Diseases associated with Ageing

However some say that ageing is just something in our mind, but still people get old and get affected by various diseases due to ageing. Every machine has got an expiry date, so do the humans, a biological machine. However some diseases are attributed to some bad habits and incorrect life style, but still those people get affected with ageing who did everything right. The truth is that everything is not in our control. Whatever we do to keep ourselves healthy, a day will come when our body surrenders to some medical condition. But instead of getting demotivated by thinking so, we should do our best to postpone that day. Here betterhealthfacts.com have collect some well researched diseases that may affect you due to increased age. However these diseases don't affect everybody and their occurrence depends on your lifestyle, environment and heredity.

Death: The Only Truth

Diseases associated with Ageing

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular disease : Diseases related to heart and cholesterol in blood vessels.
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Cataracts
  • Osteoporosis
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Alzheimer's disease

Occurrence of all of the above listed diseases increase rapidly with age. Senescence (or biological ageing process) is gradual degradation of body functions that make us suffer from some of these diseases. According to a research done on rats in 1934, it was found that lifespan of rats can be increased to 50% if the calorie restricted diet is given to them. It motivated a number of health conscious people to look after the calories in their diet and today we can see complete nutritional information of any food item on its packet. However human lifespan has not increased in that way.

Immortality: Myth or Reality !

People living in developing and industrial nations get more affected by these Ageing Associated Diseases due to increasing level of air-pollution and hectic lifestyle where people don't give enough time to their own body. However all of the above diseases are not fatal but somehow decreases the overall performance of body.

So give time to your body, make exercise a habit, try to stay away from pollution, adapt good hygiene and live a healthy life.

Is our Health connected to our Wealth !

You must have heard the proverb "Health is Wealth". But in the modern world its not quiet true or may be. Some people think that "Wealth is Health". They have their own opinion with some quiet impressive logic behind them. But we are here to find the connection between your health and wealth. Betterhealthfacts.com have collected some information to tell you about that connection between health and wealth. So read it and illuminate yourself.

Health vs Wealth

People often argue about the importance of health and wealth, try to compare them, and try to prove than one of them is more important that other with their own logic. But that comparison itself tells about their belief. That belief is that they have choose, which one will they prefer. The belief that both health and wealth can't come together. If you care too much about your health then you can't earn wealth, and if you care about wealth then your health will be gone.

Balance is the KEY

Betterhealthfacts.com always told you about balance. Balance is the key, both within the body and outside the body. Just like we care about balanced diet, there should be a balance between you and your life. You is your body and you life is your what you have earned. That earning can be anything ranging from good money, friends and relations. You can't live a happy life if there is no balance between you and you life. Give time to your health and to other daily activities to make your life better. Don't forget your life to make your health, and don't forget your health to make your life. If you have got good health with no life around you then that health is of no use, and if you have got good life but no health then you can't enjoy that life. Some balance your time for both. Give at least an hour per day for your health, some time for your work and some time for your family and friends. By this way both health and wealth can come together.

We often forget the balance

As a kid we give time to both studies and playground. Playground not provides exercise to keep us fit but also entertains the kid. Those who play better often turn out to get more marks in their academics. But as we grow our priorities make us forget that balance. As we go for higher studies we start to give full time to studies, no time for workout. As we get a job, we concentrate only on our package and think only about making it better. At that time most of us don't even remember when you did run last time. Years pass by and we don't even run, however we keep running behind our ambitions, but don't run with our legs in the real life. As we forget our body, our body makes us remember that through various diseases. So don't forget your body and maintain the balance.

The wealthiest countries are those where the health level is highest. However its not attained in a single generation, as it takes time of at least two generation to grow the overall wealth of a country.

Being a writer on a health website, i will always ask you to remain fit for every moment of your life. Earn wealth but don't compromise on your health. Being able to buy a good health insurance don't mean that you can purchase health. Just like you earn money, you have to earn health as well. You can only enjoy your wealth if you have a healthy body to enjoy it, else your wealth will be used only for your medical bills and making somebody else earn that wealth.

