Decide the sex of your upcoming pregnancy yourself ?

Sex determination of fetus is crime in various countries and should not be encouraged. It can help in creating an imbalance in sex ratio that naturally occurs. But what we are going to tell here comes far behind the range of sex determination. Some old knowledgeable persons of  old civilizations provided some ways to get child of the desired sex. Not even that some of them also provided the knowledge to get the desired qualities in them. We don't have any research findings to support their findings but still they are worth reading. Some people may believe them while some may not.

  • Some people claim that Ayurveda has remedy to get child of preferred gender. If the pair indulge in the act after the 4th day of menstrual cycle and before 16th day of menstrual cycle then chances of fertilization are more. The day of successful intercourse decides the sex of fetus. Impregnation on even days of menstrual cycle results in boy while on odd days results in girl. The quality and characteristics of the boy or girl becomes better if they are conceived on final days of cycle (i.e 15th or 16th day).
  • One old Sanskrit text Sarvodaya says that if women is inhaling and exhaling through right nostril at the time of intercourse then it results in female child, while the opposite results in male child.
  • According to Aristotle, if the egg cell and the sperm are from the right ovary of woman and right testicle of man then male child will be produced. If the respective things are from left the female child will be produced. While writing this article i am thinking, "what if egg and sperm are from opposite directions ?". Aristotle knows.

It is good to have faith in your religion and sculptures but if believing something can create and imbalance in nature then it is a stupidity to do so. Nature has not provided us with the ability to decide the gender of fetus due to some reason. Being god can sometimes create bigger problems. If you indulge yourself in judging the gender then most probably you will ruin your love life. Health of the upcoming baby should be the first priority of parents not the gender.

Note: We don't support the knowledge provided above because it can create imbalance in sex ratio. One more reason is there to not support it, it is the impractical nature of the implementation of these techniques. Some methods are really hard to implement for both men and women, especially when they are in mood to make babies. It is really hard to decide through which nostril you are going to breathe at that particular time. Hardest thing in the above described method is to know from which direction the egg cell or sperm is coming.
We have not researched if the information provided above is really a part some ancient texts or it is just a hoax spreading on internet. So it is better not to take these information seriously. Our motive is to let you know what type of information is available out there to misguide those who really want a baby of desired gender.

Smoked Food - Just Delicious or a Carcinogen !

You must have seen people going crazy for different types of smoked food such as smoked cheese, smoked meat, barbecued food or grilled food. But do you ever try to know if its healthy or just tasty. Making a grilled or barbecued food may be matter of few hours but really smoked food takes days to make, so that the smoke enters to most interior part of food (not just the outer layer). But is this hard work really worth doing ? If you are dying for the taste then YES. But what if we ask in terms of health. Here we are trying to get an answer to that.

Most of the delicious things are not healthy
It is a natural fact that most of the delicious things contain too much of something to make it taste so. Either its too much of sugar, too much of spices, too much of fat or too much of grilling. No matter what you are eating, too much of cooking degrades its nutritional value. Similarly too much of smoke in food may provide taste to your tongue, but it is not healthy especially if you are going for it daily. Occasionally having smoked food might not harm anybody.

Both Smoked and Grilled food contain Carcinogens
Carcinogens are that content in our food and environment that are found responsible for causing cancer. Smoked and Grilled food are prepared using different methods of cooking, so both of them contain different types and level of carcinogens. Grilled food is put directly above the flames which created heterocyclic amines (HCA). HCA is a carcinogen and created when animal fat is directly by flames. HCA is not formed in smoked food as the temperature is quite low there. But smoked food is surrounded by wood smoke for most of the time, which contain other class of carcinogen called polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). PAH is formed when wood is burned. The level of these carcinogens in these food also depend on their making process. The level also depends on either its made commercially or at home.

Does liquid smoke also contain these Carcinogens ?
However liquid smoke is made by adding filtered smoke in water, but still some amount of PAH gets into it. The level of PAH differs from manufacturers to manufacturers. The liquid smoke flavor is used widely to make smoked food is lesser time. The food made by using liquid smoke is not put into smoke for days but the PAH level may still be the same as it is directly poured onto it in the form of liquid which can be easily absorbed by the food.

How bad are HCA and PAH?
However it is know that HCA and PAH are bad for human health, American Cancer Society is still unsure about the role of HCA and PAH in causing cancer in humans. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has revealed in some of its studies that PAH can cause pancreatic, colorectal and prostate cancers in animals. Our suggestion to the user is that occasionally having smoked food may not have any serious health concerns and your body may handle it, but don't go for it too much. Too much of anything is harmful, especially when you are ingesting some carcinogens with your food.

Smoked food can cause Breast Cancer
A study published in May 2007 in the journal "Epidemiology" found that smoked food increases the chances of breast cancer by 47% in postmenopausal women if they eat smoked or grilled meat at least once in a week.

Apart from the presence of carcinogens in smoked and grilled food, such food also contain higher amount of sodium and fat which is itself responsible lifestyle disease like hypertension and diabetes. 

There was a time when Cigarettes were Healthy !

There were days when cigarettes were healthier than today. We are persuaded to say so when we collected some old cigarette advertisements. If you see them you will either start laughing or start thinking that how man can be so foolish. Some of them said that it will sooth your throat to make you a better singer, some said that its smoke will attract women (just like perfume ads of today). One of these ads is unimaginable, where a kid is getting a pack of cigarettes for his parents.

The fact that surprised us is that these ads contain reference to scientific researches to make people believe that these are healthier. They will make a man more manly and a lady more feminine. No just that, some of them even said that they are safe for babies. Even doctors use to smoke and prescribe it to others (as per these advertisements).

Enough reading now ! Please go through these advertisements yourself.

However these ads surprised us, but one thing that don't surprise us is that businessman were still same as today. They leave no stone unturned to earn money, even if one of those stones was blocking the way to hell. They published false researches and made people believe that its good for them. Today we are fighting the smoking addiction only due to these ads. God knows if still some of these companies are in business and earning money by selling quit smoking techniques.

World famous Celebrities who Quit Smoking

Smoking is something that even some celebrities can't resist from. Its easier to be a smoker but its harder to quit it and be role model for other. We at think that those celebrities who quit smoking, not only did something good for themselves but also for the society. Whatever celebrities do and don't do become a trend among the common men. So if your quitting smoking can inspire others to do the same, then it is worth getting some publicity. We have collected a list of some world famous celebrities who quit smoking and choose live a healthy life.

World famous Celebrities who Quit Smoking

  • Barack Obama:  The former president of USA was a smoker since teenage. He quit smoking in 2007 and chewed Nicorette to help himself with the withdrawal symptoms. He says that now he smokes occasionally, but never in front of family. In 2009 he passed an anti-smoking bill in order to protect future generations from this addiction.
  • Matt Damon: This star worked in movies like The Bourne Identity and The Departed. He quit smoking by using hypnosis.
  • Ben Affleck: The Hollywood star who worked in movies like Argo, Good Will Hunting, Gone Girl and The Town was a smoker for 20 years. He finally quit smoking by using hypnosis.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: The famous actress used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking in 2013.
  • Cameron Diaz : She used to smoke upto 20 cigarettes in a day but quit the habit during the shoot of Charlie’s Angels, but got addicted again. She succeeded in quitting it again in 2003 for the sake of her parents, as they don't want her to set a wrong example.
  • Anthony Hopkins: This academy award winner actor quit smoking decades ago. However he complains of some occasional craving for smoking but he restricts himself by the reading "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr.
  • Jennifer Aniston: The "Friends" TV Star quit smoking in 2012.
  • Sir Richard Branson: His testimonial on Allen Carr's website says that many of his friends are benefited by Allen Carr's method but we are not sure if he is also among them.
  • Ashton Kutcher: This movie star also quit smoking by using Allen Carr's methods.
  • Ellen: This star of TV recently announced that she quit smoking after many failed attempts by using Allen Carr's method.

