Does eating sugar makes you Diabetic !

High level of glucose in blood is linked to diabetes, but does eating sugar makes you diabetic ? Most of the people with history of diabetes in family tend to stay away from sugar to save themselves from diabetes. Can this step of abstaining from sugar help them in being non-diabetic ? In this article will put some light on eating sugar and diabetes. If you are fond of eating sweet dishes then you must read this article.

Does eating sugar makes me Diabetic ?
The answer to this question both Yes and No. Yes, because high level of blood sugar on regular basis can make you diabetic. No, because sugar is not the only factor responsible for making someone diabetic, there are several other factors responsible for diabetes.

What we miss when we connect sugar with diabetes is that sugar is a carbohydrate. High level of carbohydrate in diet means high level glucose will be created in our body. But sugar is just one carbohydrate. Lactose in milk, fructose in fruits, carbs in potatoes and uncountable other items in our diet are carbohydrates which are also broken down to glucose by our digestive system. We connect sugar with high level of blood glucose because we know that both sugar and glucose tastes sweet. But the truth is that sugar is just one carbohydrate in your diet. Even if you stop eating sugar but keep eating other carbohydrate rich foods, then you are still at risk of diabetes. The solution lies is controlling your carbohydrate intake.

I am fond of eating sweet. How can i stay away from diabetes ?
Its very simple, control your total carbohydrate intake. You are fond of eating sweet does not mean that you can eat sweetened foods all day. Nobody can do that. Most of us have an urge to eat something sweet at some point of day. That is no need to restrict yourself from doing so. Our body urges only for those things that it needs. Controlling your urge, unless you are suffering from some medical condition, can make you sick. We feel thirst because our body needs water for proper functioning. But keep one thing in mind that too much of anything is harmful. Even drinking too much water can cause water poisoning. So don't abstain yourself from eating sugar, but don't eat that too much.
If you are fond of eating something sweet then keep it in limit and take care of total carbohydrate intake and do some physical workout on regular basis.

Does exercising helps if i am fond of eating sweets ?
Yes, it definitely does. But most people don't do it regularly. Exercising can burn the extra calories that you intake in the form of sweetened food. Exercising keeps your weight in control, which is necessary to stay away from diabetes. Just keep monitoring you weight weekly. If you weight is increasing then it is something to worry. Weight increases due to three reasons

  • too much eating or unbalanced diet
  • lack of physical activity or exercising
  • some medical condition such as hormonal imbalance

If you don't have any medical and still your weight is increasing then either control your diet or increasing you physical activity level. Any type of exercising can help, it is not necessary to do workout for your tummy only.

Does Human Body works on Electricity !

Most of us think that we get energy just from food for our day to day work but the truth is that we work on electricity. If you have not studied about nervous system and brain then you might not be familiar with the fact that our body works on electricity. Our heart beats due to that electricity, our muscle move due to that electricity and your thinking is dependent on that electricity. Most of these electrical functions are involuntary and we can't do much about that. Even our memory can't function without that electricity. Here in this article we will try to explain how this electricity is generated and how our body works through it.

Why do our body need electricity to transmit messages while it can be done through blood ?
Any liquid travelling from one part of body to other part takes some time, even the minimum time will be a few minutes. Suppose someone is chasing you but your brain sends the signals to your heart to beat faster and to your legs to run, through blood stream. In such case your will start running after a few minutes and in the mean time whole event might have been finished. Electrical signals in nerves travel much faster and hence acts as the fastest medium of communication within our body.

Is there any difference between electricity in wires and nerves ?
Normal current that flow in wires is somehow different from current flowing in our body. In wires flow of electrons, which are negative charge particles, is known as current. While in our nerves sodium ions and potassium ions do this work, not electrons. Due to this reason some people don't distinguish it as electricity in human body, but still it is some sort of charge and it flows really fast. However speed of electrons in wires is much faster than speed of ions in nerves. Flow of ions in nerves can also be called as nerve impulse. Speed of nerve impulses differ from each other depending on the type of nerve. Nerve impulses to send a pain signal travels slower at 0.61 m/s. Touch signals travel at high speeds of 76.2 m/s. But you can't compare any of these nerve impulses with the spped of real electricity in wires i.e. 200,000,000 m/s . Don't get disappointed as at max the nerve impulse can travel at 119m/s which is more than speed of a formula 1 racing car.

Nerves act as wires in the body

All organs and muscles in our body are connected to our brain through our nervous system, which is just like wires connected from brain to all body parts for proper controlling. However in reality these are not wires but nerve cells which are connected to each other and carry to-and-fro electrical signals between brain and all parts of body. We have got 90,000 miles of nerves in our body which is even more than length of blood vessels in body, which is just 60,000 miles.

How does current flow in our nerves ?
Our nerve cells are specially created cells for transmission of signals. Nerve cells have several dendrites and one axon. Axon terminals are used to transmit while dendrites receive the signal. The flow of current across neurons is just like a relay race. One neuron receives a signal and passes it on to next. Ions travel only in some part of cell and rest is done by electric field. When our body needs to sends a signal, it opens the membrane gate, which let the Na and K ions move freely in and out of neuron. Negative Potassium ions leave the cell due to positive charge outside and positively charged sodium ions enter it. This switch in charge generates an electrical impulse which opens the gate of next neuron and in this way the transmission reaches the destination.

Sometimes people try to find how much current can flow through neurons. The answer is not what people think as it is ions, not electrons and these ions are not racing, but relay racing. However some resting potential in terms of millivolts is measured. Resting potential of a cell is around -70mV. Electrical property of cells and neurons are determined the membrane surrounding it. So don't try to know the ampere value of current flowing in human body as different websites will give different answers.

How Diabetes affects your Nervous System

Diabetes is often considered as a disease where sugar level becomes irregular which disturbs the normal lifestyle of a person. Diabetes is known as a lifestyle disease which can be cured if you maintain a good lifestyle after you enter your 30's. What most of us don't know is that diabetes can affect you nervous system which is linked to several other diseases. Here we will explain how diabetes affect your nervous system and what steps you can take to save yourself from this health hazard.

Nervous System and Diabetes

There are two important parts of our nervous system. One is central nervous system which consists of brain and nerves in our spinal cord. Other part of nervous system is called peripheral nervous system, which consists of nerves that connect other parts of our body to the nerves in spinal cord. Our brain communicates to all organs, muscles and skin with the help of electrical impulses sent through these nerves. Diabetes affect the peripheral nervous system which affects the health of these nerves and thus communication between brain and other parts of body is disturbed. Important involuntary functions of our body like heart beat, digestion and vision are controlled by our brain through nerves. If anything goes wrong with nerves then any of these functions can easily get affected.

Neuropathy or Nerve Damage

Neuropathy or Nerve Damage caused due to diabetes can be categorized into three categories.
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy: Numbness in hand and feet, lack of sensation and trouble in moving fingers are symptoms of Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. It is caused due to damage of sensory nerves (which carry signals from body to brain) and motor nerves (which carry electrical impulses from brain to move muscles).
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy: There are some functions in our body that are controlled automatically by our brain through nervous system. We can't control those function at our will. Some of such functions are digestion, heart beat, blood pressure and sexual functions. If the nerves controlling such functions are damaged due to diabetes then it is called diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Here are a few examples of this type of neuropathy.

  • Irregular blood pressure or sudden drop in blood pressure can occur if the nerves controlling blood pressure are affected. Sudden fainting can also occur in such cases.
  • Food moves in our digestive tract by contraction and relaxing of muscles around digestive tract. Disturbance in digestion can occur if the nerves responsible for movement of food in the digestive tract are affected. In such a case you might feel indigestion, food stuck in the stomach or vomiting. Constipation and diarrhea can also occur due to abnormal functioning of the large intestine.
  • If urinary system is affected the you may find problems in emptying the bladder. It may be either delayed or incomplete. It can cause problems like Urinary Tract Infection. Urinary retention can also damage the kidneys.
  • If sexual functions are affect the men may get affected by erectile dysfunction and women may find vaginal dryness.