Why do Women have Higher Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat is an important factor in both men and women to live a healthy life. But as we check the standard amount of fat that should be there is body of a man and woman, we find that its 27% for women while just 15% for men. Women need more body fat percentage than men to live a healthy life. Some people believe that women have lesser muscle mass compared to men, so the body makes balance through fat. Betterhealthfacts.com did some research on internet and found that there are much more reasons that we totally ignore. You will be surprised to know why women need extra fat in body compared to men.

Why do Women have Higher Body Fat Percentage

  • Out of the 27% standard body fat for women, 12% is essential fat which much be there to survive. That essential fat percentage in men is just 3%.
  • Higher Fat percentage does not always mean that a man will have less fat than a woman. Fat mass of an overweight man will be always above a slim woman.
  • Woman's body is considered better if it have good curves and fat solves this purpose. Fat also provides softness to the skin.
  • Female hormones can easily convert fat into food.
  • At some point in life women always need to nourish a fetus and then feed a baby. The fat reserve in female body is heavily used at such time.
  • Breast region in females is heavier than man as fat is an important part of breasts.
  • Women need fewer calories per pound of body weight due to lesser muscle mass percentage and higher body fat percentage.
  • Lack of fat in the body of a women can cause hormonal imbalance and temporary absence of ovulation and therefore no periods at that time. Its a natural process to avoid pregnancy as the body is not ready to nourish the fetus.
  • Obesity that comes due to pregnancy is sometimes harder to lose as women take more care of their kid and don't get enough time to look after themselves.
  • Birth control pills also increase the fat and water amount in the body of a woman. Therefore a women on birth control pills should decrease her caloric intake (diet) by 10% to avoid getting excess fat.
  • Women are more prone to depression which can easily result in getting obese.
  • Women go through menopause at a certain age in life. Sometimes it can cause depression, which is a leading cause of obesity.
We hope that you know why women need a higher body fat percentage. Women is the key to survival, so respect them and love them. If they gain weight at a certain age then take measures to keep the weight in control without affecting their health. 

Why Making Love is good for your Heart and Blood Pressure !

You might have heard this fact that making love is actually good for your blood pressure. But most of us don't known how does it help in keeping our blood pressure in control and whats the science behind that. Getting intimate with your partner is actually the best medicine for blood pressure. It not only cures it, but sometimes it can also act as a therapy for those who are already suffering from hypertension. The facts collected by betterhealthfacts.com are well researched from internet with an intention to increase the your knowledge about the good effect of love for your heart health. Keeping your blood pressure in control increases your life expectancy and reduces the chances of heart attack to a great extent.

Why Making Love is good for your Heart and Blood Pressure

Heart Attack Risk Calculator

Age: Years
Weight: kg
Do you have a family history of hypertension / heart attack / stroke ?

  • Aerobic exercises are beneficial for your heart health. Aerobic exercises are those workouts in which we use our big muscles in a rhythmic and continuous way. During love making we use most of our big muscles in the rhythmic and continuous way, thus it can be considered as a good aerobic workout.
  • Regularly getting intimate keeps our weight under control and reduces the chances of being obese and further suffering from some heart disease. Obesity is itself considered a disease in US.
  • Love Making keeps our testosterone and estrogen hormones in balance. It save us from heart diseases in long run.
  • Indulging in a love activity releases oxytocin hormone in women, which has a direct effect in lowering the blood pressure.
  • Just like smoking and high cholesterol diet there are some other factor like stress, anger, anxiety, and loneliness which are considered as a risk factor for heart attack. While getting intimate our body releases Endorphins which gives us a feeling of euphoria or well being and saves us from stress, anger, anxiety and loneliness. Thus our chances of heart attack are also reduced.
Making Love is the best Medicine (Organic with No Side Effects)

Is it dangerous to make love if you are suffering with hypertension ?
No, there is no danger in that. However making love increases your blood pressure for a few minutes but so does a number of other tasks. Even if you have ever heard of anybody suffering a heart attack while making love, then its just a coincidence. But if you are suffering with hypertension and still using some enhancement pills like Viagra then it may be dangerous. If your doctor have suggested you abstain from such activity due to hypertension (however it happens rarely), then its better to listen to him.

