Is Insulin Resistance really a disease ?

Insulin Resistance is popularly known as a major reason behind Diabetes. But very few of us know if Insulin Resistance is really a disease in itself or not. Yes, Insulin Resistance is a major reason behind diabetes if it remains in body for a longer duration. But the truth is that Insulin Resistance is a protective mechanism for our body. You will understand it once you read this complete article. To understand this mechanism better you need to go through the working of Insulin hormone and its resistance mechanism. Then you will know how Insulin Resistance is actually a protective mechanism for our body.

How does Insulin works in our body ?
Whenever blood sugar level rises in our body, insulin hormone is released. This hormone get mixed in our blood supply from pancreas and then sits on insulin receptors on each cell. It makes the body cells being capable of receiving glucose from blood and fulfill their energy needs. Once the energy demand of all body cells is fulfilled and if still some extra glucose is available in blood stream (apart from the minimum blood glucose level) then insulin converts in to fat and stores in different fat stores of body for usage during energy demands during high intensity work load or during starvation. 

What is Insulin Resistance ?
It is a mechanism in human body where all or most of the body cells become resistant to insulin temporarily. It means that body cells don't accept insulin hormone to sit on their insulin receptors. It makes the blood glucose level remaining elevated for longer duration. However it occurs more often in a diabetic person but if it happens in a controlled manner then it is a protective mechanism for our body.

Why Insulin Resistance is a protective mechanism ?

Helps in survival of brain: Our brain is just 2% of body mass but requires 20% of energy. When our brain needs more energy supply due to any work load, our brain can trigger insulin resistance in remaining body so that the glucose in blood is not utilized by any other body part and our brain keep working. After all brain is most important for body.
During development of fetus: Insulin resistant can occur in a pregnant women to provide more glucose to the brain of developing fetus. At that time there are two brains in woman's body and require more energy to work and develop.
When our brain need more energy: 

Negative effects of long term Insulin resistance

  • If insulin resistance becomes a permanent feature of your body or occurs more often then it can cause diabetes type 2.
  • Insulin resistance makes your pancreas work more to produce more insulin and already available remains incapable to lower blood glucose. This long term workload on pancreas make them incapable to produce insulin anymore or the insulin production is permanently reduced.
What makes Insulin Resistance uncontrolled in our body?
So now you know that "Insulin Resistance" can make us unhealthy if it become uncontrolled. What makes it uncontrolled is the main thing to worry about. Most of the researches found that obesity is the main reason behind it. Large stores of fat in our body are capable of generating its own hormones which disturbs the hormonal balance in body and cause insulin  resistance to occur without any need.

How to protect yourself from uncontrolled Insulin Resistance ?
You already know it ! Just control your weight. Waist of above 40 puts you at very high risk of insulin resistance. Most of the patients of diabetes never notice this condition when they remain pre-diabetic for years. So wake up now and control your waistline.

Reactive hypoglycemia - Low blood Sugar after having a meal

Hypoglycemia, Diabetes Type 1, or Low Blood Sugar are different names for same medical condition. Reactive hypoglycemia is a rare medical condition where a person have low blood sugar within one to three hours after having a meal. Reactive hypoglycemia is an indication of a person becoming diabetic or Insulin resistance. If you feel low in energy just after few hours after having a meal then you may be suffering from this condition. But before making any conclusion you must read this article.

How is it possible to have low blood sugar after having a meal ?

When we eat something our body breaks the food into glucose which is further supplied into the blood to provide energy to all cells. When blood sugar level rises our body releases insulin hormone to control that blood sugar and set it to an optimum level. In case of Reactive hypoglycemia our body releases more Insulin than required which decreases the blood sugar below the required minimum level. It is an indication of person getting diabetic.

Symptoms of Reactive Hypoglycemia

  • Hunger
  • Sleepiness
  • Light-headedness
  • Weakness
  • Shakiness
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating

These symptoms are common in some other medical conditions as well. But if you are feeling these symptoms within one to three hours after having a meal then you should get your blood sugar tested for both fasting and after having a meal.

How to save yourself from Reactive Hypoglycemia ?

If it is confirmed from your test results that you have Reactive Hypoglycemia then you must take some steps to save yourself from diabetes. So of the major steps to be taken are
  • Reduce your weight: If you are overweight then reducing your weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle will help help you.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly boosts our metabolism and increases our immune system. It also helps in reducing weight and burning excess calories.
  • Sound Sleep: A sound sleep of around 7 hours is must for a healthy person.
  • Balanced Diet: This last step is not the least but it is the key to be fit again. You should avoid foods with high glycemic index. High Glycemic index foods are those food items which can increase your blood sugar rapidly. These food items are usually rich in carbohydrates which can be directly converted into glucose by our digestive system. Instead your should eat those food items which are rich in fiber.

What kind of food is best if you have Reactive Hypoglycemia ?

As told earlier that you should totally avoid foods with high glycemic index. You should eat a diet rich in fiber, protein and an adequate amount of fat. Fiber, protein and fat slows down the digestive process and less amount of glucose is supplied into the blood supply for a longer duration. It does not let the blood sugar rise suddenly and limited amount of insulin is released into blood.

Apart from the above suggestions it is best to consult a specialist and get a proper diet plan to fight Reactive Hypoglycemia. Always remember that it is a symptom of diabetes and healthy lifestyle can keep you away from this.

Do we really use just 10% of our Brain ? Myth vs Fact !

A number of people believe that humans just use 10% of their brain on average. Those who have have higher IQ might have crossed this average percentage. A normal person world easily believe this theory, as we have a tendency to believe in super humans with super intelligence, and it is not possible if all of use 100% of our brain. Else there will be no difference between a normal person and Albert Einstein. But the truth about this theory is totally different.

Do we really use just 10% of our Brain ?

Homo Sapiens (or today's Man kind) is made after evolution of millions of years. In this process of evolution we got some new abilities as per necessity and also lost some feature if they were of no use any more. We are still evolving today but the it is not visible in one generation or two, it takes thousands of years to notice any visible effect. Today we have a perfectly balanced body and every organ has a use according to present environment. If you believe this theory then you must agree think twice before agreeing to "10% of brain" theory.

How may we get a brain 10 times the necessity. It is simply a wrong fact. Those who found it, either did some wrong analysis or believed in the fact that we are successors of some alien species that came to earth a long time ago and we are yet to know full potential of our brain.

Real Science is that that believe on facts, not on any preconceived notions. A number of people keep believing in the 10% of brain theory without questioning it.

From where do we get this 10% of brain theory ?
Before we answer this question you must know that The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research did a survey in 2013 and found that 65% Americans believe that just 10% of our brain is used by us in a lifetime. However now this brain usage percentage has increased to 35% in some cases but still this myth is surviving and will not come to an end anytime soon.
Timeline of origin of 10% brain theory

  • Harvard psychologists William James in 1890 told audiences that people only meet a fraction of their full mental potential, which was taken as a plausible clause by educated people of that time.
  • In 1929 a book "Mind Myths: Exploring Popular Assumptions About the Mind and Brain" was published which contained a chapter on 10% brain myth.
  • In 1936, American writer Lowell Thomas added a falsely precise percentage and said that Professor William James used to say that humans use just 10% of their brain.
  • In the 1970s, psychologist and educator Georgi Lozanov proposed a teaching method called suggestopedia with a belief in its base that humans use just 5 to 10% of their mental capability.
  • Some people also believe that in late 19th century and beginning of 20th Century when early brain researches were going on, scientists were unable to find the functions of a large part of brain. It lead to a misunderstanding that only 10% of brain is used by humans.

 Today the truth is known that 100% brain is used during a day. However it is possible that during one particular task only 10% brain is active. But a large percentage of population still thinks that we use just 10 to 35 percent of our brain.

Facts that will make you believe that we use 100% of our brain.