Diabetic focal neuropathy: This type of neuropathy occurs when nerves connecting an organ is damaged. It can cause weakness or paralysis of an organ like legs or arms. If the nerves controlling movement of muscles in eyes that are used to adjust focus are affected then vision is affected. If optic nerve is damaged then total vision loss can occur.

Is it possible to regenerate nerves damaged due to diabetes ?

Researchers are struggling to find if the diabetic neuropathy can be reversed. Regenerating the nerves damaged due to diabetes can help in treatment of millions of diabetic people around the globe. The truth is that naturally damaged nerves can't be repaired by our body itself. There are no medicines to regenerate the damaged nerves. What a person can do to save himself / herself from neuropathy is to keep blood sugar in control. Saving your feet and arms from an injury and regularly inspecting them for sensation loss is also necessary. Some symptoms of neuropathy can be controlled by medicines but nerve damage can't be reversed.

Keeping your blood sugar in control is very necessary for every diabetic person. Even a non diabetic person above the age of 35 should get his blood sugar regularly checked. Our nervous system is the key to a healthy life and if it is damaged then it becomes extremely challenging to live a normal life. Save yourself from diabetes by adapting a good lifestyle and encourage others to do so.

Fake Diseases that never existed but Feared Millions

There were some diseases in human history that never existed but still a number of people feared them. Millions of people were even treated for them, not only through medicine but also through surgery. Today medical science has advanced a lot and we know that there were either no such medical condition or they were incorrectly diagnosed. You will be surprised to know that once a physician discovered a disease in 1850, whose symptoms were "absconding from service" and "dissatisfaction from job just prior to the act". We were lucky that it didn't made it to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Here is a list of some fake diseases for which people were treated for decades and today we know that these were no diseases at all or just some misdiagnosed disease.

  • Homosexuality: Homosexuality was termed as “sociopathic personality disorder” in the very first edition of DSM in 1952. It was treated as a disease till 1973. Even some Gay people choose to get themselves treated through various therapies such as surrogate sex and electric shocks.  A number of doctors treated it and countless researchers spent millions to find its causes and cures.
  • Suppressed Gout: Today we know that Gout is a form of Arthritis which is caused due to buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints. But in the beginning of 19th century doctors believed that it caused due to accumulation of some unknown toxic substances. Some doctors fabricated a new disease and named it suppressed gout, which is caused due to same unknown toxic substance. Whenever these were not able to diagnose a disease they used to tell that it is Suppressed Gout. Even Charles Darwin once believed that he was suffering from this disease.
  • Railway Spine: In the beginning of 19th century as Railway Transportation began to carry passengers, the disease named "Railway Spine" is named by a few doctors. At that time rail accidents were quite common and people often come up with no physical injuries but some spinal problems. At that time medical practitioners used this term to earn good money. Today we know that it was nothing but Whiplash which is caused due to forward/backward jerk on neck or head.
  • Status Lymphaticus: This disease reportedly killed thousands of people in around year 1900. At that time it was believed that thymus gland, which is located between heart and lungs, expands itself and causes pressure on lungs and heart and the patient suffocates to death. Today we know that thymus is an important part of our immune system. In year 1931, "Status Lymphaticus" was disapproved as a medical condition.
  • Ovariomania: In 19th Century surgeons removed ovaries of 150,000 women with the fear of Ovariomania. It was believed to be a disease that affected women near menopause and tumors are formed in their ovaries. At that time some doctors also connected this medical condition with the bouts of insanity in women. Such women use to falsely believe that they are pregnant or they are visited by some men at night. Today we know that there were no tumors in ovaries and there was no such disease.
  • Intestinal Autointoxication: It was a disease discarded by medical community decades ago. Intestinal Autointoxication dates back to ancient Egypt where intellectuals used to believe that sometime fecal matter poops out of the intestine inside our body and that causes various diseases in body. This philosophy still makes natural health industry earn a good money.

With the discovery of micro-organisms in 19th century and then discovery of penicillin made people believe that anything abnormal is a disease and it can be treated through medicine. This thinking created a number of fake diseases either intentionally or unintentionally while some of them were just common psychological behavior where no medicine was necessary. 

Do Vegetarians get all essential amino acids from their food

What are Amino Acids 

Amino Acids are simple organic compound which contain both a carboxyl (—COOH) and an amino (—NH2) group. These amino acids are building blocks of proteins and necessary in construction of our body cells, tissues and muscles. Our body can't exist in absence of amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acids. All proteins are combinations of these amino acids.

What are essential Amino Acids

Some of the amino acids required for our body can be constructed by our body itself, but there are some amino acids which should be compulsorily a part of our diet. These amino acids which are necessary to be a part of balanced diet are known as Essential Amino Acids. There are nine essential amino acids which are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

Do Vegetarians get all essential amino acids from their food ?
There is a misconception among non-vegetarians that vegetarians can't get all essential amino acids from their veg diet, so non-veg is mandatory for a healthy body. Different amino acids are part of different vegetables, grains, pulses and dairy products. If you are having a balanced vegetarian diet then most probably you are getting all essential amino acids. It is not necessary to get all essential amino acids in every diet or within a day. You may have some of then on one day and others on other day. Our body can utilize them whenever we eat them, so it doesn't matter if we don't eat a few of them for a few days in a week.

There is another misconception about proteins, that vegans don't get enough proteins in their diet. The truth is that an average vegan gets much more than recommended intake of proteins. While only 42g of protein are necessary for an average man on daily basis, non-vegetarians eat way more i.e around 80g, while vegetarians eat around 70g in a day. The truth is that our body also needs fiber in diet and vegans get the fiber in sufficient amount compared to non-vegetarians.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that vegetarians should care about. It is available in Pistachios, quinoa and legumes including tofu and tempeh. If you use to eat eggs in your vegetarian diet then most probably you won't face lack of any essential amino acid. But even if you don't eat eggs then a combination of vegetables, fruits and whole grains can provide you enough of them to live a healthy life.

What actually makes a person Happy

What really makes a person truly happy ? If you ask this question to different people then the answer will be different depending on their age, sex, circumstances and intellectual level. As of now some of you might be thinking about money and sex as the answer, and yes you are true, but that is the half truth. Sex might make a sex deprived person happy and money might make a poor happy, but the actual answers might make you rethink about your choices and methods to be happy.
Here is a list of some common things and actions that make a person happy. The list is not is a particular ranking as ranking of these items may differ by your age, sex, circumstances and intellectual level.

  • Sex: It is the ultimate thing to give happiness to a person. Nature designed us in a way that we can't resist the attraction of sex unless you are suffering from any psychological disease. It takes us to a state where our body releases the feel good hormones in our body and we feel relaxed and happy for some time.
  • Money: Those who don't have it might think that money can make them happier. They may be somehow true as money helps people in living a good life full of all luxury, but those who already have it know that happiness can't be purchased. A poor person might feel himself at the top level of happiness after winning a lottery, but that happiness fades with time.
  • Sleep: If you ask a sleep deprived person about happiness, his answer will be a good sleep is all he want. It is a truth that if you get a good sleep then you will get up in a good mood. But if you are sleep deprived that then nothing in the world can make you happy except a good sleep. 
  • Addiction: Those who are addicted to some habit, either it is good or bad, know that when they get indulged in their addiction, they feel themselves happy. Different people have different addiction such as smoking and drinking, which are harmful for health, while some have addictions like photography, travelling, painting and reading books, which are somehow creative and good for you. Either it is good or bad, but the addiction makes your brain feel happy. 
  • Feeling of Gratefulness: This is the feeling which comes most often when you a number of people around the world living in very worst conditions. You feel grateful to god that he has given you birth at the right place and provided you good family, food and education, which is better than what most of the world is getting. This feeling of gratefulness is also happiness. However sometimes its opposite also happens when we see people living in much better condition that us. But if you want to remain happy then see those people who have nothing. Its better to get motivated by watching the success of others who have much better life than us.
  • Happiness of a close one: When a person who is very close to us feels happy for something then we also feel happy. That person may be your close friend, your spouse, your siblings or your kids. Happiness spreads itself. Even if you are not is a good mood and then you find a close one in happy mood due to any reason then your mood elevates itself.
  • Satisfaction: Regardless of what you have and what you don't have, if you feel satisfied then you feel yourself at peace, which is also a kind of happiness. 
  • Physical Workout: Those who are health conscious and those who go to gym on regular basis know the feeling that they get after a workout. This feel good feeling is something that comes from some hormones released by our body and also due to our belief that our health and body shape will improve due to the workout. Physical workout may be anything like swimming, cycling, running, jogging, yoga, walking or playing your favorite sport.
  • Entertainment: Definition of entertainment can differ for different people. Some may find a laughter show full of entertainment and some may find a football match full of real entertainment.
  • Good Health: Good health actually makes us happy but we don't notice it unless our body gets affected by some disease. We come to know about this feeling as we age. As we get affected by obesity or blood pressure or diabetes, we suddenly think that how happy we were when our body was healthy. But the problem is that we don't notice that happiness when we were in good health.