Previously we used to say that love resides in our heart. But today we can say that if we keep loving somebody (with physical relation as well) then it keeps our heart young, and its scientifically proven now. 

Making Love is the best medicine - Its Organic with No Side Effects

As the title of this article says that Making Love is the best medicine for a number of diseases. It not only cure you from a number of diseases but can also treat a number of them. Most of the diseases that we have during our lifetime are in one or another way related to chemicals in our body. Lack of one chemical leads to some disease and abundance of other chemical leads to another disease. A proper balance of these chemicals is necessary to live a healthy life and making love acts as an instrument to make that balance. Betterhealthfacts.com found a number of facts while researching on this topic and now we will bring it here for you to understand them and share them with your loved ones to make their life much better than before. In the modern world where we are going back to organic medicines, nothing is more organic than making love.

Why making love is the best medicine ?

  • Did you ever notice that no one ever have a stuff nose during lovemaking. Its because love making is a natural antihistamine and helps us fight against asthma and hay fever.  
  • Endorphins are endogenous opioid neuropeptides which are produced by the central nervous system and the pituitary gland. They provide us a sense of euphoria and a feeling of well-being. These endorphins are produced in our body while making love.
  • A number of psychological diseases don't even appear in sexually active people, and if they appear due to your in-activeness then making love can act as a medicine to most of them.   
  • Edrorphin is also a natural pain killer, thus cures headache and other body pains.
  • It tones up every muscle in the body and gives a feeling of complete exercise. Those exercises are considered best where we burn more calories in a shorter amount of time and making love solves the purpose (may be in the end :) ). 
  • Its a good calorie burner and help us in remaining slim. Obesity is itself an invitation to a number of diseases. So make love and remain slim.
  • Sweat produced during the act cleanses the pores in our body and saves our skin from various skin diseases.
  • Estrogen hormone is released in women when they do it and this hormone is responsible for shiny hair and smooth skin.
  • Making love keeps our testosterone and estrogen hormones in balance. It save us from heart diseases in long run. Some studies have found that chances of heart attack is much less in those who make love at least twice a week.
  • It helps in controlling our blood pressure. Some researches have found that making love lowers the systolic blood pressure. Some researchers believe that it increases our blood flow and increases the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • According to some recent researches, regularly indulging in such activity can save a man from having prostate cancer.
  • Kissing builds more saliva in our mouth and thus our mouth and teeth get better cleaned. Its also lowers the level of acids that causes decay and plaque buildup in our mouth.
  • Making love is a sedative medicine which gives us a feeling of peace, calmness and quietness.
  • The more we do it, the more our body desires for it by attracting our partner through the pheromones produced by our body which leads to more exercise and more calorie burning and thus being more healthy.
  • It gives us a better sleep. The quality of you sleep matters most for your health, and the sleep that you get after making love is much more better. During a good sleep our body repairs all wear and tears in the body and make it ready for new day, so don't compromise on your love life and sleep.
  • It reduces the effect of ageing. Some people think that frequency of love making decreases with age, but its not so. If you remain healthy and have it regularly than the effect of aging will be minimal on your body. I have heard about couples doing in regularly till their 90s. However during some phases of life the frequency can get reduced either due to some social problems or menopause in women, but still its a better idea to get back to your normal frequency to live a better life.
  • Making love improves bladder control in both men and women by exercising our pelvic region muscles stronger. 
  • Sexually active people take less sick leaves, which is itself an indication of their better health.
  • Sexually active people have more antibodies in their blood compared to less active people. It proves that our immune system is directly affected by our sex life.
  • Your drive and healthy body increases your self confidence and helps in making your life better.
How does Making Love saves your Heart from Blood Pressure

Once i heard in a TED talk, that most of the matters can be easily solved between couples if they solve them while sitting on a bed with no clothes. No problem of our life is bigger than ourselves and if you have got a partner than it can treated more easily. What is better than an easily available organic medicine with no side effects. So enjoy it and live a less problematic life with more happiness around you and that too with a healthy body. 

