days is necessary. Its not necessary to do a abs workout. You can do mixed exercises for different muscles. Our target is to burn calories.

As you will burn extra calories which are deposited on different parts of your body as fat, you will notice that you are notice the change. But make sure that you have not increased your intake, else there will be no difference. If you burn extra calories, then fat from all parts of your body will reduce. So your stomach tyres will also reduce. 

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How to Exercise your Brain (Increase Memory and Thinking Skills)

Usually we think that exercise are only meant for our body. But do you know that physical workout is also beneficial for your brain. Physical workout not only increase the blood and oxygen supply to muscles in the body but also to the brain. It increases the memory retention power of brain. Always remember that a healthy brain resides in a healthy body.

Here we are going to mention some easy tings that you can do exercise your brain. These exercise don't include dumbbells, but some thing that we do in our daily routine and make our brain strong. These exercises increase our memory and thinking skills. Here are some brain exercises.

 1). Sleep Properly

Sufficient and proper sleep recharges your brain. If you don't sleep properly then your brain can give the optimum performance.

2). Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships makes your brain happy. And a happy brain can work better. Its just like being tension free. You might have noticed that you work better when you are tension free. Our relatives and friends are sometimes major cause of our tensions. So try to have healthy relationships with family and friends.

3). Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables contain various minerals and nutrients which are essential from brain growth. These minerals are not present in other food items.

4). Vitamin B and Omega-3

Vitamin B helps in taking oxygen to our brain and protects our brain from free radicals. Various types of Vitamin are responsible for various brain activities. Vitamin B 3 for Brain Enhancement, B 6 for manufacturing of neurotransmitters, B 12 for overall health of Brain. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also known to be beneficial for brain health.

5). Laughter (Reduce Stress)

Laugh at Yourself, it reduces your stress level. However you can laugh at any thing (its always better). Personally i have subscribed to a comedy channel. Laughter reduces stress and helps your brain in thinking better.

6). Meditation

Meditation is known as best natural way to increase your brain power. Some meditation experts say that normal person use only 13% of its brain. But this percentage can be increased by meditation, which results in improvement in all types of skills.

7). Red Wine in Moderation

Red wine contain antioxidants and chemicals that protect our brain. 1 glass daily for women and 2 glass for men is a good amount for your brain.

8). Cry when necessary

If you want to cry then do it when you are alone at your own place. Good crying also heals your brain and improves blood circulation in your brain.

9). Change Environment

This thing include a number of things. You should visit other cities and have fun after every six months. You may also take different routes to work. Go on a long drive whenever you feel bored. Don't go to same restaurants every time. Chane the furniture settings in your house.

These activities also exercise your brain:

  • Reading Newspaper
  • Solve Puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku
  • Read Philosophy
  • Writing articles
  • Participating in a healthy debate
  • Learning new languages
  • Don't miss breakfast
  • Don't Overeat
  • Mimic Others
  • Morning Walk, Workout, Swimming, Running

Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment Trending in India

Diabetes is becoming one of the most common disease in the modern world. In this disease the blood sugar level is not controlled by our body properly as insulin hormone which regulates the blood sugar is not secreted properly. While i was researching about this disease, i found an Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes. Ayurvedic Treatment are well known in the world for their good results with no side effects.

I have found the following ayurvedic diabetes treatment on a website while researching on this topic. Please read the "Important Note" at the end of this article to check the genuineness of this treatment.

Ingredients for Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes

  • 100g Wheat Flour
  • 100g Food grade Gum (Gond in Hindi)
  • 100g Barley (Jow in Hindi)
  • 100g Black Caraway, or Black Onion Seed (Kalonji in Hindi)

How to Prepare Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

  • Add of the above ingredients in a container.
  • Add 1.5 Ltr water in it and mix it.
  • Boil it for 10 Minutes
  • Keep it open till its temprature become normal.
  • Distill the water from it into a glass bottle.
  • Keep it in a fridge. 
Now your Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine is ready.
Insulin Resistance: The reason behind Diabetes


Drink one small cup of this water just after getting up in morning. It should be taken before breakfast.
For first 1 week drink it daily. During second week drink it on alternate days. After 2 weeks of course get your sugar level tested.

Never keep this water in a steel bottle (it may make the water sour). Use a glass container.

