Cigarettes are killing our Kids

The title might be suggesting you that here we are going to talk about passive smoking or secondhand smoking, but what we are going to tell here is much more worst than that. Some smokers might save their kids from passive smoking by smoking outdoor, but the can't save their kids from the danger that every kid on this planet is facing due to smoking. Ranging from production of cigarettes to their disposal in a dustbin, everything is harming kids in some way. What we are going to discuss might open eyes of a few people.

Child labor in Tobacco farms

Child labor in tobacco farms is not only stealing their childhood but put also taking more generations into poverty. 1.3 million children, below the age of 14 were working in tobacco fields in 2011 and by now the count must have increased. Most of it is happening in backward countries where no law can be implemented effectively. These kids are basically working for cigarettes of people living in developed and developing countries. They are also putting their health at risk and earning nothing as they are not paid for that, but still work as a helping hand for full day. Bigger Cigarette manufacturers don't take the blame of themselves and provides some misleading facts. According to them they are just purchasing their crops and who is employed in the farms is not their responsibility, and they ask them not to use child labor. But the truth is that these manufacturers are utilizing the poverty of these farmers and absence of laws against child labor in those countries. What shames the humanity is that, when a news reported asked one of those kids that why he is working here then he answered that he is here to help his mother and father who are working so hard.
Some researchers find it as an unnoticed scandal, as the top players are earning millions, which the labor is not even getting enough money to feed himself and their kid (who also works as an unpaid labor). Such task is not just limited to boys, as even girls and their mothers also work there.

Poisoning Ground, Water and Food

I have seen people throwing cigarette butts on ground or drains, thinking that they are biodegradable and will ultimately fertilize the soil. What these people don't know is that they are highly toxic and poisoning both ground and water. This poisoning is also killing millions of birds and fishes every year as they eat it assuming some kind of food. Most of the cigarette butts contain tiny plastic pieces, which takes at least 5 to 10 years to biodegrade. Apart from it the chemicals present in cigarette butts intoxicate soil and water. Even underground water is intoxicated. Greenery on such soil is also intoxicated, which is ultimately eaten humans. Some dairy animals also eat that intoxicated greenery, which also land in our plates as some dairy product. All of this toxin is also landing into the plates of our kids. If you or your family is fond of sea food, then be aware that most of the sea food is also intoxicated due to those cigarette butts and ultimately landing into you and your kid's stomach.

Such pollution of our food might not be harming adults but kids must be getting affected. The affect may be lower immunity or bad digestion. So just saving your kids from passive smoking might not be sufficient for them. Convince people to quit smoking. It will not just help you kid or grand-kids from further intoxication but will also save millions of other kids who are risking their health and childhood in tobacco farms.

Environment is paying cost for Human Smoking

Environment of our planet Earth is not an asset for only human use. Different species living on land and water are equally affected by the human behavior. Smoking of 6 trillion cigarettes every year not just harm humans but these innocent species as well. You might have considered smoking as a bad habit, but the facts provided here will change your view from "just a bad habit" to "an inhuman act". If you are a smoker then it will motivate you to quit, but if you are not then you will get some good facts to motivate others to not smoke.