Body Fat Calculator for Men and Women

This calculator is specially designed for those men and women who are health conscious and want to know the amount of fat in their body. This calculator will give you both fat percentage and fat weight in your body. Just keep your measurements ready and feed them in our calculator to measure your fat content. As you can see in the calculator below that there are two different calculator, one for men and other for women. Its because different measurement are required for male and female to calculate their fat content. Men usually buildup fat around their waist, while women get it around hip, waist, wrist and forearms. That is why we have made it better for women. You may check the fat content of your spouse as well using this Body Fat Calculator.

Body Fat Calculator for Men

Weight: pounds
Waist measurement: inches

BodyFat: percent, which equals pounds
Your LBM (Lean Body Mass) is pounds.

Body Fat Calculator for Women

Weight: pounds
Wrist measurement: inches
Waist measurement: inches
Hip measurement: inches
Forearm measurement: inches

BodyFat: percent, which equals pounds
Your LBM (Lean Body Mass) is pounds.

After doing the above calculation if you want to know if your body fat is within the recommended range then the data provided below will help you.
Essential Fat %12 - 15%2 - 5%
Recommended Fat %20 - 25%8 - 14%
Adults Average in US22 - 25%15 - 19%
Athletes16 - 20%6 - 13%
Fitness21 - 24%14 - 17%
Acceptable25 - 31%18 - 25%

This calculator is made for personal use only just to give you an indication of approximate values. It can't be used for medico-legal purpose.

Body Surface Area Calculator (BSA Calculation Formula)

Body Surface Area (BSA) is a calculation of surface area of human body by using his/her height and weight. It is expressed in square meters (m2). It is used by physicians to calculate to dosage of some important drugs according to your body.

BSA Calculation Formula
BSA = Sqrt (Body Weight (kg) x Height (cm) / 3600)

Here Sqrt means square root. Body weight should be provided in kg and height in cm. (However you may provide it in any unit you want in the calculator provided below). The formula given above is also known as Mosteller Method to calculate BSA. There are some other methods as well but its the most widely used one.

Body Surface Area Calculator / BSA Calculator

BSA Calculator / Body Surface Area Calculator

Cms :
BSA Result
BSA (Body Surface Area)(m²):

Average BSA value for different age and gender
Neonate (newborn)   0.25
Child of 2 years 0.5
9 years         1.07
10 years 1.14
12–13 years 1.33
Women 1.6
Men 1.9

Usage of Body Surface Area in different treatments

  • To determine the dosage of medicine according to the body of patient.
  • It saves from the risk of overdosing or underdosing.
  • Chemotherapy dosage is done according to patient's BSA

Vitamin A in Excess can be fatal !

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for our eyes and normal body growth of children. But excess amount of Vitamin A can be fatal as well. However it occurs very rare and only due to our own ignorance. It can negatively affect our liver, kidney, brain, bones, eyes and skin. This lists of organs is sufficient to make you understand the importance of correct amount of Vitamin A in body. Betterhealthfacts.com have collected some facts to tell you about the toxic effect of excess vitamin A in our body and how it can be fatal.

What do our body do with excess Vitamin A
Our body can't get rid of excess vitamin A itself as it is a fat soluble vitamin, not a water soluble vitamin. Excess amount of water soluble vitamins can be flushed out of our body through urine, but it can't be done with fat soluble vitamins. So the excess amount of vitamin A is stored indefinitely in liver and other fat deposits inside our body. The excess amount of vitamin A in our body can be diagnosed by blood test.

How much Vitamin A should be consumed in a day
700mg of Vitamin A per day is sufficient for an average woman and 900mg for a man. However a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother need slightly more amount. If you are having a balanced diet then you don't need to worry about it. But if you are suffering from some disease and getting some vitamin supplements then you should stick to the prescription by the doctor. Don't try prescribe vitamin supplements for yourself, as its the most common reason for Hypervitaminosis.


Hypervitaminosis-A is the medical term used to name the disease of excess amount of vitamin A in our body. There are two types of this condition, one is acute and second in chronic. Acute Hypervitaminosis-A occurs if very large amount of vitamin A is consumed in a short span of time, while Chronic Hypervitaminosis-A occurs when more amount of vitamin A is consumed on daily basis and very high amount of it is stored by our body after a few weeks or months. Both of these conditions have different symptoms and treated accordingly.