  • The very first fact is that we evolved and got only that much capability which is necessary. Getting a brain with 10 times of normal capability is something unnecessary and impossible to develop under the normal biological process of evolution.
  • Death during childbirth was often associated with large skull size. If our brain is really unnecessarily large then we should have lost it by natural selection and mortality rate during child birth would have been less.
  • Every person with a brain damage (either accidental or stroke) always loose some capability due to loss of a part of brain. However some lucky people may get their lost capability back due to neuroplasticity if the that was not a major brain damage.
  • Some recent researches based on brain scans confirmed that all parts of brain remain active all the time. Some parts remain more active during a particular task, but we can't take any part of brain as non functional.

Every part of brain has got a function, either physical, mental or emotional. Some parts of brain just handle our internal metabolism. All functions of brain are really very hard to know as some of these parts make us think, make us dream, make us plan. Our brain can take us to a scene decades before and can also make us think of that future when we will not be here. Whatever we look, we are much more than that. The fact that we don't utilize our full potential is true, but nature has granted us with power to do much more in our life with a brain of three pounds.

After reading this article you must stop believing that extra 90% brain can give psychic powers to you some day which is falsely advertised in a number of sci-fi movies. Your views on this article are most invited in the comments section. 

Human Brain vs Computers - Something Unbelievable

You won't be same after reading this. Nature has granted us with a immensely powerful computer fitted in a very tiny space with very less power consumption. You can't even utilize its full capability in several lifetimes. The more we use our brain the more it learns and become more efficient by practicing the same task again. If you want to know the power of your brain compared to modern computers in a terminology that you understand then read this complete article.

What is there in our brain ?

  • Our brain have 80 to 100 billion neurons.
  • Same amount of Neuroglia, also called glial cells. These cells protect and insulate neurons, provide nutrition, remove dead neurons and destroy pathogens.
  • Neurons are found in 26 different sizes.
  • Size of neurons varies from 4 microns (.004 mm) to 100 microns (.1 mm). Their length may vary from few millimeters to few feet.
  • 400 miles of Capillaries to provide blood and nutrition to them.
  • Each neuron makes 5000 to 10000 connections with other neurons.
  • So there are 500 to 1000 trillion connections in our brain. 

Brain compared to Computers

Even the best computer in world can't reach the capability of brain. However you may not fit a pendrive in your skull to store some movies in it, but your brain can remember things faster than any super computer. The memory of our brain has the capability to store much more data than any super computer on earth till now.

  • Memory Capacity of Brain:  According to Paul Reber, Professor; Director of Brain, Behavior, & Cognition at Northwestern University, our brain can store upto 2.5 Petabyte (which is one million GB). This much memory is enough to play continuous video on TV for 300 Years.
  • Processing Speed: A neuron can fire upto 200 times per second. For 86 billion neurons it makes 17.2 trillion action potentials. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, our brain processes 400 Billion bits of information per second, but yet we are aware of 2,000 only. All of our senses send 11 million bits of data per second to the brain but it can process only upto 60 bits of data per second. It is possible only if you compress 11 million bits into just 60 bits (just like we make zip files in computers). Such compression technology is not yet possible for man made computers.
  • Power consumption: If we use the same memory as our brain and same processing speed in a computer then it will use 1 gigawatt of power, which will need a nuclear power plant. But when it comes to our brain, it uses less than 20 watt of electricity in the form of electrical impulses between neurons. Our brain is just 2% of our body weight but consumes 20% of our calories and 25% of oxygen. In resting state our body needs 1300kcal of energy which is equal to 63W of energy. 20% of this consumption is just 12.6W . So 12.6 watt can be stated as power consumption of brain. This much efficiency is impossible to imagine in any man made machine.
  • Serial Processing and Parallel processing: Some researches found that our left brain do the serial processing tasks while right brain do the parallel processing tasks.

Interesting facts about Brain

These fasts will make you believe more in superiority of human brain compared to any computer.
Cognitive Reserve (brain's cache memory): It increases in size with a person keeps learning new things all over his life. When such person takes rest from busy life after retirement, his or her cognitive reserve remains same and his efficiency in mental tasks remains much better than the people of similar age group.
Neuroplasticity: It is a feature of our brain to learn new things and repair its circuits in case of a damage due to accident or stroke. Previously it was thought that brain can't repair it self after a certain age, but now we know that brain can repair itself through neuroplasticity.

A computer can be programmed to do one particular task much better than a human brain. For example a supercomputer can beat a chess grandmaster, but the same supercomputer can't store visual memories, language skills, cooking skills, thinking ability and most important emotions. Human brain is a capable to control the human body to do any physical or mental task or a combination of both. So these two things are not comparable at all. Man often try to challenge nature, but nature is something to be known, not something to beat. We need to learn a lot from the nature. Thats why we call it mother nature.

Neuroplasticity - The key to Brain Fitness

Previously it was believed that brain develops only during childhood and no changes can occur inside brain after reaching adulthood. But now this concept is found wrong after we found about "Neuroplasticy", an important feature of human brain to makes changes in its circuit according to the needs of a person. It not only helps in learning and mastering a skill but also in recovering from a brain injury. Once you read more about neuroplasticity, you will be amazed to find that you have got one of the most amazing self-learning, self-repairing and self-cleaning computer in your brain whose learning and remembering power is much more than what you think.

What is Neuroplasticity ?

Our brain is huge collection of neuron cells. These neuron cells make connections between themselves, just like a circuit in an electronic chip. Different circuits are made and dedicated for different tasks. The more you need a circuit, the more easily accessible it becomes. What ever you learn intentionally or unintentionally is stored in your brain and is recalled when necessary. The least used or unnecessary memories either remains least accessible or some other circuit is formed using those neurons. The more you use a circuit, the more powerful and efficient it becomes. A mathematician can do complex calculations just by using his brain while a normal person world need calculator for that. But the same mathematician may not play a guitar, while a professional guitar player can do magic with that. Some skills need just our eyes, mouth and brain while a different skill need coordination between our ears, hands and brain. Different circuits in brain are developed and made efficient till we remain alive as per our daily needs.

How to utilize neurolasticity to keep your brain fit ?

You must have heard the proverb "Practice makes a man perfect". It implies perfectly on your brain. The more you work with your brain, the more efficient it becomes. Its learning ability increases with its usage. It makes you more efficient in a task, if you practice it several times. You can become  a master of any language, any subject, any dance, any music, anything just by practicing it. The more curious you remain all over your life, the better brain you will have by the time your life will come to an end. You attitude towards learning new skills will only help you at an old age. Those skills that you learn in your life might not always help you in your life, but they will exercise your brain. Your brain neurons or the circuits won't get rust and they will be used whenever necessary in your life only if you keep using them.

Stress and Neuroplasticity

Stress can kill neurons and the connection between them can also be damaged. So it is necessary to remain out of depression and stress. It is possible with a good lifestyle, balanced diet and learning attitude. Too much thinking about negative topics of your life can make you depressed or stressed. Try not to fall prey to depression by keeping yourself busy at such times. The neuroplasticity feature of your brain can be paused or damaged by depression or stress. Due to the same reason you can't learn new skills if you are in stress.

How neuroplasticity help you recover from brain damage ?

Sometimes people loose some of their brain functions due to accidental damage or medical conditions like stroke, which damages some neurons or the connection between them. Some of these brain functions might be recovered through neuroplasticity. It happens naturally with a little patience and practice. When we practice again and again, our brain makes a new circuit with the help of remaining neurons for that lost function. It can happen only if there is no damage to the target organ and the nervous system.

Nature has granted us with enormous possibilities, we just need a little dedication and practice to make ourselves perfect for any task.