How our Environment is paying cost for Human Smoking

  • 300,000,000 kilograms of Nicotine waste is produced every year, which is highly toxic for all forms of life. Most of it is dumped in waterways or soil and ultimately it pollutes the underground water then plants, which are consumed by man and dairy animals.
  • 1000 deaths and 3000 injuries are caused every year in US due to fires caused by smoking. Most of the affected people are either kids or non-smokers.
  • About 17,000 people worldwide die each year because of fires started by cigarette lighters or discarded burning cigarettes.
  • 2262 million kilograms of manufacturing waste and 209 million kilograms of chemical waste is created every year while these cigarettes are manufactured.
  • More then 5 trillion cigarette butts, which are not properly disposed, land on soil and water ways. A single cigarette butt can easily kill small fish or bird.
  • Consumption of cigarettes butts by marine animals and birds results in death of millions of marine animals and birds every year. It includes fishes, seals, tortoise and birds, who eat these butts assuming it as some food. If you are a vegetarian smoker, then you should regret it more.
  • 5.3 million hectares of fertile land is used every year to grow tobacco. Once used for this purpose, it no longer supports any other crop due to heavy usage of chemical pesticides. 
  • If this land is used to grow other crops then it can feed 20 million people every year.
  • 1,800,000 tonnes of packaging waste, composed of paper, ink, cellophane, foil and glue is thrown by smokers every year.
  • 64 million metric tons of carbon dioxide is produced every year in manufacturing of cigarettes.
  • 2,600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and about 5,200,000 tonnes of methane is produced every year due to smoking.
  • One tree is cut for every 300 cigarettes, which is used to make paper for its rolling and packing.
  • Thus it accounts for cutting of 20 billion trees every year. 
  • 600 million trees are cut and burned annually to dry and cure tobacco leaves. 
  • 440 million tonnes of carbon dioxide can be consumed by these trees every year, if they are not cut.

We hope that these facts will inspire some people to quit smoking and don't let the above burden fall on their shoulders. Quitting not just helps you, but helps whole earth in being a better place for all species.

Calculate the Damage done by your Smoking

Only a smoker who is ready to face the truth will dare to use this calculator. This calculator will find all the stats of damage done by your smoking habit. Usually smokers think that they are damaging only their own body (some don't even think so), but the truth is much more than that. The figures used in this "Smoking Damage Calculator" are collected from some well researched articles published on some other website which are available in the reference section, so can actually believe that the figures presented here are correct.

Calculate the Damage done by your Smoking

Basic Information

Age: Years
At what age did you start smoking: Years
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day (approx) :

Before having a puff again, just think once, if your kid needs to pay the price of your smoking in the tobacco fields then would you smoke again. The choice is yours !


Are you a Smoker ? Read it and Answer !

Whenever a non-smoker asks somebody to quit smoking, the very first thought that comes in mind of the smoker is "I am harming myself, not others. I don't want to quit ! Why the hell you want me to". Non-smokers ask somebody to quit either because they care for him/her or they know that ultimately smoking by anybody is harming everybody indirectly. Most of you will think that i am talking about secondhand smoke or passive smoking, but what i am going to describe here is much more than that.

The number of people killed due to Cigarette are more than those killed by guns every year. Guns at least need licence in most countries but cigarettes don't. Those killed by cigarettes are not just smokers, but even non-smoker adults, kids, pets, dairy animals, fishes and other marine life. All of then are not killed by passive smoking but by the litter caused by smokers.

Do you ever wonder where does the cigarette butts and packs end up. Most of the smokers throw them anywhere they want, and most of the cigarette butts end up either in soil or water ways. Most of the smokers think that these cigarette butts are bio-degradable, while they are not, as they contain some amount of plastic. It takes them 5 to 10 years to dispose themselves depending on where the end up.

Some of you might not be aware of the fact that cigarette butts are toxic waste, and thus need to be disposed properly. It is one of the most visible litter in US. You will be surprised to know that 1,362,741 cigarettes/butts, 18,555 cigarette lighters, 74,399 cigar tips, and 36,397 tobacco packages were removed from waterways of United States in 2009.
Chemicals leaching from single cigarette butt can kill a fish in a 1 Liter jar of water.  
One tree is cut to make paper for rolling and packing of every 300 cigarettes. Deforestation is also done to get land to grow tobacco. The land once used for tobacco farming can't be utilized for any other crop, as it become very toxic due to use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals used in the cultivation of tobacco. Some trees are even cut to burn wood to dry the tobacco leaves. Ultimately it is one of the biggest causes of deforestation.

Deforestation is also done due to the fires caused by discarded burning cigarettes or cigarette butts. 17000 people die every year due to these fires and thousands are left homeless. A large number of these people are non-smokers or kids.

Smoking globally emits nearly 2.6 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide, 5.2 billion kilograms of methane and 209 kilograms of chemical waste into the atmosphere each year. The air pollution caused by forest fires due to cigarette butts is not included in these figures.