There was a famous dialog in movie Spiderman that "Power comes with great responsibilities". Being a celebrity is a power in itself and if you utilize that power to inspire others for a good cause then you have performed your responsibility as well.
Don't smoke and inspire others to do the same to make earth a better living place for coming generations.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking ! Does it work ?

Most of us have seen hypnosis in movies in a negative way, where a person hypnotizes others to get some bad task done. Funny part is that the victim of hypnosis don't even remember what happened to him/her. Real hypnosis in medical terms is not like that. It is just passing of some thoughts to subconscious mind, to make you believe in something or to forget something. Hypnotherapy is being used for speech disorders, weight loss and pain control. It can help in getting rid of some addiction. We will tell you "How", later in this article.

Before you opt for hypnosis treatment to quit smoking, it is better to know some facts about hypnosis and smoking.

  • Hypnosis doesn't work for everyone: Everybody is not hypnotizable, but those who are can undoubtedly get benefit from it. Only 25 out of 100 can be hypnotized.
  • Intensity of hypnosis differs: Everybody can't be hypnotized up to the same level. Intensity of hypnotism varies from person to person. So the results may vary from person to person among the 25% who are hypnotizable.
  • High Chances of again being a smoker: Those who remain successful in quitting smoking through hypnosis are often advised some self-hypnosis method to keep themselves away from smoking, which they don't follow and again become a smoker in some stressful moments.

Some researchers who spoke to some ex-smokers gave a mixed review of hypnosis treatment. Some think that they don't believe that it happened due to hypnosis. However there are some who believe that it worked for them. Some say that it worked for them as long as they attended hypnosis sessions and they again got the smoking habit after some time. Cancer Institute of America don't recognize hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for quitting smoking.

How does hypnosis treatment works for quitting smoking?
Hypnotherapy breaks you thinking pattern associated with smoking. Even if you already believe that smoking is unhealthy, hypnosis will empower that thought and motivates you quit it. During hypnosis you are put in a deep relaxed state, as your mind becomes more open to thoughts and suggestions at that time. Thoughts like "Cigarette is bad for health. It's smell will make you through up or feel sick" are told you again and again. Once your mind starts believing it, you will find that you start disliking the smell of cigarette in real life. For some people just a single session of hypnotherapy is sufficient but some may need follow-up sessions. In the end the hypnotherapist might teach you some self hypnosis methods to help you further in your life

Why do people fail by using hypnosis treatment ?

  • Most important reason was said earlier. It is that only 25% people are hypnotizable and intensity of their hypnotism differs among them.
  • If you don't want to quit from inside then most probably hypnosis won't work for you.
  • If you don't continue the self treatment using the self hypnosis them most probably you will regain the habit that you had quit.

Should one use hypnotherapy to quit smoking ?
It depends on your personal choice and you compatibility (either you are hypnotizable or not). But the good thing about hypnosis is that, it passes just some positive thoughts into your subconscious mind about the merits of quitting and demerits of being a smoker. Even if it is not sufficient as a treatment alone, it can benefit with some other quitting treatment. Positive thoughts are necessary in every form of treatment. So you may go for it along with gradual reduction method to quit smoking.

Note: One thing that i learned while writing this article is that if you think that it is harder to quit then it will be harder, but if you start thinking of it an easy task then it will be easier. Hard or Easy is just a thinking process. This is hypnosis.

How to Quit Smoking by reducing number of Cigarettes

Gradual Reduction method to quit smoking is not considered best as its success rate is quite low. We provided some facts about it in our last article. But still some people prefer to quit smoking by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes over a period of time. Most people fail in this attempt either due to lack of will or due to lack of preparation. Yes, preparation is necessary to quit smoking. Most people don't prepare and just start the quitting process and get failed. You might think, "what kind of preparation is required to quit smoking ? ". We will tell you further in this article about the required preparation to quit smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes.

There are two types of preparation necessary: Mental and Physical.

Mental Preparation to Quit Smoking

Mental preparation is most necessary. Unless you fill yourself with positive thoughts and will power to quit smoking, you can't succeed. Here are some points that can help you in this preparation.

  • You Mind is the Key: Unless you yourself want to quit smoking, you can't do it. If you are doing it under pressure from somebody then most probably your mind will find a way to cheat. So do it for your good.
  • Fill your mind with positive thoughts: Positive thoughts include thinking about a better life as an ex-smoker. That better life may be playing without getting tired with your kids or grand kids. Thinking about running a mile without stopping in middle. Thinking of being a role model for others who also want to quit but can't do it due to some reasons.
  • Read positive things: Today everybody has got internet access. You may find something positive to read there, such as testimonials of some ex-smokers on different website, where they tell about the positive changes in their life. Some points in such articles will definitely increase your will power.
  • Greed for a better health: Sometimes greed is a good thing if done in a positive way. Even if you don't feel lesser than anybody, but still quitting smoking will make your health much better. Greed for that better health. Greed for lesser diseases at an old age.
  • Keep your mind engaged: It is better to keep your mind busy for a few weeks when you are quitting smoking. Sometimes a mind with no job to do starts thinking about negative things, such as one puff won't make any difference. Don't fall into such tricks of your mind by preparing in advance. Plan something in advance to do during the quitting process, which can keep you engaged. Something creative will benefit you more as it will keep you mind more busy.

Physical Preparation to Quit Smoking

  • Plan you days ahead: It will give you less time to waste in the coming days. The free time during the quitting process may make it harder to spend.
  • Make a Smoking Chart: Use a diary, chart or notebook to make a smoking schedule. It should be made in a way where you decrease the number of cigarettes on daily/weekly basis and the interval between cigarettes is increased. One such chart is given at the end of this article. 
  • Use a timer: Use a alarm clock or timer to keep track of the interval between cigarettes. It is one of the most important preparation. If you don't have it then your mind may try to fool you by saying that it is almost time for next cigarette while it might be not so. You may use your smartphone for that purpose. The main thing is sticking to the schedule.
  • Plan some exercise schedule: It is a good way to quit smoking and getting healthy quickly. Get some equipment that you can afford, as it will motivate you to exercise. You may get some dumbbell and weights. You can also do some free-weight exercise such as push-ups or sit-ups. Some other physical activities such as running, jogging, cycling or swimming can also be included in schedule. Whatever schedule you make, just stick to it.

How to Quit Smoking ! Instantly or Gradually

There are two ways to quit smoking. First is "Cold Turkey", which means stopping it instantly all together and second is quitting it by gradual reduction, by cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. The method of gradually quitting by cutting down number of cigarettes seems easy with less withdrawal symptoms. But what seems can't always be true. The cold turkey method of quitting is famous for more withdrawal symptoms and no addicted person want to face those symptoms. Before you choose any of these methods to quit smoking, it is better to understand the pros and cons of these methods and then make an attempt. It is necessary to know because out of every 100 only 50 succeed in quitting and failure rate of one of these methods is quite high.

