Tears - A Unique Mystery about Humans

Humans are the only species who shed tears as a result of emotions. Other species also shed tears, but only due to pain or irritation. Women are generally considered more emotional, so tears are often regarded as a weapon for them. Charles Darwin once told that emotional tears are purposeless. Still 150 years after Darwin, the human tears are a mystery for scientists. Tears are often considered as water by some people and often regarded as a sign of weakness, but this myth will be broken in this article.

What are tears made of ?

Tears are not just water, as often considered by some people. If it is just water then it may evaporate easily due to body heat or environmental heat, which would make it harder for eyes to remain wet. It is a mixture water, fat and protein. Basically it contains water, mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin, immunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium, and potassium. The proportion may differ for different people depending on time and emotion. Normally tears are secreted in small amount to clean the eye and keep the cornea wet. They shed away on cheeks only when they are secreted in excess amount and nasal passage can't handle that flow.

Why Tears are necessary for our body ?

  • Tears keep eyeball wet, which is necessary to see properly.
  • Tears pass through to our nostrils through a nasal passage to keep the nose wet and trap the dust and microorganisms in the breathe.
  • Tears contain lysozyme, which can kill 90 to 95 percent of all bacteria.
  • Crying makes our body to release feel-good endorphins, which are also released when we do some physical workout or when we laugh.

Tears are of three types
  • Basal Tears: They are always there in the eyes to nourish them and keep the eyeball wet.
  • Reflex Tears: They protect our eye from irritants such as dust in wind, onion and smoke.
  • Emotional Tears: These tears come out as a result of some emotion such as joy or sorrow.

All three types of tears have different chemical composition.

Tears and the emotional connection

Some psychologists believe that tears are there because man is a social animal. It tells the people near us that we are temporarily going through some problem that is beyond our ability to cope. Emotional tears are different from those tears that comes out due to onion chopping. Emotional tears are more viscous due to more protein content and they stick to the skin and remain on the cheeks for a longer duration, so that someone close can notice them easily. Same neural areas of brain are activated, when we cry or when we see someone crying. Your tears can neutralize the anger of the person in front of you. Being able to cry and the ability to recognize it and respond to it, is an important characteristic that humans got in the process of evolution. Tears can sometimes save a person from further argument and punishment, which makes it a protective mechanism for our body.

History of Research on Tears

  • Around 1500 BC people use to think that tears originate from heart.
  • During Hippocrates' time (460 BC-370 BC) it was thought that mind triggers the tears.
  • In early 17th century it was believed that emotions heat the heart, water vapors are formed there to cool it down, then those vapors rise upwards and condense near eyes and come out as tears.
  • Lacrimal Glands were discovered in 1662 by a Danish scientist named Niels Stensen. These glands also referred as tear glands were found responsible for generation of tears. Stensen also told that tears are there to keep the eyes moist.
  • Vingerhoets, a clinical psychologist, published a theory in 1960. According to that theory humans evolved from aquatic apes and tears helped us live in salt water. This theory was totally rejected by scientific community.
  • Biochemist William Frey popularized a theory in 1985 that crying is a mechanism to remove toxic substances from the blood which build up due to stress.

Today some of the above theories seems to be foolish, but during those times that was a scientific belief. Today we know a lot more than that only because of those theories. But still tears are a mystery.

Some Facts about Tears

  • A newly born baby can't produce tears even if they cry till the age of six weeks.
  • Quantity of tears decrease as we age.
  • Biochemically tears are similar to saliva.
  • According to some researches women cry more than man. Approximately five times more.
  • The crying session is also lengthier for women. Average crying session of women lasts for six minutes, while it is two to four minutes for men.
  • Happy tears and sad tears are chemically same.

Why do we Blink our Eyes ?

Human eyes are extraordinary device that provides most of the external information to our brain, which helps us in identifying objects, faces, moods, danger and a lot of other things. A person with good eyes can't even imagine the life of a blind person. Yet we don't care much about them. We don't even tend to know the basic functions and how our body protects this beautiful yet brilliant organ fitted next to our brain. Blinking eyes seems to be a normal thing to most of us, but very less people know why our eyes blink and why do they blink together. While researching on this question, i came across some similar questions. Answers to those questions are worth reading. I can promise you won't regret reading this article about blinking of our eyes.

Why do we blink our eyes ?

Our eyes need constant moisture and cleaning of the surface. When we blink, one drop of some liquid (mixture of oils and mucous) from our tear glands comes on to our eyes and our eyelid wipes the whole surface of eye. It cleans the surface and moisture is also provided to our eyes. Further the remaining liquid goes out through a duct connecting our eyes with our nostrils. This remaining liquid also provides moisture to our nose, which helps in trapping the dust particles in incoming breathe.

Why do we blink both eyes at the same time ?

Blinking both eyes at the exactly same time makes us blind for a fraction of second. There must be a reason behind that, else during the evolution process we should have adopted the process of blinking one eye at a time. All animals blink both eyes at the same time, so do humans. The answer to this riddle lies in the structure of our skull and nervous system.
Human beings evolved as predators, not like preys. Predators have their eyes close to each other to look in the same direction and focus on objects. Closeness of our eyes made our nervous system use a single nerve to carry the signal of blinking to both the eyes. It made them blink together. That nerve controls our upper eyelid only, which makes blinking easier and less effortless. When we wink a single eye, we use other facial muscles from lower eyelid, cheek and nose, which makes us do more effort and using different nerves. Being a predator our eyes also need to focus on objects. Single eye can see objects, but can't focus on them properly. Two eye in the same direction, working at the same time with full coordination are necessary to focus properly and judging the distance. This might be one of the major reasons that we blink both eyes together. Blink one eye at a time can mislead us in focusing and judging the distance.

Why do we blink/close eyes while sneezing ?

It is a natural response by our body. When we sneeze the air travels out of our mouth at a speed of 100 miles/hour. This is an enormous speed. When we sneeze the muscles of our face contract to handle the upcoming pressure. This involuntary contraction of muscles closes our eyes as well. This closing of eyes not only provides proper support to our eyes to handle this pressure but also protects our eyes from the germs that my come into our eyes due to high speed air flow.

Protective Mechanism of Eyes

  • Apart from this regular blinking, our eyes can also blink automatically when they find some foreign material going inside our eyes, such as dust or a fly. This is one of the most spontaneous and fast reactions of our body. It is a protective mechanism of our eyes.
  • Eyes are closest to our brain for a reason, i.e. so that we can protect both brain and eyes at the same time with our hands.

Some amazing facts about blinking eyes

  • Humans blink 15 to 20 times per minute.
  • On an average we take 0.1 to 0.4 seconds to blink.
  • Babies blink quiet less than an adult human being.
  • You will definitely blink while sneezing.
  • We blink more while talking.
  • We blink less while reading.

Does your Sleeping position affect your Dreams

Whatever we see with closed eyes can be categorized into imagination, day dreaming, dreaming and nightmare. Usually we see a number of dreams or nightmares within a single night, but don't really remember most of them when we awake. Sometimes we give explanations for our dreams as something that we want in real life to happen. But we never try to know if we can modify our dreams by our sleeping position. Your sleeping position can affect your dreams. Here you will be enlightened by this knowledge as you read this article further.