How Cigarettes are killing everything we know ?
Cigarettes are actually killing our ecosystem. Cigarette contains about 600 chemicals, 69 of which have been proven to cause cancer. It can produce over 7,000 chemicals when lit. The worst fact about these chemicals is that they are highly soluble in water.
All of the cigarette litter contaminates soil and water. Birds and pets like cats and dogs ingest cigarette butts and face serious health consequences like tremors, vomiting, respiratory failure, cancer and even death. It kills and disease the marine life as well. Fishes and other marine animals either get get killed by them of face health issues due to contaminated water.
Ultimately the toxins come back to human food. Grass growing in contaminated soil is eaten by cows, their milk and dairy products are used by us. Most of the contaminated marine animals also get served in our plates as most of them are caught from sea shores, which are dumping ground for cigarette litter.
Just one cigarette butt is dangerous if ingested by a human, a whole cigarette may be lethal if ingested.
Proper disposal of cigarette litter is necessary. Chemicals used in cigarettes begin to leach arsenic, acetone, ammonia, benzene, cadmium, formaldehyde, lead, and toluene when introduced to water.

I hope that after reading this article no smoker will ever say that he/she is only harming himself. He/she is actually killing everything we have seen, even some innocent kids.

How much does smoking kill you ? Calculate Yourself !

Smoking kills our lungs, kills our arteries, kills our heart and at last it kills the time we have to celebrate life. Even after knowing these simple things, some people don't dare to quit it. They have their own reasons, but here we have got a simple calculator for them. This simple calculator will ask you about your age, smoking habits and simple health. In return it will tell how much time you have got to celebrate life and how much more time you may get by quitting smoking. I hope it will help or inspire some people to quit smoking. Even if it makes a single person to quit smoking, then it is worth making it.

Calculate Lifespan of Smokers

Basic Information

Age: Years
Height: or cms

Lifestyle Information

Diet / Nutrition:
Average Daily Sleep:

Result: Your Estimated Lifespan is : Years.

Airports Polluting the Air too much

If you are a smoker then you must have visited the smoking zones at airports as airports have got a reputation as no-smoking zones around the world. We usually think that such places have really very low air pollution due to such rules, but the truth is just opposite. The amount of air pollution caused by takeoff and landing of airplanes cause a lot of air pollution. Even if the terminals are kept closed as air purifiers are used there, the people working outside and those living nearby face a lot of air pollution. The amount of air pollution faced near airports is worth giving a look.

According to a 2012 data, 87000 flights occur in a day in US. According to an EPA study, 747 landing and takeoff at an airport emits:
  • 31.55 pounds (14,300,000 milligrams) of carbon monoxide
  • 115 pounds (52,210,000 milligrams) of nitrogen oxide.
This amount is equivalent to carbon monoxide emitted by 357,000 cigarettes and nitrogen oxide emitted by 17,000,000 cigarettes. All these remain in large amounts near airports and also sucked into the pleasant smoke free airport lounge. The only difference is the nicotine found in cigarettes, so the harmful air don't do the perfect job for smokers, else they don't need to smoke near airports and often build their house near airports.

The harmful gases found near airports in not only sucked by lungs of passengers but also the family and friends who come to drop or receive a passenger.

Some facts about air pollution caused by airports

  • Airports are the largest source of air pollution in United States.
  • Largest source of Carbon Monoxide in air of California State is Los Angeles International Airport.
  • The amount of time spent by an airplane between gate and runway increased by 23% between 1995 and 2007, which means more than one million hours are spent running idle by airplanes. It pollutes the air of nearby areas very much.
  • Respiratory and heart related hospital admissions has increased in area adjacent to California airports, especially those who face downwind from airport.
  • 6 million people living in 10km radius of California airports are affected due to such air pollution. Most of the affected people are kids or senior citizens.
  • According to the study, this pollution costs the people living within 10 km radius of California airports around $1 million per day in hospitalization.
An aircraft jet engines produces following pollutants in various phases of landing and takeoff.