Why do people get addicted to pornography

Porn addiction is not only affecting USA but the whole world. High Speed internet access in all developed and developing countries is acting as a catalyst in this addiction. Young generation often get attracted to porn as it is something new and exciting for them and they feel more pleasure in it than any other activity. Truth is that sometimes age don't matter for pornography addiction and person of any age group can get addicted to it due to different reasons.

Here are some basic reasons behind porn addiction. These reasons are somehow related to lives of most of the humans of modern world who think themselves as technically advanced. 

Pleasure: Pleasure is the primary requirement for any addiction. Especially in teens when they are new to sexual pleasure and if they are introduced to porn at that time then most probably they will try to watch it again and again with something new every time.
Absence of a partner: Among adults the absence of partner due to any reason can sometime attract a person towards porn. People often watch porn to get relief from sexual frustration in long distance relationships.
Lack of time to get intimate: Sometimes people have a partner who live in the same house but don't get time to be intimate due to busy schedule. It is common in metro cities where both partners work to earn good money at the cost of very less personal life.
Man seek out a variety: Males in most species don't stick to just one female, so that they can spread their genes. Same personality trait comes in man that he can't remain satisfied with just one irrespective of beauty of woman. Even those who don't cheat, try to watch porn to satisfy that other need.
Free availability of internet pornography: Free availability of porn videos on internet has increased the number of porn addicts in past one decade. Teens go on these websites just to satisfy their curiosity and later get addicted to it. They don't even need any paid subscription to watch porn. Free availability is the number one reason behind the porn addiction.

Science behind Porn Addiction

As a matter of fact whenever a man or woman reaches the climax of sexual activity, he/she is emotionally bound to the other person. In case of pornography the other person is nothing but a video on the screen. Repetition of the same behavior connects the person to porn content so much that it becomes harder for him or her to resist from it. This is the starting phase of porn addiction. When we try to understand the science behind porn addiction then we find that it is just like any other addiction but it harms our brain and thinking much more than any other addiction.
Dopamine is a chemical which is released in brain whenever we feel excitement, sexual arousal and happiness. Whenever dopamine is released in the brain, our brain stores the act just done before to know what lead to that excitement and happiness. Some drugs like cocaine also affect the dopamine release to make a person addicted to it. Interesting fact is that erotic imagery releases more dopamine in brain than sex with a familiar partner. When our brain compares these different dopamine levels, it finds that real sex is less exciting than watching porn and feel more connected to pornography. Better reward is always inspiring to do more. Thus it becomes a reward driven addiction.
How does porn harm your brain, body and life ?

Sex is a necessity of human body and there is nothing abnormal in it. If an adult person don't have a partner for long duration and he/she don't want to cheat his/her partner then most probably he/she will turn to porn. Till this time it is not an addiction, but it can easily become an addiction if you start avoiding your partner to get pleasure by watching porn alone. Such condition can easily ruin a relationship and social behavior of a person. So if is better to avoid porn and find a real partner for the real adventure of life.  

Why do head hair grow more than other body hair

Hair on our scalp tend to grow much larger than other body hairs. Hairs on different parts of body have a certain fixed length and their length never exceed that limit. But do our head hair also have any such limit or they can grow infinitely. Even if they can reach a certain maximum limit, why do they grow comparatively longer than other body hair. We will try to find a satisfactory answer to these questions in this article.

Why do we have hair on our body ?  You may read this article before going further to increase your basic knowledge about your hair, not just hair on scalp. It tells about the basic necessity of hair. Same facts work for the scalp hair as well. Some factors made the head hair grow comparatively longer than other body hair. We will discuss those factors here.


Whatever we are now is due to adaptation. It is a biological process to make or modify our body according to need of our environment. In this process we loose some unnecessary features of our body and gain some new features to made our body adaptable to new environment. Hairs on our body also adapted to the changing environment. When our ancestors used to live in forests without much clothes to wear they had much more hairs on their body compared to today's human beings. Density and length of hairs on our body changed according to need and environment, but it took thousands of years for these changes to happen. Hair on head continued to grow longer than other parts of body for some reason.

Outer Appearance 

Outer appearance matters a lot in animal world. Mostly males of different species have longer head hair and beard to give them more masculine look and attract females to continue their genes. Man is also a social animal and adapted in the same way as other animals. In the modern world hair on our scalp are more an ornament for both ladies and gents. They can change you whole appearance and creates a social image of yours. However humans have evolved a lot but still we need these head hair to give us a proper look.


It protects our scalp from any external injury like cuts and scratches. Head is one of the most important organs as it contains the brain. Most of the time of the day we don't cover it and thus need more hair to give it proper protection.

  • Hairs acts as cushion and can decrease the impact of a collision on head and thus saves the brain. 
  • Hairs can also also protect us from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Saving our brain from radiations might be a reason behind more dense and lengthy hair on head.
  • Hairs on head help in maintaining the temperature of our scalp. Now human beings have more hairs only on that part of body which are heat release zones, such as armpits and groin. More hairs means more tendency to produce sweat and control the temperature.

Science behind longer head hair strand

Our hair have three stages of growth: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Anagen phase is the real growth period of a hair strand. Telogen phase is the resting and shredding phase of hair. Between these two phases comes the catagen phase which is an intermediate stage. The duration of Anagen phase decides the length of hair.  Anagen phase duration varies from few weeks to years. Most of the body hair have anagen phase of only few weeks and thus remain shorter in length. But the head hair have anagen phase of years. It makes the head hair continue to grow for years and thus making them reach the length in feets. Anagen phase of our hair depends on our genes and thus some people are more hairy than others.

If you have got some additional information about longer head hair then you may provide your insight in the comments section.

Why do we have hair on our body ?

Modern human beings take body hair as something unclean and leave no chance to remove them from your body except head and eyes. The more modern you are, the lesser amount of body hair you will keep. But why do we hair on our body. This question must have come to your mind while getting a haircut. While i tried to find an answer to this question i noticed that all mammals have certain amount of body hairs. The amount of hair depends on their species and the climate of their habitat. But we the humans have different amount of body hairs even at the same geographic location. The amount of body hair depends on our genes but the real question is that why do we have them. What purpose of nature do they solve in our body? We have got nothing without any reason. Every organ has a specific purpose and their must be a reason behind hairs too. You will find an answer to this question in this article.

Hair on different parts of body solve different purpose. However some purpose are common but still their function varies according to their location on body.


  • Protection from cuts and scratches: Hair protects us from cuts and scratches. The more body hair you have got, the lesser you are prone to cuts and scratches. It makes us understand the high amount of hairs on scalp.
  • Protection from Malaria: It might sound funny but it is true. Body hair not just protect from malaria but any mosquito born disease. Hair on our arms and legs signals the presence on mosquito on skin even before it bites and our body reacts to not let the bite happen. Therefore kids are more prone to malaria than adults as they have less or negligible body hair.
  • Dirt Catcher: Hair in our nostril traps the dirt and thus filters the air we breathe. Wetness in nose helps the hairs in solving this purpose. Eyelashes also solves the same purpose and saves our eyes from foreign material.
  • Goosebumps protects you: However this feature is not as useful in humans as in animals like porcupines or other animals with more fur. Goosebumps is a feature that makes you look large when you are in fear. Goosebumps occur due to some other reasons as well but it happens at the time of fear also. An illusion of looking large can sometimes protect you from other animals.