However it is not a healthy practice to try to alter your dreams by changing your sleeping position intentionally, as it may disturb your normal sleep and you might awake without proper rest. But increasing your knowledge about affect of sleeping position on your dreams might save you from watching a nightmare.

When we sleep in different positions, or body exerts pressure on different body parts. That sense of pressure makes us dream in the same context, doing the similar activity which exerts pressure on that organ while we are awake. However it may not happen always, but researches show that it affects our dream.
  • Erotic dreams are common when we sleep on our stomach. But if you intentionally sleep on your stomach then it may result in lower back pain.
  • Sleeping with face down might result in nightmares of being tied, locked up or unable to move.
  • If you sleep on your right side then you are more likely to see positive dreams and lesser nightmares compared to those who sleep by turning left. The probability of remembering your dream is high if you slept on the right side.
  • Sleeping on your back can result in nightmares and most often you won't remember them. It is because your dreaming intensity might not be too high due to factors like snoring.
  • Sometimes our own personality can also affect our dreams. Two different people with same sleeping position may see different types of dreams depending on their personality.
  • Putting your hands on your chest while sleeping exerts pressure on your chest and may result in a nightmare where you can't breath properly or feel suffocation. 
The results of researches on sleeping positions and dreams can't be taken as an authority as these results are based on self-reported dreams and sleeping position. These things are not fully monitored in a laboratory and nobody can remember all the dreams he/she have seen the previous night. More research is needed in this field.

Best Sleeping Position

We spend more than one-forth of our life while sleeping, but very few care about the sleeping position. What we usually care is the quantity of sleep and the quality of mattress. Sleeping posture/position becomes a priority only when we go through some sleeping discomfort or back pain. A correct combination of good quality mattress/pillow, sleeping time and sleeping position can make us get most amount of relation in the night time. But a wrong sleeping position can make the whole combination useless and give nights of discomfort and days of back pain. So read the following tips about sleeping position carefully and have comfortable nights.

There usually 3 types of sleeping position
  • Sleeping on your back
  • Sleeping on sides
  • Sleeping on Stomach

All three of them have certain pros and cons. Sleeping on your back is usually considered best, while sleeping on stomach is considered worst. But sometimes this best position can't suit you, especially if you snore too much in that position or if you are too obese.

A healthy person automatically change positions several times in a night. We don't need to train him/her for that. Our body sleeps in the night but a part of brain continuously remains awake and takes care of comfort of body. If it feels discomfort, it will automatically change your position without awaking you. Most of you have noticed that you don't awake in the same position in which you sleep. Sleeping in the same position throughout the night can cause pain in back or neck sometimes.

Fetal Position: While researching for best sleeping position, we found that fetal position is mostly discussed. In this position we need to sleep on the left side with our knees bent. Some researchers advised it because a baby sleeps in this position inside mothers womb. However this position might not be comfortable for you if your are suffering from arthritis in your joints or back. If you curl up too high in this position then it can also put pressure on your diaphragm and restrict breathing. Some people use pillow between their knees to make themselves comfortable in this position.

But if you are going through some physical ailment and doctor have prescribed you to sleep in some particular position, then you must follow it. Different sleeping positions are recommended for different medical conditions. Some sleeping positions often recommended by doctors in different physical ailments are listed below. But don't follow them without getting an advice from your doctor.

Best Sleeping Position for lower Back Pain: Lay flat on your back with a pillow underneath your knees. You may also use a folded towel under the curve of your back for added comfort. Sleeping on your sides with pillow between your knees can also help sometimes.
Best Sleeping Position for Neck and Shoulder pain: Here pillow matters more than the sleeping posture. Don't use a pillow that is too high or too stiff. Also make it sure that the pillow gives more support to neck, rather than head.

Note: If you are having sciatica pain or pain in shoulders due to some accident then you must consult a specialist. Doing experiment on yourselves can worsen your condition.

Christmas Disease - A rare genetic disorder in Males Only

This name sounds a little different. How can somebody name a disease like that. But it is a real name of a genetic disorder and that name is given due to name of its first reported patient named Stephen Christmas in 1952. Christmas Disease is also know as hemophilia B or factor IX hemophilia. This disease usually affects males only. Females can be a carrier of these genes but very rarely get affected by it. What happens in this genetic disorder will come next in this article.

What is Christmas Disease ?

Christmas Disease is a genetic disorder, which happens in the chromosome X. Men have one X and one Y chromosome, and when this one X chromosome gets this disease by heredity, the subject looses the factor IX, which is the ability to clot the blood. It means that bleeding from a wound will not result in clotting and blood will continue flowing out of body. Patients of christmas disease need to pay special attention to wounds and need to adopt a very safe lifestyle to save themselves. Even a small wound can cause serious complication for them. In absence of proper treatment Christmas Disease can be fatal.

Why only men are generally affected by Christmas Disease ?

Only X chromosome have the factor IX. Men have one X chromosome, while women have 2. Even if a woman looses the factor IX on one X chromosome, she can use factor IX on other X chromosome. It makes that woman carrier of Christmas disease but she wont get affected by the negative impacts of that disease. In a very rare circumstance a girl child can get Christmas Disease. There are only 25% chances of that only if the father have this disease and mother is a carrier. Such condition occurs very rarely and no such cases are generally reported.

What are the symptoms of Christmas Disease ?

  • Continuous bleeding from wounds (inability to form clots by itself)
  • Bleeding from nose
  • unexplained blood in urine / stools
  • pooling of blood in joints

Special Care for patients of Christmas Disease

  • Factor IX Injections: These injections are prepared from donated blood of healthy people.
  • Desmopressin Acetate: This medicine can be applied on small wounds to stop bleeding. However medical treatment should not be avoided in case of a larger wound.
  • Prophylaxis: It is a medical term used for preventive blood transfusion, which is done to avoid or reduce prolonged and heavy bleeding.
  • Avoid getting hurt: It is the most necessary precaution for a patient of christmas disease.

Note: Internal bleeding create major complications in Christmas Disease. In case internal bleeding in brain, the condition can be very critical.

Why do men have nipples ?

Some say that nipples in men is just an evolutionary baggage and believe that men once used to feed babies. Some say that it is just for looks, else the chest region would look empty. Most of such talks don't really make an intellectual person believe them. So we decided to know the real motive behind men's nipples. The facts that we got are really interesting and make us understand the human body better.

Men and Nipples ! What do Science say ?

In the beginning as the embryo is formed inside the uterus, you can't determine its sex, as it is neither male nor female. By that time nipples have formed. After 6 or 7 weeks certain changes occur, which determine its gender. If it is going to be male, then testes start to form and testosterone hormone begins to produce. It is the testosterone hormone that makes a male from the uni-sexual embryo.

According to one more scientific hypothesis, we are all females inside the mothers womb for upto 7 weeks. After than the Y chromosome develops in some embryos to make the male. By that time nipples and some undeveloped breasts have already developed. Even the labia and clitoris have also formed by that time. But as the testosterone hormone production starts, labia fuse to become scrotum and clitoris develops to become penis.

Why men can't feed a baby ?

Nipples in men as just dummy and can't produce milk. Prolactin hormone in females stimulates lactation and milk is formed inside the breasts to feed babies. Absence of this hormone in males makes men incapable of producing milk.

Can a man lactate ?