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 )
  • Nnitrogen Oxides (NO x )
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Oxides of Sulphur (SO x )
  • Unburned or partially combusted hydrocarbons
  • Particulates (PM10, PM2.5)
  • Other trace compounds

We often see pollution regulations of cars running on roads, but never worry about pollution caused by airplanes. Media and governments don't let us see above cars on road, jungle fires and cigarette smoking bans. Our own awareness is necessary for governments to work on this issue.


Cigarette Butts - The lesser known Murderer

When we talk about smoking, we usually forget that what remains after smoking a cigarette is its smoke and cigarette butts. Cigarette Butts are used to filter the smoke and mostly considered as biodegradable. But the truth is that they contain some minor amounts of plastic, so it takes at least 18 months to breakdown. Even after such a long duration plastic particles remain in soil. Cigarette butts are toxic which can leach into soil and pollute the water as well. After reading this article your view about cigarette butts will definitely change and you will yourself call them murderers.

Facts about Cigarette Butts

  • 4.5 trillion filtered cigarettes are smoked everyday around the world, which means equal number of cigarette butts.
  • This amount of cigarette butts create 500,000 tons of pollution every year.
  • Cigarette butts are the number one item littering U.S. roads.
  • In 2005, 28% of visible litter in Texas was made up of cigarettes.
  • Cigarette Butts are toxic and have a huge impact on marine life. 30% of total litter along US shorelines are cigarette butts.
  • Breakdown of cigarette butts in fresh water takes 15 months, while in sea water it takes around 5 years.
  • Within one hour of contact with water, cigarette buds start leaching harmful toxic chemicals.
  • Cigarette buds are found in stomachs of fishes, birds, whales and other marine animals. It not just causes digestive problems, but sometimes death as well. 

Cigarette Butts and carelessness costs a lot

90,000 fire incidents are caused by careless throwing of cigarette butts. It results in 900 deaths and 2500 injuries every year. Out of the death toll, approximately 100 are children and nonsmokers. Such fires cost around $6 billion of property.

Still if a person thinks that he is only harming himself through smoking, not anybody else, then he is fooling himself and dragging the whole humanity into the litter of cigarette buds.

Cigarette contributing to Air Pollution more than automobiles

Whenever it comes to Air pollution we think about automobile exhaust and smoke coming out from chimneys in an industrial area. We never think about the smoke coming out of those humans who are are not only putting their health at risk but also others. When it comes to cigarette smoking, we usually think that its contribution to air pollution must be negligible compared to other well know sources, but it is just a lack of knowledge. Recently some researches but targeted on this particular subject and the results were surprising.

Italy's National Cancer Institute conducted a study by using a 2002 turbo diesel Ford Mondeo and "MS" filter cigarettes. They kept the vehicle in running condition in a garage for 30 minutes. The  the kept the garage ventilated for 4 hours and then then lit three cigarette one-after-another, which took three hours. As they compared the PM2.5 level, cigarette smoke created 10 times more PM2.5 than the 2002 model car. Today's newer models emit far less PM2.5, which means that it would be 100 times more than new cars. PM2.5 is a major pollutant in metro cities and now you know how much smokers are contributing in it. [1]

Usually we think that indoor air is cleaner than outdoor air, but if a smoker lives there then indoor air can be far worst than outdoor.

Some smokers speak against smoking bans by providing the fact that overall pollution through cigarettes is far less than any other source, but what they don't tell is the above fact which is visible through a test done in Beijing, where indoor air quality gets worse than outdoor through smoking. Actually the ban should be applied on indoor, which is making kids sick, but the truth is that such ban can't be implemented as no law can monitor what a person is doing indoor.

Around 15 billion filtered cigarettes are smoked every day. It will create as much PM2.5 which is created by 1 Billion Ford Mondeo running for 2 and half hours. In 2010 the number of vehicles in the the world crossed the 1 billion mark, which included cars, buses and trucks. Still if a smoker says that what harm is his little filtered cigarette doing, then it is just knowingly not understanding the facts.