As a Sensory organ

  • We hear through tiny hair follicles in our ear. These hair follicles feels the sound vibration and send signals to brain which translates it and understands the surrounding noise.
  • Hairs acts as an extension of our touching sense. We can feel a touch on our hairs because even a slight movement of body hair makes movement of the root skin which sends signals to brain. This feature saves us from mosquito bites as we feel the presence of mosquito just as it sits on our body.
There are some other interesting and least understood reasons for the presence of body hairs.
  • Temperature regulation: When we feel sudden coldness in environment, hairs on arms and legs get stand straight (goosebumps) to trap more heat near the body.
  • Hairs Facilitate sweating: sweating is also a mechanism to regulate body temperature and hair strands play an important role in this process.
  • Camouflage: Hairs act as camouflage for our reproductive organs. However it was necessary during during the evolution of humans, when our ancestors didn't have clothes to wear. 
  • Cushion: Hair in the armpits provides a cushion against friction of arms. Similarly pubic hair also saves our sensitive skin from skin friction.
  • Protection from pathogens: Usually we think that pubic hair is for no purpose but the biggest purpose of these hairs is protection of our reproductive system from pathogens, thus protecting them from any bacterial or fungal infection.

Interesting Facts about Hairs

  • Humans have nearly 5 million hair follicles on the body.
  • Head have the highest concentration of hair.
  • Nostril rank on second number in concentration of hair.
  • Hair grow on almost every part of our body except palm of hands, sole of feet and lips.
Our body actually need hairs but we keep removing them in order to look good. Trimming them is OK but removing them completely increases some risk factors. If there was no need of hair then we must have lost them in the process of evolution. But we do have them for some reason.

Injaculation Benefits and Risks: Know Before you Practice

Injaculation is keeping your semen/sperms inside your own body and don't letting it spill. The motive behind injaculation can be any one of the following: birth control, not wasting your energy, or to attain a higher level of meditation. Here we will provide some information about this less known topic and provide some insight to those who are researching for such tricks. While i was researching on the topic of Injaculation, i found that there is another medical term for it, which is "retrograde ejaculation". Ejaculation is normal release of semen through the urethra after some sort of sexual activity (as shown in figure with blue arrows). Injaculation is somehow uncommon and shown using the green arrow in the figure.

What is retrograde ejaculation ?

Retrograde ejaculation is a medical condition where sperms/semen travels backwards into the urinary bladder instead of going out of the body through urethra. We have got the same one tube in penis (urethra) that let us urinate and secrete semen. When a man is about to ejaculate the muscles at the base of urethra, known as sphincter, contract to block the way to urinary bladder, so that semen has only one way to go (i.e. outside the body). But if due to some reason sphincter fail to work or there is a blockage in urethra, then semen forcefully flows backwards into the urinary bladder. It is a leading cause of male infertility as very less or no semen comes out during the process of intercourse.
There are various reasons behind this condition. Some of them are given below.

  • It may happen after a surgery of prostate region.
  • Radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer may damage the muscles in that region.
  • Some medication can also cause temporary numbness in the pelvic region which may cause retrograde ejaculation.
  • Intentionally blocking the urethra to cause retrograde ejaculation.

Treatment of retrograde ejaculation depends on the cause. In most of the cases medication don't work as this condition is caused due to muscle or nerve damage. If the damage to the muscles and nerves is recoverable then treatment remains effective.

Deliberate Injaculation

Some people deliberately practice injaculation. There are various motives behind this practice. Some of them are listed here.

  • Sperm Retention: Some people practice injaculation to preserve their semen, which is life energy according to them and should not be spilled for pleasure. Know more about Sperm Retention.
  • Birth Control: Some ancient tradition of the world practiced injaculation as a way of birth control. However this practice was not 100% effective and was harder to implement. 
  • Meditation Practices: Some traditions believed that injaculation send the unused sperms into the brain and help in attaining higher level of meditation and consciousness level.

To practice deliberate injaculation people use to either press base of penis just before ejaculation to block the urethra or press a point below perineum to let the semen flow into urinary bladder. These methods are hard to master and often done incorrectly which may result in pain in genital.

Benefits of  Deliberate Injaculation

Most of the so called benefits of injaculation are already covered in above portion of this article, but one of the most important benefit that make men interested in it is that Injaculation can help you stay longer during intercourse and control your release time.

Risks of Deliberate Injaculation

According to medical science there are various risk factors connected to deliberate injaculation.
Sometimes pudendal nerve can get damaged due to incorrectly pressing the perineum, which may result in loss of sensation in genitals and nearby skin. It is a critical medical condition. Squeezing the base of penis to hold ejaculation is often advised by sex therapists to prevent premature ejaculation. So instead of pressing the perineum and damaging pudendal nerve, its better to press the base of penis.

Note: Those who believe that deliberate injaculation will send the semen back into body should know it that there is no scientific evidence to prove this theory. Even if the semen goes into the urinary bladder, it will come out through urine the very next time you urinate.

Does Sperm Retention makes a man Stronger !

Some people believe in sperm retention while some say that masturbation is healthy. Those who believe in sperm retention say that sperms take a lot to be produced and thus take a part of your life, and if you waste them then you shorten your life. While others who believe that masturbation is healthy say that sperms are produced naturally for the purpose of ejaculation and if you don't then you are going against the forces of nature. Whom should we believe is a tough decision to make. Human mind often believes the one which suits its own needs. Here we are going to find and answer to this tough question of sperm retention. 

Some thoughts in favor of Sperm Retention

Just like other animals human body is made to reproduce and keep its genes and species alive. If we keep mating or masturbating then our brain thinks that the natural process is going on smoothly as it can't distinguish between real and fake sex. But if you abstain yourself from masturbation or real sex then our brain starts believing that something is wrong and the very first step that it takes is to improve your looks and voice to attract the opposite sex for mating. It does so by extracting the energy from the unused sperm which is itself a combination of proteins, minerals, vitamins and healthy enzymes. Those we believe in this theory say that our body absorbs the sperms back if they remain unused for 15 days. Positive effects are described as good looks, deepness in voice, improved confidence level, improved muscles,  and high testosterone level. All these things are done by our brain to attract women but same can be utilized to earn success in life.

While researching on semen retention i found that it does not mean totally abstaining from real sex but to keep yourself from releasing the semen and learning the art of self control. 

Facts in support of Sperm Retention

  • Every animal on this planet has a particular mating season while humans don't.
  • Other animals keep saving their energy all around the year and save their sexual desire for a few weeks to month during a year.
  • Jews abstain from masturbation due to religious beliefs and they are one of the most successful and most rich people around the world.
  • Some Tibetan Buddhists practice sperm retention to achieve higher levels of meditation.  

What does Medical Science say about Sperm Retention

While researching on sperm retention some experts advised not to do so as it is against the natural process and we should let the sperms be released in the natural way. Forcefully abstaining from releasing the sperms can result in sperms/semen congestion and may create some medical condition.
Some medical problems that are often encountered by those practicing sperm retention are:
  • Pain in the penis and testicles upon arousal.
  • Inflammatory discomfort in seminal vesicles and testicles.
  • Unintentional erection is another problem as a result of biological response from body.
Morning and evening walks with bit more physical activity like exercising is necessary if you want to practice sperm retention.

What will happen to unused sperm ?
This is a common question that comes to the mind if you start sperm retention. Some say that stale sperms can cause diseases while some say that they are used by body as a source of energy. The truth is that unused sperms are absorbed back by body and all nutrients present in it are used for nourishment. Our body is a very efficient machine and takes care of all those aspects that we don't even know. Sometimes we get indulged in sperm retention unintentionally, for example due to busy schedule or due to some emotional challenges (such as death of a close one). At such time we practice it unintentionally and don't get any disease due to it as our body handles it naturally. 

Final Conclusion about Sperm Retention

This final conclusion is a personal opinion and you may believe it if you like but keep in mind that it is not an expert advice. Usually we start believing something first and then try to find some facts that support that something, which is a bad practice. Instead of infecting your mind with some preconceived notions, we should search for truth. Here the truth understood by me is very simple. Don't force yourself for sperm retention, as if you do it forcefully and going from a high speed to zero then most probably some accident will occur. Natural things take time. Cold turkey abstaining from sex or masturbation may harm and cause medical conditions which are stated above. So instead of that practicing the self control is the better way which is stated in italics in the middle of this article. Diverting your mind from sexual thoughts to other intellectual thoughts can help you in this practice and you may do so by engaging yourself in some intellectual group or by reading some literature that suits your needs.
Compared to a teenager, a man in his 50s can easily practice sperm retention as it is natural in that age. A teenager should not be encouraged for sperm retention as that is the age when sexual feelings and organs start to work and practicing sperm retention at that age may create some abnormality. Abstinence is something that comes from mind and can't be imposed on someone, so it should not be forceful.