Causes of Hypervitaminosis-A

  • High-dose dietary supplements
  • Megavitamin Therapy which involves consuming very large doses of certain vitamins to prevent or treat some diseases.
  • Some acne treatment drugs also contain high dose of Vitamin A
  • Accidental ingestion by a children

Symptoms of Acute Hypervitaminosis-A

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Feeling of pressure on your head
  • Irritability
  • Nausea

Symptoms of Chronic Hypervitaminosis-A

  • blurry vision
  • bone pain
  • swelling of the bones
  • poor appetite
  • respiratory infection
  • dizziness
  • sensitivity to sunlight
  • dry, rough skin
  • jaundice
  • itchy or peeling skin
  • cracked fingernails
  • corners of your mouth getting cracks in skin
  • hair loss
  • confusion

Can Hypervitaminosis-A be fatal ?
Hypervitaminosis-A can cause liver damage, osteoporosis (weakness of bones). Kidney failure may also occur due to excess calcium buildup. All these condition are fatal. In children it can easily cause coma due to swelling in brain. If the condition is not diagnosed and treated on time then it can be either fatal or create a life threatening condition.

Treatment of Hypervitaminosis-A 
Treatment of Hypervitaminosis-A is done by completely stopping the vitamin supplements and stop taking Vitamin A rich food items. It takes time to recover and in the mean time other symptoms are treated individually. Recovery time depends on severity of your condition and how soon it is diagnosed.

Importance of Carotenoids for Human Health

Most of us are aware of basic nutrients that a human need to survive such as protein, vitamin, minerals, fat and sugar. But most of us don't know about carotenoids, and why do we need them in our diet. Betterhealthfacts.com will tell you here about these carotenoids and why they are very necessary for living a healthy life.

What are Carotenoids ?
Carotenoids are organic compounds mainly found in plants and algae. They are responsible for red, yellow and orange color in various fruits and vegetables. They absorb sunlight for photosynthesis and protect chlorophyll from damage by sun rays. There are 600 different varieties of Carotenoids but they can be split in two different classes. One is Xanthophylls (which contain oxygen) and second is Carotenes (these are pure hydrocarbons, and contain no oxygen). Aphids and Spider Mites are only animals with ability to produce Carotenoids due to genes acquired from fungi.

Importance of Carotenoids for Human Health

Carotenoids are very important part of a balanced diet. Their presence in our food save us from various disease of eye and certain types of cancer.

  • Role as Antioxidant: Carotenoids in our diet act as antioxidants, which as well known for their anti-cancer properties.
  • Can be converted to Vitamin A: Beta-carotene, a type of catenoid can be easily converted to Vitamin A by our body. Vitamin A is good for our eyesight and normal growth. But excess amount of Vitamin A is also harmful for our body, so a balanced amount of beta carotene should be consumed.
  • Saves us from Cancer: Some studies have suggested that carotenoids may help in prevention aganst skin, breast, and prostate cancer. A review done in 2015 found that carotenoids may protect us from head and neck cancer as well. But some recent studies have shown negative effect of beta-carotene in connection to lung cancer. More researches are still being done.
  • Improves our Vision: Some carotenoids such as lutein, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin protect macula of retina from blue and near-ultraviolet light by absorbing it. Thus it saves that part of our eye which is responsible for sharpest vision.
  • Saves skin from tanning: Carotenoids not just save our eyes from sunlight but our skin as well. Carotenoids from save our skin from tanning and keeps it more healthy and glowing.

Sources of Carotenoids

carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, mangoes, spinach, kale, tomatoes, bell peppers and oranges are some of the best sources of carotenoids. Carrots are considered best among them. So make them a part of your balanced diet and live a disease-free life.

Why do we get scared by darkness ?

The fear is darkness is not just among kids but adults as well. Why do we get feared by darkness, even when we know that there is nobody to harm us. However this fear gets reduced as we age, but still some of it remains. Sometimes what we see and hear in normal life affects that fear. Those kids who watch more horror movies are more prone to fear of darkness. If you ask them about it, then they will say that they have fear of ghosts. Hear betterhealthfacts.com have done good research on fear of darkness and bring something worth reading.