I have seen smokers presenting facts against smoking bans and saying that they contribute a negligible amount in air pollution. After reading the above report, if a smoker can't quit, then at least he/she should not present cigarette smoking as something negligible. Smokers are putting everybody's health at risk, not just their own.

Most of the experts and governments refer to cigarette smoke only as a health hazard but never as air pollutant. Only due to health hazard of active and passive smoking some countries have banned smoking at public places, but what they are not considering is that air has got no boundaries and cigarette smoke is polluting our air more than we think. Apart from restrictions and heavy taxes on tobacco products, governments should educate the society, so that smokers quit and new generation never smokes.


Smoking and Lung Cancer Risk

Most of us know that smoking causes cancer, especially lung cancer, but still around 20% world population smokes. It makes around 1 billion smokers around the world, out of which 800 million are male smokers and 200 million are female smokers. Most of them are either not aware of risk or lung cancer or they are so much addicted they don't worry about the risk anymore and give false excuses to themselves. I have heard some smokers saying that smoke don't hurt them anymore, instead it makes them stronger. But thinking such nonsense they are not only putting themselves at risk of lung cancer but also their near ones, as passive smoking is also a cause of lung cancer.

Following facts might help you in knowing that how much smokers are putting their health at stake.

  • Lung Cancer affects 546 out of every one million people every year. 
  • Smoking increases risk of developing lung cancer by 23 times compared to non-smokers.
  • More than 90% cases of lung cancer are smokers.
  • Even a few percent of non-smokers suffering from lung cancer are due to passive smoking.
  • Cigarette smoking is cause of every 1 out of 5 deaths in US. [2]

Smokers Stats

  • Currently 15.5% American adults smoke.
  • 20% of world population smokes.
  • Number of smokers are continuously increasing in developing countries. Number of smokers increased by 36% in India between 1998 and 2015. [1]
  • Number of smokers are decreasing in developed countries due to spread of awareness. Number of smokers decreased in US by 5.4% between 2005 to 2016. [2]

Most of the smokers can't make it above 64

Yes, at least CDC report is pointing towards that. According to that report the number of smokers in different adult age groups are as follows.

  • 13.1% of 18–24 years
  • 17.6% of 25-44 Years
  • 18% of 45-64 Years
  • 8.8% of above 65 Years

This research clearly indicates that new generations of US are not getting into habit of smoking as their elders did (thanks to increasing awareness). But my personal view about this report also indicates that most of the smokers don't make it above 64, which resulted in lower percentage of smokers in 65+ age group. It is not necessary that most of them died of lung cancer, but there are a lot more diseases that they can get due to smoking and heart diseases are one of them.


Avoiding Late Night Dinner may save you from Cancer !

Medical professional often tell us about those foods that may contain carcinogens that can cause cancer, but they never tell us if time to eat also matters. Recently a research was done on this issue and the results were inspiring. It clearly indicated how late night dinner can be associated with risk of cancer. Cancer is becoming a serious health concern and everybody wants to avoid it. If it is possible to do so just by adopting a good lifestyle then we should at least give it a try. It might also benefit us with some other health conditions as well.

What does the research say ?
Spanish researchers analysed data of more than 1800 prostate and breast cancer patients and compared it with more than 2000 healthy people data. When they compared the dinner timing, they found that those who eat their dinner before 9 PM and then kept themselves busy in some other tasks for around two hours are at 20% lesser risk of developing cancer.
That research data clearly indicated that eating your dinner after 10 PM and then directly hitting the bed puts you at risk of developing cancer. However it is not proved that you are risk of developing cancer for sure, but an association between dinner timing and cancer cases is found.

When should you eat you supper/dinner to get rid of cancer risk ?
According to the research you should eat your dinner before 9 PM and then make a routine to don't go to bed for two hours.

Those who are aware of some traditional medicinal systems (such as Ayurveda) and other cultures (such as Jainism) know the fact that these systems also encourage people to have supper around sunset and then don't eat anything at night. It gives proper rest to our digestive system and also improves our metabolism. Another reason behind benefits of early dinner might be enough time to sleep. Lack of sleep is itself a health hazard, while a good night sleep provides enough time to our body to heal and repair itself.