How does Porn harm your Brain Body and Life !

Watching porn is just an addiction like smoking and drinking. Fun fact is that people are not aware of that. If you are also one of them then it is better to read this complete article before you watch some porn again on internet. Pornography got popular in past few decades at a very high speed due to invasion of internet in our daily lives. However porn was there even before internet in the form of pictures and videos, but that was less accessible and people don't use to keep them in their mobile phones. This porn is not only corrupting our social life but changing the way we think. You will understand this thing as you reach the end of this article.
We will tell you the harms that porn has done in two sections. First section contain only the easily visible effects on body while the later sections contain some deeper information about porn addiction an its effect on brain and social life.

How porn harms your Body ?

While i was searching for answer to this question, i found a lot of website telling the good effects of masturbation as it is the direct effect of watching porn. Watching too much porn means too much masturbation. However some say that masturbation is healthy but there is a some difference in opinion between different writers. What i understood is that Masturbation is healthy if it is not an addiction, else it will make one's body weaker than before. Those who masturbate a lot after watching porn often complain of weakness in legs at the end of the day. Some common notions in society is that porn addicts have one arm stronger than other as they use it during masturbation. But this factor can't be proved because one arm is always stronger than other. All right-handed people use their right hand for most of the tasks such as writing, throwing or to do anything with a precision, which makes it stronger than the other. Apart from this physical effect some believe that masturbation makes a person more skinny and cheeks start to shrink. Some people believe that masturbation weakens your bones and joints and joints start to make sound like an old age person. After masturbation your body needs rest and long sleep, and if you don't get it your body will show some signs of it. Some sports coach often advise their students to abstain from sex or masturbation to keep that energy for their competition.

How porn harms the social life ?

Those who are addicted to porn try to remain alone so that they get enough time for their addiction. It cuts them from from social life and causes a decrease in confidence level. Sometimes such people often face depression and inability to talk to other gender as porn remain in their mind all the time. Some teenagers also find porn a reason behind poor grades in their academics. These poor grades can also become a reason behind low confidence during other phases of life.

How porn harms our Brain and Social Life ?

You must have hear the proverb, "Practice makes a man Perfect". You will understand its implementation now. Our brain learns from our basic senses of seeing, hearing and smelling. This process continues for whole life (not just the schooling phase). Watching porn engages our two senses with full concentration, i.e. eyes and ears. Even if you watch with no volume, you use one sense with full concentration. Even if you watch it for a minimum 15 minutes per day, then it is sufficient to make changes in your brain.
In normal consequences sex binds a person to other (usually a man and a woman). It makes some changes in our brain and creates a bonding with the one you were intimate with. But when it comes to porn, you create that bond with pornography, not will something real. Our sexual behavior affect that part of our brain which is responsible for our social behavior as well. So pornography can easily affect our social behavior by changing the way we see ladies in a social circle. The more you watch pornography, you will start feeling differently for the women. Overall impact on our brain is that instead of creating a sensual and intimate image of just your girlfriend or wife, porn enslaves your brain to fit every women under that image. Even if you try to not think so, your mind will say that there is no harm in just thinking. But the reality is that your thinking will be visible in your unintentional behavior, which affects your social life.

Just like we fight against other addictions, we need to understand the severity of porn addiction and save our close ones from falling prey to it.

What should be the TDS value of your RO Water purifier

Most of us stop worrying about purity of water after installing a RO water purifier, which is an essential part of modern kitchens. The truth is that we never care about the TDS value of the output water. In 1980 WHO published a research paper which said that low TDS water is harmful for human body. Today we are drinking water packed in plastic bottles with very less amount of minerals in it. In our last articles we discussed how this low TDS water is acting as a slow poison for our body. Here we will tell you about the appropriate TDS value of drinking water to live a healthy life.

TDS value of Natural Water
TDS value of water differs from one geographical region to other depending upon the minerals in the soil and their solubility. Therefore TDS value of water differs from 30 mg/litre to 6000 mg/litre.

TDS value and the taste of water

Water of different locations with same TDS may have different minerals in different proportion. Taste of water changes with their TDS value and the minerals present in it. According to a WHO report the taste of water and their TDS value is directly related to each other. Following table show that relation
Taste of Water
TDS level (mg/litre)
ExcellentLess than 300
Good300 to 600
Fair600 to 900
Poor900 to 1200
UnacceptableGreater than 1200
If you talk about the taste of water with very low TDS then its taste will also be unacceptable due to its flat and insipid taste. You may find the above information in a WHO document on the following page.

"If it tastes good then it is healthy"
Some of you might not agree with the above statement but some will. If you have got a healthy body then your tongue can better decide what your body needs. The nutrients that your body needs will be found tasty by your tongue. However it might not be true if your are suffering from some medical condition such as diabetes, where psychological factors make you like those things from which you should abstain yourself. For a healthy human being tongue is the best  testing kit for nutrients. If you are finding the water tasty enough to drink then most probably it will be of correct TDS value.

If the TDS value of your water is between 200 to 500 the most probably it will be good to drink. The WHO report of 1980 recommended that the minimum TDS in drinking water should be 100 mg/L. It also recommended that the TDS should be about 200-400 mg/L for chloride-sulphate waters and 250-500 mg/L for bicarbonate waters. You may take the following WHO page as a reference to this information. 

We don't encourage people to stop drinking purified water, but to make them drink water of correct TDS value that can provide them sufficient amount of minerals.

Low TDS water is a Slow Poison

When we talk about poison, we take it as a organic or inorganic compound that can kill us within a certain time. Here we are comparing low TDS water with slow poison. Some of you might not be aware of that, but it is a reality. Several researches have confirmed the health hazards of low TDS water. These hazards are listed in detail in this article and it will open your eyes about the severity of this issue. In our previous article we revealed the fact about how leaching capability of water increases by reducing its TDS, which is usually done by most RO water purifiers.

How does low TDS water become more reactive?
TDS means total dissolved solids, which includes minerals and other organic ingredients (such as some bacteria and other micro organisms) dissolved in water. These solids dissolved in water make it stable and unable to leach anything else from the containers. When TDS is lowered using RO water purifiers the reactive capability to leach chemicals increases. It makes that water absorb solids from the nearby environment such as its containers or the air coming in its contact. Low TDS water become a slow poison if its nearby elements contain any such chemical which is harmful for health.

How does leaching capability of water affects our health?

  • Plastic: We all know that plastic is harmful for health, but we don't take it seriously. BPA is a harmful chemical compound present in plastic. It might harm us less when normal water is stored in it, but when you store low TDS water in it then due to higher leaching ability more BPA can be absorbed by that water. If you have a RO purifier then please notice the container. Is it made up of plastic or something else. Most of the RO purifiers use plastic containers. BPA can cause infertility in men and hormonal imbalance in body. It is severely harmful for fetus and infants.
  • Heavy Metals: If the Low TDS Water is coming in contact with metal, such as a pipeline or a metal container, or the nearby air, then it can absorb some heavy metals from it which can affect our health later. If calcium and magnesium are present in water then they protect the water from absorbing heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Low TDS water have lesser amount of calcium and magnesium and makes that water prone to absorbing heavy metals.
  • Leching of minerals from body: Yes, Low TDS Water can leach minerals from our own body. Instead of providing some minerals to our body, this water can leach minerals from our body and drain them out through urine which can make our body mineral deficient. Sodium and potassium are the main minerals leached in this process, which are necessary for proper functioning of our nervous system.