I hope that the above list will make you rethink about happiness. Regardless of who you are the feeling of gratefulness and satisfaction is the ultimate key to peace and happiness.

How would Vegans justify killing Plants !

This statement came from some intellectual non-vegetarians who don't want to draw a line between plants and animals, and treat both of them as living beings. They want to tell the world that if killing animals to eat them is inappropriate then killing plants is also the same as both of them are living beings. This article will make them think again if they are giving right logic or just justifying their eagerness to eat meat by giving a totally inappropriate logic.

Plants don't feel pain: Plants don't have a nervous system like animals, thus they can't feel any pain. Mother nature designed them in that way so that even if a fruit or branch of them is plucked by any animal, then they don't feel any pain.
Plants don't have brain: Just like nervous system, there is no brain in plants. Brain in animals help them with all their senses to feel pain, grief, fear. So killing an animal and a plant is a lot different.
All plants are not killed to get food from them: We don't need to kill a tree to get fruits from it. We don't need to kill a plant to get vegetables from it. Only in some cases, such as grains and pulses we need to cut the whole plant. It can't happen with animals.
Plants regrow: You can't even think of cutting a leg piece out of a living hen and then let that leg grow again. But it happens with plants. Even if a few branches or fruits of a plant are broken then they grow again in a few weeks. Plants can regrow even if their main trunk is cut.
Plants don't run: Plants don't have the capacity to move to remain uncut. But animals try their best to escape from butchers knife.
Level of consciousness: As a fact of science, everything is living in this universe. Either its a stone, an animal, bird or a complete planet. What matters is the level of consciousness. Level of consciousness increases from so called non-living things (such as stone, soil) to plants and then animals. We the humans have highest level of consciousness. Low level of consciousness in plants don't let them feel the death, the way animals and humans do.
Plants are designed by nature to be eaten: All of the above facts cumulatively are sufficient to prove that mother nature designed plants to be eaten by animals and provided them the ability to regrow.

Some non-vegetarians give a smart logic that survival of the fittest is the law of nature, so humans (the fittest being on earth) have the right to kill any other animal. But as per logic of a vegetarian, survival of fittest is applicable only in jungles, where food chain needs to be maintained by nature. This law no longer works in human social life, else lives of all poor and incompetent humans would have been finished by now. There is one more thing related to this law. Survival does not mean to kill others. We the humans once killed and ate meat, when our ancestors lived in the forests. Today we have got ability to digest both veg and non-veg only due to our ancestors. But today the things have changed, we are no longer an animal. We have formed a good social life, good houses, good security systems and the other animals on planet are no longer a threat to us, unless you put yourself in danger willingly. Truth is that we humans are the biggest killers today, while we don't need to be.

I don't know how many of you would agree to the philosophy written above, but even if a single person will change from non-veg to veg after reading it then i will succeed.

Are Humans evolved to eat Veg Diet Only ?

The topic might make you believe that i am going to advocate for vegetarian diet for all, but the truth is that i am going to explain some facts based on evolution of man. These facts are collected after reading the history of evolution of humans. We all know that human beings evolved from monkeys which are basically herbivorous. But in the chain of evolution humans became omnivorous due to some geographical needs. A number of studies are done on this topic ranging from religious studies and scientific studies. Here are some facts.

  • Our religions and religious text are the oldest source of knowledge, and most of them advocate for vegetarian diet.
  • Albert Einstein, one of the most intellectual humans, has said that humans will need to completely adopt the vegetarian diet to save themselves and the planet.
  • Evolution of humans is not just physical, humans evolved their morals and understanding of emotions. A person who can't understand the pain of others is not considered a good human being. As a matter of fact most of the non-vegetarians can't eat meat if they see how animals are butchered.   
  • Our ancestors ate raw meat but killing animals, but that was around 500,000 years ago. As humans evolved, they stopped eating meat, just like they stopped to practice cannibalism, rape, slavery. however slavery, rape and murder are still there, but they are considered as crime now. 

Facts relating to our biological structure 

  • Canine teeth of humans are not same as dog or any other flesh eating animals. Our canines prove that our ancestor were not flesh eating, and even if they were then they have stopped it thousands of years ago.
  • Those animals who are evolved to eat meat have claws. Men don't have claws, which indicates that men was herbivorous. 
  • Carnivorous animals don't have skin pores while humans have.
  • Carnivorous animals have small intestinal tract compared to herbivorous animals. Humans have comparatively larger intestinal tract, which proves that it was meant for vegetarian diet.
  • Stomach of Carnivorous animals releases larger amount of hydrocloric acid to digest the higher amount of fat and proteins of meat. Herbivorous animals release 20 times less acid as it is sufficient to digest veg diet. Amount of acid released in human stomach makes it a herbivorous animal. Therefore meat stays longer in human stomach to get digested compared to veg diet.
  • Carnivorous animals don't have amylase in their saliva which is necessary to digest starch. Humans have amylase in their saliva as veg diet have more starch compared to non veg diet.

Some people can still argue for Non-veg diet by giving some other facts. We humans have got a good brain and it can prove anything by giving different logic. But the truth is that giving pain to a living organism for the sake of our tongue is not a good thing for beings with the highest morals and intellectual level.

There is no difference between the animals in your home and the animals in your plate. Both of them can't utter a word, but there eyes tell if they are happy or in pain.

Does your Food affects your Mind and Thinking

When i decided to write this article about how our food affects our thinking, my motive was thinking not human brain or body function. But most of the internet is full of information relating to how food affects brain functions. Some of them even compared food with drugs. They may be somehow true, but my topic of this article in related to thinking, which is something about our mind. Does the food that we eat really affects our thinking. Can our dietary changes, change the way our mind thinks. I had some initial knowledge about what i need to tell in this article, but still i researched on internet to get some more insight into this topic.

A few years ago i read about different types of foods in some Indian Hindu Text. When i tried to search for that information i found that this information is part of Hindu culture and some most important hindu texts such as Gita and Ayurveda. The information provided below is totally an extract of that knowledge.

There are three types of food and personalities. Both foods and personalities have same name.

  • Satvik
  • Rajsik
  • Tamsik

Satvik is considered best, then Rajsik and Tamsik is the worst category. We will describe some foods that come in these categories and also the characteristics of personalities that are attained due to that type of food.


Satvik food is not just pure-vegetarian but it contains only selected types of vegetarian food. Onion and Garlic are totally banned in satvik food. Fresh green vegetables, grains, fresh milk, fruits and almonds come in this category. But if the cooked food is not consumed within 4 hours then it can't be treated as Satvik. A person who eats satvik food on regular basis is intelligent and forgiving, he performs all of his duties without any greediness and his mind remains calm.


Rajsik food if consumed in right quantity can inspire us to work by using our brain and body. But if it is consumed in higher quantities then it makes us aggressive and full of anger. Food items that come under Rajsik category are spicy food items, onion, garlic, tea, coffee and oily dishes. Therefore Satvik food can become Rajsik if a lot of spices and oil is used in its preparation. Rajsik food is usually tastier than Satvik food.