Quitting Smoking Gradually

Lets tell you the truth. In very rare cases the person trying to quit smoking by gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes get any success. To be precise, out of those 50 people who succeed in quitting on 2 adopted the method of quitting  gradually. It means that its success rate is just 2 to 4%. There are some reasons behind failure of this method. 
  • The very important reason behind its failure is the prize that you get for quitting it for few hours. The prize is cigarette itself. You keep waiting just to get one puff.
  • Another reason is that the reward value keep increasing. As you increase the time interval between each cigarette, the value of the same cigarette increases in your mind.
  • Instead of do doing something creative and utilizing your time, your mind thinks about the next cigarette and you keep watching the clock tickling.
  • The continuous thought of cigarette itself is the reason behind the failure of this method.
  • No one can always has someone to watch over him/her. If you decide to cheat then no one can stop you. The chances of cheating in this method are quite high as you have access to your addiction.
Who can succeed in quitting smoking gradually ?
Those who succeed by using this method either prepared well or had strong will to quit their addiction. Only if you really want to quit and have some emotional reason to quit then you can quit by using this method. The only benefit of choosing this method is the less occurrence of withdrawal symptoms as your body don't crave much for smoking. By slowly increasing the interval between two cigarettes you fool your own body. If you have a scientific mind, some emotion reason and strong will to quit then you can succeed in quitting smoking gradually.

Quitting Smoking Instantly

This cold turkey method is more successful and more than 95% of the successful candidates choose this method. Some of the features of this method that make it a better method to quit smoking are given below.

  • It takes less time. Quitting Smoking Instantly makes a person struggle for a few days but within a week his/her dependency on cigarettes in gone. Withdrawal symptoms may irritate you for 2 to 3 days, but after that you become an ex-smoker who is just making his/her health better. On the other hand it takes months to quit smoking gradually.
  • You can utilize your time more easily without cigarettes in your mind. In this method there is no reward for not smoking cigarette for a day, so you don't think about it. Instead you think about a better health and try to concentrate on your work which makes it easier for you to quit smoking.

If you really wish to get rid of smoking addiction the get rid of it instantly. If you go for gradually decreasing the quantity then most probably you won't succeed. Whatever method you choose ! Strong will power is the key. Unless you wish to do it, you can't succeed. So do it yourself.

Is it impossible to quit smoking after a certain age ?

Some of the smoker senior citizen never had any health issue due to smoking and they feel that leaving this habit now may make some drastic changes in their life and they may not be able to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms. Senior citizens often have a point when they say "what will they get if they quit smoking now ". It takes our body 15 years to fully recover from the negative effects of tobacco smoking. Who knows weather they will survive that long or not. Some of them often say that they are not sure about the physical capacity of their body in dealing with quitting smoking. This thinking can easily ring bells in the ears of their closed ones and they may stop asking them to quit. This thinking creates a confusion ! Is it impossible to quit smoking after a certain age ?

Answer to this question depends on your will. According to doctors there is no age limit to quit smoking. You start getting the benefits of not smoking from the day when you stop smoking. You don't need a strong body to quit smoking. What you need is strong will. If you start believing in yourself then you can do it.

Those who say that they never face any negative consequences due to smoking, they must know that even if they don't get any life threatening disease till now but they may get it soon. Smoke degrades your body from inside. You can't see your body from inside but doctors can tell you how much of your breathing capacity has reduced. You might seem healthy from outside but now you can't run as much as a nonsmoker of your age. Even if you feel healthy, your health might be better than this if you don't smoke. Even a small difference in your health can increase your life span by years, that too with a good health.

What changes can happen in the life of a senior citizen if they quit smoking?

  • you can run longer.
  • you can watch a movie or drive without need for a smoke break.
  • you won't feel dependency on smoking to wake up or to get relief from stress.
  • a pack of cigarettes won't remain your lifeline anymore.
  • you will enjoy life more without any smoking intervals. 

Some other facts related to your age and quitting smoking.

  • According to daily mail if you stop smoking by the age of 44 then you may live the same lifespan as a non-smoker.
  • Even if you quit smoking after 60, you will get some add on years in your life. You may spend those extra years watching your grand children grow or getting married.
  • Your running stamina starts increasing with a few weeks after quitting smoking, so don't think that it will take years to be healthy again.
  • You blood pressure may return to normal within a few days after quitting smoking if it is not attributed to any other medical condition.

Quitting smoking really worse than Death !

Most of the smokers know it that smoking is degrading their health and making them prone to worst diseases on this planet, but still they continue to smoke with a fear that quitting smoking will be worse than death for them. Is it really so ? Can quitting smoking be really so much painful ? Will that pain continue for whole life ? To know the answer to these questions we need to know what chain smokers think about quitting smoking and what are their fears.

Quitting Smoking : The Fear

A chain smoker is not made is a single day. It takes years of practice. His/her body adapted itself to the nicotine, a very addictive drug. Cigarette becomes a part of their life from waking up in the morning to getting to sleep in the night. Every task in their life become dependent on cigarette. When the get up from sleep in the morning, they feel a little headache and dizziness. A cigarette or two makes them fully awake. All works either its physical or mental need support from cigarette. Even the thinking process become dependent on cigarette. A chain smoker can't think or analyse something in absence of cigarette. Cigarette becomes an extra hand for them, without which they feel handicapped or paralyzed. You will be surprised to know that most of the workplace accidents occur on a No-Smoking Day.

A feel good chemical is released in the brain when a chain smoker smokes a cigarette. They feel more alive with that feeling. They feel that if they quit smoking that feel good feeling will be gone and they won't be able to do anything just like a handicapped person. There will be no meaning to their life and this feeling will continue for whole life. Their thirst for cigarette will always be their on their lips and they might die due to that thirst. This is what an addiction is. Most of the chain smokers are aware of withdrawal symptoms and they don't want to feel those symptoms for their whole life. Therefore most of them don't quit and decide to live a shorter life full of pleasure of cigarette.

Quitting Smoking: The Truth

The truth is that most of the withdrawal symptoms reach their peak with 2 to 3 days and after that they are start to diminish and completely gone in a few weeks. Most of the ex-smokers feel more alive and full of stamina, which they never felt while smoking. The addiction makes your mind believe that you won't be able to survive without cigarette. It is how addiction plays with your mind and makes you believe that you are incomplete without it. But the truth is that addiction is something not only unnecessary, but something that can easily enslave your mind. Only a strong will can make you get rid of that addiction. Getting rid of an addiction can never kill you, instead it makes you life full of freedom, where you can enjoy life playing with your grand children without the fear of giving them secondhand smoke. Quitting smoking increases your physical stamina and increases your lifespan up to 15 years.

Be sure that quitting smoking won't ever kill you and you will feel more alive as an ex-smoker.

Quitting Smoking : Physical and Emotional Effects Timeline

Quitting Smoking is not just a challenge for your body, it is also a challenge for your mind. When you decide to quit smoking then it becomes both a physical and emotional challenge for you. The very first thought that comes in your mind is that you won't be able to survive without smoking for a longer duration. This is a trick that your mind plays with your emotions and mostly people fall prey to it. There are various physical and emotional effects of quitting smoking which are both short-term and long term. We will discuss these physical and emotional effects in this article.

Emotional effects of Quitting Smoking

During the first 48 hours after quitting smoking the person goes through a lot of emotional changes. However these emotional changes are a result of physical changes in body but a strong will power is necessary to handle those emotions. Unless you have positive attitude towards quitting and believe that quitting smoking will benefit your health, you won't be successful. If you remain successful during first 48 hours, then the period of actual stress is gone. After 48 hours you won't need to go through the emotional stress as the withdrawal symptoms will start to come down. Some common emotional quitting symptoms are given below.

