How long does our Brain works after Heart stops beating

We all know that our brain works through electrical signals / impulses travelling through neurons. Brain is one of the most mysterious organs of human body, which is still not completely understood by medical science. From past few decades some researchers are conducting researches on its functioning. When a person dies, his brain can still work for some time due to some oxygenated blood present in it and electrical impulses travelling inside brain. These things are sufficient to keep the brain alive even after heart stops beating. It the person revives through some medical intervention by making his heart beat before brain dies, then it is called near-death-experience (NDE).

Actual Death of a person can only be considered when all levels of consciousness is lost and all electrical activity shuts down completely. Electrical activity inside the brain can be measured by scientific instruments.

How long does our brain works after Heart stops beating

According to some researches it takes 3 to 5 minutes for all electrical activity to seize inside brain after heart has stopped beating. However some researchers are in dilemma if consciousness also seizes with electrical activity.

Depolarization is a shift in electrical charge distribution among cells. Chemical changes that leads to actual death of brain begin with depolarization of brain cells. As the depolarization spreads across the brain and final wave of electrical activity travels through brain, it is called "spreading depression". According to researchers this "spreading depression" shuts down the brain completely. Once this condition has occurred then even restarting the heart no longer works, as damage to the brain becomes irreversible.

Where this research will be used ?
This research can play a crucial role in reviving a person who has just passed away due to heart failure. It can also help in such organ transplants where blood supply to brain needs to be stopped for a very short period of time.

How does a person feel when his heart stops but brain is not dead ?
Collecting such experiences is a major part of such medical researches. Such researches of some previous decades reported experiences like flashes or tunnels of light, which were anecdotal in nature. Such experiences are collected from such patients who revived after medical intervention minutes after their heart stopped beating. In some recent researches patients reported peaceful, fearful or feeling being dragged under water. Some survivors reported hallucinations, while some heard their own death being declared by doctors. Most of such memories remain only for a short time, but some survivors can recall all conversation that occurred between doctors and nurses while trying to resurrect him/her.

Note: Some experts believe that a healthy person can revive even hours after death. But in such cases there are chances of substantial amount of brain damage.

How to make Cleanliness a Habit

Everybody loves to live in a clean home but most of us don't, especially the bachelors. Why is it so that we like cleanliness but we don't want to get indulged into it. Everybody can't afford to employ someone to clean his/her home on daily basis. Even if we can't clean the complete home, at least cleaning our own room should be a habit. Everybody can't attain the same level of cleanliness but still a minimal level can be attained. How to make cleanliness a habit is not as tough as we think. We just need to answer something to ourselves, motivate ourselves and make some slight changes in our daily life.

Why cleanliness is not a habit of some people ?

Usually we blame it as basic nature of a person. But the truth is that this habit can be developed with time. If a person is not fond of living in a clean room, then it means that he/she never tried to develop the habit of cleanliness. Best time to develop this habit is childhood. Unless parents tell their kids to keep their toys in place after playing with them and to keep their books in school bag or book shelf after reading them, then cleaning can't develop as their basic nature. Usually parents do such tasks themselves, instead of indulging kids with them in keeping the room tidy. Garbage and useless things should be given to them to through in bin.
If parents develop such habit in kids then by the time these kids reach adolescence, cleanliness will become a habit and you will find their room tidy and everything on its respective place.

Even if cleanliness is not in nature of person since childhood, it can be developed, but it will take a little time and will be tougher.