 Now you know why low TDS water is slow poison for our body. If you want to save yourself from this effect then

  • Stop using the plastic containers for your RO water storage.
  • Don't store the RO water for too long as by the time time you drink it, it would have done sufficient leaching.
  • Most important is to keep the TDS level of your RO high enough to provide you sufficient nutrients.

If you want to know how much TDS level should be appropriate to drink then read our next article.

RO water of low TDS is harmful for Health

A few days ago i was watching a video claiming that RO water, which is now common in most households, is decreasing the immunity. Immunity power is that power that makes us capable to resist from different types of virus and bacteria and keep our body healthy. That video claimed that the purity of RO water makes our body loose its resistance power and we become prone to more diseases. In this article we will try to figure out if there is some truth in such claims or not.

When we researched on internet and the official website of WHO (World Health Organisation), we came to know that the claims about low TDS and its effect in decreasing immunity were correct. If you want to know how then read further.

How do water of low TDS impact negatively ?

  • It is a tendency of water to extract the minerals from nearby substances to increase its TDS and become less reactive. When a RO decreases the TDS value of water, it become highly reactive. If that water is stored in plastic container of a bottle then it can become severely harmful. Even if it is not stored and just used for drinking purpose, then it will try to add minerals into it from the mineral reserves in our body and drain them out through urine. 
  • TDS is Total Dissolved Solids. TDS measures the amount of solids, both organic and inorganic, dissolved in the water. It also contains soe essential minerals for human body. When a RO purifier reduces the TDS value of water, several essential minerals are also lost along with the micro-organisms that are harmful for us. Water with low mineral content is harmful for our body. 
  • According to a research published on WHO website when some rats are given water of TDS less than 75mg/L then it increased the water intake, diuresis, extracellular fluid volume and serum concentration of sodium and chloride ions and their increased elimination from body. Overall it is a very negative effect on rats. The reduced amount of minerals in water can't be compensated by balanced diet which is adequate in caloric value, nutrients and salt.
  • A similar experiment was done on human volunteers as they were given water of TDS value less than 100mg/L. They reported the same results as rats and increased the elimination of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium ions from the body. It confirmed that water of low TDS is severely harmful for human body.
  • Some symptoms that are often seen in people consuming low TDS water for short duration are tiredness, weakness and headache. If it is done for prolonged duration then more severe symptoms are muscular cramps and impaired heart rate. Low TDS water leaches the essential minerals from body and function of some of the vital organs of human body is affected.
  • Those who are familiar with Water Poisoning, know that if very high amount of water is consumed in a short time then it can be poisonous sometimes. Chances of water poisoning is quite high with RO water due to it low TDS value.
  • Minerals such as sodium and potassium are very important for nervous system to work properly and their deficiency can result in problems in brain functioning.
  • Deficiency of these minerals not only make us sick but also unable to fight diseases due to weaker immune system.
  • Lack of minerals can also create hormonal imbalance in body.
  • You may visit this link of WHO if you want to confirm the facts written above.
In our next articles we will tell you how much TDS is considered good for health and how low mineral water can act as poison for you. 

Onion Juice and Hair Fall Treatment

99% of hair loss treatment don't work at all. Hair loss treatment is a complete industry working side-by-side with medical industry. This industry is worth 4 billion dollar. It is a large amount and growing continuously. Stress level is increasing day by day and  nutrition level is decreasing which is causing more hair fall and thus more demand for treatment. Different people have different reasons for hair fall ranging from heredity to some particular skin disease. But fun fact is that commercial advertisements offer the same remedy for all of them without diagnosing the problem. It is the reason that 99% of the treatment don't work at all and people spend more and more money on different products with the hope of getting their hair back.

There is a myth popular among the bald that hair once lost can't get back, however the remaining hairs can be saved with correct treatment. This myth made millions of people around the world go for hair transplant which has its own risks. Such myth can only give profit to hair transplant industry. The truth is that if the hair loss is due to lack of some particular nutrient then availability of that nutrient can make those hair grow again. If it is due to some skin disease the treatment of that disease can help you in getting your hair back.

What causes hair loss ?
The factors listed below are the major reason behind hair loss.

  • Heredity
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Poor diet/missing nutrients
  • Chemical hair styling services
  • Certain medications
  • Surgery or high temperature

Most of the people suffer hair loss due to a combination of these factors. Most common of them is stress. When stress combines with lack of nutrients then hair fall occurs at a high pace.

While doing research for the hair fall treatment we found an interesting fact that some people use onion juice to treat it. The usage is onion juice is still under research but we found some interesting facts worth sharing.

Onion Juice and Hair Fall Treatment

  • Sulphur is a main nutrient in Onion, which plays a major role in production of keratin, a protein found in hair.
  • Onion Juice can check the scalp infections (if any) and also promotes hair growth.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane is a form of sulphur which is highly absorbable and found abundantly in Onion.
  • Onion juice can be used with allopathic medication.
  • Onion juice on scalp can also fight with lice and dandruff as onion is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic.

How to apply Onion Juice on Scalp

Extract the juice of onion by using a juicer, mixer or grinder. Apply it thrice a week for 20-40 minutes on the scalp before taking a bath. If you find the smell of onion a little irritating then you may mix honey and powdered fenugreek seed and keep it overnight before applying on scalp. Olive oil can also be mixed in it before application.
Note: Aspirin,  NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and beta blockers can increase sensitivity to onions. So if you are using such medication then consult your physician.

Those who oppose the usage of Onion Juice to treat hair fall have got following points.

  • Onions can be quite caustic to the skin.
  • Side effects may include redness and itching of skin.

Final thought: Using onion juice to treat hair fall is usually safe if you are not allergic to onion. But the actual result is under research. There is no harm in treating yourself by using this low cost treatment. After all it is safe and affordable. Even if there is a little chance to get your hair back using a few kilograms of onions then it is better to wait before spending a fortune on hair transplant.

Does body hair tell something about your health !

People of different ethnicity have different amount of body hair. An average adult male body have 5 million hair follicles, out of them one million are on scalp. The color and thickness of hair on scalp and body changes as we age. This change is an indication of your overall health. Some changes such as graying of hair is normal as we age. But some changes indicate lack of some nutrients or some underlying medical condition. Here some facts about your hair will make you look again at them.

We will start with some fun facts about our hairs. Most of you will be amazed to know them. These facts will also make you understand the importance of hairs for human body.

  • Hair is the fastest growing tissue of human body.
  • Hair cells in the inner ear convert sound wave into electrical signals to send them to brain.
  • In a life time the nose hair can grow up to 6 feet (2m) .
  • The body hair stop growing in length after reaching certain length while the hair on scalp continue to grow.
  • A single human hair can support up to 100g of weight.
  • An average human shed 50 to 100 strands of hair on each day.
  • Beard is the fastest growing hair on human body. It can grow up to 30 feet in a lifetime.
  • Some researches found that higher amount of body hair means more intelligence.
  • In women the sense of beauty and self esteem is found connected to their hair.
  • Hair color is used by 11% men and 75% women in America.
  • Shaving does not increase the thickness or hardness of hair, as some people believe.
  • Goosebumps in humans is an ancestral property which made them look bigger in size when they get scared of something. The only difference is that now we have shorter body hair, which makes us incapable to look bigger.

Facts for better Hair Health

  • Sulphur is the third most necessary mineral for body after Calcium and Phosphorus. Sulphur is necessary for our hair. Its deficiency can cause brittle hair. The protein keratin is made by body by using sulphur in our diet. Dietary sulphur can save your hair and make them strong.
  • Hair can also stop growing as a result of lack of blood circulation. So if you keep your weight / fat / cholesterol in check then you may have better hair.
  • Lack of vitamin B-12 can cause early graying of hair.
  • Rough or dry hair can result due to lack of lack of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism).
  • Too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) can also cause early graying of hair.
  • Iron deficiency can also lead to hair loss.

