High Blood Pressure in Children

High Blood Pressure occur in Children for the same reasons as in adults. Most common reason behind High Blood Pressure in Children in Obesity. Obesity can be due to any reason such as heredity, some disease, over eating or inactivity. Most researched reason behind obesity in kids is Inactivity. This inactivity is a result of technology. Obesity and inactivity is most popular among the kids in developed countries. Due to that reason the most of the children suffering from High Blood Pressure belong the developed nations. Here we will discuss all the reasons behind High Blood Pressure among kids.

Reasons behind High Blood Pressure among Kids

  • Obesity: Obesity is a common problem among kids in developed nations. The hard work that their ancestors have done is making them doing nothing. Its leading to obesity among children. Obesity is one of the main reasons behind High Blood Pressure among children just like adults.
  • Inactivity: Inactivity is main reason behind Obesity. Thus its an indirect factor contributing to High BP among kids.
  • Technology: Now a days kids are not going to playground, instead they like like to play on gaming consoles. Technology can do both good and bad for mankind. Here its a bad effect. Technology is making us lazy, especially kids. Todays kids have seen remote controls for everything since their birth. So they take it as a birth right to do everything with a remote. They don't even like to play with their feet on ground (it will make them dirty), instead they feel like a hero after winning a game on X-box. Thus the technology is gifting them with Inactivity and Obesity.
  • Over Eating: Over eating is another common reason behind High Blood Pressure. Over Eating starts when parents don't keep an eye on what their kids are eating. Children can easily grow a habit of eating junk food. Sometimes technology also helps them in over-eating. For example if you are eating while watching TV, then you will definitely eat more. This extra food is deposited in your body as Fat leading to High Blood Pressure.

How We can save our Children from High Blood Pressure

Simplest way to save your kids from High Blood Pressure is to keep their body with correct height-weight ratio. Its easy to say that, but in reality it may be tough, especially if your kid has already gained enough weight to be called Obese. Here are a few tips to keep your children in good shape.

  • Encourage your children to play in ground instead of X-box. Try to play yourself with them, just to make them adjust into this habit. In free time tell them the merits and demerits of playing on ground vs playing on X-box.
  • Don't eat in front of TV: Usually we eat much more in front of TV. When we eat while watching TV, we drink less water and don't know when its above our usual appetite. This results in overeating and later obesity. We should respect our food and give proper time and attention to what we are eating. Eating time should always be different from TV time and the dining table should not be in the same room where TV is located.
  • Tell them to use technology only when needed. Now a days everything have its remote control, but a lot of things can be used manually. Try to operate most of the appliances without remote (if it can be done). Technology is to assist us, not to make us its slave.
  • Don't make eating a Hobby: Eating is just a necessity of our body. However the taste matters sometimes, but eating should not become a hobby. Eating should be after some regular intervals. Minimum 3 times eating is sufficient for our body. You may design your diet schedule according to your work and doctors advice.  

Black Coffee benefits for Weight Loss

Millions of People around the world drink coffee on daily basis. Still we keep discussing advantages and disadvantages of Coffee. All popular things have controversies connected with them. Its natural. Either its a celebrity or coffee, both have their own merits and demerits. Black Coffee is another popular variety of Coffee known from its benefits in losing weight. A number of people around the world use it for Weight Loss. This Black Coffee also comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Here we will discuss both of these factors in addition to the weight loss factor.

Black Coffee benefits for Weight Loss

Black Coffee is often discussed for its addiction and side effects, but what if someone says that its good for health. You might be surprised but YES. But this "YES" comes with some conditions.

Caffeine burns Fat

Caffeine is an important part of Coffee but is famous for its negative effects, and doctors often advice pregnant and breastfeeding women to keep themselves away from it. But they same Caffeine can help you in burning fat. Caffeine stimulates an engyme named lipase, which helps breaking down fat during digestion.

Chlorogenic Acid another thing to Loose Weight

Chlorogenic Acid is another thing present in Black Coffee which helps in burning fat. It works works just same as caffeine. Joint efforts by Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid creates more slimming effect.