If the above research results were approved and confirmed by medical community then very soon these diet timings will be in the cancer prevention recommendations.


Can Air Pollution can cancel your Exercise benefits !

Exercise is good for your health but polluted air is not. Everybody know this fact, but what everybody don't know if it is OK to workout in a city with polluted air. Does polluted air cancel the benefits of exercise ? The answer to this question is really important because most of the health counselors advise to workout for at least 30 minutes daily, but if polluted air is cancelling the benefits the why should we do that.

Living in metropolitan city with traffic in streets is not an easy task, as the polluted air is always making you prone to serious health risks. You must have seen people walking, jogging, cycling and exercising in streets and parks. Even you may be one of them and must have started worrying now, if it is OK to exercise in such conditions. Don't worry ! The answer is that exercising still improves your health and reduces the risks of heart diseases. Exercise can reduce the ill effect of bad air, but there is noting better than clean air for your health.

Air Pollution should never be an excuse to skip your workout, especially if you are not already suffering from a medical condition. An asthmatic person should avoid exercising if air pollution stats are bad as it can trigger asthma attack. But a healthy person will still reap the benefits of exercise.

Some researches were done to know the effect of different types of physical activities on health of people living in metro cities with a reputation of bad air. The results of these studies are enough to clarify this issue.

  • According to a study, active commuting, walking or biking, can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack by 11 percent.
  • Normally 10% of first heart attack cases result in recurrent heart attack. But playing sports, gardening, biking and walking for four or more hours a week reduced that count to half. Moderate cycling have the best effect, which reduced the count of recurrent heart attack by 69%.

Living in a city with high air pollution increases the risk of first heart attack by 17% and recurrent heart attack by 39%. Overall bad effect of polluted air is always bad, but regular exercise can reduce that bad effect to some extent.

Some experts believe that exercising in polluted air can put your lungs at stress as they work harder with polluted air, while you were exercising.

Note: It is better to use a park with lots of trees to jogging or exercising purpose, instead of some road or street with traffic running on it.

Are you a Workaholic (A Medical Calculator)

Sometimes it is harder to decide if you are a workaholic or not. Being workaholic is a serious condition and it can affect your health and relationships adversely. So instead of taking it lightly it is advised to get it checked. Here we have provided a calculator that can check if you are workaholic or not. So what are you waiting for. Give it a try and also ask you friends to get themselves checked.

Workaholic Calculator

There are some parameter given below. Rate them on following scale.
1: Never true
2: Sometimes true
3: Often true
4: Always true

I am always racing against deadlines.
There is always something urgent at work.
I multitask, such as eating lunch and answering emails/phones.
I often take more work than what i can accomplish in time.
I feel guilty when i am not working.
I am always one of the last workers walking out of office after work hours.
It is harder for me to relax and not think about work even on a vacation.
I don't give time to my hobbies, friends and loved ones

Long Working hours can get you several severe diseases. Know more about effect of long working hours on your health.

How Long Working Hours can get you severe Diseases

We often work hard during our working hours to make a good living and make our living standard better. But does our working hours affect our health ? The answer is "Yes". Our working condition and working hours affect our health a lot, and if you are working continuously for longer hours then you are unintentionally putting yourself at risk of several health conditions. In this article we will tell you about potential health hazards of long working hours.

A 35 year old physical therapist worked for 60 to 75 hours per week in a hospital. She started to notice the effect of these long working hours on her body as her periods disappeared, she cracked a tooth while she was grinding her teeth, felt extreme fatigue and abdominal pain. It even lead to over-consumption of alcohol and over-eating. But all that ended five years ago as she came to know that all these negative effects on health were due to long working hours. Now she is fine after reducing her working hours to 40 hours per week and it also helped her in building a loving relationship.

She was lucky, but everybody don't understand the symptoms and get some lifelong lifestyle disorders. Her story tells us that working too long is sometimes an addiction and it harms the body just like any other addiction.

Long working Hours are not a proof of your dedication for work !
Most of the people thing that working long proves their dedication for work. But the truth is just opposite. Long working hours affects your health which reduces your work efficiency and you end up performing worst than an average guy.