Yes, in some very rare cases it has happened. It happens only when pituitary gland in males secrete prolactin hormone, which is responsible for lactation in women. In 2010 a study was published where a man lactated due to pituitary tumor. Normally a woman have double amount of prolactin hormone in her body compared to man. During and after pregnancy this amount can become 10 times which makes a woman lactate. It means that a man needs 20 times more prolactin to be able to lactate which can happen only under certain rare medical conditions.

Can a men have breast Cancer ?

Yes, however the chances are very rare. Only 1% of all breast cancer cases happen in men. It is because men have underdeveloped breasts under their nipples. Obesity play an important role in developing breast cancer in men.

Those of you who feel more proud to be a man should must know that once you were a baby girl and god left you with those non-useful nipples to keep you reminding of that.

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Blanket over your Head / Face !

Sleeping with Blanket over your head is often a habit of some kids. Some do it to get rid of fear of darkness in the night, while some do it to get more warmth. Adults have their own reason to do that, such as using smartphone under the blanket to don't let anybody else know that. Most common thought that comes in the mind of an educated man is if we consume all oxygen inside the blanket then we might die. Here we are going to find if it is really possible to run out of oxygen by covering your head with a blanket.

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Blanket over your Head / Face ?
Yes it is safe only if you are a healthy adult and the blanket is not too thick.

Can i run out of Oxygen by covering my head ?
Usually blankets are not air-tight, so can't run out of oxygen. But if it is a thick fiber blanket then it may reduce the air flow. CO2 concentration near your face might also increase.

Must Read if you cover you head while sleeping !

  • Infants should never sleep with their head covered as this behavior is connected to sudden infant death syndrome. Reference
  • An unhealthy person or a person with some respiratory diseases should never sleep with face covered by a blanket.
  • Even a healthy person should not use a thick fiber blanket to cover his/her head. More CO2 concentration can cause brain damage. However such blankets are not air tight but they can reduce air flow through them to a great extent.
  • You should not just fear about lesser oxygen inside the blanket, but also the cleanliness of the blanket used to cover the face. 
  • A new blanket should never be used to cover head as it may have some manufacturing dust with some micro-organisms which can easily enter your body through nose, ear or mouth. It should have been washed at least twice before you cover your head with it.
  • A very old blanket may also be harmful as it may also have dust deposited inside its fibers.
  • Inhaling dust through a blanket on regular basis can damage your lungs gradually.
  • Asthmatic people are never advised to cover their face while sleeping as it reduces the fresh air supply. 
  • A thin blanket might not be harmful as enough air can flow through it and usually they are washed at home regularly.
  • Sleeping with a blanket over your head reduces your hearing and smelling sense, which may help you in sleeping better, but it can also make you vulnerable to any danger in your surroundings.

What if i can't sleep with my face open ?
If you can't sleep due to some light falling on your eyes (as some people have tendency to sleep in complete darkness), then you may use an eye mask to cover your eyes only. It may also help you if you feel some fear.

When you sleep with your head inside the blanket then oxygen level might decrease. A healthy adult can easily figure it out due to rise in pulse rate and uncomfortable breathing. He/she will automatically remove the blanket from his/her face without getting awake. 

A good ventilated room is often suggested by doctors to live a healthy life. Same applies to your blanket while sleeping. It is not a healthy habit to sleep with your head covered.

How to check Blood Sugar using Glucometer at Home

If you are using a glucometer at home to check your blood sugar at your own convenience then you might have some suspicion about its usage and getting the accurate result. Some people worry about the time to measure it and some worry about the finger to be pricked to collect the small amount of blood on the test strip. Here you will get answer to such questions and it will help you in getting the accurate result at the comfort of your home.

How to check Blood Sugar using Glucometer at Home ?

Keep following things ready before testing. Glucometer, test strip, lancet (to prick your finger), cotton swab and a diary to note down the reading and time of test.
  • Wash your hands, so that any sugar deposit on your finger tips won't affect the result.
  • Load the lancet in lancing device.
  • Put the test strip in the glucometer. It will turn it ON.
  • Prick your finger with lancing device.
  • Squeeze your finger and put a drop on blood on test strip.
  • Within 10 seconds the glucometer will show the result.
  • Clean your finger with the cotton swab.
  • Note the result and time in your diary to keep a track of your blood sugar.

Which finger is best to check blood sugar ?

According to WHO middle or ring finger should be used to check blood glucose. You should avoid using thumb, index finger, little finger. Thumb and Index finger have comparatively more nerve ending and hence more pain in pricking. These nerve ending make our finger tips an ideal instrument to touch and sense anything. Any damage to these nerves by using a lancet is not recommended. For the same reason it is advised to prick your middle/ring finger on the sides, not on the main pad/finger tip. Little finger is not recommended due to less skin on it, and you might need to squeeze it more to get some blood out of it. There is no impact on result if you don't follow these recommendations but you might get more pain and some of your nerve endings may get damaged. All fingers carry the same blood, amount of nerve endings and skin differs.

Should i wipe off the first drop and use second drop for testing blood sugar ?

Usually it is recommended to wash your hands with soap and then dry them before testing your blood glucose. It washes away any external factor that can change the results. But if you have not washed your hand then you should wipe off the very first drop with impurities in it. Comparatively second drop will be more pure and will give accurate results. Squeezing the finger can also change the result sometimes. So to get the accurate results it is recommended to use second drop after wiping the first drop of blood with cotton and avoid squeezing if possible.

Which time is best to check blood sugar ?

There is no best time to measure your blood sugar. If you want to get the minimum blood sugar reading then you should check it hours after having a diet. Early morning time is best for that. If you want to get highest reading then check it just after having a diet. Blood Sugar is measured in three ways on the basis of their timing. These test timings are made to get the actual result and measure the amount of blood sugar rising in your body. So instead of searching for a time to get best result, check your actual reading and get the proper treatment if you are diabetic.
  • Fasting: It is measured before having breakfast. This reading tells us about the minimum level of blood sugar in our body. Usually the time interval between dinner and breakfast is highest compared to any two diets. It makes the blood glucose level to fall down to its minimum limit. If this reading is between 70 to 99 mg/dl then it is a good news. 
  • Postprandial: Usually people call it PP Blood Sugar. It is measured 2 hours after having breakfast. If this reading remains less than 140 mg/dl then it is normal. If you are in hurry and measure it after 1 hour then it should be below 200 mg/dl.
  • Random: Random blood sugar can be measured at any point of the day. 79 to 160 mg/dl is the normal range for random blood sugar. Just keep in mind the above two information given in above two measurement timings. If your random reading falls in those regions the most probably you are no diabetic.

Heart related Death during Christmas and New Year Holiday

If you look at the death rate all around the year, you will find that more people die during Christmas and New Year holiday season than any other day. Death rate spike suddenly during the holiday season. Heart Attacks and occurrence of other heart related diseases is sharply increased during this time. Is there any certain reason behind it, or does it just happen naturally. Here we are going to pull the curtain from this must know information. If you read it carefully then you may save your life or any of your close one.

Why Heart Related Deaths increase in Holiday Season ?