Caffeine is a diuretic

Caffeine acts as a diuretic. Diuretic is something that can dilute the fluids of body. Thus it helps in removing toxins out of body. Removal of toxins also helps in weight loss.

Better Circulation System and Metabolism

The above mentioned effects of caffeine helps in creating a better circulation system in our body. A better circulation system creates better metabolism.

Smell of Coffee

The smell of Coffee creates alpha brain activity in our brain which is helpful in removing the stress. Stress is a psychological factor which makes people not getting indulged in any physical activity, hence becoming overweight. So in this way, smell of coffee can also save you from being overweight.

Timing is Important

As mentioned earlier in this article, that just drinking black coffee can't help you. You have to do it with proper timing. Drinking coffee 20-30 minutes before a workout will help you in loosing more weight. Similarly if you drink coffee after meal instead of a desert, then it might save you from excess sugar and fat products.

Only Coffee can't make you slim. Drink coffee with proper timing and some physical activity. Else it will only make you an addict with a number of side effects.

Heart Diseases in United States (Unknown Facts)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading government agency in United states that collects disease related data and provides guidelines to citizens of United States to keep them safe from any vulnerable disease. In year 2013 CDC published a document with details of severity of Heart Diseases in United States. According to that CDC report Heart Diseases are the worst killers of United States. Here we have gathered some facts about Heart Diseases in United States to tell the severity of the condition.

  •  23.5% of all deaths in United States are caused due to Heart Diseases (in year 2013). However now it could be cancer.
  • 610,000 people in United State died due to Heart Diseases during year 2013. 
  • 787,000 people in United State died due to Heart Diseases during year 2011.
  • By 2011, one in three deaths was due to heart diseases. By 2013 this rate has reduced to one in four deaths.

Facts about reasons for Heart Diseases


  • 16% of students are smokers. 
  • 20% Men and 16% Women are smokers in America.
  • In 2012 there were 6300 new smokers added every day.

Lack of physical Activity

  • 31% of US population accepts that they don't participate in any kind of physical activity.

Over Eating

  • Only less than 1% of American population meets the diet guidelines of American Heart Association.
  • Research results taken from 1971 to 2004 shows that women started consuming 22% more ans men started consuming 10% more.


  • Most of the US population above 20 years of age is overweight.
  • 69% of total american population is overweight or obese.
  • 32% children are overweight.

High Blood Pressure

  • Around 33% of american population have High Blood Pressure. 
  • Only half of them have got their condition under control.

  As all the details shown above are itself explaining why heart diseases are the number one killers of american population. We don't need a Hollywood movie Sniper to be a number one killer. We have ourselves put us into this condition. Government can only issue some guidelines. We have follow our own will if we want to save our life.

Deep Breathing to reduce High Blood Pressure

Breathing exercises are well known for their good effect in lowering the high blood pressure. Here we will put some light on this topic that how it happens and which breathing exercises can be done to reduce the high blood pressure.

What happens to our breathing during High Blood Pressure

Usually during the state of high blood Pressure our breathing becomes fast and shallow. Normally a person don't notice it, as it just happens. In such condition we don't take full breath, which is required for the body. Due to this condition our body parts face lack of oxygen supply, which makes the condition worst. In such a state more blood is pumped to brain, which is already in lack of oxygen. Kidney function is also reduced and less amount of sodium is extracted out of blood by them. totally it makes the blood acidic and changes occur in blood gases.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing in itself is one of the best exercises to reduce stress and high blood pressure. Whatever you are doing, if you feel stress or some elevation in your BP, you can instantly start taking deep breaths and you will feel getting normal again.

How deep breathing helps your body in lowering Blood Pressure

  • Deep breathing relaxes our body by activating the parasympathetic system.
  • Deep breathing provides sufficient oxygen to all body parts and salt is extracted out of blood stream efficiently by kidneys.
  • Just 6 deep breaths can reduce the systolic blood pressure (the upper reading) by 10mm Hg.
  • Our breathing rate and heart rate are directly related to each other. So decreasing the speed of breath by taking deep breaths will automatically reduce our pulse rate and helps in reducing blood pressure.