Tamsik food makes our body and mind full of laziness. All non veg foods, fatty foods and stale food comes under this category. If you eat stale food by heating it again, then you are making it tamsik. Even satvik or rajsik food can be turned into tamsik in this way. Food items with high sugar content are also considered tamsik. Tamsik food can easily make our body full of diseases.

According to ancient Hindu text ayurveda, our diet decides our personality. Making some changes in our diet can change our personality. It can change our thinking quality and quantity. We all know that good diet can give us good health but this information provided above is something more than just health. Apart from deciding our health, our diet can change our thinking. Our thinking makes us who we are, so choose your diet wisely. You diet makes you who you are.

When a journalist asked an Indian Guru named Sadhguru about non-veg diet then he explained how our thinking changes by our diet. He explained it in our modern terminology of software. All of the living objects have different levels of consciousness. Plants have the lowest level of consciousness, then comes the animals, and then we the humans have highest level of consciousness. If we consider consciousness as software, low consciousness means simple software and high consciousness means complex software. When a complex software consumes a simple software then it can easily override its features. But if we consume something complex then either our body struggles more to override its features, our some of the features of that complex software become our own features. Animals have a complex software due to their higher level of consciousness. Eating them can infect us with their consciousness and we might start thinking like them and anger and cruelty can become a part of us.  

Healthcare Myths on Social Networks harming the Society

Now a days the social networks are becoming a playground to spread a myth in a few minutes around the globe. Most of the Healthcare myths are about diseases like AIDS and Cancer. Millions of educated people fall prey to myths and forward these myths further, thus creating a chain reaction. In most of the myths there is some treatment for a fatal disease and that treatment is very easy to get. These myths not just harm a single patient but complete society.

Recently a myth surfaced on facebook regarding Treatment of Cancer through Vitamin B17. Reality was that there is no Vitamin B17 and the treatment described in that myth can cause cyanide  poisoning. That myth made me write this article. Why don't we think twice before forwarding such messages ? Why don't we think that if the treatment is so easy then why so many people are dying due to that disease. Most of such myths treat doctors as a villain, as if they don't want you to know that because if you know that then how will these doctors earn.

False Hope: The biggest harm created by these myths is false hope. A patient on death row gets a false hope and either he/she gets disappointed in the end or loses some thing more than that. Not just the patient, even the close relatives who want to save the patient feel themselves cheated in the end.

Wastage of Time and Money: Both Time and Money are important for a patient, especially if the disease is a fatal one. Most of the medical myths circulating in social networks are either regarding AIDS or Cancer. Wasting time and money of these patients is really something serious. Nobody knows from where they are arranging the money for their treatment and how many other people are devoting their time for them. So the educated society should think twice before forwarding any medical myth, without knowing its truth.

Myths create a disbelief between Doctor and Patient: Another harm done by these myths is that it create an environment of disbelief between doctor and patient. After reading such myths, patients starts to believe that doctor is just earning money by giving a false treatment while there is an actual treatment available for his/her disease.

Affects the actual treatment: Some patients get so much inspired by the myth that they try to avoid their ongoing treatment and go towards the treatment given in the myth circulated on social networks, which is nothing but an alternative therapy with no research and scientific evidences behind them. It affects the ongoing treatment and makes the condition worst.

Doctors are Not Villain: Greediness is a human trait but that does not mean that doctors will let their patients die for the sake of money. Good and Bad people are in every trade, but this world is going on only due to good people. If there is any treatment available for any fatal disease, then doctors will be the first to tell about it. Why would they miss a chance to get a Noble Prize.

Instead of believing myths, believe your doctor. No doctor would like to see their patient suffer. Whenever you read a post on social networks describing some miracle treatment for a fatal disease, just do some research yourself on internet to find if it is true of just a myth. If you don't have time to do that research then don't waste your time by forwarding something that you are not aware of.

Is Cancer a Vitamin B17 Deficiency ?

Recently one of my friends posted something interesting on facebook, but later i found that it was some fake news regarding Cancer treatment. That post claimed that Cancer is caused due to Vitamin B17 deficiency, so cancer can be cured by eating Vitamin B17 rich foods, such as almond and apricot pits. When i first read it i was a bit suspicious but the content of that post really convinced me and i thought that it may be true. So i researched on this topic on internet and found some interesting facts about this myth.

There is no Vitamin B17

When we researched about Vitamin B on internet, we found that there is no Vitamin B17. There are eight Vitamin B, these are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. All of them are available as supplement in B Complex capsules. An article on Wikipedia, the most trusted knowledge database, about Vitamin B can easily help you if you want to know the truth.

Who spread this Vitamin B17 Myth

The beginning of this myth leads us to Ernst Theodore Krebs, Jr. (1911-1996). His followers has spread this myth in social media. If you read about this person on Wikipedia, you will find that he was a dropout from various colleges and universities and later got a Bachelor of Arts Degree, not even a science degree. His father Ernst Theodore Krebs, Sr. (1876-1970) was a physician and claimed to have a syrup for various ailments, which was later found fraudulent and seized by government. Kerbs Jr co-patented semi-synthetic chemical compound closely related to amygdalin named laetrile and called it Vitamin B17 himself and claimed that it can cure cancer. But this claim was not supported by any research or trials. Instead this semi synthetic compound Vitamin B17 can cause cyanide poisoning.

Some educated people in the society fall prey to this myth, and spread it on social networks, with the hope that they have found cure for cancer. But it is important for an educated person to know reality before forwarding any message for such a fatal disease. People suffering from Cancer can very easily fall prey to such myths and get a false hope. Some people even try alternative therapies in the last stages of cancer because they don't want to leave any stone unturned .

If you still think that Alternative treatments like Vitamin B17 can cure Cancer then you should read our article Placebo - The pill with no Medicine. Sometimes our faith works more than any medicine, but not in in case of Vitamin B17 as it can itself cause cyanide poisoning.

A Request: Please don't forward any medical myths as they don't only give false hopes to patients but also make them waste their precious time that they can use for some real treatment. If you are not sure about any healthcare message on your social media account, then don't forward it or do a proper research before forwarding it.

Difference between Meditation and Yoga

Usually Meditation is taken as a part of Yoga, but still there is a huge difference between them. A number of people struggle to find which one is better for them. In spite of some differences there is a dependency between both. That dependency is the key. Yoga is incomplete if you have not taken it to the level of meditation. Yoga is just a physical exercise if meditation is not your objective. But even if meditation is not your objective, Yoga is better than other physical exercises in lot a ways. Physical exercises are prohibited in some medical conditions but a number of yoga postures are there for people with different medical conditions. This feature of Yoga makes it a better physical exercise.

Difference between Meditation and Yoga
Yoga is usually for physical body and done using various body postures, but Meditation is not about body. Meditation is something for your soul, it is to find the inner peace. However there are some physical benefits of Meditation, but its main motive is inner enlightenment. Yoga is for physical fitness and mental peace. Better posture, weight loss, increased immunity, feeling of more physical energy and stress reduction are some of the major benefits of Yoga. Meditation is concentrating on breath, sound, object, visualization, movement, or your own self. It helps you in living in present moment, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation.

Which one is better ? Meditation or Yoga
Those who want to distinguish the better one among Meditation and Yoga, the answer is "What you are seeking ?". Meditation and Yoga might be related to each other but their objective is different.  Yoga is to keep your body in balance, while Meditation is to keep your soul at peace and enlighten it. If you are a seeker of real knowledge then you should opt for Meditation, but if your motive is just a healthy body then you should opt for Yoga. No one can tell which one is better, as both are designed for different objectives.

How are Yoga and Meditation connected ? 
However meditation is a part of Yoga, but it can take you to a completely new dimension. Soul seekers often choose to meditate to find their true self. Some yoga postures are necessary in beginning to meditate, but as you learn the art of meditation then no posture remains a necessity. If you attend some meditation classes then you will notice that most of them begin with some yoga postures. Some yoga postures are helpful is attaining the concentration required for meditation.