How to make Cleanliness a Habit

  • Get Some Motivation: Remember your best vacation and the hotel room that you stayed in. If it is not enough then remember the cleanest place that you have visited. Don't you want your home to feel like that. You may also google for hotel rooms and you will find some of the cleanest rooms in the world, which will definitely motivate you to keep your room like that. Some of you might get attracted to luxury in such rooms, but the truth is that luxury only suits a clean room. So always keep your room ready for that luxury.
  • Don't make excuses: If you are in a habit to save the cleaning task for tomorrow then you must remember that tomorrow never comes. If you feel that you will make excuses to yourself to not clean the room then tell some close friend that today you are going to clean the room. It will make you accountable for room cleaning, as your friend might give you a visit in the evening to check the progress.
  • Save yourself from bad comments: Your friends and family might have not said you much about cleaning your room, but in you absence they might be talking about your unhygienic lifestyle. Even some friends might be blaming your upbringing for that but will never say that on your face. Making cleanliness a habit will save you from such bad comments and may generate some good comments about your upbringing.
  • Get proper equipment: You should have broom, dust-pad, dustbin, wash cloth, cleaning spray, vacuum cleaner and moper at you home. Even if a few of these items are not there then don't make it an excuse for not cleaning. Our hand are the best cleaning equipment, but remember to wash them after work is finished.
  • Compliment yourself: Click a pic of your room before cleaning and then take a pic after cleaning. Compare these BEFORE-AFTER pics, as it will motivate you again to clean better next time and make your AFTER pic better every time. It will help you in recognizing the effort that you had put in cleaning the room and you will automatically compliment yourself. No one else will compliment you unless you have worked hard to compliment yourself.
  • Don't feel shame in cleaning: Some people feel shameful in cleaning their home as if they are doing a third-grade job. But the truth is that if you don't clean your home, it will look like a third-grade living hell. Only a clean kitchen can provide you healthy food. If you want to live a healthy life then cleaning your bathroom and toilet that you use daily should be on top priority of cleaning.
  • Cleaning yourself: If you like to keep your body and clothes clean but not your room, then you must know that you are living in a illusion of cleanliness. You can never remain clean if you are getting ready in unclean room. So cleaning your room should be first thing in the morning, afterwards you can take a bath to get ready for your daily routine.
Note: Most importantly teach your kids the same unless it becomes a habit. Living in a clean home and clean city begins with your own room. You can't imagine a city to be clean unless the people living in that city know the importance of cleaning their own room.
Once you have developed the habit of cleanliness, it will extend itself to your office desk, your work-space or anywhere you visit. You will start disliking the messy rooms. Either you will leave messy and untidy place or you will come forward to clean it up which will inspire others to do the same.

Always remember that cleanliness can make an ordinary room look beautiful.

How Bacteria can Clog up our Arteries ? Its not your Diet !

Usually people think that unbalanced diet rich in fat and cholesterol is responsible for heart problems, and blockage in arteries occur only due to increased weight caused by fatty diet or lack of physical activity. But this thinking might not be true any more. Some researchers have found that:
  • A number of people even with high-fat diet and increased weight never develop heart disease.
  • Some people even with correct BMI (Body Mass Index) develop blockage in arteries and heart problems.
  • Sometimes a sudden stress initiates heart attack in a healthy person.
These two factors made medical community think again about any other possible reason of blockages in blood vessels. Some recent researches have found that even some bacteria can clog up arteries.

Bacterial Lipids causing blockages

Researcher at University of Connecticut collected atheroma samples from several patients that were getting treated in hospitals. Atheroma is accumulation of degenerative material in the inner layer of artery wall. The lipids in that atheroma contained chemical signatures that can't come from an animal. Instead that chemical signature belong to a bacteria of Bacteroidetes family. It simply suggests that those bacteria were responsible for clogged up arteries. Researchers used modern mass spectrometers to find that these depositions are actually bacterial lipids. Chemical makeup of human lipids are totally different from them.

Researchers have found that bacterial lipids are considered as a foreign material by the body and in response inflammation is triggered which makes blockage more severe. This fact makes such blockages more severe.

Human body is home for millions of bacteria, as most of them are good for us. Bacteria of Bacteroidetes family usually resides in our mouth and gut. Usually they don't harm us, but occasionally they can cause gum disease. However these bacteria can't enter our blood stream, but the lipids secreted by them can penetrate through cell wall and enters our blood stream. Later it can cause blockages.

Bacteria causing Heart Attack when accompanied with Stress

Previously people used to think that emotional or physical stress can trigger heart attacks, but there was no scientific explanation for that. Recently researchers at Binghamton University in New York found that those bacteria which reside in the plaque-covered arteries can be held responsible for such heart attacks. No doubt that fatty deposits, known as plaques, are the main reason behind heart problems, but the activity done by these bacteria that survive in the plaque-covered arteries is equally important. Researchers believe that stress make some chemical changes in our blood, which make these bacteria also release some enzymes that causes rupturing of the plaque. The ruptured plaque later get stuck in some artery of heart and causes heart attack. This research was published in the journal mBio.
It does not mean that every stress will lead to heart attack. It happens only when arteries are already plaque-covered. Every stress in the life of such person initiates the rupture process, but a sudden stress of high intensity can be a major cause of heart attack. However research is still going on to further investigate this phenomena.

Both of the above researches show us that still we need to know a lot more about our body. Today medical science in advancing at a great pace. Instead of relying completely on it, we should take care of our body by regular workout. A regular workout can save you from heart problems. Prevention is always better than cure.


How Skin Creams are being used to fool Customers

You must have seen advertisements of skin creams where they claim that it penetrates deep into your skin and provides nourishment with a number of active ingredients. Frankly saying, they are trying to fool you, and millions of consumers are successfully getting fooled. These cosmetic companies are utilizing the greed in the minds of people to look fairer. Some researches have found proofs that all claims made by such advertisements are false and are based on some past researches that are proved wrong with the help of modern technology.