Please mention your test results in the comments section if your have tried this ayurvedic medicine. Your comments might help other people in getting rid of this disease.


Important Note

A website named hoaxorfact.com says that the above treatment is a hoax. You may check its details on the following URL: http://www.hoaxorfact.com/Health/successful-treatment-for-diabetes-by-dr-tony-almeida-bombay-kidney-speciality-expert-facts.html . This site says that Dr Tony Almeida is no one. But i found him on practo.com (https://www.practo.com/mumbai/doctor/dr-tony-almeida-diabetologist) . I am still unsure if the above treatment works or not. Your comments are most welcome on this topic.

If i find some better ayurvedic treatment for diabetes then i will mention it on this page. Till that time keep visiting betterhealthfacts.com .

Brain Damaging Activities that you should Stop

Brain is the most important part of body. It controls the whole body and regulates the organs and complete metabolism inside our body. Even if a part of our brain stop working properly, it will result in some disease or complete failure of some organ. Some of our daily activities do harm our body. Most of us do these activities unintentionally. We should try to stop doing these brain damaging activities.

Brain Damaging Activities that you should Stop

Missing Breakfast

Missing a breakfast means lower blood sugar at the beginning of the day. Due to low blood sugar lesser nutrients reach our brain which results in brain degeneration. If you skip breakfast regularly then you brain might be great risk.


When we eat blood and oxygen supply to our stomach increases and its reduced to other parts of body. Its also reduced to our brain as well. As long as we eat and the time till its digested, our brain activity is lowered. That the reason that we feel sleepy after having a heavy diet. But we don't always get an opportunity to sleep after a meal. If you use your brain after having a heavy diet, you are damaging your brain. Thats why over eating is dangerous for your brain. Over eating also hardens your brain arteries and damages the brain.

Smoking / Air Pollution

Both Smoking and Air Pollution reduced the oxygen supply to our brain, which is a major oxygen consumer of our body. It results in shrinking of some parts of brain and may also result in Alzheimer's Disease.

High Sugar Consumption

When sugar level is high in our body, then our body organs and brain can't absorb the proteins and other nutrients from blood properly. Thus consumption of high sugar interferes with the brain development.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping is a medicine for our brain. Just like every machine, it need some rest after day long working. A good sleep not only recharges its battery but also improves the memory. But if you don't sleep a minimum 6
hours sleep, then you are damaging your brain and will start loosing memory sooner or later. Our brain cells start dying if we don't sleep properly.

 Sleeping with Head Covered

This habit reduces the oxygen supply to our brain while sleeping and results in brain damage. Even if you use to have a better sleep by taking the sheet over your head, just try to get rid of this habit. You might try to use something to cover your eyes only.

Using Brain during Sickness

If you use your brain during sickness you will help it in damaging it. During Fever or Sickness our body consumes the most of the oxygen and other nutrients to fight with the disease. You brain is already in lack of oxygen and other nutrients at that time. If you use brain at that time then your will damage it.

Lack of Intellectual Talking

Intellectual talking is like an exercise for our brain. As unused machines get rust, similarly unused brain also degrades. So we should do intellectual talking to sharpen it.

Lack of Thoughts

Thinking also improves our brain. But lack of thoughts may also help in degrading its performance.

Cleanse your Kidneys Naturally (Natural Kidney Detoxification)

Our Kidneys are the filters in our body. They extract impurities from blood (like excess salt, unwanted bacteria, excess water) and pass it out through urine. If you want to live a long and healthy life, then its very important keep your kidneys in a healthy state. However our body keep cleaning all important organs in our body through some natural process. But you can help your body to cleanse or detoxify your Kidneys by using some natural treatments. These methods to cleanse your Kidneys are completely normal and don't have any side effects.

Coriander Leaves

Coriander Leaves is an easily available product to cleanse your kidneys naturally. Follow the following steps to cleanse your kidneys.
  • Take a bunch of Coriander leaves and cut it into small pieces.
  • Pour some water into it and boil it for 10 Minutes
  • Let it cool down and then extract the water into a bottle.
  • Keep that bottle in refrigerator and drink one glass daily.
After drinking it you will notice the toxins coming out in your urine naturally. It is one of the most economical ways to cleanse your kidneys.

You may also use Parsley leaves instead of Coriander leaves if its available in your locality. Both of them are nearly identical in size and shape and most of the nutrients are same in them.