Types of Deep Breathing

  • Abdominal Breathing / Belly Breathing: When we take deep breaths our lungs fill will air and our abdomen also expands to provide space for that air. But some health conscious people don't ever do it. Usually people keep their stomach flat to look slim. They work hard to get best 6-pack-abs. But a tight stomach is a barrier in deep breathing. So don't make your stomach muscles too hard. Being slim with a healthy weight is good but too tight stomach is not good. When we take deep breaths our abdomen / belly region should also expand. Once our belly region is filled with air, then our chest rises upwards. Its the correct deep breathing. Now when you exhale you should let the air go out itself. Don't force the air to go out. There should be around 6 deep breaths in a minute.  
  • Alternate Nose Breathing: In this type of deep breathing air is inhaled from one nostril and then exhaled via other. Next time differnt nostrils are used to inhale and exhaled. This cycle continues for 10 to 15 minutes. Thumb and index finger are used to block the required nostrils. In India people call it Anulom-Vilom Pranayam.
  • Pranayams: These are a group of Yoga Exercises that are basically based on breathing. They are worth trying to reduce the High Blood Pressure. Yoga Exercises to reduce High Blood Pressure.
  • Guided Breathing: This type of breathing is done with the help help of some device wich monitors your BP and breathing. These devices can instruct you and help you in deep breathing and also shows the readings of blood pressure getting reduced.

Pregnancy and Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure variations often occur during pregnancy. Here we will try to put some light on the reasons behind it. Both High or Low Blood Pressure can happen during pregnancy. We will discuss the reasons behind both of these conditions.

High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure is a condition when your blood pressure reading goes above 140/90. Several factors can cause high blood pressure. We have provided a list of reasons behind High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy.

Reasons behind High Blood Pressure during pregnancy:

  • Being Obese or Overweight.
  • Being a Smoker
  • Inactivity
  • Alcohol Drinking
  • First Time Pregnancy
  • Carrying more than one Child
  • History of Kidney diseases in family. 
  • Getting pregnant after 40 Years of Age.

Our lifestyle has a lot to do with high blood pressure. Being Obese, being a smoker and being a drinker is self invitation to high BP.  Being Obese or being Inactive are also related to each other and both of them are also bad for a pregnant woman. These factors can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle. However some factors are unavoidable such as getting pregnant after age of 40 Years, or having a family history of hypertension or kidney diseases. Sometimes carrying twins can also become a reason behind High BP. So if the reason behind high BP is one of last 3 reasons then its better to consult a good gynecologist.

Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Low Blood Pressure during pregnancy is also a common phenomena. Usually this condition is at its peak in the middle of second trimester. During low BP a pregnant women may feel lightheadedness, dizziness and even fainting. Some women feel sudden lowering of BP while standing up or rising up from bed.

Reasons behind Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

  • Expansion of circulatory System: As the circulatory system of baby develops inside the womb, the body fluids are shared between mother and child which leads to low BP.
  • Hormonal Changes: Some Hormonal changes dilate the blood to make it easier to flow. It can also cause low blood pressure. 

A Few lifestyle changed should be done by pregnant women to deal with Low BP conditions. here are a few tips:

  • Just sit down or lie down if you are feeling that you are about to faint. It will save you from falling and also also save you from harming the baby and yourself.
  • Lying on the left side will increase blood flow to the heart and save you from low BP condition.
  • Don't be fast while standing up from a seated or lying position.

Note: If you feel that your condition is getting worst, then don't hesitate in contacting your gynecologist. Don't try to be a doctor yourself.

Why do we Breathe through one Nostril at a time ?

Human Body is one of the most complex machines. Its still a wonder how our body evolved like this. We have the best brain and other body parts. Our body parts seems to be weaker than other animals but still they are the best. Human race can survive the most extreme conditions found on this planet only with the help of our brain and gradually evolved body parts. Each of our body part have a motive. Nothing in our body is a waste. Sometimes people argue that why do we have 2 nostrils. One was sufficient for inhaling and exhaling. But the truth is that we use one nostril at a time, not both. We switch from one nostril to other within a time interval of 15 minutes to 2 hours. This time interval differs in different people.