How does yoga helps in Meditation ?
Only a physically fit body can meditate for longer duration else you will start feeling uncomfortable after few minutes of meditation. Practicing yoga on daily basis gives your body the inner strength to meditate. Usually meditation is done by sitting idle in a posture and concentrating on something, but an unfit body can't stay that way. Practicing yoga on regular basis improves your control on your own body. A person who can't control his own body in a good way will face problems in controlling his/her mind, which is the key for meditation.

Tear Duct Blockage in Babies Treatment | Nasolacrimal Obstruction Surgery

Tear Duct Blockage or "Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction" is a common problem found in newborns. More than 5% newborn have this condition either in one eye or both. This problem can also happen in adults due to some medical reasons. Most of the people get worried if this problem affect the vision as the eye remain constantly watery due to tear duct blockage. Before understanding this medical condition we need to understand the tear duct mechanism.

Mechanism behind Tears and Tear Duct

Our eyes need constant supply of water to keep them wet. This water comes from Lacrimal Gland (also known as Tear Gland) located just above the eyelid. It secretes water into our eye. Our Eyelids work as the wiper and it not only evenly spreads the water on the surface of eye but also cleans it. Then this water goes into our nose through the Nasolacrimal Duct ( also known as Tear Duct). Then this water keeps our nose wet from inside and captures the dust in the air we are breathing in. Thus our tears solve two purpose in go. They clean our eyes and filters the air we are breathing in.

Why do Newborn have tear duct blockage ?

5 to 20 percent of newborns have tear duct blockage either in one eye or both. This percentage varies by race and location. There is a thin membrane at the both ends on the tear duct. Usually it opens on its own after birth, but in some cases it doesn't or just opens partially. Mostly it is nothing to worry about as in most of the cases the condition is resolved automatically within a year. It can cause watery eyes with conjunctivitis like symptoms and white or yellow discharge in eyes. This condition becomes notable only after two weeks of birth. Till 2 weeks there is not enough tear formation by tear gland to make eyes watery.

Treatment for Tear Duct Blockage in Newborns

Usually doctors suggest massaging the skin between eye and nose with mild pressure. They also prescribe a few eye drops and asks you to clear up any discharge in the eyes on regular basis. Any advice from the doctor should be followed. If the blockage is not cleared then doctor may suggest a minor surgery after the baby reaches the age of 6 months or a year.

Why do adults have tear duct blockage ?

There are several reasons behind tear duct blockage in adults.
  • It can happen due to some infection in eye or nose.
  • It can also happen as a result of some surgery of nasal region.
  • Sometimes it may be a hereditary problem when a nasal bone grows more and obstructs the path of Tear Duct.

Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction Surgery

This surgery is recommended only if the doctor finds that massage therapy is not working to clear the obstruction. If the obstruction is not due to any infection then balloon catheter dilation is used for the treatment of both adults and babies. Different types of surgery are available to treat the obstruction and it depends on surgeon and the exact location of obstruction. So if you face this medical condition then consult a good eye specialist.

Placebo - The Pill with No Medicine

Placebo is medicine and a well known effect in the medical world known for the fake treatment, but that does not mean that it can't treat any person. Some diseases are not physical, instead psychological, where a person believes that he/she is suffering from some disease while he/she is not. In such a case doctors use Placebo, which is a pill with no medicine in it. It may be a sugar tablet or a capsule with glucose filled in it. In such a case doctor don't tell the patient that it is a Placebo, instead they admit that it is a very good medicine and it will definitely cure the patient. Very less people know about placebo, however it is a tested and experimented technique to treat some diseases.

How does Placebo treats a person ?

Most of the people find it difficult to understand that how can an empty pill with no medicine in it can treat a person. These placebo not only works on psychological diseases but some actual diseases as well. The logic behind the treatment with a placebo lies in the human brain. In past few centuries our brain was made to believe so much in medicine that we forgot the power of our will. Our self confidence can empower our body so much that it can itself treat some minor problems in body. But instead of relying on the body and brain we believe on medicine. Due to this fact, medical community decided to use the power of patients brain to treat him/her. They give a placebo and make the patient believe that it is a good medicine. In most of the cases the problem is solved as the brain get the confidence that now the disease will be gone due to that medicine. That belief makes the body work in a better way and the patient is automatically cured.

Facts about Placebo

  • Placebo is a Latin word which means "I will please".
  • Placebo effect has been measured in thousands of medical experiments.
  • When a new drug is tested for human trial, some researchers give placebo to 50% of the subjects and measure if the success rate of actual drug is more or not. In some trials the success rate of placebo was found better.
  • In a drug trial of a cough medicine, the result concluded that 85% of subjects were successfully treated with placebo, while just 15% was the success rate of actual medicine.
  • Drug companies are made to show that their drug works better than a placebo.
  • The Color and size of a placebo also have effect of their success rate.
  • A Capsule creates a better placebo effect than a tablet. An injection creates better effect than a capsule. And two tablets work better than one. However all of them have same ingredient (mostly sugar) but still the placebo effect varies by these factors.
  • Placebos are used by doctors for Parkinson's disease, depression, anxiety, fatigue.
  • The exact mechanism behind placebo effect is unknown, but some people believe that the mechanism is self-healing property of human body and the evolutionary biology.
  • Placebo analgesia is treating pain with help of a placebo.

If you believe that a medicine will cure you then even a placebo can work, but if you believe that no medicine can cure you then even a real one won't work.

Herbal Viagra benefits & Side Effects (Sildenafil Citrate 20mg 100mg)

A number of products are selling in the market with the name of Herbal or Natural Viagra. Men take them with the hope that it will improve their sex life and save them from ED (erectile dysfunction) and that too with a herbal medicine. "Herbal Viagra" or "Natural Viagra" names create a misconception in the mind of men that it is something organic. Most of the men want to hide this disease from others and search for herbal Viagra on net with the hope that they will find an easy treatment of ED without going to their General Practitioner. Some of the common Viagra alternates available in market are Arginine, Korean Red Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbine, Most of them are either Placebo or cardio-vascular medicines.

Actual Viagra was developed by drug company Pfizer, which contain Sildenafil Citrate in 20mg or 100mg concentration. Herbal Viagra uses the same name Viagra by adding the word Herbal to it, but does not have Sildenafil Citrate. Instead it contain some other salts with similar characteristics. None of the Herbal Viagra are tested by researchers to treat ED. 

Herbal Viagra Benefits

Herbal Viagra is sold in market with the list of untested benefits. Manufacturers of these Herbal Viagra Pills claim that they are made by using some most exotic herbs found in different parts of world. These herbal pills are usually cheaper than actual Viagra and available without any prescription.

Herbal Viagra Side Effects

  • They can abnormally lower the blood pressure
  • Blood flow to some vital organs can be restricted
  • Some Herbal Viagra are toxic in higher dosage.
  • Herbal Viagra is dangerous for those who use nitrate medications for heart problems
  • Most of the herbal Viagra have not undergone human clinical trials and hence most of their side effects are unknown.
We recommend you not to take any Herbal Viagra. Instead you should consult a doctor regarding ED and take only prescribed medicine after telling him about all health conditions and other medications (if you are using any).

Pesticides in Food and its effect on Life

Pesticides were designed to kill those pests that affect the production of crops, fruits and vegetables. But just like antibiotics which kill a wide variety of bacteria irrespective of either that bacteria is good or bad for humans, pesticides target something more than just harmful pests. Some studies found that pesticides affect the count of bees, which are necessary for pollination. Some pesticides are feared to cause cancer in humans. In United States during year 1996 FQPA (Food Quality Protection Act) directed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  to completely reassess pesticide residues on food, keeping the safety of children in mind. From 1996 to 2006 EPA has cancelled or restricted the use of 270 pesticides to keep the children and adults of United States safe.

What is permissible pesticide residue level ?
Permissible pesticide residue level is that level of pesticide residue on a food which can be considered safe for eating. Once the pesticide is sprayed on a food item/plant in fields, the pesticide stays in certain amount either inside that food or on its outer surface. After some time ranging from days to weeks spent by that food item under the sun and then washed before getting into the retail stores, the pesticide level is decreased to a great extent. At that time the amount of pesticide measured on that food is known as pesticide residue level. If it falls under the permissible limit then its considered safe to eat.