  • Anger: You might feel irritated and get angry on small issues. But keep one thing in mind that this anger is not due to issues, but due to irritation your body is feeling due to quitting.
  • Mood Swings: Mood swings may occur. At one moment you might be happy and at the next moment you might feel sad.
  • Boredom: If you don't engage yourself then you might feel boredom and urge to smoke. So it is better to remain busy and keep some work for you, so that you get much time to think.
  • Craving for Cigarette: It is a common symptom, but if you keep waiting for 3 to 5 minutes then it will pass on.
  • Depression: It is a common symptom. Think only about success not failure. Only positive thoughts and positive talk can help you during this time. Keep yourself away from those who smoke or ask them to not smoke in front of you.
  • Frustration: Deep breathing exercises can help you in dealing with frustration. Some talk with a close one can also help in it. Make sure that the close one know that you are quitting smoking and need emotional support at that time.
  • Avoid Loneliness: It is not a symptom, but it is better to avoid being alone. Your mind might provoke you to smoke saying that nobody is watching. Only your strong will or being with someone can help in such time.

Note: You can't quit smoking unless you yourself want to quit. If you are quitting only due to pressure from doctor or spouse then you may get fail.

Physical effects of Quitting Smoking (Timeline)

  • Within 20 minutes of quitting smoking your pulse rate and blood pressure will begin to drop.
  • Within 2 hours your pulse and blood pressure will be normal and your circulation system will begin to improve. If you had stopping feeling warmth at fingertips then you will start feeling that warmth again. Withdrawal symptoms may also begin to show at this time. These symptoms are craving for smoking, anxiety, increased appetite and sleeplessness.
  • In chain smokers carbon-monoxide bonds with blood cells instead of oxygen which reduces the amount of oxygen in blood. After 12 hours of quitting the blood oxygen level will return to normal.
  • In 24 hours your risk of getting a heart attack starts decreasing which is quite high in smokers.
  • Regular smokes damages the taste buds which are nerve endings on tongue. Such nerve endings begin to regrows after 48 hours of quitting smoking. You might feel increase in your taste and smelling sense.
  • In three days the level of nicotine will be severely depleted in your body and your body starts craving and showing some withdrawal symptoms.
  • In 2 to 3 weeks your body starts to regenerate itself and you will feel more stamina and ability to run and exercise will be better than before.
  • Between one and nine months your body will repair the damaged cilia in lungs which throws out the mucus from lungs and makes you less prone to infections. It increases the capacity and performance of lungs.
  • For a few weeks you might feel constipated. So drink plenty of water and roughage to your diet.

According to American Heart Association an average non smoker lives 15 years more than an average smoker. Only due to this reason WHO has labelled smoking as an early ticket to death. The choice is yours, either live a long and disease free life or live a short life being a slave of an addiction.

Smoking Hypertension and Heart Diseases

If you are a smoker and also a patient of hypertension then it may be due to the cigarettes that you smoke. Some medical researches found that nicotine inhaled due to tobacco smoke can increase your blood pressure up to certain level. So quitting smoking can definitely help you in lowering you blood pressure. However smoking is not the only factor responsible for hypertension, so if you think that quitting smoking will completely correct your blood pressure readings then you might be wrong.

Effect of smoking on Heart and Blood Pressure

  • Walls of arteries get hardened due to long term effect of smoking as the elastic tissues are damaged. It makes a person incapable of handling sudden hike in blood pressure even in normal circumstances like running.
  • Lining of arteries is damaged by smoking which causes a buildup of atheroma (a fatty material). It narrows the artery which can cause angina, heart attack or stroke.
  • Nicotine in cigarettes makes our body to produce adrenaline hormone, which increase our heart beat and raises blood pressure, thus making excess work load on heart. 
  • Carbon monoxide inhaled through smoke reduces the proportion of oxygen. Due to this reason our heart pumps faster to provide adequate amount of oxygen to body.
  • Normally clotting occurs on wounds to stop bleeding but in smokers blood clot may get formed inside arteries which blocks or reduces the blood supply. If such clot happens in brain then it can cause stroke. If such clot is formed in some coronary artery then it may cause heart attack.
Nicotine found in cigarette smoke can instantly increase your hear beat and blood pressure and addicted smokers can continuously keep their blood pressure up due to chain smoking. So if you quit smoking then you instantly reduce your blood pressure up to some level.

Some facts about smoking and heart health
  • Smokers are twice more prone to heart attack compared to a non-smoker.
  • Smokers are three times more susceptible to angina than non smokers.
  • 20% of all deaths related to heart diseases in US are due to cigarette smoking.
  • The risk of heart attack increases with the number of cigarettes a person smokes per day.
  •  The risk of heart attack and stroke increases significantly in those women who smoke and also take birth control pills. 
  • As soon as you quit smoking the risk of heart diseases decreases significantly.
  • Quitting smoking can increase your life as a result of better heart health.

How does exercise improve your Cardiovascular System

Regular exercise is a good lifestyle habit to stay away from diseases and get a good looking body. Those who are suffering from some heart diseases often come to know the importance of exercise once they got affected by it. If you make exercise a habit from the very beginning of your adulthood then most often you won't ever by affected by any cardiovascular disease or any other health issue. In this article we will discuss the effects of exercise on your cardiovascular health and how it saves you from hypertension.

  • Exercise makes your heart stronger: Regular exercise makes your heart stronger and its ability to pump blood increases. When we exercise on regular basis, our heart starts to adapt and left ventricle enlarges to store and pump more blood per beat. It is the reason why professional athletes have low resting pulse rate compared to an average person. Their blood pressure also remains on lower side. 
  • Exercise improves quality of Blood: Exercise stimulates our circulatory system and enhances the removal of toxins from blood. It also increases the flow of oxygenated blood in body.
  • Exercise lowers Bad Cholesterol:  LDL Cholesterol, which is considered bad for human health is found more in obese people or those who live sedentary life. Exercise on regular basis triggers some enzyme activity in body which helps in transfer of that bad cholesterol from blood vessels to liver which later converts it into bile and further excreted from body.
  • Exercise makes you arteries flexible: There are some flexible tissues in the arteries which usually diminishes as we age. But we exercise regularly then these flexible tissues remain there for longer duration and arteries remain flexible. Flexibility of arteries helps our body in dealing with sudden elevation in blood pressure due to some intense physical activity, such as running.
  • Exercise lowers blood pressure: Resting blood pressure of a person who exercise regularly will be lower than a person who don't exercise. It is because of the facts explained above. Exercise makes heart stronger, arteries flexible and improves quality of blood by removing toxins and bad cholesterol. All of these things help in lowering the blood pressure. Low blood pressure means less chances of stroke or heart attack.
  • Exercise Reduces Inflammation in Body: Regular exercise reduces C-reactive protein (CRP) in body which indicates inflammation in body. Inflammation is body is also responsible for Coronary Heart Disease.   
  • Exercise can help in quit smoking: Some researches found that regular exercising can help those who want to quit smoking which can save you from heart diseases.

How much exercise is enough for cardiovascular health ? Know more

All of the above facts about exercise and cardiovascular system are for those who understand human anatomy. Very simple fact about exercise is that it reduces your weight and keep it under control. If you have your weight in control then you are automatically saved from those diseases that are directly connected to obesity. Hypertension and diabetes are most common diseases found in overweight people. So even if you don't know more about human anatomy, you may get sure that you won't get hypertension of diabetes if you exercise regularly.

How much exercise is enough for your Cardiovascular Health ?

The answer to "how much" depends on the exercise that you prefer to do. Exercise regime of differing people differs from just jogging to power lifting, as it depends on your present health and interest level. All exercises are not meant for every person. A person who has never done any exercise can't directly jump for power lifting, thinking that it will benefit him/her more. If you want to go for intense exercises than it is better to increase your exercise level gradually with the help of a professional fitness trainer.

How much exercise is enough for your Cardiovascular Health ?