How Skin Creams are being used to fool Customers

Cosmetic companies make some claims based on some previous researches that are now proved wrong. One of such claim is that skin cream penetrates deep into the skin.
During year 2012, scientists at the University of Bath conducted research on skin creams using confocal microscopy. The results of their research concluded that even the tiniest of nanoparticles in these skin creams can't penetrate the skin surface. However the cream can get deposited into creases in the skin. One of the jobs of our skin is to act as a barrier and it  works perfectly. Even the particles which are 100 times smaller than thickness of human hair can't penetrate the skin. The nano-particles in skin creams can't even penetrate the outer layer of skin known as stratum corneum.

None of the cosmetic skin creams can penetrate skin, but customers are fooled by advertisements in which celebrities say that "IT WORKS". Another misguiding thing in the packaging, which is intentionally made so good to look at that customer gets mesmerized with the photoshop images of a model getting fairer skin tones within a few weeks. Both of these things are enough to make the customer believe in the false claims.

As our team researched on this topic of skin penetration by skin creams, we found a question being asked about this research. If skin creams can't penetrate the skin, then how does Nicotine Patches work ? The answer to this question is simple. Nicotine is a molecule, not a nanoparticle, and it is much smaller.

No makeup or skin cream can penetrate skin, that is why it is recommended that you wash your face properly before going to bed, if you have used makeup in the day. It is to properly wash off the remainder creams from the surface of skin. If it is actually absorbed by the skin, then there is no way to wash it off.

How do celebrities start to glow after a few years of being a celebrity if the skin creams can't penetrate ?
There are various reasons behind that. The major reason is that celebrities come in front of camera after makeup. Second reason is that some of them go through surgical processes to be fairer. Third reason is that they use regular skin treatments that washes off minor impurities from skin. The fourth reason is the diet. If you eat balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and also remain hydrated by drinking lots of water, then your skin will definitely be better after sometime.

The best way to provide nutrition to your skin is not by rubbing skin creams, but by eating natural nutrients through your mouth. Healthy diet is the best way to nourish you skin and whole body.

If cosmetic companies start adding chemicals in skin creams that can penetrate the skin, then these creams will no longer be a cosmetic product, they will be a medicine which can only be prescribed by a doctor.

How to be slim without Exercise and Dieting

Do you know that if you serve your food in Red plates then you will end up eating less compared to any other colored plate. Being slim is wish of every obese person. Reducing your weight can save you from lifestyle diseases like hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes. Sometimes it is harder to control your appetite or exercise regularly in a gym. In such case it become harder to be slim. But the good news in that there are ways to control your weight withing indulging in activities like exercise or dieting. However it seems impossible to do that but it can be done. Here we will list some of such methods that can help you in being slim.

How to be slim without Exercise and Dieting

Chew more and Eat slow: It helps you in extracting all nutrients out of your food. Well chewed food can be digested easily as well. When you chew more, you will automatically eat slow. After we start eating our brain waits for a certain time to say to that your stomach is full now, which is called feeling of satiation. When we eat slow due to more chewing, our brain signals feeling of satiation after eating lesser food than what we eat normally. It causes intake of lesser calories and getting proper nutrients due to more chewing.
Use Smaller Plates: If you take same amount of food in a small and a big plate, the food in bigger plate will look less. So if you use smaller plate the lesser amount of food in it will be assumed sufficient by you brain. This technique is a trick to fool you brain. The trick works best if somebody else is serving you food and know the motive behind it. But still you can give it a try knowingly. Bigger plate gives a feeling that the amount of food served in the plate is less, while reverse happens when you use a smaller plate.
No Distraction Policy: Only eat while you eat. Indulging in activities live watching TV or checking chats on phone while eating results in eating more. Any kind of distraction, even taking, can result in eating more than required. So try to avoid any kind of distraction.
Sleep Enough: Sleeping too much or too less can increase your weight. Lack of sleep can create imbalance in some hormones, some of them are linked to our appetite. If our sleeping time is disturbed then it can result in imbalance in feeling of satiation and we may end up eating more than required every time.
Eat more protein: If you increase the proportion of protein in your diet then it can reduce your weight. Eating more protein makes you feel full in eating less. If an average person increases his protein intake from 15 to 30 percent then it results in consumption of 400 less calories, which can make a person loose 11 pounds of weight in 3 months.
Eat Fiber Rich Food: Fiber keep you full for longer duration. Once you have eaten fiber rich food, you won't feel hungry for many hours.
Keep unhealthy food out of sight: Sometimes psychological tricks are also necessary. If food always remains in front of your sight, then most probably you will eat it even without hunger. If you don't store unhealthy food in your kitchen then you can avoid eating it too. You should eat for your stomach, not for your eyes.
Always keep a water bottle near your bed an on your office desk: It will remind you to drink water more often, which helps in removing toxins from body. Keeping a water bottle on your side table will reduce your visits to kitchen, which will also help you in not eating snacks that might be visible there. It is a common problem that people face while trying to reduce their weight. one more fact related to water is that you will eat less if you drink water just before having your meal. Avoiding calorie rich or no-calorie drinks with plain water is considered best for being slim.
Color of your plate: As we said in the beginning of this article that you will eat less in red colored plate. It is proved by some researchers. The logic behind this trick is that we automatically connect the red color with the STOP signal. So it is better to use red colored plates if you are eating unhealthy snacks.