  • During holiday season people usually don't care about what they are eating. They just take food as another mode of entertainment during holidays and give themselves false excuses to eat some fatty food. Sometimes it can cost very badly, especially if you are already not in a good shape/health and asked by doctor to avoid some unhealthy food items.
  • Unhealthy attitude towards our own body increases during holiday season. People smoke and drink more during these days as they have off from work. They don't exercise regularly as their main motive is to celebrate the holidays. Combination of these things increase their chances of getting sick. This unhealthy attitude increase weight and takes more salt into the body, which can easily be a burden for a weaker heart.
  • Those are already a heart patient should avoid physical exertion, anger and stress during these days, but most often they don't take care of these factors seriously due to gatherings of family and friends.
  • Winter can double the pain. During this time of the year our metabolism remain slow due to coldness in environment and our immune system can't help us as much as it can during summer.
  • Cold weather in holiday season is usually hard for heart patients. Cold weather constricts the blood vessels and increase the blood pressure. This condition increases the chances of heart attack.
  • Another reason behind more deaths during festive season is that the sufferer delays in getting treatment, and don't report the early symptoms to anybody, to not disrupting the Christmas or new year festivities. Usually such people think that they will visit a doctor once the festive season is over.
  • One more less understood reason is shortage of staff in hospitals due to holiday season. Everybody wants to enjoy the holidays with family, even the doctors and nursing staff.

Some facts to open the eyes:
  • When 53 million U.S. death certificates from 1973 to 2001 were studied, it was found that 5% more heart-related deaths occur during the holiday season.
  • In New Zealand, death rate is 4% more during Christmas and New Year in spite of the fact that it is summer there at that time. It means that cold weather contributes to just 1% rise in death rate, 4% deaths increase due to other factors mentioned above.  
  • According to a study, most number of cardiac deaths occur on Christmas, second highest on Dec. 26, and third highest on New Year Day.

How to Avoid Heart Related Death during Holiday Season ?

  • The very first thing is to take care of your health, regardless of holiday season. Health should be the first priority, especially if you are a heart patient, else you won't survive to see next holiday season.
  • Eat Healthy and avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Exercise regularly as per your regular routine.
  • If it is cold then avoid outdoors and wear warm clothes.
  • Don't hesitate in telling someone if you feel any anything wrong and call an ambulance. It is better to ruin the holiday party for a few hours, rather than transforming the very next day into funeral day.

Health Tips for Winter Season - Months of Cold and Flu

Winter comes with cold and flu. Children and elders are more susceptible to cold but ignorance of health can make anybody prone to colds and flu during winter season. During the months of winter we not only need to take care of what we are wearing but also what we are eating. Our Diet is as important as our warm clothes. Here the health tips for winter season which will make you better able to survive perfectly in months of cold  that can chill the spine.

Health Tips for Winter Season

Health tips for winter season can be easily divided into two parts. First is Diet Tips and second in lifestyle tips. Both of them are equally important.

Diet Tips for Winter Season

  • Drink 500 ml of water before breakfast, as it will improve your digestive system. It is also help you in remaining hydrated and gives you more mental clarity throughout the day.
  • Proper balance of fiber is also necessary. It means that both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber is necessary for you. Soluble fiber is present in apples, oat bran and legumes while insoluble fiber is present in whole grains, nuts, broccoli, seeds and vegetable skins.
  • People often stop eating fruits in winter but they are extremely helpful in boosting your immune system as they can be eat in fresh raw state and provide more vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants to protect you from diseases.
  • Usually people remain less active during winters but eating high amount of carbohydrates. So reducing the carbs intake and increasing the protein intake can help them in not putting on weight during winters.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are important during winters as the save us from joint pains and stiffness as they are anti-inflammatory. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish, plant seeds and nuts. It also helps in reducing chances of depression.
  • Use spices like onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric and cilantro during winters as they known to improve immune system.

Lifestyle Tips for Winter Season

  • Enough Sleep: Usually 6-8 hours of sleep is sufficient for a person. But the amount of sleep should always be more in winters due to longer nights. Our sleep is affected by day light. When there is no day-light our pineal gland produces more melatonin, which makes us feel sleepy. So don't make it harder for your body and sleep 1 hour more during winters and plan your day accordingly.
  • Don't miss your Exercise Schedule: Usually people miss their workout blaming the cold weather. But this can easily become a habit and you will start loosing your shape. Even if you can't go outdoor for a workout, you can do some exercise at the comfort of your home. Exercises not only help in burning calories but also in boosting your immune system. So plan your workout in advance and don't miss it.
  • If you like video games then you may use options like Nintendo Wii Fit and do a workout of your choice in front of your gaming console.
  • If you are using heating devices in your home or a closed room then you should install carbon monoxide detectors to awake you before this gas makes you unconscious.
  • Electric objects like electric blanket, heating pads and space heaters should be used only when you  go to bed and must be unplugged them before sleeping.
  • Reduce using and touching public objects as it will protect you from infections bacteria and virus that spread more during winters. Such objects are door handles or communal pen at the bank. Even if you can't avoid touching them (such as hand shake), you may use a hand sanitizer afterwards.
  • Last but not least is what you are wearing. A little ignorance about your clothes can make you sick. So wear proper warm clothes, especially when you are going outdoors.

Getting a flu shot can reduce the risk by 50 to 60 percent, so you might opt for that as a safety measure.

Why do men like Polygamy more than women ?

Polygamy is a lifestyle when one person can have more than one sexual partners. Some societies and religion allow man to marry more than one woman. However several countries have prohibited this practice in legal terms, but still some are allowing it only for certain religions. Even if it is illegal in most of the countries, still a number of men have more than one sexual partner. Here we are not going to discuss the legal or illegal nature of polygamy. Polygamy can be in any form either one night stand, prostitution, second wife without and rights or just an affair. In most of the cases it is found that men are always more interested in polygamy compared to women. Here we going to pull out the reasons behind this behavior of men.

Why men are more polygamous than women ?

  • Religions allow it only for men: All those religions that allow polygamy, allow it only for men. Religions have a major impact on thinking of men and women. Our religions have given more freedom to men compared to women, which made women dependent on men and thus believed it that they should do as per command of male members of family.
  • Men is more muscular: The physical power has its own benefits. It is the very first reason behind the male domination in society. Being more muscular means, ability to control woman according to their wish.
  • Humans evolved from animals: As you have seen in various wildlife TV Channels that male animals always try to spread their genes by impregnating various females on the basis of their strength. Male animals are very less likely to make a bond to only one female. So that polygamous behavior is in the genes of men from their ancestors. Man is more or less a social animal. Even if it is not allowed in terms of law or society, men do it in other ways.
  • More Control: More or less men are usually the more outgoing and earning member of family. It gives them the opportunity to be polygamous. When you have got freedom and money to spend then most likely you will utilize it for your pleasure.
  • Men are less religious: In most of the societies men are less religious and have less fear of god. Even if their religion says that polygamy is a sin, they still try indulge in it in any way possible. The more powerful a person is, the less fear of God will be there.
  • Women were not allowed to be polygamous: Even a polygamous man don't want her wife to be polygamous. This personality trait of man, kept polygamy to men. However sex workers were an exception as they were not bound to a single man.

Polygamy is not something to like, it is something to lean. Mean lean towards it due to more muscular power, more financial independence, favoring religious laws and the animal nature within. So if you are a woman and found your man cheating on you then you can blame is genes.