When we discuss exercises for your cardiovascular health then keep it in mind that these exercises are not meant to make you a bodybuilder but to increase the health of your heart and keep you away from cardiovascular diseases.

Here are some points that can help you in making an exercise schedule.

  • 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is sufficient for heart health. It means 30 minutes per day for 5 days in a week.
  • If you can't exercise continuously for 30 minutes due to some health reasons then you may divide the time in 2 or 3 segments of 15 or 10 minutes.
  • If you prefer vigorous exercise then you may save 50% of your time. 75 minutes of vigorous exercise is sufficient, which is just 15 minutes per day for 5 days in a week.
  • If you want to do a combination of moderate and vigorous exercise then anything between 15 to 30 minutes per day is sufficient.

Below we have mentioned some moderate and heavy exercises to give you an idea about them. Even if the exercise that you prefer is not listed in it, you will get an idea if it is moderate or vigorous. So you may decide a exercise schedule.

List of Moderate Intensity Exercises

  • Walking at a pace of faster than 3 miles per hour
  • Cycling slower than 10 miles per hour
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Light Gardening
  • Tennis doubles
  • Water Aerobics

List of Vigorous Intensity Exercises

  • Running or Jogging
  • Swimming laps
  • Aerobic dancing
  • Jumping Rope
  • Heavy Gardening (like continuous digging)
  • Cycling faster than 10 miles per hour
  • Hiking uphill

Note: Before making an exercise schedule it is better to take your present health into consideration. If you already have some medical condition then decide your exercise schedule after consulting your physician.

Why Does Hypertension affects as we age !

Hypertension is a medical condition where blood pressure reaches above 140/90. Blood pressure of a healthy person should be 120/80. In today's world we most often notice people in their 40s and 50s affected with hypertension. Hypertension is becoming a lifestyle disease today, but these are some aspects of it that make it an age related disease as well. Here we will discuss some ageing related factors that make us prone to hypertension and how we can defy them by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Why does blood pressure go up as you get older ?

Our body go through several changes due to ageing. Some of the age related factors responsible for increased blood pressure are described below.
  • Elasticity of blood vessels decreases with age : There are some elastic tissues in the walls of arteries which are lost with age and the arteries become stiffer and lose their capability to expand themselves when heart pumps the blood. It increases the systolic blood pressure with age.
  • Eating higher amount of salt : Salt has direct link with blood pressure. More salt in diet means increased blood pressure. Efficiency of our taste buds decreases with age and some people start eating more salt which increases their blood pressure gradually.
  • Body's ability to process salt decreases : As we age our body's ability to process salt decreases gradually. It makes our blood stream retain sodium in higher quantity which increases blood pressure.
  • Decreased kidney function : Kidney function decreases with age so our body releases some hormones to make our body retain more sodium and water in blood and other body cells. This excess sodium increases blood pressure.
  • Change in hormones :  Some hormonal imbalance may occur with age which may lead to increased blood pressure. Women are more prone to such hormonal imbalance due to menopause.
  • Decreased efficiency of heart : Our heart is directly connected to blood pressure. Its ability to pump the blood and its ability to fill blood in its chambers decreases with age which can hypertension with age.
  • Decreased blood volume : In some cases the blood volume decreases with age. However decrease in blood volume is linked to lowering of blood pressure (hypo-tension) but reverse usually happens in such some cases of old age and the person gets affected with hypertension.

Lifestyle changes that can be done to maintain right blood pressure

  • Active lifestyle is a key factor to maintain good blood pressure
  • Eat adequate amount of salt
  • Exercise regularly
  • Elasticity of blood vessels can be maintained till a higher age if you exercise regularly.
Some researches have found that size of our heart increases with age. It is because of the increase in the size of heart muscles with age. Walls of heart chambers also become thick. Totally it increases the capacity of heart chambers. So it takes longer to fill blood in them. It causes a decrease in pulse rate. As we discussed earlier that elasticity of arteries decrease with age. Both of these factors may result in hypertension as the quantity of blood pumped becomes more and elasticity of blood vessels is decreased. It is one of the reasons behind lower pulse rate and increased blood pressure in old age people.

Do you clean your Ear wax using cotton swab ? Be Careful !

A number of people use cotton swabs to clean their ears or to get rid of itching in ears. They take it as a clean and easily available instrument that can enter their ear hole and solve the purpose. But the truth is that it is not helpful at all. We will tell you about cotton swabs and cleaning of ears in detail in this article. An interesting fact about cotton buds is that they are responsible for nearly 50% ear infections. In such case most people will ask about an alternative to clean their ears. You will get an answer to this question at the end of this article.

How do cotton swabs harm harm your ear ?
People usually use cotton swabs to clean their ear with the intention to drag out the wax out of the ear. But in reality the purpose is not solved. Instead of bringing the wax out of ear, most of the wax is dragged inside the ear. Only some part of wax that stick to cotton swab comes out while most of the remaining wax is pushed inside.

Is it necessary to clean you ear wax after certain time ?
Most of the people fall prey to this misconception the periodic cleaning of ear wax is necessary. But the truth is that it is not necessary at all. Only in some rare cases the wax blocks the ear hole and decreases the hearing capacity. In such cases it is better the visit a specialist to get your ear cleaned. Today there are instruments using which a doctor can monitor you ear canal from inside and suck out the wax using some sort of micro vacuum cleaner.

How should you clean your earwax at home ?
Usually it is not recommended to clean your ear yourself, but if you are really in need to do so the you should use some ear drops. Olive oil or almond oil can also solve the purpose if ear drop is not handy. 4-5 drops of lukewarm oil can be put inside ear using a dropper and lay in that position for 5 minutes. Repeating this process for 2-3 times in a day will make the wax swell and come out of the ear. Some people find oil as a better alternative than ear drops as some ear drops cause irritation is people with sensitive skin.

Why do our ear develop wax ?
It is a preventive mechanism of our body. By developing wax in the ear canal, our internal ear is prevented from external dirt and micro organisms that can cause infection. Usually excess wax automatically comes out of ear while taking a bath. When some water enters our ear and comes out after some time, some excess wax also comes out with it.

We hope that this information will help you in getting rid of the excess ear wax and not getting the infection through cotton swab.

What happens when you don't express your Anger

If you don't express your anger then your mind tries to show it through some other ways such as rough tone while talking, criticizing others, not eating properly. These are just a few symptoms which not only affect your health for long term but also affects your social life.

Why is it necessary to express your anger ?
Anger is an energy. Its expression can be done in both positive and negative ways. But its expression is must. If you don't express it then it will start boiling you from inside and one day will come when you will explode like a volcano on some very simple issue. So it is better to express it.

What happens when you don't express your anger ?
Every person have a capacity to hold his/her anger. But it is better to not check your limit. If you start holding your anger then your holding capacity will decrease gradually. Anger is an emotion and every emotion is meant to be expressed. Suppression of an emotion can create some form of psychological disorder. Some common changes made in the behavior by not expressing your anger or uncomfortable feelings are listed below.

  • You start feeling that your partner don't know you anymore.
  • It will become harder for you to be happy.
  • You feel trapped inside your own body.
  • You will feel stressed but don't know the reason.
  • Others start finding your behavior emotionless or like robots.
  • You feel afraid of expressing your emotions.
  • You will feel that hiding your emotions is becoming a habit.
  • Your trust on others will start decreasing.
  • It can make you suffer from depression for years.
Apart from the above changes in your behavior, there are some physical changes in your body as well. Holding your anger can cause following changes in your body.
  • Some stress hormones level remain always high in your body.
  • It can make rise in body temperature and elevated blood pressure.
  • Risk of heart diseases increase.
  • Some antibodies decrease in the body due to constant anger.
  • Lack of these antibodies make you prone to some common diseases.
  • You will start eating either more or less than required by your body. Both of them are harmful.
  • All of the above medical conditions can easily decrease your lifespan.

