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N95 Masks can be dangerous !

N95 mask is one of the most used protective gear against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that caused COVID-19). But most of us don't know about its efficiency and dangers. Few major thing we are going to discuss here are
  • 300nm is the size of pores in a normal N95 mask, while coronavirus(SARS-CoV-2) ranges from 65 to 125nm. Is it really doing the job ?
  • Wearing N95 mask reduces oxygen supply upto 20%.
  • It also increases the carbon-dioxide concentration in blood.
  • Is it safe for people with heart disease?
  • Can you do a physically hectic activity after wearing N95 mask?
  • How long is it safe to wear such masks?
  • N95 Masks with valves are not safe for others.

The Pores Size

Pores size in a normal N95 mask is around 300nm, while the size of coronavirus is just 65 to 125nm. It does not mean that it can't filter this fatal virus. According to some researches 85% of coronavirus can be blocked by N95 mask. It means that only 15 out of 100 coronavirus can penetrate through it. So even if it can't fully protect you from virus, it can definitely reduce the risk to a great extent. Nobody knows how much quantity of this virus is needed to make you sick, so N95 might be saving you 100% from this virus.

Reduction of Oxygen supply

Yes, wearing an N95 mask can reduce oxygen supply by 5 to 20%. A healthy human being can bear this shortage under normal circumstances, but for how long is the real question. You can check it yourself. If you start feeling tired under normal conditions, or shortness of breath then it might be a sign of reduced oxygen level in body or increase of carbon dioxide concentration.

Is N95 safe for people with Heart Disease?

As N95 mask causes oxygen shortage, our body try to cope with it by increasing the heart beat and breathing rate, which also increases our body temperature. These changes in a heart patient can be dangerous. So we advise such people to not wear N95 masks for longer duration or you may consult a doctor for some other alternative.

Physically Hectic Activity after wearing N95 mask

Some incidents have been reported where people running or jogging with masks have collapsed or even died. Still research is being done if it due to mask or not. But even if we look at a general running activity, then you must have noticed that breathing rate increase while running/jogging as our body remand more oxygen to get the energy, but N95 masks can create a shortage upto 20% in that demand, which is a large gap. So doing a hectic activity with mask-ON can be dangerous. Again we would suggest you to listen to your body while running/jogging with a mask, and remove it immediately if you feel complications. Its better to do spot-point running at home without any mask till this COVID-19 era is over.

N95 Masks with valves

All N95 masks are not equal. Some of them come with valves, which are actually one-way valves, that filter only the air you are inhaling, but not what you are exhaling. Such masks may protect you from others but put others at risk when you sneeze or cough. If a COVID-19 patient wears the "N95 mask with value"then it is equivalent to not covering mouth as all of his/her water droplets will be expelled out through valve. Some countries have banned usage of such masks as they put others at risk. It should be our moral duty not to wear such masks. 

However N95 masks reduce the COVID19 infection rate by 75%.  But wearing it also causes shortage of oxygen upto 20 percent. Their usage during a hectic activity is also controversial, and usage of N95 mask with valve is immoral. Several countries have recommended usage of simple cloth or face mask and leave the N95 mask for healthcare professionals. Don't wear a mask when you are at safer places like home and try not to wear the masks for longer durations.

Smoking and COVID19 : Worst Combination

If you are a smoker then you might not like reading this article. It is not meant to make your fearful, but to make you quit smoking to save your life. Lets begin with some common data that we are listening in news. All News channels are saying that old age and lifestyle disease like diabetes and hypertension are the major reason behind death by COVID19. So we tried to collect the data about these diseases and compared it with those countries where death toll due to COVID19 is above 500. As of 24th Apr, we found 25 such countries. Here is the data that we collected along with the diseases data.

United Kingdom13.4927.827.3
The above table lists the countries according to mortality rate (high to low), along with Obesity and Average BMI of those countries. If you look at the data, you can't find a direct relationship between COVID19 Mortality and Obesity/BMI of those countries. In the above data Obesity ranges from 5 to 58.2. In this data you can't say that Obesity is higher in countries with highest COVID19 Mortality. Same applies on Average BMI as well, which is ranging from 21.9 to 28.8.