The views shared in this article are not about behavioral characteristic of every man or woman. Some man and woman totally disbelieve in polygamy from the depth of their hearts and such people are making the whole society believe more in love rather than polygamy.
66% of British population believes that polygamy is morally wrong. 56% American population thinks in the same way.

Gdiabetes : Is it Diabetes or something else ?

The term "gdiabetes" is searched by a number of people around the web. We tried to found if this term really have something to do with diabetes. We found some interesting information about gdiabetes on internet which is worth giving a look.

Gestational Diabetes is often termed as Gdiabetes. This type of diabetes is common in women going through 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Some researches have found that insulin resistance occurs in pregnant women to bring more glucose to the developing brain of fetus. Usually GDiabetes (gestational diabetes) goes away after the child birth. But if this condition continues after childbirth then it can cause type 2 diabetes. Excessive hunger, excessive thirst, or fatigue and frequent urination are some of the symptoms to be monitored during pregnancy, which can indicate gdiabetes. If Gdiabetes occurs more often in pregnancy then it can cause depression and increases the chances of Caesarean section.

GDiabetes is also used for "Girls Diabetes". It is a twitter account in Arabic language dedicated to girls suffering from diabetes.

Gdiabetes is also name of a software based in GTK+ (Gimp toolkit) which is designed for diabetic people using Linux. This web based software help them keep track of the information about doctor and their test results. You may know more about it from http://gdiabetes.sourceforge.net/ .

If you are a pregnant lady and doctor says that you have got gdiabetes then don't be fearful as it is not diabetes and most probably it will go away after child birth. But you need to take care of your diet and exercise.

Can we survive with pure Oxygen as air ?

The air that we breathe contains only 21% oxygen. It means there is no necessity of pure 100% oxygen for a person to breathe properly. But is there any positive or negative side-effect on our body if we inhale pure oxygen. Several researches were done on this topic and results were quiet surprising. To understand the concept of breathing pure 100% oxygen, which sounds quiet healthy, you must understand your breathing process.

Our Normal Breathing Process

Our respiratory system consists of trachea to bronchi to bronchioles to alveoli (larger to smaller in size). Each alveoli is surrounded by pulmonary capillaries containing blood. The wall between these alveoli and capillaries are just 0.5 microns thick, which can let the gases pas through it according to their concentration on both sides. When we inhale the alveolus is filled with air containing 21% oxygen and other gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. The concentration of oxygen in blood inside the capillary is usually lower than that, thus oxygen flow from alveolus to blood in capillary. Similarly carbon dioxide flows from blood to alveolus as its concentration is generally lower in alveolus. Thus we inhale oxygen-rich air and exhale carbon-dioxide-rich air.

How does pure oxygen harm our lungs

When we breathe 100% pure oxygen then all of it can't pass into the blood as blood has its own limits to carry oxygen.

  • The free oxygen in lungs can bind to surface proteins and damage lungs. 
  • It can also damage central nervous system and retina.
  • Fluid accumulates in lungs and gas flow through alveoli becomes slower.
  • At one atmospheric pressure pure oxygen can cause partial bronchitis in 24 hours.

If the atmospheric pressure of oxygen is higher then the damage will be more. Apollo astronauts used 100% pure oxygen for two weeks without and side-effect because they used it at reduced air pressure. When guinea pigs are exposed to 100% pure oxygen for 48 hours at normal air pressure then damage was noticed in their lungs. Human are also prone to such damage unless reduced air pressure is used. Pure oxygen can cause serious medical condition or even death if given to a human being for days.

Note: Clean air is all we need to breath properly. So instead of thinking about pure oxygen as a way to improve your health, it is better to know the truth that we are meant to inhale a mixture of gases present in normal atmosphere. We should think more about protecting this atmosphere and make it free from dangerous pollutants.

How long can a person stop his breath !

You must have tried it for fun while playing with your friend. Some people practice it to improve their underwater swimming experience while some practice it just to know how long can they stop their breath. Some people also do it to make it to Guinness World Records. We don't suggest you to practice it alone at your home as sometimes it can be really dangerous. Those who made world records used proper guidance and expert advice to do it correctly.

Breathing is something that happens naturally without forcing our body to do it. But when it comes to stopping your breathing process, you need to apply force and control your urge to inhale.
Aleix Segura Vendrell (Spain) holds the Guinness World Record for holding breath for 24 Minutes 03 Seconds.

There are some secrets behind holding the breath for such a long duration.

  • Underwater: You can stop your breath for longer duration under water compared to land. The duration differs by 50%. No one has yet hold his breath for more than 12 minutes on land, while the underwater record is above 24 minutes. This is due to “diving reflex". Even if an untrained diver goes inside the water, the pulse rate slows down by 30%, which means a decrease in metabolic rate of body. Professional divers can slow their pulse by 50% under the water. This diving reflex decreases the oxygen consumption of body and allows a diver to hold his/her breath for longer duration.
  • Hyperventilation: Hyperventilation is a process of fast and deep breathing to decrease the Carbon Dioxide level in body. Those who have deeper knowledge of biology know the fact that our brain controls the urge to breathe through CO2 level (not Oxygen level). When CO2 level in brain reaches at a certain maximum level, we feel the heavy urge to breathe. Decreasing the CO2 level through hyperventilation makes a person buying some extra time to stop his/her breath, as it takes longer for CO2 level to reach the maximum level.
  • Practice: Practice and dedication is the key to holding your breath for long duration. But you should never practice it alone without any medical help near you. Slowing down your pulse rate/metabolism by 50% takes a lot of practice.

Side effects of holding your breath

Stopping your breathing process is not something normal for your body. Your body will try to do everything to make you breathe. But if you don't then it will take some alternative measures to save your life. These alternative measures constitute of some side effects on body.

  • Brain Damage: Lack of oxygen supply to your brain can damage certain areas in your brain. However there are different views on this side effect among the experts.
  • Hypoxia: If you are doing hyperventilation before stopping your breathe then you might face unconsciousness due hypoxia, which is lack of oxygen in body tissues. Hyperventilation decreases CO2 level in body and it takes longer for that level to reach its maximum level, but the oxygen level in body might be exhausted before CO2 level reaches its maximum level, which can cause unconsciousness due to hypoxia.

Note: Guinness World Record allows the contestant to hyperventilate with pure oxygen for 30 minutes before making an attempt to stopping breathing. In normal air oxygen is just 21% while in pure oxygen it is 100%, which makes a person stop his breath around 2 times more than hyperventilating with normal air. So a normal person with normal air to breath with no practice of hyperventilation can never reach even the 50% time of the world record.

Normal Blood Pressure for Men over 30, 40, 50, 60 Years

Normal Blood Pressure of Men is usually considered as 120 / 80 . It is not a correct reading for all age groups of men. There is a lot of difference between the normal blood pressure of a men in age group of of 30 - 35 and a men in age group of 60 - 65. There are several reasons for this difference in normal blood pressure of men. Usually the normal blood pressure increases with age. We will provide complete blood pressure chart for all age groups of men ranging from 20s to 80s .
Calculate your BMI using our Free BMI Calculator .
Note: BMI is a standard unit to measure obesity level.

Heart Attack Risk Calculator

Age: Years
Weight: kg
Do you have a family history of hypertension / heart attack / stroke ?

Normal Blood Pressure for Men

The table below contains the normal blood pressure of men in a tabular form. It contain both maximum and minimum measurements of blood pressure for different age groups of men.