How should you express your anger ?
Expression of anger can be done in both negative and positive ways. Most people think that anger can be expressed only in negative ways such as yelling at others, scolding, talking in harsh tone or being physical sometimes. But what most people don't know is that expression of anger can be done in positive ways which is called constructive anger expression. You may get more information about constructive anger from our last article Constructive Anger  - The anger that is actually healthy.

Expressing your emotions in a healthy way is necessary to save yourself from diseases. Instead of getting constipated with anger and other emotions, it is better to release the pressure and feel light from inside.

Constructive Anger - The anger that is actually Healthy

Usually we consider anger as a negative energy that can only harm a person. Very less people are aware of the fact than anger can be utilized in a healthy way. Constructive Anger Expression is way to express your anger in a constructive way. It seems a little tricky to utilize the anger, but it can be done with a little practice. Normally anger is found connected to heart diseases, but constructive anger is not associated to heart diseases. Most important fact is that constructive anger can save you from depression.

Constructive Anger Expression

When it comes to anger management then most people think that only way to not losing your temper is hiding your anger. But hiding your anger can only worsen the condition as one day will come when your body will deny to hide it and your anger will explode like a volcano. It is better to express your anger to others in appropriate way. Shouting and yelling at others can worsen the condition, but expressing your anger in a normal tone and telling the person in front of you what you didn't like. It can not only save your health but also makes a better image of yours.

Benefits of Constructive Anger Expression

  • It can save you from heart diseases
  • It can save you from depression
  • Constructive anger expression can change your overall personality in a positive way.
  • It can save your relationships
  • It makes you understand the person more with whom you were angry.
  • It reduces the chances of conflict in future.
  • After expressing your anger with a constructive approach, you will feel that something positive happened.
  • It makes you the master of your body. If you study your anger with a bit of intrinsic approach, you will find that you were the main the reason behind your anger, not the event that just happened or the person in front of you. It seems a bit philosophical but it is the truth. Our anger is something created by our own mind. Once you start controlling your anger with constructive approach, you become the master of your own body. 

How to implement Constructive Anger Expression

Once you know the benefits of Constructive Anger, you will start understanding the situations in a different way. No person in the world would like to do things wrong. If something wrong is done by other person, the most probably it is not intentional.

  • Things get wrong by mistake. If you start understanding the other person's point of view then your anger is automatically diminished. So the best way to implement Constructive Anger Expression is putting yourself in other person's shoes.
  • Mind your tone. It is something you have to work upon. Even if you are angry, but you use a normal tone to talk, then you can hear the wrongdoer's point of view. Yelling at others not only makes others voice inaudible but also makes the situation worst.
  • Don't show disrespect to others. Sometimes in your angry behavior you may show some gestures or use some words which are disrespectful. If you control such gestures and mind your language at the time of anger then you can implement the constructive anger expression more easily.
  • Think before your talk. Most often it happens in an angry behavior that you talk so much without thinking. In the heat of moment you sometimes say such things which were not your original thinking. It can sometimes make the situation irreparable. So take your time and don't utter a word without thinking.
  • Let the other person talk too. It is important to hear the other party. It should be a two way talking if you really want to calm down the situation. Biggest wars can be avoided with discussion on table.

Anger is not bad, it is the way we express it. Constructive approach towards your anger can change a lot of things. It is not only for a good health but something more.

How to Control your Anger

The worst thing about anger is that if you don't control it, then it will control you. Anger can easily destroy not only your relationships and social life but also your own health. Being healthy is the primary motive of this website and this article will tell you about some simple steps that you can take to control your anger and don't let it make you unhealthy. There are some very simple and easy methods that you can apply on yourselves and you will instantly feel that your anger is gone and you are not loosing your temper like before.

Methods to control your Anger

  • Deep Breathing: It is the most common and easiest way to calm yourself down. Deep breathing can easily lower your anger and blood pressure. Within a few deep breaths you will feel that your anger is gone and a calm person can easily handle a situation.
  • Change Environment: If it is possible for you to leave the scene and go for a walk, then it can calm you down. Continuously facing the cause of anger can delay the time taken to calm down, so take a walk and make a conscious attempt to calm yourself down.
  • Get Busy: Leaving the scene and engaging yourself in some other work will take your mind to some other activity and may help you forget your anger.
  • Express your anger in appropriate way: This is the thing that most of us don't do. Instead of the expressing your anger in the form of yelling, talk about the situation and help the person in front of you understand what he/she has done wrong as per your point of view. Yelling can only trigger the anger in opposite person, while talking can solve the matter and makes a better image of yours.
  • Identify Triggers: A problem can only be solved if you know the reason behind that problem. Only a certain set of situations make a person lose his/her temper. You should identify those triggers and make a conscious attempt to change your response to such situations. Deep breathing can help you in changing your response to such situations.
  • Don't hide your anger: If you hide your anger then it will be stored somewhere inside and you may blast one day. This act is more harmful instead of expressing your light anger in appropriate way. Light anger can be easily utilized rather than trying to control yourself when you are losing your temper.
  • Constructive Anger: Anger is an energy. You can either use that energy to destruct yourself or construct yourself. If you control that energy then you are the master but if you let that energy control you then you become a slave. A constructive way to utilize your anger can be some physical activity which can make your body a little better. You can do sprint running, power lifting or any other physical activity which suits your body type and accessible to you.

Getting angry is actually punishing yourself for the mistake of others. If you keep this thing in your mind then your anger will always be in control.

How Anger affects your Body, Brain and Life

Anger is an energy that is often released in a negative way. It not only disturbs the environment around us but also affect our own body, brain and life. Usually we think that it is the expression of anger that creates the negative impact, i.e. shouting loudly, getting physical or breaking some thing. But the truth is that all of these impacts are just instant impacts that are visible to eyes. There is something more inside our body that is disturbed by anger. has collected some facts about anger and its impact on body and your life.

Anger is a natural expression of emotions activated due to some activity that is unpleasant to a person. In other words anger is ignited due to some stressful situation. Adrenaline and some other stress hormones are released in our body during such condition. It increases the heart beat and contracts the blood vessel, which increases the blood pressure. This condition is usually temporary and blood pressure drops to normal within a few minutes.

Is anger always harmful for body ?
No, if it is occasional and not a habit of yours then it is a natural trait. It is harmful only if you are habitual of getting angry on every topic, or if you are suffering from some cardiovascular disease. If you are a cardiovascular patient then anger can increase your chances of heart attack by five times. If you suppress your anger too much then it can also harm your body.

How anger affects your body, brain and life?

If you get angry too much then most of the times your blood pressure will be on higher side, you hear rate will be more and your blood vessels will be contracted. Apart from that the hormones responsible for such condition of body will always be on higher side. Combination of all these physical conditions creates a number of side effects on body. Some of them are listed here.
Some visible effects on body are

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Increased breathing
  • Increase in body temprature
  • Increased respiration

Some effects which are not visible on outer body but harms a person from inside are listed below.