What you should not do ?
  • Never Eat fast.
  • Don't use bigger plates. Use red colored plates while having snacks.
  • Never try to reduce your diet too much, as it can result in sudden weight loss. Sudden weight loss can result is some severe medical conditions.
  • Don't eat unless you feel hungry. Here you need to fight with your brain which is unnecessarily asking you to eat. It is not necessary to control your hunger, but to control your greed.
Note: Balanced diet and regular workout is the best way to stay fit and no other technique of staying fit can beat it.

How to get rid of Pimples and their Marks

Teenagers often fight with pimples as pimples often appear as a side effect of puberty. Sometimes even adults struggle hard to get rid of them. Sometimes even regularly washing your face can't help you and new pimples keep appearing again and again. The tragedy don't even stop here, sometimes pimples leave their memories by making a mark on skin that can last for months. Such problems are sometime time consuming. Here we have collected some simple information that can help you in getting rid of these pimples and their marks.

What causes pimples ?

There are various reasons for pimples. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Puberty: If pimples occur during teenage then most probably it is due to puberty, where the gender related features develop in human beings. During this time a lot of hormonal changes occur in body and pimples appear as a side effect of them. The amount of pimples may differ from person to person depending on your genes. It can also occur in other age groups. During puberty hormonal changes make sebaceous glands more active.
  • Acne vulgaris: It is a long term skin disease caused when hair follicles are clogged by either oil or dead skin cells. Oily skin with blackheads, whiteheads or pimples are its major characteristics. Usually it affects teenagers. Only 3% men and 12% women are affected by this disease after 25 years of age. 
  • Bacterial Infection: There are large amount of bacteria surviving inside and outside our body. A number of them survive on our skin. Even after taking a bath, a number of them still remain on our body. However most of these bacteria are good bacteria that protect us from bad bacteria and act as first layer of defense for our body. But sometimes the bacteria residing on our skin pores cause infection and result in pimples. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is a bacteria that resides harmlessly on our skin, but if it gets proper conditions to reproduce rapidly, it becomes a problem.
  • Abnormal sebaceous glands: These glands are present all over the skin except palm and sole. They secrete oil and wax to keep the skin healthy by proper oil and moisture in it. If these sebaceous glands are infected by bacteria then they swell up and appear as pimples.
  • Yeast Infection: A yeast named pityrosporum can enter the hair follicles and triggers itchy eruption that resembles acne. Usually it affects upper chest, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Allergy to some food: Sometimes allergy to some food item can also cause pimples. If pimples appear on your face days / hours after after eating a particular food item then it might be the cause of that allergy.
  • Side effect of some medication: Medicines that come in categories of Halogens, Antiepileptics, Antituberculous drugs and Antidepressants can cause acne / pimples. Some steroids can increase yeast proliferation within the hair follicle and cause pimples. It is not necessary for a drug to create same side effect on every person. Even the intensity of this side effect may differ. Some drugs that cause hormonal changes can cause pimples.

Some researches have also found relation between high testosterone level and acne. High amount of testosterone hormone is found to trigger higher activity in sebaceous glands which results in pimples.

How to get rid of Pimples ?

The treatment of pimples depends on the cause. A bacterial and yeast infection can be handled with antibiotics. Allergy due to some food item can be prevented by recognizing and avoiding that food item. If you can't find the actual cause of your pimples yourself then a dermatologist can analyze the actual reason. It is the best advice apart from cleaning your face regularly with some face wash or normal soap. Never use anything harsh to clean your face and don't use any cleanser that dry your skin.

How to get rid of Pimple Marks ?

Best advice regarding removal of pimple marks can be given by dermatologist but some popular home remedies can be listed here to help you.