Which Diseases can affect you due to long working hours ?

  • Stroke : 33% more chances of stroke if yo spend more than 55 hours per week at work.
  • Heart disease : 13% more chances of heart diseases. 
  • Mental health problems : Anxiety, depression, ADHD and OCD are some diseases that you can get due to long working hours.
  • Diabetes : Women are 63% more risk than men if they devote more that 45 hour per week for work.
  • Abnormal heart rhythms : 40% more chances of getting this disease if you work more than 55 hours per week.

Being Workaholic

It is a condition when long working hours make you an addict and you can't stay away from work. Even when your are at your home with your spouse and kids, you still think about work. Adrenaline releases in your blood when you work, and withdrawal symptoms appear when you don't. This condition is very critical as it urges your brain to keep engaged with work and leave aside every other important things in your life.

Symptoms of being workaholic

  • Enjoying work more than home, family and friends.
  • Working for long hours and planning to devote even more time.
  • Feeling bored at home and constantly thinking about work.
  • Others start telling you that you are ignoring them and not listening to them
  • You don't enjoy vacations and feel urge to return to work.

Some facts about health effects of Long Working Hours

  • Constantly thinking about your work even when you are not working, affects your health more adversely.
  • Long working hours kill people. In Japan they call it "karoshi" which means death from overwork.
  • Sometimes relationship problems lead people to spend more time in office, which can lead to workaholic behavior, which ruins the relationships even more.
  • One in two workaholic's marriage end up as a divorce.
  • 10 Million Americans work for 60 hours or more per week.
  • Workaholics prefer cigarette or coffee instead of a break.

Note : All workaholics can't be considered at the same risk. If you are working longer with interest or hobby then it might not hurt you. But in most of the cases people don't like their own job.

Smartphones can cause ADHD in Teens

Smartphones are the latest addiction among teens which is not only obstructing their normal growth by taking them away from actual sports and physical activity but also making them medically sick. Most of the parents gift expensive smartphones to their kids as a reward or gift, and kids also demand it due to rising competition among their classmates. Kids are kids and they may demand anything they find attractive and addictive, but parents are adults and it is their responsibility to save their kids from any suspected diseases and don't let any thing become hurdle in their normal growth.

A latest research has concluded that those teenagers who own a smartphone and continuously use it are at risk of developing ADHD. 10% of teenagers using smartphones have reported lack of concentration while studying and problems with attention and focus.

ADHD in Teens

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a  neurodevelopmental mental disorder. Teenagers suffering from this disorder often report following symptoms.

  • problems with patience
  • behavior not according to age
  • impulsivity or inattention
  • may result in poor school performance

30–50% of kids diagnosed with ADHD continue to have symptoms into adulthood.
Why Smartphone are more dangerous for Teenagers ?
TV, music and video games also made kids addict but smartphones have taken it to totally new level. It is because of the fact that they are handy and much faster. Today smartphones games are more realistic than any other video game. The motion and gravity sensors in smartphone give it a feel as a body part while playing the game. A smartphone can keep you engaged whole day through games, chatting, social media (facebook, instagram, twitter), shopping websites and videos (youtube). These activities on smartphones steal the time and keep teens stick to a bed or chair for longer duration. They even start to stay alone, so that nobody disturbs them while using their smartphones.

Kids are influenced by parents
If parents are using smartphones too much then chances of their teenage kids using smartphones are much more. So if you want to keep you kids away from smartphones the you should make some rules and follow them yourself to inspire them. Telling you kids about adverse effects of overusage and benefits of giving the same time to some physical activity or creative work can help a lot. But it can only help if you do it before the glass is broken.
Example Tip: Never use your smartphone on dinner table, as it will make kids think that it is OK to do so.

Financial Condition also matters
Family income also matters in this case. Those kids who belong to financially good background are more prone to ADHD, as they get smartphones much easily compared to those whose financial condition is not as good.

Apart from ADHD, sleep deprivation from too much device time is another symptom that can impact the health of a teenager.