The concept of breathing through one nostril at a time was discovered by Richard Kayser in 1895. He called it Nasal Cycle. Now nasal cycle is a well known phenomena.

How does our nose maintain the nasal cycle ?

Our nose have erectile tissue in the upper part of nose. These erectile tissues are similar to those found in a penis or clitoris. When the erectile tissue in one nostril swells up, the erectile tissue of other nostril shrinks. This cycle continues and erectile tissues changes their state after a particular time interval. The swollen erectile tissue does not blocks the passage of air completely. If we forcefully try to blow the air out of it then we can do it.

Whats the reason behind this Nasal Cycle ?

Several researches are done to know the motive behind this nasal cycle. Various conclusions are derived from these researches. Here we are providing a list of these conclusions.
  • A study done in 1988 found that breathing through right nostril increases our blood glucose level, which breathing through left decreases the blood glucose. This study concluded that nasal cycle is a way to maintain the blood glucose level. If a person continues to breath only through right nostril and very rarely switches to left then it means that either he is diabetic or he will be soon.
  • Another study in 1993 concluded that we consume more oxygen while breathing through right nostril.
  • In 1994 one more study concluded that nasal cycle has something to do with brain. When we breath through right nostril the left part of brain is more active and vice versa. Some scientists believe that nasal cycle helps in maintaining coordination between right and left hemispheres of brain.
  • One more thing was discovered that when we sleep on left side the right nostril opens up, and when we sleep on right side the left nostril opens up. So our nasal cycle may be the reason why we change sides while sleeping.
  • Some researchers believe that prolonged breathing through left nostril can be a factor behind Asthma.
  • According to belief of Indian Yoga Teachers, Nasal Cycle helps in maintaining the body temperature and mind-body balance. 

Nasal Cycle is not only limited to humans. Its also found in rats, rabbits, domestic pigs, cats and dogs.

Nasal Cycle and Yoga

Yoga Teachers claim that Nasal Cycle is nothing new to Yoga. Its known for centuries and used to treat diseases through various pranayams. According to Yaga Teachers our nasal cycle should change within 2 hours. If it doesn't then it means we are not in a healthy state of body or mind.

  • If we breath with right nostril for more than two hours then it means mental and nervous disturbance.
  • If we breath with left nostril for more than two hours then it means chronic fatigue and reduced brain function.
  • Right nostril is Pingala Nadi(Sun principle or body), so breathing through right nostril is called "Surya Shawsa".
  • left nostril represents Ida nadi (moon principle or mind), so breathing through left nostril is called "Chandra Shawsa".

Nadi Shodhan or Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) is a pranayam that is based on the principle of nasal cycle. All "Baba Ramdev" fans must be aware of Anulom Vilom.

How to do Nadi Shodhan / Anuloma Viloma ?

Its a breathing exercise. Initially you close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale using left nostril, then remove your thumb and close your left nostril with index finger and exhale through right nostril. Now Inhale through right nostril and then remove index finger from left nostril and close right nostril with thumb and exhale through left nostril. This cycle should continue for 5 minutes initially. After few weeks you may do it for 15 to 20 minutes daily.

Benefits of Nadi Shodhan / Anuloma Viloma

  • More oxygen in provided to body per breath.
  • Blockages in nostrils are cleared, air flow becomes optimal and healthy nasal cycle in maintained.
  • Its effective in stress management.
  • It helps in dealing with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.
  • It balances Ida and Pingala and removes all the blockages in the pranic energy channels.
  • It helps in maintaining a balance between body and mind.

Yoga FAQ for Women (Periods, Pregnancy, Menopause)

Bodies of Men and Women are different. They are different not only on outside features but also on internal functioning. Women bodies go through periods, pregnancy and menopause while men don't. Some believe that yoga is same for both men and women but some scholars differ. Here we have collected some yoga FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which are commonly asked by women worldwide.

Is Yoga OK during periods ?