  • Potato and lemon juice: Put a finely sliced potato dipped in hot water. After 20 minutes drain the water into a bowl and mix juice of a lemon in it. Place that bowl in refrigerator for an hour and then apply it twice daily using a cotton swab. It lightens your skin ton and removes dark spots.
  • Papaya and Green Tea Face pack: Mix ripe papaya pulp in green tea to make a paste. Befoe applying this paste as a face pack, steam your face to open the pores. Then keep this face pack on your skin for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water. It is effective against dark spots and pigmentation.
  • Neem and Rose Water Paste: Grind neem leaves and mix it with rose water to form a paste. Apply its thick layer on face or affected area. Then wash it with lukewarm water after 30 minutes. Neem is widely known for its antibacterial and healing properties.
  • Sandalwood and Turmeric Paste: Mix sandalwood powder with fresh milk and a pinch of turmeric to make a paste. Apply it as face pack for 20 minutes before washing with lukewarm water. 
  • Yogurt and Gram Flour Paste: Mix Gram Flour (Besan) with fresh Yogurt to make a paste. Use it as a face pack for 30 minutes before washing with cool water.
Note: It is not necessary for every remedy to suit everybody due to different skin textures.
If you know something better to get rid of pimples and their marks then you may write it in comments section to help others.

How Cancer can be Prevented ?

No Pharma company or Government fund such researches which can tell you for sure about how cancer can be prevented. Like any other disease, cancer can also be prevented. We just need to collect and analyse the data collected from cancer patients. That data include the information about their food habits and lifestyle before they got this deadly disease.

Why no Pharma Company fund such researches ?
Simple ! No money can be made from such researches. Pharma Companies only fund those researches where they can utilize the results in making a medicine. But if they find a preventive measure for Cancer, then their medicine sales will go down. Who would fund a research if the results can hamper the profit that they are already making. After-all Pharma Companies also do earn their profits from a potential market.

But Why Governments don't fund such researches ?
There could be many reasons. Pharma companies have captured a major sector of market and they have got a good approach  into the political system of every country. Apart from that governments have got a lot of other tasks to do. They spend fund on other health care needs and always remain in shortage of funds. They need to take care of those who are already sick by spending money on healthcare infrastructure and inexpensive medicines for financially unstable citizens.

But still some researchers have worked for humanity (not money) to find a potential prevention to save us from cancer.

Most of us blame pollution, contaminated food, obesity and tobacco smoke for cancer. These factors certainly need to be taken care of by government. But these researchers found that even those people who don't smoke, who have correct height-weight ratio, who live away from pollution and who eat fresh food grown in kitchen garden can suffer from cancer. Even some sports guys, who take care of their body better than other suffered from cancer. It means that there are some other factors that are contributing to cause cancer.

These researchers analysed the data collected from thousands of cancer patients around the world. That data contained food habits and lifestyle habits of cancer patients before the get affected with cancer. Some software were used to analyse the common attributes in these patients. The common attributes found in this research are worth more research. But certainly these attributes are harmful for general health and may be responsible for cancer. If we control these attributes in our life then it might save us from cancer and several other bad effects on health. These attributes are listed below.

Cancer can be prevented if we control the following:

Constipation: It is the first attribute found common in cancer patients. Excess estrogen in our body needs to be passed out, but its does not happen efficiently in constipated people. Estrogen dominance cause cancer, especially breast cancer.
Acidity: Acidic body allows cancer cells to populate. Acidic body is playground for tumors as well.
Lack of Sleep: Melatonin, anti cancer hormone, is produced when we sleep. Lack of sleep means lack of melatonin hormone which provides us with ability to fight cancer.
Severe Emotional Stress: Stress is a common thing now a days. But some stressful situations are severe and if they remain with you for years then it may cause cancer. Emotional stress affect you health, not just in cancer, but in a number of other diseases as well.

The factors listed above are due to the following lifestyle errors that we never try to fix.

Sedentary lifestyle: It makes you obese, acidic and constipated. Being active can save you from these side-effects.
Low Water Intake: It makes you acidic and constipated. It also reduces your immunity. Drinking enough water drains out a number of toxins from your body, else those toxins accumulate in your body to make you sick.
Fear: Fear of diseases can also make you sick. Fear of diseases can cause emotional stress and constipation. Even if your biological parents suffered from diseases like diabetes and hypertension then it simply means that you have got those genes (but not those diseases). Bad genes need bad environment and bad lifestyle to get activated.

What steps you may take to save yourself from cancer ? 