Body Hair and IQ are connected

Dr Aikarakudy Alias, a psychiatrist, researched on relation between a hairy body and intelligence for past 22 years and concluded that people with more body hairs are comparatively of higher intelligence. A similar study done in Kerala, India concluded the same, where hairy people were in higher proportion among the doctors and engineers while in less proportion among the labor class. Those who have more hair on back as well have comparatively higher IQ. Garry Kasparov and Charles Darwin were most famous hairy men of higher intelligence. But that does not mean that people with less or no body hair will have low IQ. Albert Einstein had no body hair.

The above information must have increased your knowledge about body hairs including the hair on your scalp. The present condition your hairs tell a lot about the nutrients that you might be lacking. Feel proud of your hairs even if they are on your back and do comment in the comments section on what you feel about body hairs.

Your Feet and overall Health are heavily interconnected !

Usually people take care of their whole body ranging from hairs on their head to nails of their toe, but most of us never look under the feet, especially the sole, which is responsible for bearing all the workload throughout the day. Health issues such as back pain that comes with age is often misunderstood as an age related issue while most of the times it occurs due to negligence of feet. Most of us don't even try to wash the sole properly while taking a bath. This negligence often lead to some diseases as we grow. Here will try to put some light on your sole and make you look at them.

Why are our feet so important ?

Our feet bear our weight for most of the day. Even a slight problem in your feet can make you feel paralyzed and incompetent to do anything in proper way. Health of our feet impact our overall health. Our feet not only helps us in burning calories to remain healthy but also supports our whole body structure. Fun fact is that such an important organ is farthest from our heart, so it needs extra care. Till we reach our 30s the heart remains powerful enough to take care of foot. As we grow we not only need to take care of heart but our feet as well. Acupressure is a healing science that tell us how much our feet is connected to our whole being. There are various points in our foot that deals with different parts of body and pressing them can heal several medical conditions.

Some facts about feet health

  • Choose your footwear wisely. It should have ample space for your toe. Heel should never be too high as it can affect your spinal chord and cause back problems as well.
  • Moisture in feet cause serious infections in your feet. So wash them regularly and dry them properly. Moisture due to sweating can also harm them so a good footwear with enough space for air and high quality cotton socks can help you in that.
  • Proper cleaning of your feet is also necessary as it not only removes the dirt and dead skin but also saves you from getting cracks in feet.
  • Choose your footwear wisely. Different footwear should be used for different activities. You can't use a slipper to run on a track. A correct footwear not only makes it comfortable for the activity but also saves your feet from excess pressure and risk injury.
  • Nicotine in Cigarette can decrease blood circulation in your skin by 70%, which is very harmful for your feet. 
  • High sugar content in your diet can harm your feet by causing tissue inflammation. Refined grains and trans fat in junk food also encourages inflammation. Diabetes or high blood sugar can also harm you, so diabetic people need to take extra care of their feet and diet.
  • More weight means more burden on your feet. Try to keep your weight in check by having healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
  • Peripheral Artery Diseases caused due to buildup of plaque or cholesterol in arteries reduces the blood flow in feet and leads to lack of nutrition for your feet. So take care of your fat / cholesterol level in a timely manner and make the necessary corrections by adjusting your diet and physical activity level.
  • If you use to have cold feet and losing hair on your toes then it is better to get your feet examined.
  • If you use to have heel pain in the morning the it might be due to strain in muscles which may be due to tight shoes, flip flops or some worn out footwear.

Diabetes and feet care

  • Neuropathy occurs in 70% of diabetic people which is responsible for lack of feeling / sensation in your feet or hand due to damage in nerves. It makes it harder to feel the sores and cracks on your feet. Keeping yourself away from diabetes can save you from this condition.
  • Diabetic people should use their elbow to check the temperature of water before taking a bath or going inside a pool, as sometimes the nerve damage makes their hand and feet unable to feel the temperature.
  • Diabetic people should always wear some comfortable foot wear, even inside the house as it saves them from any minor cuts that they can't usually feel.

Next time you go to buy a pair of shoes, keep in your mind to give the best to your feet as they are responsible for your whole being. Don't take your feet as granted. They will lead you for all of your remaining life.

Decide the sex of your upcoming pregnancy yourself ?

Sex determination of fetus is crime in various countries and should not be encouraged. It can help in creating an imbalance in sex ratio that naturally occurs. But what we are going to tell here comes far behind the range of sex determination. Some old knowledgeable persons of  old civilizations provided some ways to get child of the desired sex. Not even that some of them also provided the knowledge to get the desired qualities in them. We don't have any research findings to support their findings but still they are worth reading. Some people may believe them while some may not.

  • Some people claim that Ayurveda has remedy to get child of preferred gender. If the pair indulge in the act after the 4th day of menstrual cycle and before 16th day of menstrual cycle then chances of fertilization are more. The day of successful intercourse decides the sex of fetus. Impregnation on even days of menstrual cycle results in boy while on odd days results in girl. The quality and characteristics of the boy or girl becomes better if they are conceived on final days of cycle (i.e 15th or 16th day).
  • One old Sanskrit text Sarvodaya says that if women is inhaling and exhaling through right nostril at the time of intercourse then it results in female child, while the opposite results in male child.
  • According to Aristotle, if the egg cell and the sperm are from the right ovary of woman and right testicle of man then male child will be produced. If the respective things are from left the female child will be produced. While writing this article i am thinking, "what if egg and sperm are from opposite directions ?". Aristotle knows.

It is good to have faith in your religion and sculptures but if believing something can create and imbalance in nature then it is a stupidity to do so. Nature has not provided us with the ability to decide the gender of fetus due to some reason. Being god can sometimes create bigger problems. If you indulge yourself in judging the gender then most probably you will ruin your love life. Health of the upcoming baby should be the first priority of parents not the gender.

Note: We don't support the knowledge provided above because it can create imbalance in sex ratio. One more reason is there to not support it, it is the impractical nature of the implementation of these techniques. Some methods are really hard to implement for both men and women, especially when they are in mood to make babies. It is really hard to decide through which nostril you are going to breathe at that particular time. Hardest thing in the above described method is to know from which direction the egg cell or sperm is coming.
We have not researched if the information provided above is really a part some ancient texts or it is just a hoax spreading on internet. So it is better not to take these information seriously. Our motive is to let you know what type of information is available out there to misguide those who really want a baby of desired gender.

Smoked Food - Just Delicious or a Carcinogen !

You must have seen people going crazy for different types of smoked food such as smoked cheese, smoked meat, barbecued food or grilled food. But do you ever try to know if its healthy or just tasty. Making a grilled or barbecued food may be matter of few hours but really smoked food takes days to make, so that the smoke enters to most interior part of food (not just the outer layer). But is this hard work really worth doing ? If you are dying for the taste then YES. But what if we ask in terms of health. Here we are trying to get an answer to that.

Most of the delicious things are not healthy
It is a natural fact that most of the delicious things contain too much of something to make it taste so. Either its too much of sugar, too much of spices, too much of fat or too much of grilling. No matter what you are eating, too much of cooking degrades its nutritional value. Similarly too much of smoke in food may provide taste to your tongue, but it is not healthy especially if you are going for it daily. Occasionally having smoked food might not harm anybody.

Both Smoked and Grilled food contain Carcinogens
Carcinogens are that content in our food and environment that are found responsible for causing cancer. Smoked and Grilled food are prepared using different methods of cooking, so both of them contain different types and level of carcinogens. Grilled food is put directly above the flames which created heterocyclic amines (HCA). HCA is a carcinogen and created when animal fat is directly by flames. HCA is not formed in smoked food as the temperature is quite low there. But smoked food is surrounded by wood smoke for most of the time, which contain other class of carcinogen called polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). PAH is formed when wood is burned. The level of these carcinogens in these food also depend on their making process. The level also depends on either its made commercially or at home.