Blood Pressure for Men under 20

Age Group : 15 - 19 Years
Average BP : 117 / 77
Minimum BP : 105 / 73
Maximum BP : 120 / 81
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Blood Pressure for Men over 20

Why Does Normal Blood Pressure of Men Increases with age ?

It is a common question that arises in the mind of every men. Why does normal blood pressure increases with age. There is no specific reason for that but most common reason is stiffness of arteries. Our Arteries stiffens as we age which increase the normal blood pressure on the walls of arteries. At younger age our arteries and veins have more elasticity and thus they can bear more pressure. Whenever we run, the normal blood pressure increases to some extent and our blood vessels bear it due to their elasticity.

Can we keep the elasticity as we age ?

Yes, if we workout regularly and have a healthy diet then certainly it will help in keeping the elasticity of our blood vessels. Usually we stop doing physical work as we age. During childhood we play a lot and run a lot which keep our blood pressure rising and coming down. But as we age and enter into a career we forget physical activities, now our normal blood pressure rarely rises due to a physical workout and our blood vessels looses their elasticity in a few decades. So if you keep doing some physical exercises on regular basis then it will help your blood vessels in keeping their elasticity and maintaining your normal blood pressure.
Age Group : 20 - 24 Years
Average BP : 120 / 79
Minimum BP : 108 / 75
Maximum BP : 132 / 83

Age Group : 25 - 29 Years
Average BP : 121 / 80
Minimum BP : 109 / 76
Maximum BP : 133 / 84
Blood Pressure Chart for Women over 20

Blood Pressure for Men over 30

Age Group : 30 - 34 Years
Average BP : 122 / 81
Minimum BP : 110 / 77
Maximum BP : 134 / 85

Age Group : 35 - 39 Years
Average BP : 123 / 82
Minimum BP : 111 / 78
Maximum BP : 135 / 86

Blood Pressure for Men over 40

Age Group : 40 - 44 Years
Average BP : 125 / 83
Minimum BP : 112 / 79
Maximum BP : 137 / 87

Age Group : 45 - 49 Years
Average BP : 127 / 84
Minimum BP : 115 / 80
Maximum BP : 139 / 88
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are Connected

Blood Pressure for Men over 50

Age Group : 50 - 54 Years
Average BP : 129 / 85
Minimum BP : 116 / 81
Maximum BP : 142 / 89

Age Group : 55 - 59 Years
Average BP : 131 / 86
Minimum BP : 118 / 82
Maximum BP : 144 / 90
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Blood Pressure for Men over 60

Age Group : 60 - 64 Years
Average BP : 134 / 87
Minimum BP : 121 / 83
Maximum BP : 147 / 91

The same reading mentioned above are now shown in the form of a graph to make it more understandable. Using this blood pressure graph you can easily understand how average blood pressure of men increases with age. 

Normal Blood Pressure of Men
Normal Blood Pressure of Men

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We suggest you to workout daily. Then you will not need to worry about you your age group of 30, 40, 50, 60 or more. Most of the diseases in elder people are related to blood pressure, so it will help you in keeping all of them away. 

How to feel full without eating too much - Fool your digestive system

A number of people search for tricks to fool their digestive system. Most of the times these people are those who want to limit their food intake but they feel it impossible to stop themselves while eating. "How to feel full without eating" is a common question that such people ask google. The reason behind this question can be anything ranging from being overweight or fighting to get rid of diabetes or some heart disease or just to remain in good shape. The reason may be any but the main motive is to stop ourselves from eating extra calories that can increase our weight. We have done some research on this question to know if it is really possible to fool your digestive system and feel full without eating too much. We hope that once you read this article your question will be answered.

It is harder to draw a line for the adequate amount of food a person needs as it depends on your height, gender and lifestyle. Two person with same physic may need different amount of food depending on how they spend their day. A person with more physical workload will need more food than a person with a sitting job. So it is our body which can tell us how much to eat. We just need to listen to it.

There are two terms used in this article, you should know before you read further.

  1. Satiation : feeling of fullness at the end of a meal.
  2. Satiety : a measure of how long it takes before you feel hungry again. Different types of food have different satiety value.

No matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to fool your body. You may succeed in some aspects of your experiment but in the end you will find that you were fooling yourselves. The tips given below will help you in making a better coordination between you and your digestive system. It can help you in reducing your weight or keeping it at an optimum level. We have divided these tips in to sections named how to eat and what to eat.

How to eat ?

  • Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Water rich foods like soup, fruits and vegetable will make a satiation feeling without consuming excess calories.
  • Instead of using a big plate for dinner with regular amount of food, use a small plate which can be filled full with lesser quantity of food that you eat regularly. You will feel full in that lesser amount once you empty your plate. Try it some time. This trick works better if someone else do it for you.
  • If you chew your each bite just 3 seconds extra, then you will eat less. When you chew your food more then some oro-sensory factor activates and sends satiation signals to brain much before your regular amount of diet.
  • Avoid distractions like television, music, mobile phone or computer while eating. These activities make you eat for a longer duration. Distraction while eating interrupts the satiation signals between your brain to stomach and you end up eating more than required.

What to eat ?

  • Fiber has high satiety value as it takes longer to get digested. Fiber rich food can help you better in maintaining a gap between two meals.
  • Same applies on fat as well. Adequate amount of fat is also necessary to slow down the digestion process and let your body absorb some fat soluble vitamins from your diet.
  • Protein is given most importance by bodybuilders as it is a muscle building food. Protein in diet also increases the peptides level in stomach which talks with brain to send satiation signals. 20 to 40 grams of protein is must in every meal.
  • Refined carbohydrates should be avoided as they are the satiety killers due to absence of fiber and some other essential nutrients. You might have noticed that once you start eating some processed food (rich in refined carbohydrate), the feeling of satiation comes when you have eaten much more than required.
  • Don't eat too much sugar in a single diet as it causes rapid spike in insulin and after some time you crave for more food.
  • Even if hunger hits in between your regular meal timings then you may eat some snacks. But your snack should be rich in fiber and protein and must be under 200 calories limit.

If you have got a healthy body then it will tell you what you need and when you need. Just listen to it. You never need a timer to drink water, your thirst is the inbuilt mechanism in the body to tell you that it needs water. Some people may consider these tips as way to fool the digestive system but these are mere tips to eat good and stay fit with lesser amount of burden for your digestive system.

Is Insulin Resistance really a disease ?

Insulin Resistance is popularly known as a major reason behind Diabetes. But very few of us know if Insulin Resistance is really a disease in itself or not. Yes, Insulin Resistance is a major reason behind diabetes if it remains in body for a longer duration. But the truth is that Insulin Resistance is a protective mechanism for our body. You will understand it once you read this complete article. To understand this mechanism better you need to go through the working of Insulin hormone and its resistance mechanism. Then you will know how Insulin Resistance is actually a protective mechanism for our body.

How does Insulin works in our body ?
Whenever blood sugar level rises in our body, insulin hormone is released. This hormone get mixed in our blood supply from pancreas and then sits on insulin receptors on each cell. It makes the body cells being capable of receiving glucose from blood and fulfill their energy needs. Once the energy demand of all body cells is fulfilled and if still some extra glucose is available in blood stream (apart from the minimum blood glucose level) then insulin converts in to fat and stores in different fat stores of body for usage during energy demands during high intensity work load or during starvation. 