  • Adopt an active lifestyle which contain some physical activity, some fun time and enough sleep.
  • Cure Constipation using home remedies, as medicines only suppress the symptoms.
  • Try not to use Antacids to cure acidity, as these medicines lowers the power of your gut which is necessary for a better immune system. Reduced immunity can get you any disease, even cancer.
  • Sleep enough to get better immunity and better digestion.
  • Meditate and give time for your hobby to remain stress free.
  • You are what you think. So don't think about diseases. Negative thoughts affect your health and you ultimately get sick.
Most of the above are lifestyle changes. Some rare types of cancer may not be attributed to these factors. But most of the cancers can be prevented if we follow the advice given above.

Note: Author of this article is not a medical professional, so the advise given in this article should not be considered as a medico-legal advice. Instead you should take it as an advice to improve your lifestyle.

In the end i am sharing this video which made me write this article.

How our Fear and Negative thoughts make us Diseased

Most of our diseases are result of our reaction to events and circumstances that happened in our life. Some bad events, bad memories and bad feelings hurt us from inside and make us sick. Its not that pollution and contaminated food are not responsible for diseases. They are ! But they affect us only when we are susceptible to them through lower immunity caused by a number of other factors. These other things include our thinking and feelings. Feeling like fear and negative thoughts affect us badly, while positive thoughts and feeling of happiness/strength make us healthy.

Only 2 to 25% diseases can be blamed on bad environment and bad genes.

Two identical twins have same set of genes, but later in their life they may suffer from different diseases, even if they live in the same locality. Different lifestyle and food habits can be blamed for that but different thought process also plays a major role.

Bad Genes are not that Bad !

Do you know that all of our body cells have same DNA (means same genes). But some cells are in shape of muscles, some skin, some neurons, some hairs and some blood. If all of them have same DNA, they why do they have different shape and features. It is because of different Gene Expression. Just having same genes does not mean that the outcome will be same. Same genes in different types of cell have different gene expression, which results in different shape and behavior of that cell. Similarly same genes in different generations can result in different gene expression. Even bad genes need bad environment to get activated. So bad genes are not that bad unless you provide them with adequate environment that they need to express themselves.

Our Thoughts can Activate Bad Genes

Yes ! Every thought that comes in our brain trigger some electrical and chemical changes in our body. It can result in triggering bad genes resulting in some diseases as well. Every thought that that comes in our brain results in some reaction, either in term of words or physical action. But when see this process in terms of brain, then there are chemical changes and hormonal changes.
For example when we get intimate with some one, then it is our thought process that stimulates our brain-body and our body starts to get ready for love making. During that process several hormonal changes occur within seconds, the blood pressure rises and breathing becomes fast without any physical exertion.
Similarly every positive and negative thought triggers some changes inside our body. All of them can't be recognized instantly from outside but from inside something happens over the time. Our whole personality is created by our thoughts, which are sometimes beyond control. These thoughts decide who we are and whats happening inside our body.
You must have heard about laughter-therapy. If you try to understand that then you will find that here we utilize the power of positive thought process to make a person healthy. Similarly if a person starts to think about diseases only then later or sooner the person will get affected by some disease.

How our Fear can make us Diseased ?

Fear or Negative thoughts have visible effect on our body when intensity of such thoughts is high. For example a sudden instance of very much fear can make you sweat, increase your heartbeat and improve your listening ability to such an extent that you can hear your own heartbeat. It is because our brain makes our body ready for flight or fight response, when it feels some danger to the body. Fear is good only if there is some real danger near you, as it can protect you from that danger. But unnecessary fear, even in small amounts, can make you diseased over the time. If your blood pressure and heartbeat always remain elevated due to fear then sooner or later you will develop some cardiovascular disease.
There are several types of fear that can affect a person. Some of the common examples of long term fear are given below.
Fear of Diseases: It is common now-a-days as people believe that some diseases are in their genes as their parents had it. But as we told you earlier that there is no need to be fearful, as no bad genes can affect you unless you provide them with adequate environment to activate them. In some rare cases some people are so much fearful of diseases that they don't even go outside or shake hands with people in order to keep themselves away from possible contact with germs and bacteria, which turns out to be a psychological illness in itself. If you have also got some fear of diseases then get rid of it, as diseases test our immune system and make it stronger by developing resistance to a number of other germs.
Fear of loosing someone: Sooner or later everybody looses someone close. So instead of being fearful of that, prepare yourself for every condition that you may face in future. Never be so much dependent on one person, that his/her absence make you paralyzed. Loving someone and being completely dependent on someone are two different things. So love people but get dependent on them. Fear of loosing someone often comes due to dependency. Live life fully without such fears, else you won't be able to enjoy the moment that you have got at present.
Fear of Failure: It affects most of the people at some point in life. You must understand that failure is part of life. Nobody can succeed without getting some failures. You must remove the word "failure" from your vocabulary. People either succeed or they get a lesson for their next task. You you take failure as a positive approach to find out your weak points then one day you will definitely succeed.
Fearful memories: Some traumatic events in our life can leave sharp impressions in our mind that can cause fear for years. For example, a person who met with an accident while driving his car on a foggy morning and listening to his favorite music track, can get fearful later in life while driving a car or listening to that music track or just watching fog. Such fears can be removed by attending some therapy sessions.