Almost half of all vegetables produced contain traces of pesticides. According to some critics even the permissible amount of pesticide residue is harmful, especially when we get them as a cocktail from different products.

Pesticides effect on Animals

We human be might not be directly exposed to pesticides, but rural animals and other wildlife is directly affected. The milk we drink comes from Cow and Buffaloes who are exposed to the pesticides as their food is that plant which is also grown with help of pesticides. Bees are useful in pollination of not just crops but several other plants necessary for wildlife, but pesticides can also affect the central nervous system of bees. The underground water and soil of farming fields also get contaminated with pesticides. The birds that feed on insects and plants in such areas also get affected. The negative health effects of pesticides also affect animals and birds. Some of the negative health effects are

  • reproductive effects
  • birth defects
  • cancer
  • endocrine disruption
  • neurotoxicity
  • kidney damage
  • liver damage
  • developmental changes
  • hormonal imbalance

Pesticide usage in USA and the World

However governments take step to keep people safe from dangerous chemicals used in the agriculture and production sector, but the truth is that still people fall prey to negative effects of such chemicals. Pesticides are one of such chemicals. You may find yourself safe by reading the guidelines of EPA about the pesticides usage, but EPA can't control whole world. Those of you who visit foreign countries where there is no such guidelines, what about those countries. Those harmful chemicals which can't be sold in USA, can be easily sold in other parts of globe.

Market vs Health

Some advocates of pesticides claim that Pesticides help in increased production and also beautify the look of fruits and vegetables, which helps in keeping the prices down. It may be good for economy but not for the health of consumers.

Today world needs pesticide free farming to provide a disease free life to next generations. We should bring organic methods of farming into trend and do some research in that field in spite of developing new pesticides every year and making bugs more resistant.

Your Hobby can Improve your Health

Yes, its true ! Your Hobby can improve your health to a great extent. However it can't save your from flu or Cancer but it can improve your overall health. Your hobby can be anything ranging from outdoor activities or doing something creative which satisfies you. No matter what your hobby is ! There may be more than one ! You should spare some time for that hobby to improve your health and improve yourself.
When we get engaged in some hobby, no matter how hectic it is, we don't get tired. Instead we feel something fresh inside us after spending some time with it. This feeling is the key to being in good health after following your hobby.

How does your hobby improve your health ?

The answer to this question can be given in a single line as there are various factors related to it which affect our overall health. We will tell you about these factors in the following points. Here we bigin.

  • Some Hobbies are health activities itself: Some people have got hobbies like swimming, cycling, power lifting, gardening or walking. All such health activities as a hobby can easily improve your health. A health activity done with your own willingness can benefit you more. Suppose Person X don't like swimming, but he swims daily unwillingly just because someone told him that it will improve his health. On the other hand Person Y likes swimming as a hobby and swims for same amount of time as Person X. Who do u think will be benefited more ? The answer is person Y. However both X and Y burned similar number of calories but the Person Y also got a feel good feeling from swimming which provided him/her a bit more health benefit. So follow your heart.
  • It gives you a break with a purpose: Sometime you need a break from your routine job and daily work. However some people think that taking some rest is sufficient, but those who take a break by following a hobby utilize that break in a better way. The purpose attained though that hobby might by just some physical workout to lower your weight, or some creative art to make you happy, but one thing is certain that it makes you happy.
  • Eustress: Usually we are familiar with the word "Stress" which is something negative and related to numerous diseases. But Eustress is positive stress, which makes you feel excited about your hobby. Suppose your hobby is photography and sometimes you struggle hard to get a good shot, then the stress you go through is Eustress. As soon as you get a good shot that stress turns into happiness. Your work related stress can give you that happiness unless your work is your hobby.
  • Hobbies let you live in present: Most of us either dwell on the past or worry about the future, instead of living in the present. But your hobby makes you live in present which is most important to remain healthy. Your hobby gives your mind a break from thinking about past or future.
  • Saves you free Depression: Engaging in activities that makes you happy can save you from depression. Following your hobby lowers your blood pressure, BMI and waist circumference. Some studies have found that engaging yourself in your hobbies can save you from memory problems in old age.

All hobbies have some emotional, mental and physical health benefits. It does not take a huge amount of time to follow your hobby, sometime just a small break is sufficient. Some people think that hobbies are only for billionaires which is not true. Billionaires might have expensive hobbies but happiness can't be purchased by money. So follow your hobby. It is worth sparing some time from your busy schedule.

Vibrio Vulnificus Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Vibrio Vulnificus is a Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria, isolated as a disease causing agent in 1976. It a rod-shaped bacteria mostly found in marine environment. Vibrio Vulnificus is related to Vibrio Cholera, which is the bacteria that causes Cholera.

Vibrio Vulnificus Infection

Vibrio Vulnificus Infection mostly occurs in marine environment or by eating sea food, especially shellfish or oysters. This infection can occur through contaminated food or through some open wound exposed to contaminated water. If this infection spreads into blood stream then it can be a life threatening condition. People with weak immune system or chronic liver disease are more prone to Vibrio Vulnificus Infection. This infection have a mortality rate around 25% . On an average 90 cases of this infection are reported to CDC every year.

Types of Vibrio Vulnificus Infection

  • Acute gastroenteritis: This infection occurs after eating seafood especially uncooked shellfish or oysters. Infected food can't be distinguished by its appearance, taste and odor. 
  • Necrotizing wound infections: Vibrio Vulnificus can enter the body of a human being through an open wound. If injured skin is exposed to contaminated water the this bacteria can enter into body through it. Puncture wounds due to spines of fished such as tilapia, catfish or stingrays can cause such type of infection.  
  • Invasive septicemia: If Vibrio Vulnificus enters the blood stream of a person with weak immune system then it is Invasive septicemia. This type of infection is most severe one and mortality rate is upto 50%. It can also occur in people with chronic liver disease. Most of the people with this type of Vibrio Vulnificus Infection die within 48 hours after infection.

Vibrio Vulnificus Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of  Vibrio Vulnificus Infection are different for different types of Vibrio Vulnificus Infection.

  • Vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain are symptoms of Acute gastroenteritis.
  • Blistering skin lesions are found in people suffering from Necrotizing wound infections or Invasive septicemia.
  • Septic shock (decreased blood pressure) can occur in Invasive septicemia which can lead to death sometimes.

Vibrio Vulnificus Infection Treatment

  • First successful documented treatment of Vibrio Vulnificus Infection was done in 1995. That treatment was done with Fortaz and intravenous (IV) Cipro and IV doxycycline.
  • Quinolone or intravenous doxycycline with ceftazidime are recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and AMA (American Medical Association).

Note: If you search for Vibrio Vulnificus Infection on google images, then the results can be too unpleasant for you to view.

How does Fat affect the body

Most of us consider Fat as a culprit responsible for most of the diseases. But what we miss while making this misconception is that we can't live without fat. A healthy man must have body fat equivalent to 15% of body weight. What does it prove ? Is fat a healthy thing ? The answer is Balance. Anything out of proportion in our body can cause disease. So Balance is the key. Fat is a good thing till it remains in the correct proportion. But when it is stored in excess in our body then it becomes a disease itself.
Note: American Medical Association declared Obesity as a disease in 2013. Obesity fits the classification of a disease as it reduces the life expectancy and disturbs the normal functioning of the body.
Do you know a healthy women should have 27% body fat while men should have just 15%. If you want to know why then Read More.

How does fat affect the body

Fat affects our body in both positive and negative ways. Positive things about fat is that it is necessary for proper metabolism of body. Fatty acids are necessary for absorption of some vitamins from our diet. Fat acts as an insulation and shock absorbing element. Protein in our diet can't be utilized in absence of fat. If you want to know more about goodness of fat then read more.
When it comes to negative effects of fat then blood pressure and diabetes are the very first thing that comes in our mind. Excess fat in our body can easily make us sick by increasing the cholesterol. Most of us don't know that fat has the ability to secrete hormones which can interfere with our regular hormones and make us sick due to hormonal imbalance.