Sometimes this fear can become a mental disease known with some medical names such as achluophobia, nyctophobia, scotophobia or lygophobia.

Its the fear of Unknown
Fear is something in our brain to save our body from any possible harm. When we can't see anything properly due to darkness, the fear of unknown appears in our brain to get us out of that darkness. But as our eyes adjust to that darkness the fear is also lowered. When we can't see any thing our brain feels that it is incapable of doing anything as one of its sensory organs (our eyes) are not providing proper image of outside. The fear in our mind also activates the fight or flight mechanism which releases adrenaline hormone in our blood which increases our heart rate, muscle strength and breathing on temporary basis. Its done by our body to either fight with any harmful object in dark or to run away from the darkness, depending on your personal choice. You might have felt it that when you are feared, your heartbeat increases and so is your breathing. Now you know the reason ! However fear of unknown is not just related to darkness but also to future. We don't know the future as well and sometimes we get feared of some unexpected events in the future.

Our brain makes us from what it learns
You might have heard the term "Train your Brain". Our brain learns from our sensory organs. Our eyes and ears are one of the most important of them. What we see and hear makes a deep impact on our brain. When we see a horror movie, then it might frighten us for a day or two. Its an effect of temporary learning of our brain, and it may not allow you to go in darkness for one or two days due to fear of the unnatural characters that you have seen in movie. But if you watch horror movies more often then our brain makes a permanent place for these unnatural characters in its memory. Our brain is capable of creating nightmares and hallucinations. Darkness is the perfect place for it to do so. Kids are more prone to develop fear as a personality trait due to their undeveloped brain exposed to horror movies. Adults may not develop that fear for longer duration due to their better understanding and muscular strength.

If you are also fearful of darkness and feel that your day-to-day life is affected by that fear that you should consult a specialist. Fear of darkness can make you depressed and fearful of sleeping alone, which is not a good sign for an adult. Some therapies and medicines can help you in such case.

Note: Never try to scare your kid of the darkness and don't let them watch horror movies till be become mature enough to understand the difference between movie and reality. Sometimes sexual abuse or punishment to stay in a dark room can implant fear in their brain for a lifetime which is very hard to treat. Don't tell them any ghost story for time pass. Try to make them stronger not scared of darkness.

Can a healthy man die while Sleeping ?

Have you ever heard of a news where a healthy man in his 30s dies while sleeping. Such incidents have attracted the medical community to look into such reports. While some people say that most of such cases have some already existing medical disorder related to heart or breathing pattern, but some medical examinations showed that no such thing occurred. It made some people believe that it might have happened due to some nightmare. Betterhealthfacts.com researched on this topic and found some interesting information that will be shared with you in this article.

Is there any scientific name given to such sleeping death ?
Yes, such deaths have occurred in different parts of world and different medical terms are given to these least understood death. Some of the names are:
Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS)
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
Sudden Unexpected/Unexplained Death Syndrome (SUDS)
Sudden Unexpected/Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS)

Does this syndrome occur only in a particular ethnic group ?
This syndrome can't be attributed to a particular ethinicity, mostly it occurs with people connected to southeast Asia. Medical practitioners believe that it occurs only in those populations which are culturally and genetically distinct and they have to leave their origin and get settled as refugees in other parts of world. Filipinos and Chinese immigrants in the Philippines, Japanese in Japan, and natives of Guam in the United States and Guam and Southeast Asian immigrants, who were mostly fleeing the Vietnam War were the most affected people by this mysterious syndrome.

Whats the medical reasons behind such Deaths ?
Researchers tried to figure out the reason but even after intensive research no particular reason was found. Some researchers believe that its related to body's failure to accurately coordinate electrical signals to heart which makes heart to stop beating. Most of the people who died were just near the age of 33 and seemingly healthy. So it made it hard to believe that how can such failure occur in a healthy person.

Is it connected to Acute Pancreatitis 
Acute Pancreatitis is medical term, where the victim ingests a lot of food (rich in carbohydrate of fat) with large amount of alcoholic beverages before going to sleep. But no research on the victims of SUDS proved this fact. Researched done by some American medical research teams didn't connect Acute Pancreatitis with SUDS.