Its one of the most controversial question? Different gurus have different opinion on this question. But as we researched this question, we found that that there are some similarities in different views. Bodies of all women don't react in the same way during periods. Some feel more pain and discomfort while some don't. So you have to listen to your body during this time. Upside-down Asanas are strictly prohibited, backward bending asanas and Bandhs are also better to be avoided.
Some easy to do Asanas like Yoga-Nindra, Anulom Vilom, Bhramri Pranayam, Ujjayi Pranayam, Chanting of Om are few of the asanas that are advised by everybody during Periods.

Is Yoga safe during Pregnancy ?

Yes, Yoga is not only safe but also beneficial for a pregnant women, if done under supervision of an expert. All asanas can't be and should not be done by pregnant women for safety of the unborn child. Here is a list of asanas which should be avoided during pregnancy:

  • those asanas which put more stress on your muscles
  • Those asanas which are done on back
  • Standing postures should be avoided during second trimester
  • Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga should be avoided as the heat may harm the baby.
  • Don't overdo the twisting poses. If you have to twist then use your shoulder and back, rather than waist.
At last listen to your body and don't do anything where you are fearful or uncomfortable.
Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy: Read More

Is it OK during menopause ?

Menopause brings a lot of hormonal changes in the body of Women. Usually Yoga can help you in getting relief from the side effects of these hormonal changes. Yoga is better way to get relief from stress symptoms and it works in most of the cases. At least its better than relying on medicines.

Yoga for High Blood Pressure Control and Treatment

Yoga is Considered as one of the best alternative treatments for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension). Yoga Guru "Ramdev" has made yoga even more popular around the world in past few years. Here we will tell you about a few yoga postures / exercises that can help you in treatment of High Blood Pressure and control it to live a normal life.

Baba Ramdev Yoga for High Blood Pressure

Baba Ramdev Yoga mostly consists of Pranayams. Pranayams are yoga breathing exercises. High Blood Pressure patients should ensure that they don't do these breathing exercises very fastly. Instead BP patients should do pranayam with slow deep breaths. Its better to consult your doctor and practice pranayam with the help of an expert. Here is a list of few 'Baba Ramdev Yoga' (pranayams) for High Blood Pressure.

  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama
  • Bahya pranayama
  • Anulom Vilom Pranayama and Nadi Shodhan
  • Bharmari Pranayama
  • Udggeth Pranayama
  • Pranav Pranayama
  • Shavasan

Seetkari Yoga Pranayama

Seetkari Yoga Pranayama is another pranayam to effectively lower the High Blood Pressure. As its name symbolizes its meaning, "seetkari" means cooling. It provides a cooling effect to the body  and helps in lowering the Blood Pressure

How to do Seetkari Pranayam

  • Sit straight with elongated spine.
  • Take 5 deep breaths.
  • Now close your teeths and expand your lips and inhale the air through tour mouth. It will be like a smiling face, but no teeth showing. Air should be inhaled through teeths with a hissing sound. Inhale air deeply though your teeths and exhale through nose.
  • Doing it for 5 to 10 minutes will provide a cooling effect.

Precaution: If you are suffering from or prone to cold or respiratory diseases then you should not practice seetkari pranayam.

List of yoga poses for High Blood Pressure is mentioned on the page given here. Read More

Yoga Poses to be avoided by High BP Patients

There are a few yoga poses that should be avoided by High BP patients. Most of them are those poses in which there is extreme pressure on body and are not easy to do. If you feel yourself uncomfortable in a posture then you should not do it. If your are a High BP patient then you have to practice yoga poses to calm down the body and reduce fat. But if the yoga pose is taking you to your limits then its not for you. A few postures to be avoided are: Dhanurasana, Ustrasana, Adho Mukha Vrksasana, Natarajasana and many more. Complete list can be given here. So its best to get the list of yogasans that can be done by you with the help of a yoga teacher.

Note: If you are practicing some regular medication for High Blood Pressure, then don't stop it to practice yoga. You may continue your medication with yoga. Some researches done on this topic has shown that even if yoga don't show any improvement in your Blood Pressure condition, it will help you in improving your quality of life.