Our body has got two types of fat: visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is located just under the skin while Visceral fat surrounds our internal organs and it is much harmful then the previous one. To know more about these fats and their affect on body, read visceral fat vs subcutaneous fat.

Inactivity and improper diet is the key to excess fat in the body. Apart from the normal fat in diet, transfat is the main culprit. Most of the fast foods contain transfat to increase their shelf life,but it decreases the life span of humans due to it disease causing ability. Transfats are formed by converting unsaturated fat into saturated fat through a process called hydrogenation. To know more about hydrogenation and transfat read more. Transfat increases the bad cholesterol level in body ad some experts believe than transfat can also cause cancer.

The best way to measure your body fat or obesity level in the BMI chart which is calculated using your height and weight. Your BMIU can easily tell your either you are Obese or not. Calculate your BMI using our BMI calculator.

Fat is good unless it is making you obese. So have a healthy diet plan with good lifestyle and stay away from diseases caused by fat.

Dirtiest Spots in your Home that you Never Notice

Usually we consider our home as a clean place free from any diet, bacteria and virus. But here we are going to tell you about dirtiest spots in your home that you never notice. Most of us consider kitchen to be cleaner place compared to bathroom, but this assumption will be no more after reading this article. The dirtiest spots are not the actual health hazard but your unknowingly treating them as a clean spot. Let us enlighten you about your own home !

What creates the dirt spots in your home ?

  • Lifestyle
  • Living habits
  • Cleaning procedures

Your lifestyle and living habits are directly connected to hygiene. A hygienic place is made my good lifestyle, living habits and cleaning procedures. Most of lack some of these habits and thus make themselves prone to bacteria and virus. Very less people know the fact that some bacteria can double their count within 20 minutes if they the get proper environment. Good lifestyle, living habits and cleaning procedures can eliminate any such environment from your home. Some of the common germs that can make your home their habitat are Staphylococcus aureus or staph, yeast and mold, Salmonella, Escherichia coli or E. coli and fecal matter.

Dirtiest Spots in your Home that you Never Notice

We will start from the most important part of the home which is expected to be number one in cleanliness but usually its not. That part is your kitchen. Here are few items which can easily be a playground for germs in your kitchen.

  • Dish Sponges and Rags: The always available moisture in them makes it good for germs to reproduce. When you use them to clean dishes and kitchen shelf, the germs are evenly spread across your kitchen. In a research done by NSF it was found that more than 75 percent of dish sponges and rags were infected with Salmonella, E. coli, and fecal matter. Dish sponges can be made germ free but putting damp sponge in microwave for a minute.
  • Cutting Boards: Cutting boards directly come in contact with raw vegetables and any germ of these raw vegetables can stay on it if it is not cleaned with a disinfectant.
  • Refrigerators: If you store unwashed raw vegetables in your fridge then you are making all food items stored in it accessible to germs. Best way to save yourself from these bacteria is to clean the vegetable chamber of your refrigerator with a disinfectant on regular basis.
  • Kitchen Sink and Countertops: If you don't clean these surfaces regularly with some disinfectant then you are at risk. Regular cleaning of these surfaces is very necessary. 
  • Refrigerator handles, Stove knobs and Microwave handles: These surfaces are often touched after touching raw food products and thus they are prone to germs.

Using disinfectant wipes, changing your dish towels regularly and washing your hands before and after handling food can make your kitchen germ free.
Now lets come to bathroom.

  • Bath tub: If you take hot showers then it creates a perfect breeding place for germs with moisture and temperature. Not just bath tub, but all surfaces in bathroom that come is direct touch with skin should be cleaned regularly.
  • Floor Area and drains: Floor area should be wiped daily just after taking bath and a proper cleaning with some disinfectant should be done weekly.
  • Faucets: They can easily act as a germ carrier if not cleaned properly. Faucets should also be included in weekly cleaning.
  • Toothbrush: Unclean toothbrush is very harmful for your dental health. You should change it every month. Usually moisture retains in bristles for a long time and make them a good habitat for germs. You should rinse them properly before using them on daily basis.
  • Bath towels: These are one more moisture prone item used in the bathroom. These should be sent to laundry at least once a week.
  • Washing Machine: Washing machine surface should be properly cleaned especially if you are using a shared one. You can use some disinfectant to clean a shared washing machine. If you let the wet laundry lie idle in the washing compartment for more than 30 minutes then germs can easily grow in them. In such case just let them enjoy one more round of washing and then dry them.

Let us now move to some other parts of your house.
Light Switches and Doorknobs: Light switches and Doorknobs are often touched just after coming from outside. Bathroom and kitchen switches/doorknobs are more prone to germs. These surfaces come in contact with different family members and can easily act as a carrier of germs.
Some other items that need regular cleaning (at least once a week) are:

  • Remote Control (AC/ TV)
  • Joy Sticks
  • Cell Phones / Tablets
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Keys
  • Wallets
  • Bottom of purses
  • Shoes

Very soon we will come back with an article on some daily habits to keep your home clean. In the mean time just clean the above mentioned item and keep visiting .

Note: Never forget to clean the floor and mats of your house which is most important if you have got kids.

HIV vs AIDS - They are different !

Most of the people often consider both HIV and AIDS as same thing while there is a basic difference among them. HIV is a virus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus. AIDS is the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, which is a disease caused by HIV. It is possible to get infected with HIV and yet live a complete life without AIDS. Before we proceed further with the difference between HIV and AIDS, it is important to know both of them.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV is a virus which is known to affect only humans. That is why it is named so. It can affect the immune system of a human being and destroys it to the level where human body can't resist from normal diseases and looses its capability to fight with normal bacteria. Being HIV positive does not mean that mean that you will definitely face such situation.

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

When the HIV virus starts affecting and destroying the immune system of a human being then its is called AIDS. Our immune system protects us from different bacteria/ viruses by generating antibodies and thus saves us from different diseases. AIDS don't have its own symptoms as it depends on the other diseases that affect a person and last longer due to inability of the immune system.

After reading the above definitions you must have understood the fact that HIV and AIDS are different. HIV is a virus and AIDS is the disease/condition caused by that virus. It is not always necessary for a HIV positive person to suffer from AIDS.

HIV infection without AIDS

A a person is infected with HIV then this virus can't be removed from our body. Neither our immune system can flush it out nor any any medicine can kill it. But still one can live for years without getting AIDS. Today the medical science has developed so much that AIDS can be prevented for years if it is known on time that a person is HIV positive. Even some HIV positive people have lived their complete life without AIDS.

One of the important part of our Immune system are CD4 Cells, also known as T Cells, which are a type of white blood cells. These CD4 cells are able to detect any foreign bacteria or virus in our blood stream and send signals to activate the immune system. In a normal person the count of these CD4 cells range from 500 cells/mm3 to 1,600 cells/mm3. When a person is found HIV positive, then doctors usually prescribe him some health supplements to empower his/her immune system. If the CD4 cell count does not go below this range of 500 to 1600 cells/mm3 then it means that person is not suffering from AIDS. But if the CD4 cell count goes below 200 cells/mm3 the it is called AIDS.

If you have ever had unprotected sex then it is better get tested for HIV. Knowing that you are HIV positive, not only saves you from getting AIDS but can also protect others from HIV infection.

The Man who beat HIV AIDS : Andrew Stimpson

Andrew Stimpson is the only reported case where a person succeeded in getting rid of HIV AIDS. However more than one such cases were reported in Africa but with no proper medical reports to claim it. But the case of Andrew Stimpson is perfectly diagnosed. He was found HIV positive in year 2002, but after fourteen months he was found negative. At first he suspected the negative result and sued the hospital for the false results and giving false hopes as it is something impossible to happen. But in some more tests negative results were confirmed and he became the first ever person on planet to successfully getting rid of this deadly virus. We have collected some information about Andrew Stimpson.