Now the next table compare the COVID19 Mortality with Diabetes and Asthma.
United Kingdom13.493.99.11
If we look at the above data, then Diabetes don't seem to have an effect COVID19 Mortality. In the above table diabetes prevalence among these countries ranges from 3.2 to 13.5.  You can't say that diabetes is real culprit here. But if you take a look at Asthma prevalence, then is a bit suspicious. In the above list Asthma is most prevalent in United Kingdom, which has got the third highest COVID19 mortality.
The next table compares COVID19 mortality with smoking.
United Kingdom13.49827.7
The above list contain the number of cigarettes per year per person. This table clearly shows that COVID19 Mortality is highest in Belgium, which has also got highest smoking rate. Its reverse is also true. Austria, India and Peru, where COVID19 Mortality is on the lowest side have got the least smoking rate.

Conclusion : According to this minor research it is clearly visible that smoking is a major culprit behind COVID19 mortality. Asthma can also be suggested as a risk factor. More research can be done on these findings to give a more precise result.

Note: You may not control Asthma, but you can quit smoking to keep yourself on safer side from COVID19. Some researchers believe that sooner or later this novel coronavirus will spread in whole humanity, so it is safer for all smokers to quit smoking as soon as possible, and recover your lungs to fight against this pandemic. 
Save Yourself, 
Save your Family, 
Save your Community, 
Save your Country. 

COVID19 : US vs China

Coronavirus Disease COVID19 has made us suffer a lot. Present generations have never witnessed such a large scale infectious disease. Most of us just heard about such diseases from our grandparents. Some people believe that this massive spread of COVID19 is just due to high-speed travel available now, which was not there centuries ago, and it is just a coincidence that this virus (SARS-CoV-2) came out of some animal reservoir and infected humans. But some people believe that it is not a coincidence, it is either some sort of biological warfare or some biological experiment gone wrong. Most of the people around the globe are blaming China for spreading this deadly disease, but governments are not so aggressive in blaming China (might be due to some economical concerns).
According to present information COVID19 originated in Wuhan, China. And now US is its latest epicenter. Both China and US are considered as top players in world economy, so it is hard to believe if it is a coincidence or a plan. Here we have collected some stats of COVID19 spread in both China and US. Just give it a look.
The two graphs given below show the cases and deaths reported in US and China.
If we check the death graph, then we can see a sudden jump in China-death count on 17th-Apr-2020 . It elevated from 3346 to 4636, an increase of 1290 deaths in a single day. Chinese official said that this sudden increase is due because previously deaths outside hospitals were not reported, and now they have collected the data. It is hard to believe because they didn't increase the cases count in the same manner. You may check the China-data of these days.

  • In the above data you may check that on 17-Apr number of deaths increased by 1290, but number of cases increased by just 357 (i.e from 83403 to 83760). Does it mean that China already knew about those cases but didn't bother to check if those people were dead or recovered. It is hard to believe that no health worker tried to find if a COVID19 patient died or recovered.
  • One more abnormality of this data is that on the same day number of recovered patients decreased from 78401 to 77552, a decrease of 849. Usually cases just rise in such data, not decrease. It only means that some COVID19-positive cases were previously falsely reported by them as recovered, while they were actually dead. If they were not really sure about status of those patients then they should not have added them in recovered count, but as active cases.
These abnormality in the data provided by China, surely looks suspicious.
But the sudden change in number of number of deaths changed one thing, the Mortality-Rate. It increased the mortality rate in China from 4 to 5.5 (just equal to US) , as you can see in the chart below.
Previously most of the countries were asking why the mortality rate was so low in China, compared to other countries. By increasing the Death toll, china has tried to do some damage control.
What do you think about this step taken by China ? Please feel free to mention your view in comments section.

COVID19 Mortality Rate (Worst Affected Countries)

COVID19 disease has caused a huge loss of lives in almost every country of the globe. Here we have listed a LIVE database of countries according to mortality rate. This data updates itself everyday and contain only those countries where death toll is above 500.