  • Under the influence of stress hormones, blood supply to gut is lowered and that blood is supplied to muscles awaiting for energy supply to express that anger. If you remain angry most of the day then your digestive system will be disturbed due to lack of blood supply.
  • Stress hormones can cause inflammation in your airways and continuous episodes of anger can not only lower your lung capacity but also makes you prone to respiratory problems.
  • Immune system weakens due to Anger. A research done in Harvard University found that level of antibody immunoglobulin A dips for 6 hours just by recalling some anger episodes of yours. If just recalling can do such harm then you can imagine the actual effect of anger on your immune system.
  • Even if you used to be healthy, the long term anger episodes will increase workload on your heart and put you at risk of some heart disease.
  • Chances of stroke are increased. Some tiny arteries in our brain can't handle the always high blood pressure and get ruptured and blood clots in the brain which can either cause stroke or paralysis.
  • Anxiety can occur due to anger. This is a condition known for excessive and uncontrollable worry, which can disturb the life of a person.
  • Anger can shorten your life span. All of the above negative effects on your body can easily shorten your life. 

In spite of getting angry too much try to learn to control it and express it in a healthy way.

Blood Pressure & Short Tempered Behavior

We often correlate short tempered behavior of a person with high blood pressure. But is it correct to correlate them. Can High Blood Pressure lead to short tempered behavior or vice-versa ? Most of the people think that there is some link between high blood pressure and anger. We tried to find some researches done on this subject and bring you the actual information based on facts. Anger is a part of human behavior and often researched to know its consequences on the person itself. Here we have collected some interesting information that connects your blood pressure with short tempered behavior.

Does an Increase in Blood Pressure makes a person short tempered ?
The direct answer is No. Hypertension can't make a person short tempered. Sometimes on temporary basis some event might trigger both. Something that makes you angry can also increase your blood pressure. But just an increase in blood pressure can't make you angry.

Does short tempered behavior increases the blood pressure ?
Yes, short tempered behavior can easily increase your blood pressure. If you have a healthy body then that increased blood pressure might not harm you, but anger increases the chances of heart attack five times. If you are already a patient of hypertension then you should definitely worry about your short tempered behavior, as you are risking your own life due to it.

How does short tempered behavior increases our blood pressure ?
Usually short tempered behavior is caused due to some stress. In the condition of stress our body releases some stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) to handle the stress. These hormones create a temporary effect of increasing the heart rate and contracting the blood vessels and our body enters into a fight or flight mode, which increases the blood pressure temporarily. As the stressful situation goes away, our body returns to normal mode and blood pressure is lowered.

If stressful situation and short tempered behavior occurs occasionally and you have a healthy body to handle that increased blood pressure then it won't harm your body. But if you are already suffering from some cardiovascular disease then it can increase the chances of heart attack up to five times. Even if you have got a healthy body but short tempered behavior is becoming a regular habit of yours then it can easily keep your blood pressure at an elevated level throughout the day, which can lead to serious side effects for your body.

Instead of letting the stress igniting your short tempered behavior, motivate yourself to sort things out by talking. Anger only complicates the things. Any problem in the world can be solved by talking with each other and finding a solution. Peace in your behavior will make your body a peaceful place for your soul to live.

Swine Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Swine Flu or the so called H1N1 Virus first became a news in 2009 when it was spread in Mexico. The flu virus which usually infects humans is different from the one that infects the pigs. But those who work closely with pigs in the pig farms often get flu from each other, but it remained a local infection and never spread to large populations until the 2009 Mexico outbreak. After that this infection became worldwide people became aware of this kind of flu. As it was an infection commonly found in pigs with the same symptoms of flu, people called it swine flu.

Swine Flu Symptoms in Adults

Swine Flu symptoms resemble to seasonal flu. Following symptoms may occur.

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Runny or Stuffy nose
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Vomiting or Diarrhoea
Even if any one of these occur then it may be swine flu. Number of symptoms increase with severity.

Swine Flu Symptoms in Kids
Symptoms in Kids is same as seasonal flu. If you feel that kid is getting high fever or being irritating then you must consult a doctor.

How does Swine Flu Spreads ?

This disease can spread through air. If you are near an infected person then you may get the virus through air or through a tiny droplet of sneeze or cough. If a person in infected by this virus then it may take 1 to 4 days to develop the symptoms. An infected person can start spreading the virus 24 hours before appearance of symptoms and continue to do so after 5 to 7 days after the symptoms are developed.

Who is at risk of Swine Flu ?

However Swine Flu can infect person of any age and sex but a few groups are at more risk as the H1N1 virus can do more harm in these groups. These groups are

  • People with weakened immune systems
  • Children below three years of age
  • Adults above 60 years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • People already suffering from heart disease, lung disease, asthma or diabetes

Swine Flu Prevention

Swine Flu prevention can  be done by avoiding exposure to the H1N1 Virus. It can be done by taking following precautionary measures.

  • Avoid touching things at a public place
  • Washing hands more frequently, especially if have been to a public place or touched some things which is accessible to others such as door handles.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially nose and mouth
  • Don't go near a person showing symptoms of flu.
  • Clean your door handles and other touchable items with some disinfectant regularly and H1N1 virus may survive on such surfaces for upto 48 hours. 

Foods that prevent Swine Flu

A good immune system is best to save you from swine flu. So you may eat foods rich in protein, vitamin C and Zinc, which help in building a healthy immune system. Green Vegetables, orange fruits (such as carrots, pumpkins, apricots, and mangoes) and protein rich diet can help you in saving yourself from Swine Flu.

Swine Flu Treatment

Swine Flu treatment is usually same as seasonal flu. But its better to consult a doctor and let him decide which treatment is best for you. Vaccine to prevent you from getting H1N1 infection is also available in market. The groups listed above who are at higher risk of swine flu need special attention of medical practitioners. People with healthy immune system and good resistance power can easily recover from this infection. Apart from antiviral medication and pain relievers doctors may suggest rest and plenty of fluids to save you from dehydration. 

Polythene is degrading your Health #rejectpolybags

Most of us know that polythene is harmful, but we don't care. The reason is that we don't know the extent of harm that it can create. We are not aware of its harmfulness. What we care is the convenience that we have in carrying our grocery from a shopping outlet to our home in a thin plastic bag. Most of these polythene bags are also called single use plastic bags as most often they are used only ones and then thrown in garbage. has collected some important information about the harmful effects of these polythene bags on your health and your environment.

How Polythene bags affects your health ?
Polythene bags and plastic bottles are widely used to carry food items and water. Sometimes people don't even hesitate is drinking some hot drink in a plastic glass. Chemicals like polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polystyrene can leach from a plastic bag or container into the food item. Therefore eating food stored in plastic bags or drinking water from a plastic bottle can make you a prey of these compounds. According to a cardiovascular specialist every person in a  metro city have 2 to 3 grams of plastic in their body. Whenever a hot food item is carried in a plastic container the chemicals in plastic can easily leach into the food item and will end up in your body.
Some people try to burn the plastic garbage to get rid of it, but they don't know that plastic fumes can cause skin and respiratory problems.
According to some medical practitioners kidney and throat ailments, cancer and infertility are increasing due to usage of plastic bags in food items.
Bisphenol A (BPA) is compound found in plastic which can cause breast cancer in women and lower sperm count in men. BPA has serious health hazard on pregnant women and kids. Some highly priced brands use BPA free plastic in their products such as plastic containers and toys to ensure safety of users. US CDC found BPA traces in 93% urine samples in 2004. This figure is sufficient to show you the impact of plastic and polythene on our lives.

How polythene bags affect the environment ?