Andrew Stimpson was born in 1980 at Largs, Scotland. He got infected from his boyfriend Juan Gomez in April 2002. At that time Andrew was just 22 while his HIV positive boyfriend was 44. It happened due to a condom split. However in such cases it takes at least 3 months to get the HIV positive result as the virus takes that much time to appear in tests results, but Andrew was having a gut feeling that he is infected. Later the results confirmed his belief. According to Andrew prior to getting infected with HIV he never get sick, not even cold or flu, but HIV totally changed his life and belief. Only his boyfriend Juan and sister Louise were aware of the fact. Andrew even started to plan his end as he never wanted to die on a hospital bed after going through painful illness. He continued to enjoy his life with his boyfriend with no protection as both of them were HIV positive. He was also having some health supplements to stay healthy but not taking any medicines to fight AIDS. Every 2 months he need to go through some routine checks of blood, liver, heart and immune system. In October 2003 the miracle happened and his test results came negative. At that time Andrew was in so much state of disbelief that he sued the hospital for false results, but some more results confirmed that he is really cured. What surprised him more was the fact that he was in constant touch of HIV through his boyfriend during that period.

People have their own theories about how Andrew was cured. Some say that its a mutated gene, while some say that the key lies in the supplements he was having. Some believe that his immune system was better that a normal human being and it found the way to kill HIV virus. Whatever the real reason was, but still we have not found the treatment to this disease even after 14 years of this incident. Lets hope that year 2017 can provide a breakthrough and hope for 40 million AIDS patients around the world.

Those Para Athletes who inspire us to Be Healthy

Health is not just the body, it is the way you believe it is. It is not just being free from diseases, but believing that your body is capable of doing anything you can imagine. Health is in your mind, not just body. Even a little disability in your body can't make you underestimate its whole potential. There are a number of Para-athletes who inspire us to rethink about the capability of our body and inspire us to be healthy and don't waste the gift that the nature has given us. Here we will tell you about a few Para-athletes who can make you rethink about your body and make you not judging a person by his/her physical disability. Even the word "disability" takes "ability" to make it complete.

Kelly Cartwright: She is an Australian para-athlete, a mom and a motivational speaker. Her leg was amputated due to cancer in her right knee when she was just 15. But she not only came over that tragic moment but also made her prosthetic leg an instrument to success. Today she is a Gold and Silver medalist in Para-Olympic games.

 Kurt Fearnley: He is a three time Para-Olympic gold medalist. He was born with no lower spinal cord and started racing at the age of 14. He is also a motivational speaker who also motivates his fellow competitors. He is constantly active in advocacy work and member of various campaigns related to disabled people. He once said, "One of my biggest strengths is that I deal with discomfort better than most.".

Lex Gillette: He is an athlete, singer-songwriter, and motivational speaker. He is blind since childhood but still world champion and world record holder in the long jump. “No need for sight when you have a vision” is his motto which is sufficient to tell what he believes. 

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is commonly found in women. Men are less prone to this disease. UTI is an infection in the urinary track usually caused due to bacteria called E-Coli. Almost 90% of UTI cases are attributed to E.Coli (Escherichia coli). But from where do we get this bacteria might surprise you.

  • Around 40% of women and 12% of men are affected by UTI at some point in their life.
  • Only 1 -2% children face UTI and it is more serious condition in them.
  • UTI is more common in women compared to men. Experts say that its due to shorter urethra in women and bacteria has to travel a shorter distance to infect a women.
  • More than 7 million cases of UTI are reported in US every year.

Organs that can be affected by Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

  • Kidneys: Two small organs at waist level on both sides of spine. They extract the impurities/toxins from blood and make it clean. Thus it makes urine.
  • Ureters: Two tube like structures around 10 inches long. They take urine from kidneys and fill it into bladder.
  • Bladder: Its is a sac like structure. When urine get filled in it up to a certain level, then we feel an urge to pee.
  • Urethra: It is the duct that leads urine from bladder to outside the body. Its shorter in women compared to men.

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Symptoms of UTI depends on which part of urinary track is infected.
If the infection is in the upper organs i.e. kidneys and ureters then symptoms are:
  • fever
  • chills
  • nausea
  • vomiting
If infection is in lower organs i.e. bladder and urethra then symptoms are:
  • Pain while urinating
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Frequent urination with less amount of urine
  • feeling to urinate urgently
  • blood in urine
  • mild fever

What causes Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ?

As we told in the beginning that E.Coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria is responsible for almost 90% cases of UTI. This bacteria normally resides in our digestive system around colon (large intestine) and anus. In some cases it can easily travel from these locations into urethra. Shorter urethra of women makes then more prone to UTI infection. At the beginning of infection you may try to flush out the bacteria by frequent urination by drinking more water, but if the bacteria are more in count then they can still travel to bladder. Further the infection can spread over ureters and kidney which can become a serious problem if not treated properly.

What makes you prone to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ?

  • Being a women
  • Kidney stones
  • Being sexually active
  • Using a diaphragm for birth control
  • Using  immunosuppressant medications
  • HIV
  • Diabetes
  • Postmenopausal women
  • Enlarged prostate in men
  • Patients using catheters

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment

Usually medical practitioners prescribe antibiotics to treat UTI as most of the infection are caused due to E.coli . They can also get your urine and blood examined to figure out the exact reason and place of infection in urinary tract. Depending on the symptoms pelvic examination may also be done to figure out any other reason reason of infection such as kidney stones. Urine culture may be suggested by some doctors to figure out exact bacteria and know if it is resistant to some antibiotics. A timely treatment can save you from a severe infection in upper urinary tract. So whenever you feel the symptoms of UTI, you must visit an expert within 24 hours.

Does FDA approval makes a food item really "SAFE" !

FDA has approved a number of food items as "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS in short). Recognizing something as safe does not mean that it really is. When a food certification agency recognizes something as safe then there are a number of clauses attached to it, such as how much you should eat in proportion to per pound of your body weight. But reality is that nobody cares for that. We just eat what we find tasty and eat it till we feel full.
We the people just do blind faith without trying to know the reality. FDA is no god, who can inspect every aspect of a food item on all categories of people ranging from kids to senior citizens or a pregnant women.

FDA approval means that the FDA has decided the benefits of the approved item outweigh the potential risks for the item's planned use.

If we look at the above statement then it clearly means that a FDA approved food item might have some potential risks. One more thing is the planned use. What is that planned use ? Planned use is how much you should eat per pound of your body weight, or up to what temperature it can be cooked, or in how much time it should be consumed after cooking. There are so many conditions connected to a FDA approved food item that you can easily be a victim of its potential risks.

Most of the fast foods items contain ingredients which you don't know and don't care about their potential risks. Some of such ingredients include trans fat, artificial sweeteners and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

When you cook a food, you know the ingredients you used and you also know that none of them would harm you. Did you ever think that shelf life of a home cooked food is never more than a few days even if you put it in a fridge. But shelf life of packed food ranges from weeks to months. There must be something in it to not let it be inedible after so much time. There are preservatives and artificial ingredients to do so. You don't hesitate in consuming those ingredients thinking that its approved by FDA and don't think even once about the potential risks. Even if the potential risks are less, you are still prone to them by consuming those packed food items everyday.

How to save yourself from potential risks of FDA approved food items ?
Most of us blindly believe that FDA approval is guarantee of a food product being safe for use before the expiry date mentioned on the package. Instead of getting fresh fruits and vegetables directly from some garden, we prefer the packed food. Different companies involved in marketing of packaged food use preservatives and artificial ingredients to increase the shelf life of these products. FDA try to do its best, but every aspect of a food item can't be checked. When it comes to rules, even the consumers don't follow them completely. Sometimes we eat more then the recommended serving and sometime we use the packet for days after opening and don't care till how much time it should be consumed after opening. If we follow the rules then we can save ourselves from potential risks. Another way to completely save yourself is by being natural. Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Instead of eating the packed fast food, try to cook something at home and try to have your own kitchen garden.

We humans first made artificial ingredients and then made agencies to find if these products harm us or not. After researching a lot and spending millions of dollars, these agencies come to conclusion that benefits of the item outweigh the potential risks, so it should be approved. All such things seems to help only in marketing of these products.