What is Insulin Resistance ?
It is a mechanism in human body where all or most of the body cells become resistant to insulin temporarily. It means that body cells don't accept insulin hormone to sit on their insulin receptors. It makes the blood glucose level remaining elevated for longer duration. However it occurs more often in a diabetic person but if it happens in a controlled manner then it is a protective mechanism for our body.

Why Insulin Resistance is a protective mechanism ?

Helps in survival of brain: Our brain is just 2% of body mass but requires 20% of energy. When our brain needs more energy supply due to any work load, our brain can trigger insulin resistance in remaining body so that the glucose in blood is not utilized by any other body part and our brain keep working. After all brain is most important for body.
During development of fetus: Insulin resistant can occur in a pregnant women to provide more glucose to the brain of developing fetus. At that time there are two brains in woman's body and require more energy to work and develop.
When our brain need more energy: 

Negative effects of long term Insulin resistance

  • If insulin resistance becomes a permanent feature of your body or occurs more often then it can cause diabetes type 2.
  • Insulin resistance makes your pancreas work more to produce more insulin and already available remains incapable to lower blood glucose. This long term workload on pancreas make them incapable to produce insulin anymore or the insulin production is permanently reduced.
What makes Insulin Resistance uncontrolled in our body?
So now you know that "Insulin Resistance" can make us unhealthy if it become uncontrolled. What makes it uncontrolled is the main thing to worry about. Most of the researches found that obesity is the main reason behind it. Large stores of fat in our body are capable of generating its own hormones which disturbs the hormonal balance in body and cause insulin  resistance to occur without any need.

How to protect yourself from uncontrolled Insulin Resistance ?
You already know it ! Just control your weight. Waist of above 40 puts you at very high risk of insulin resistance. Most of the patients of diabetes never notice this condition when they remain pre-diabetic for years. So wake up now and control your waistline.

Reactive hypoglycemia - Low blood Sugar after having a meal

Hypoglycemia, Diabetes Type 1, or Low Blood Sugar are different names for same medical condition. Reactive hypoglycemia is a rare medical condition where a person have low blood sugar within one to three hours after having a meal. Reactive hypoglycemia is an indication of a person becoming diabetic or Insulin resistance. If you feel low in energy just after few hours after having a meal then you may be suffering from this condition. But before making any conclusion you must read this article.

How is it possible to have low blood sugar after having a meal ?

When we eat something our body breaks the food into glucose which is further supplied into the blood to provide energy to all cells. When blood sugar level rises our body releases insulin hormone to control that blood sugar and set it to an optimum level. In case of Reactive hypoglycemia our body releases more Insulin than required which decreases the blood sugar below the required minimum level. It is an indication of person getting diabetic.

Symptoms of Reactive Hypoglycemia

  • Hunger
  • Sleepiness
  • Light-headedness
  • Weakness
  • Shakiness
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating

These symptoms are common in some other medical conditions as well. But if you are feeling these symptoms within one to three hours after having a meal then you should get your blood sugar tested for both fasting and after having a meal.

How to save yourself from Reactive Hypoglycemia ?

If it is confirmed from your test results that you have Reactive Hypoglycemia then you must take some steps to save yourself from diabetes. So of the major steps to be taken are
  • Reduce your weight: If you are overweight then reducing your weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle will help help you.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly boosts our metabolism and increases our immune system. It also helps in reducing weight and burning excess calories.
  • Sound Sleep: A sound sleep of around 7 hours is must for a healthy person.
  • Balanced Diet: This last step is not the least but it is the key to be fit again. You should avoid foods with high glycemic index. High Glycemic index foods are those food items which can increase your blood sugar rapidly. These food items are usually rich in carbohydrates which can be directly converted into glucose by our digestive system. Instead your should eat those food items which are rich in fiber.

What kind of food is best if you have Reactive Hypoglycemia ?

As told earlier that you should totally avoid foods with high glycemic index. You should eat a diet rich in fiber, protein and an adequate amount of fat. Fiber, protein and fat slows down the digestive process and less amount of glucose is supplied into the blood supply for a longer duration. It does not let the blood sugar rise suddenly and limited amount of insulin is released into blood.

Apart from the above suggestions it is best to consult a specialist and get a proper diet plan to fight Reactive Hypoglycemia. Always remember that it is a symptom of diabetes and healthy lifestyle can keep you away from this.

Do we really use just 10% of our Brain ? Myth vs Fact !

A number of people believe that humans just use 10% of their brain on average. Those who have have higher IQ might have crossed this average percentage. A normal person would easily believe this theory, as we have a tendency to believe in super humans with super intelligence, and it is not possible if all of use 100% of our brain. Else there will be no difference between a normal person and Albert Einstein. But the truth about this theory is totally different.

Do we really use just 10% of our Brain ?

Homo Sapiens (or today's Man kind) is made after evolution of millions of years. In this process of evolution we got some new abilities as per necessity and also lost some feature if they were of no use any more. We are still evolving today but the it is not visible in one generation or two, it takes thousands of years to notice any visible effect. Today we have a perfectly balanced body and every organ has a use according to present environment. If you believe this theory then you must agree think twice before agreeing to "10% of brain" theory.

How may we get a brain 10 times the necessity. It is simply a wrong fact. Those who found it, either did some wrong analysis or believed in the fact that we are successors of some alien species that came to earth a long time ago and we are yet to know full potential of our brain.

Real Science is that that believe on facts, not on any preconceived notions. A number of people keep believing in the 10% of brain theory without questioning it.

From where do we get this 10% of brain theory ?
Before we answer this question you must know that The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research did a survey in 2013 and found that 65% Americans believe that just 10% of our brain is used by us in a lifetime. However now this brain usage percentage has increased to 35% in some cases but still this myth is surviving and will not come to an end anytime soon.
Timeline of origin of 10% brain theory

  • Harvard psychologists William James in 1890 told audiences that people only meet a fraction of their full mental potential, which was taken as a plausible clause by educated people of that time.
  • In 1929 a book "Mind Myths: Exploring Popular Assumptions About the Mind and Brain" was published which contained a chapter on 10% brain myth.
  • In 1936, American writer Lowell Thomas added a falsely precise percentage and said that Professor William James used to say that humans use just 10% of their brain.
  • In the 1970s, psychologist and educator Georgi Lozanov proposed a teaching method called suggestopedia with a belief in its base that humans use just 5 to 10% of their mental capability.
  • Some people also believe that in late 19th century and beginning of 20th Century when early brain researches were going on, scientists were unable to find the functions of a large part of brain. It lead to a misunderstanding that only 10% of brain is used by humans.

 Today the truth is known that 100% brain is used during a day. However it is possible that during one particular task only 10% brain is active. But a large percentage of population still thinks that we use just 10 to 35 percent of our brain.

Facts that will make you believe that we use 100% of our brain.

  • The very first fact is that we evolved and got only that much capability which is necessary. Getting a brain with 10 times of normal capability is something unnecessary and impossible to develop under the normal biological process of evolution.
  • Death during childbirth was often associated with large skull size. If our brain is really unnecessarily large then we should have lost it by natural selection and mortality rate during child birth would have been less.
  • Every person with a brain damage (either accidental or stroke) always loose some capability due to loss of a part of brain. However some lucky people may get their lost capability back due to neuroplasticity if the that was not a major brain damage.
  • Some recent researches based on brain scans confirmed that all parts of brain remain active all the time. Some parts remain more active during a particular task, but we can't take any part of brain as non functional.