  • In 2002 Bangladesh became the very first nation to ban polythene bags. It was done to avoid the floods in cities which was caused due to blockage of drainage system by these polythene bags. Blockage of drains is a very small environmental hazard caused by these poly bags. There are much larger extent of damages that these polythene bags have done. 
  • Cattle are selective while eating and they often eat plastic bags if there is some food in them. Sometime even a healthy cow may have half of the rumen filled with plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags are harmful for animals in the sea. Tortoise eat plastic bags thinking of it as a jelly fish and get themselves killed. Even after a marine animal is killed by a polythene bag, the poly bag remains intact after the animal rots and continues to kill more marine life. In this way a single polythene bag can kill over 100 dolphins.
  • As plastic and polythene is not biodegradable and remains in the soil or water for thousands of years, it leaches its harmful chemicals into the soil and underground water. Thus whole soil and underground water gets contaminated.

Some Facts about plastic bags / bottles across the world

  • 100,000 animal deaths are caused due to polythene every year and the figure is increasing.
  • 500 billion plastic bags are used in a year worldwide.
  • 40% of plastic usage in in packaging of products.
  • 4 out of 5 bags in India are plastic bags.
  • 125 plastic bottles are used in USA per second, while only 5 are processed.
  • Only 2.5% plastic bottles in UK are processed.
  • 8% of oil produced all around the world is used in manufacturing of polythene bags.
  • In 2002 a  United Nations survey found that plastic pollution costs $ 7 Trillion to world's economy every year.

The problem with plastic is that it can't biodegrade. It remains in environment for thousands of years in the form of smaller pieces. It is a health hazard which can't be recycled and causing health problems is more than 250 species around the world including humans. The number 250 is just of the known species which are found ingesting plastic. The actual number can be much more.

Most of people wait for government to ban poly bags, why can't we do it ourselves. Do we need a government to tell us that poly bags are making us sick. Please do it yourselves , #rejectpolybags yourselves and your rejection may inspire others to #rejectpolybags. Trend this hashtag on twitter and show the world that you have rejected the poly bags yourselves and show them that you are not only a good citizen but a good human being.

How much Salt should one eat ?

Salt has a direct effect on blood pressure of a person, which makes it more important to be taken in controlled amount. But how much amount of salt should be taken by a healthy person to keep his/her blood pressure within normal range ? We will try to answer this question in this article. Usually the salt we eat is Sodium chloride (NaCl). But Sodium and Chlorine are not the only components in it. There are various other minerals and one them is Iodine. All components of the table salt are important for our body.

The salt that is prepared by evaporating the sea water is composed of following chemical compounds.

  • Sodium chloride 77.76 %
  • Magnesium chloride 10.88 %
  • Magnesium sulfate 4.74 %
  • Calcium sulfate 3.60 %
  • Potassium chloride 2.46 %
  • Magnesium bromide 0.22 %
  • Calcium carbonate 0.34 %

Apart from the above minerals Iodine is usually mixed in it to save people from thyroid related diseases.

All of the chemical compounds listed above are necessary for our body and so does salt. But the question is how much is sufficient and which amount can make us sick.

How much Salt should one eat ?
2300 mg of sodium is present in one teaspoon or 6 grams of salt which is adequate for an adult per day. According to some surveys today an average person is eating 8 to 9 grams of salt per day which is around 50% more than required. According to WHO 5g of salt per day is sufficient for an adult.

Why do our body need salt ?
On an outer level salt is necessary for taste. But if we look at our body internally then Sodium ions play an important role in electrical signalling of our nervous system. Salt is also necessary for Water/Fluid balance within our body. Blood sodium level of our body should be always between 135 and 145 mEq/L (milliequivalents per liter).

What are the harmful effects of overeating of salt ?

  • Increased Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Long term overeating of salt can lead to high blood pressure.
  • Hypernatremia: If blood sodium level reaches above 145 mEq/L then brain cell shrinkage may occur and cause confusion, muscle twitching or spasms. Seizures and comas may occur in this medical condition.
  • Death may occur if salt is consumed is very large amount of more than 1 g per kg of body weight.
  • Edema (fluid retention) may occur due to high salt intake, but this condition can be reversed by lowering your salt intake.
  • Stomach Cancer: Stomach cancer is related to high level of sodium in body.

Effects of lack of Salt in our diet ?

  • If an adult eats less than 3g of salt per day then it can lead to cardiovascular diseases and early death.
  • Hyponatremia: If blood sodium level falls below 135 mEq/L then it causes brain cells to swell which results in altered personality, lethargy, and confusion. Seizures, coma, and death may occur if blood sodium level falls below 115 mEq/L. Hyponatremia may occur if a person consumes very large amount of water without any salt intake, which is known as Water Poisoning.

Salt is a highly necessary content of a balanced diet and getting it in too high or too low amount can cause side-effects on your health. So be health conscious and eat it in the prescribed amount. 

How to keep your Blood Pressure in Check with Increasing Age

Increasing age often comes with a number of diseases and hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of them. We start feeling ourselves older when we are affected by age related diseases. Often medication becomes the final way keep your blood pressure in check. But if you start preparing yourself for that a little earlier than old age might not affect your body that much. How to keep your blood pressure in check with increasing age is a question that comes in mind of most of us. Here we are providing some simple tips and techniques to help you with your blood pressure and increasing age.

How to keep your Blood Pressure in Check with Increasing Age

  • Balanced Diet: A balanced diet is something that you body needs to stay fit. For some people it is hard to stick to it. Sometimes you get some calories more just because it was your favorite dish, or it was a birthday cake. In such a case do some physical activity to burn those extra calories as well. Balanced diet also means keeping you liquor and salt intake in check. Both liquor and salt have harmful effect on blood pressure if taken in excess amount.
  • Remain Active: Being active not only burns calories and also provides exercise to your complete body. It not only help in keeping blood pressure in check but also makes your joints fit for a longer life. An active men/women never feels the age.
  • Exercise Regularly: Exercising regularly is one of the best activity that can be part of your daily routine. It is not necessary to do weight training to stay fit. Even some light exercises will work.
  • Running/Jogging: If you don't like being in a gym then running/jogging can also help.
  • Yoga / Meditation: Yoga and Meditation are well known for their good effect on blood pressure. Some deep breathing yoga can instantly lower the high blood pressure. Yoga for High Blood Pressure.
  • Keep your weight in check: It is the target of all physical activities mentioned above. Physical activities burns calories and thus your can't get the extra fat which increases the weight. Increased weight has direct effect on blood pressure. An overweight person can't stay away from hypertension for a longer period.
  • Other Physical Activities: Any physical activity that burns calories can help you with your increasing age. Either it is some sports you are interested in or it is just swimming for fun. Choose some activity that makes you happy and also burns your calories.
  • Quit Smoking: Smoking and tobacco has direct effect in increasing your blood pressure. So restrict yourself and try to quit smoking to have a better life. 

Prepare for Increasing Age

Get a BP Monitor, so that you can keep an eye on your number and consult a doctor if you find the readings unusual.
Weighing machine to measure your weight regularly is also recommended. If you find your weight increasing then either you are eating more or doing lesser physical activities. Measure your weight regularly as it helps you in examining your fitness level yourself.
Don't be inactive after Retirement. It is the most common reason for increasing weight and then hypertension. Even if you are retired from office, you can do some gardening to get get fresh vegetables, you can do some walking or cycling, you can play with kids, tell them stories through your experiences, teach them for a few hours in the evening.
Try to stay happy: Sadness in your behavior can easily let age leave its mark on you. A happy behavior don't let you age. Moments of happiness and sadness are part of every person's life but it is you who choose to keep any one of these feeling always with you. Be positive and make happiness a part of your behavior and it will not only keep your blood pressure in check but also make you look younger.

Age is just a number. If you are confident of living a healthy life and take all measures to remain healthy then age can not leave its effect on you. Color of your hair might change but don't let your inner being age. Being happy is another and most important key to not let you age. So be happy and stay fit.


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