Does liquid smoke also contain these Carcinogens ?
However liquid smoke is made by adding filtered smoke in water, but still some amount of PAH gets into it. The level of PAH differs from manufacturers to manufacturers. The liquid smoke flavor is used widely to make smoked food is lesser time. The food made by using liquid smoke is not put into smoke for days but the PAH level may still be the same as it is directly poured onto it in the form of liquid which can be easily absorbed by the food.

How bad are HCA and PAH?
However it is know that HCA and PAH are bad for human health, American Cancer Society is still unsure about the role of HCA and PAH in causing cancer in humans. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has revealed in some of its studies that PAH can cause pancreatic, colorectal and prostate cancers in animals. Our suggestion to the user is that occasionally having smoked food may not have any serious health concerns and your body may handle it, but don't go for it too much. Too much of anything is harmful, especially when you are ingesting some carcinogens with your food.

Smoked food can cause Breast Cancer
A study published in May 2007 in the journal "Epidemiology" found that smoked food increases the chances of breast cancer by 47% in postmenopausal women if they eat smoked or grilled meat at least once in a week.

Apart from the presence of carcinogens in smoked and grilled food, such food also contain higher amount of sodium and fat which is itself responsible lifestyle disease like hypertension and diabetes. 

There was a time when Cigarettes were Healthy !

There were days when cigarettes were healthier than today. We are persuaded to say so when we collected some old cigarette advertisements. If you see them you will either start laughing or start thinking that how man can be so foolish. Some of them said that it will sooth your throat to make you a better singer, some said that its smoke will attract women (just like perfume ads of today). One of these ads is unimaginable, where a kid is getting a pack of cigarettes for his parents.

The fact that surprised us is that these ads contain reference to scientific researches to make people believe that these are healthier. They will make a man more manly and a lady more feminine. No just that, some of them even said that they are safe for babies. Even doctors use to smoke and prescribe it to others (as per these advertisements).

Enough reading now ! Please go through these advertisements yourself.

However these ads surprised us, but one thing that don't surprise us is that businessman were still same as today. They leave no stone unturned to earn money, even if one of those stones was blocking the way to hell. They published false researches and made people believe that its good for them. Today we are fighting the smoking addiction only due to these ads. God knows if still some of these companies are in business and earning money by selling quit smoking techniques.

World famous Celebrities who Quit Smoking

Smoking is something that even some celebrities can't resist from. Its easier to be a smoker but its harder to quit it and be role model for other. We at think that those celebrities who quit smoking, not only did something good for themselves but also for the society. Whatever celebrities do and don't do become a trend among the common men. So if your quitting smoking can inspire others to do the same, then it is worth getting some publicity. We have collected a list of some world famous celebrities who quit smoking and choose live a healthy life.

World famous Celebrities who Quit Smoking

  • Barack Obama:  The former president of USA was a smoker since teenage. He quit smoking in 2007 and chewed Nicorette to help himself with the withdrawal symptoms. He says that now he smokes occasionally, but never in front of family. In 2009 he passed an anti-smoking bill in order to protect future generations from this addiction.
  • Matt Damon: This star worked in movies like The Bourne Identity and The Departed. He quit smoking by using hypnosis.
  • Ben Affleck: The Hollywood star who worked in movies like Argo, Good Will Hunting, Gone Girl and The Town was a smoker for 20 years. He finally quit smoking by using hypnosis.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: The famous actress used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking in 2013.
  • Cameron Diaz : She used to smoke upto 20 cigarettes in a day but quit the habit during the shoot of Charlie’s Angels, but got addicted again. She succeeded in quitting it again in 2003 for the sake of her parents, as they don't want her to set a wrong example.
  • Anthony Hopkins: This academy award winner actor quit smoking decades ago. However he complains of some occasional craving for smoking but he restricts himself by the reading "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr.
  • Jennifer Aniston: The "Friends" TV Star quit smoking in 2012.
  • Sir Richard Branson: His testimonial on Allen Carr's website says that many of his friends are benefited by Allen Carr's method but we are not sure if he is also among them.
  • Ashton Kutcher: This movie star also quit smoking by using Allen Carr's methods.
  • Ellen: This star of TV recently announced that she quit smoking after many failed attempts by using Allen Carr's method.

There was a famous dialog in movie Spiderman that "Power comes with great responsibilities". Being a celebrity is a power in itself and if you utilize that power to inspire others for a good cause then you have performed your responsibility as well.
Don't smoke and inspire others to do the same to make earth a better living place for coming generations.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking ! Does it work ?

Most of us have seen hypnosis in movies in a negative way, where a person hypnotizes others to get some bad task done. Funny part is that the victim of hypnosis don't even remember what happened to him/her. Real hypnosis in medical terms is not like that. It is just passing of some thoughts to subconscious mind, to make you believe in something or to forget something. Hypnotherapy is being used for speech disorders, weight loss and pain control. It can help in getting rid of some addiction. We will tell you "How", later in this article.

Before you opt for hypnosis treatment to quit smoking, it is better to know some facts about hypnosis and smoking.

  • Hypnosis doesn't work for everyone: Everybody is not hypnotizable, but those who are can undoubtedly get benefit from it. Only 25 out of 100 can be hypnotized.
  • Intensity of hypnosis differs: Everybody can't be hypnotized up to the same level. Intensity of hypnotism varies from person to person. So the results may vary from person to person among the 25% who are hypnotizable.
  • High Chances of again being a smoker: Those who remain successful in quitting smoking through hypnosis are often advised some self-hypnosis method to keep themselves away from smoking, which they don't follow and again become a smoker in some stressful moments.

Some researchers who spoke to some ex-smokers gave a mixed review of hypnosis treatment. Some think that they don't believe that it happened due to hypnosis. However there are some who believe that it worked for them. Some say that it worked for them as long as they attended hypnosis sessions and they again got the smoking habit after some time. Cancer Institute of America don't recognize hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for quitting smoking.

How does hypnosis treatment works for quitting smoking?
Hypnotherapy breaks you thinking pattern associated with smoking. Even if you already believe that smoking is unhealthy, hypnosis will empower that thought and motivates you quit it. During hypnosis you are put in a deep relaxed state, as your mind becomes more open to thoughts and suggestions at that time. Thoughts like "Cigarette is bad for health. It's smell will make you through up or feel sick" are told you again and again. Once your mind starts believing it, you will find that you start disliking the smell of cigarette in real life. For some people just a single session of hypnotherapy is sufficient but some may need follow-up sessions. In the end the hypnotherapist might teach you some self hypnosis methods to help you further in your life

Why do people fail by using hypnosis treatment ?

  • Most important reason was said earlier. It is that only 25% people are hypnotizable and intensity of their hypnotism differs among them.
  • If you don't want to quit from inside then most probably hypnosis won't work for you.
  • If you don't continue the self treatment using the self hypnosis them most probably you will regain the habit that you had quit.

Should one use hypnotherapy to quit smoking ?
It depends on your personal choice and you compatibility (either you are hypnotizable or not). But the good thing about hypnosis is that, it passes just some positive thoughts into your subconscious mind about the merits of quitting and demerits of being a smoker. Even if it is not sufficient as a treatment alone, it can benefit with some other quitting treatment. Positive thoughts are necessary in every form of treatment. So you may go for it along with gradual reduction method to quit smoking.

Note: One thing that i learned while writing this article is that if you think that it is harder to quit then it will be harder, but if you start thinking of it an easy task then it will be easier. Hard or Easy is just a thinking process. This is hypnosis.


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