How Negative thoughts make us diseased ?

Every negative thought generated in our mind affect the body. Always being worried about something can shorten your life. Being worried causes stress, which can lead to several diseases over the time. Negative thoughts causes stress which releases the stress hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is good in short term but not in long term. Overabundance of cortisol results in suppression of digestive system, immune system and reproductive system. It is a reason behind stressful couples unable to conceive. Long term negative thoughts and stress leads to digestive problems and weaker immune system. A weaker immune system is an open invitation to diseases and shortening of life. Even if life is not shortened, then quality of life is affected, as an unhealthy body is itself a burden.
Living a stressful life can lead to hypertension, sleep problems, weight gain, memory problems and depression. Depression is something which can lead to more severe negative thoughts and make some people suicidal.

How to get rid of fear and negative thoughts ?

Be self dependent: It removes most of the fear that may be residing inside you.
Stay fit: A healthy looking body gives you enough confidence that you can beat any disease.
Be Happy: Being happy is the best organic medicine that one can have to stay fit. How to be happy is your choice. Some people like to play with kids to be happy, while some like to engage in some hobby. Just give some of your precious time to some activity that makes you happy.
Practice Meditation: It empowers your mind for positive thinking and helps in generating positive thoughts and getting rid of any type of fear. It also helps in getting rid of thought process that happen unnecessarily.
Try to forgive people: Our anger hurt us more than anybody else. So try to forgive people for their silly mistakes. Once you forgive a person, then its not just you who will feel better from inside, the other person will also feel sorry for what he/she has done. Most of our negative thoughts start from our anger. As we get angry on our parents, kids, colleagues, relatives or society, several negative thoughts are generated inside our brain. These negative thoughts in long term hurt us more than anyone else. Even if our forgiveness does not change them, but that forgiveness can help us saving ourselves from a number of diseases. Note: This forgiveness should be a part of your personality only for small mistakes of others that happen unintentionally, but when it comes to serious criminal offences then it can't be forgiven.

Fear of Number 13 : Disease or Superstition

Triskaidekaphobia means fear of number 13 (a type of phobia). This word was coined in 1911. Today the number of people suffering from this phobia are so much that manufactures and companies have stopped using the number 13 in their products. Some manufactures have even found some alternate ways to avoid number 13. For example, some manufacturers jump from number 12 to 14 leaving number 13 aside. If you are living is one of such countries where number 13 is considered unlucky then you might not have seen 13th floor in a multistory building. Even the button numbers in lifts don't contain button marked 13. It shows how superstitious people are, even the educated community.

Do you know that number 13 was not used on any racing car in Formula One racing from 1977 to 2013.

How number 13 became an Unlucky Number

Number 13 got the reputation of an unlucky number over a long time. One particular event can't be blamed for that. Here we have collected some facts that might have led to this belief.

  • During 1890s some experts of English Literature relate the number 13 to bad luck due to the famous "Jesus Christ's last supper". In that famous art work, there are total 13 people, Christ and the twelve apostles. Judas, who betrayed Jesus, is the last disciple sitting 13th on the table.
  • Further the term "Triskaidekaphobia" was coined in 1911 which meant fear of number 13.
  • King Philip IV of France arrested Knights Templar (also known as Soldiers of Christ) on Friday 13 October 1307 and tortured them to death. It lead to belief that number 13 is unlucky.
  • It was observed by some monks that if 13 full moons occurred in a year then it lead to some problems faced by monks, hence considered unlucky.
  • Number 13 represented femininity because 13 menstrual cycles occur in a year. 13 x 28 = 364 days.  
  • In Tarot Cards, 13th card represents Death with a picture of pale horse and a rider.
  • There are 12.41 lunar months in a solar year. It means that the 13th lunar month is never complete.