Every part of brain has got a function, either physical, mental or emotional. Some parts of brain just handle our internal metabolism. All functions of brain are really very hard to know as some of these parts make us think, make us dream, make us plan. Our brain can take us to a scene decades before and can also make us think of that future when we will not be here. Whatever we look, we are much more than that. The fact that we don't utilize our full potential is true, but nature has granted us with power to do much more in our life with a brain of three pounds.

After reading this article you must stop believing that extra 90% brain can give you psychic powers some day, which is falsely advertised in a number of sci-fi movies. Your views on this article are most invited in the comments section. 

Human Brain vs Computers - Something Unbelievable

You won't be same after reading this. Nature has granted us with a immensely powerful computer fitted in a very tiny space with very less power consumption. You can't even utilize its full capability in several lifetimes. The more we use our brain the more it learns and become more efficient by practicing the same task again. If you want to know the power of your brain compared to modern computers in a terminology that you understand then read this complete article.

What is there in our brain ?

  • Our brain have 80 to 100 billion neurons.
  • Same amount of Neuroglia, also called glial cells. These cells protect and insulate neurons, provide nutrition, remove dead neurons and destroy pathogens.
  • Neurons are found in 26 different sizes.
  • Size of neurons varies from 4 microns (.004 mm) to 100 microns (.1 mm). Their length may vary from few millimeters to few feet.
  • 400 miles of Capillaries to provide blood and nutrition to them.
  • Each neuron makes 5000 to 10000 connections with other neurons.
  • So there are 500 to 1000 trillion connections in our brain. 

Brain compared to Computers

Even the best computer in world can't reach the capability of brain. However you may not fit a pendrive in your skull to store some movies in it, but your brain can remember things faster than any super computer. The memory of our brain has the capability to store much more data than any super computer on earth till now.

  • Memory Capacity of Brain:  According to Paul Reber, Professor; Director of Brain, Behavior, & Cognition at Northwestern University, our brain can store upto 2.5 Petabyte (which is one million GB). This much memory is enough to play continuous video on TV for 300 Years.
  • Processing Speed: A neuron can fire upto 200 times per second. For 86 billion neurons it makes 17.2 trillion action potentials. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, our brain processes 400 Billion bits of information per second, but yet we are aware of 2,000 only. All of our senses send 11 million bits of data per second to the brain but it can process only upto 60 bits of data per second. It is possible only if you compress 11 million bits into just 60 bits (just like we make zip files in computers). Such compression technology is not yet possible for man made computers.
  • Power consumption: If we use the same memory as our brain and same processing speed in a computer then it will use 1 gigawatt of power, which will need a nuclear power plant. But when it comes to our brain, it uses less than 20 watt of electricity in the form of electrical impulses between neurons. Our brain is just 2% of our body weight but consumes 20% of our calories and 25% of oxygen. In resting state our body needs 1300kcal of energy which is equal to 63W of energy. 20% of this consumption is just 12.6W . So 12.6 watt can be stated as power consumption of brain. This much efficiency is impossible to imagine in any man made machine.
  • Serial Processing and Parallel processing: Some researches found that our left brain do the serial processing tasks while right brain do the parallel processing tasks.

Interesting facts about Brain

These fasts will make you believe more in superiority of human brain compared to any computer.
Cognitive Reserve (brain's cache memory): It increases in size with a person keeps learning new things all over his life. When such person takes rest from busy life after retirement, his or her cognitive reserve remains same and his efficiency in mental tasks remains much better than the people of similar age group.
Neuroplasticity: It is a feature of our brain to learn new things and repair its circuits in case of a damage due to accident or stroke. Previously it was thought that brain can't repair it self after a certain age, but now we know that brain can repair itself through neuroplasticity.

A computer can be programmed to do one particular task much better than a human brain. For example a supercomputer can beat a chess grandmaster, but the same supercomputer can't store visual memories, language skills, cooking skills, thinking ability and most important emotions. Human brain is a capable to control the human body to do any physical or mental task or a combination of both. So these two things are not comparable at all. Man often try to challenge nature, but nature is something to be known, not something to beat. We need to learn a lot from the nature. Thats why we call it mother nature.

Neuroplasticity - The key to Brain Fitness

Previously it was believed that brain develops only during childhood and no changes can occur inside brain after reaching adulthood. But now this concept is found wrong after we found about "Neuroplasticy", an important feature of human brain to makes changes in its circuit according to the needs of a person. It not only helps in learning and mastering a skill but also in recovering from a brain injury. Once you read more about neuroplasticity, you will be amazed to find that you have got one of the most amazing self-learning, self-repairing and self-cleaning computer in your brain whose learning and remembering power is much more than what you think.

What is Neuroplasticity ?

Our brain is huge collection of neuron cells. These neuron cells make connections between themselves, just like a circuit in an electronic chip. Different circuits are made and dedicated for different tasks. The more you need a circuit, the more easily accessible it becomes. What ever you learn intentionally or unintentionally is stored in your brain and is recalled when necessary. The least used or unnecessary memories either remains least accessible or some other circuit is formed using those neurons. The more you use a circuit, the more powerful and efficient it becomes. A mathematician can do complex calculations just by using his brain while a normal person world need calculator for that. But the same mathematician may not play a guitar, while a professional guitar player can do magic with that. Some skills need just our eyes, mouth and brain while a different skill need coordination between our ears, hands and brain. Different circuits in brain are developed and made efficient till we remain alive as per our daily needs.

How to utilize neurolasticity to keep your brain fit ?

You must have heard the proverb "Practice makes a man perfect". It implies perfectly on your brain. The more you work with your brain, the more efficient it becomes. Its learning ability increases with its usage. It makes you more efficient in a task, if you practice it several times. You can become  a master of any language, any subject, any dance, any music, anything just by practicing it. The more curious you remain all over your life, the better brain you will have by the time your life will come to an end. You attitude towards learning new skills will only help you at an old age. Those skills that you learn in your life might not always help you in your life, but they will exercise your brain. Your brain neurons or the circuits won't get rust and they will be used whenever necessary in your life only if you keep using them.

Stress and Neuroplasticity

Stress can kill neurons and the connection between them can also be damaged. So it is necessary to remain out of depression and stress. It is possible with a good lifestyle, balanced diet and learning attitude. Too much thinking about negative topics of your life can make you depressed or stressed. Try not to fall prey to depression by keeping yourself busy at such times. The neuroplasticity feature of your brain can be paused or damaged by depression or stress. Due to the same reason you can't learn new skills if you are in stress.

How neuroplasticity help you recover from brain damage ?

Sometimes people loose some of their brain functions due to accidental damage or medical conditions like stroke, which damages some neurons or the connection between them. Some of these brain functions might be recovered through neuroplasticity. It happens naturally with a little patience and practice. When we practice again and again, our brain makes a new circuit with the help of remaining neurons for that lost function. It can happen only if there is no damage to the target organ and the nervous system.

Nature has granted us with enormous possibilities, we just need a little dedication and practice to make ourselves perfect for any task.