Interesting Facts about Fear of Number 13

  • Napoleon and the former US president Herbert Hoover suffered from Triskaidekaphobia, fear of number 13.
  • Apolo 13, a manned mission to moon, was aborted due to loss of an oxygen tank that exploded mid way.
  • Around $ 800 - 900 million is lost annually in the U.S. as people avoid to fly or do business meetings on 13th of any month.
  • House number 13 are usually hard to sell and often sold at a lower price with a different house number, such as 12A.
  • Many hospitals avoid having a room number 13. Similarly many tall buildings have floor 12A or M (13th Alphabet) instead of naming it as 13th floor.
  • A number of airlines have no row 13 on their planes. Scottish airports use gate 12B instead of gate 13.
  • Number 13 was never used by any player in triathlon. Similarly it was not used on any Formula One car from 1977 to 2013.
Interestingly all these facts and information lead to the conclusion that 13 is unlucky. However some people don't believe it and mark it as just a coincidence. After all just naming a room as 12A or 12B won't change its actual count. Even if nature has got something to do with number 13, then will it use English language or decimal number system to count it.
In some countries 13 is not considered unlucky. Instead 13 is considered lucky.
  • Great Seal of the United States has got 13 stars and there are 13 stripes on the American flag. 
  • In Italy 13 is considered lucky as the expression fare tredici ("to do 13") means "hit the jackpot".

How to get rid of Brain Worms found in Vegetables

Yes it is true that some worms found in Vegetables can land into your brain through your dining table. While most of the vegetables can have these tapeworms but cabbage and cauliflower are the best place for them to hide due to their uneven and tightly packed structure. The most dangerous of these worms that can travel to your brain is pork tapeworm known as Taeni solium. These worms are usually too small to be observed by naked eye and their eggs are hard-shelled which can survive even the cooking temperature. Then how to save yourself from this deadly creature ?

How long can this Pork tapeworm grow ?

To make you a little nervous, some tapeworm species can grow up to a length of 25 meters (82 feet) inside the human intestine(according to However some other sources say that it can grow beyond 12 feet. Both of these lengths are enough to make anybody fearful of them.

How this tapeworm can land into your brain ?

Very first thing you should know is that IT IS VERY RARE ! So don't remain afraid of this concept that a tapeworm from cabbage will land into your brain. If a tapeworm larvae is ingested raw, only then there are certain chances of it. Larvae can invade our intestinal wall and travel to different organs, which is called cysticercosis. If the tapeworm succeeds to reach our brain then it is called neurocysticercosis, which is a fatal condition with symptoms like seizures and paralysis. Usually people misunderstand such symptoms as stroke.

Know a little more about Pork Tapeworm

  • It is a ribbon like worm that can attach itself to intestinal walls.
  • It can hatch eggs and become larvae inside intestine.
  • Its larvae is found in human feces. Pigs often feed on feces of other animals and this tapeworm can easily infect them and find its way to their muscles. Those who eat pork (pig meat) are more prone to ingesting tapeworms, especially if they eat raw or under-cooked meat. That's why this tapeworm is named "Pork Tapeworm".
  • These tapeworms usually live for a few years and human GI track is their favorite place to survive as there they get free food and good warmth.
  • Eggs of tapeworm are 1000 times smaller than a millimeter, so can't be observed through naked eye.

How to get rid of Brain Worms found in Vegetables

Now we know that these brain worms are actually tapeworms. There are certain way to keep yourself safe from this tapeworm infection. Instead of abandoning a particular vegetable due to presence of this tapeworm, it is better to use some precautionary measures.

  • Most common cause of tapeworm infection are human feces. So always wash your hands after using your toilet. This way you can save yourself from auto-infection. Tapeworm eggs can continue its life-cycle in human feces for months and may land back into our plates through flies or under-cooked pork. 
  • Take care of proper hygiene in your kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Most common cause of tapeworm infection are unhygienic conditions. 
  • Always wash the vegetables properly to wash away any possible tapeworm or its eggs.
  • Cook the vegetables and meat properly before eating. No tapeworm or its larvae can survive the cooking temperature i.e. beyond 65 degree Celsius . Even if some eggs of tapeworm survive the cooking temperature, they can't attach themselves to our intestines as the head portion is necessary to attach itself.
  • If cases of tapeworm infection are increasing in your locality then it is better to avoid eating raw vegetables as salad, that can land live tapeworms into your body.
  • According to some experts potassium permanganate is the best to wash away cabbage worms. Add a few crystals of potassium permanganate in a bowl of water and soak vegetables in it for 5 minutes, then rinse the vegetables with running water before cooking them. It will wash away any parasites, bacteria or pesticide residue from vegetables. 

Instead of living in fear of pork tapeworm, it is better to take care of hygiene and proper cooking, which is the best way to save yourself from tapeworm infection.