Superstition connected to such deaths

  • Bangungot: In Philippines they believe in mythological creature called batibat or bangungot. It is a hag like mythological creature which sits on victims face or chest and suffocate him to death. Victim may feel paralysis at that moment. The only way to save yourself from that condition is to bite your own tongue or wiggling your toes to get out of paralysis and suffocation.
  • Evil Spirit: Filipinos believe that its a bad spirit of a jealous women who sits on chest of a men and suffocates him to death. Due to this reason some Filipinos men dress as women before going to sleep to avoid the attention of that spirit.
  • Lack of Worship: Hmong people believe that if they don't worship properly and don't offer sacrifice to their ancestors spirits who use to protect them, then evil spirits reach them through nightmare and kill by sleep paralysis and pressure on chest.

One thing common in these superstitions are paralysis and pressure on chest. Mostly men are killed by this syndrome. These factors might make some of you believe in these superstitions but we don't approve you to do so. Medical science has given answers to a number of mysteries and we hope that it will be solved soon.

Tight Jeans are making you Infertile !

Yes, you heard it right ! Tight jeans are making you infertile. If your jeans is tight at your scrotum then you may have problems like bladder weakness, urinary tract infections, twisted testicles and even low sperm count. And low rem usage of such jeans can impact more badly. Betterhealthfacts.com have done a good research on this topic and bring you some rarely known facts about negative effects of wearing tight jeans on your sexual and overall health.

Tight fitting jeans decreases blood flow

Too tight jeans can easily decrease the blood flow in your veins. It results in collection of blood in your legs and it swells your legs and the condition become worst if you wear them regularly. Usually our arteries (which bring the fresh blood from heart) are located at more depth under the skin, while veins (which takes the deoxygenated blood to heart) are not much under skin (or you may say superficial). These veins can be easily blocked by some pressure from outside and it collects more blood in legs. It can easily cause lack of sensation in your toes, lower leg, and thighs.

Tight fitting jeans can damage muscles and nerves in your legs

In a recent incident published in a science journal a woman did some squatting exercise after wearing a tight pair of jeans and the condition become so worst for her that she was hospitalized. Doctors cut open her jeans to save her and she was hospitalized for 4 days. Later doctors explained that the combination of tight jeans and squatting made condition worst for the lady. After squatting the muscles of the legs tried to swell, but there was no space to swell and it made muscles to go inward and damage the nerves. Same thing can happen to anybody.

Temperature issues in Jeans can kill your sperms

If you are a men and your jeans is tight at your scrotum region than you are making yourself infertile by your own mistakes. Our testicles lie outside of our main body in the scrotum for a reason. That reason is that sperms can remain healthy at comparatively some degree cooler temperature than our normal body temperature. While our tight jeans bring our scrotum in tight contact with main body and increases their temperature, which not only degrades sperm health but also the count.

Some more groin region problem related to tight jeans

Twisted testicles is one other side effect of tight jeans. In this condition the spermatic chord is twisted and it may cut off its blood supply and sometime need surgery to correct it. Tight jeans can also cause fungal infection in that region. Women may also have vaginal yeast infection due to tight jeans. Bladder weakness and Urinary Track Infection (UTI) some other problems related to the same factor.

Our sexual health greatly depend on our legs. So don't let the blood pause in your legs and don't let tight jeans damage your leg muscles and nerves. Its not just the scrotum region but the whole legs which should be healthy for it.

Note: Style should be secondary and first should be health. A man may think that style is necessary to impress the opposite sex , but that style is worth nothing if you are weaker or infertile in the real task.

A week old Sperms are Unhealthy !

Some philosophers believe that abstaining from sexual activity makes a man more fertile. But today science is saying that if the sperms remain stored in a man for more than a week then it becomes unhealthy. Here betterhealthfacts.com will try to figure out the truth. This article is specially meant for those couples who want to be blessed by a healthy kid.

It can cause abnormality in child

If a sperm remains stored in a man for more than a week then it becomes unhealthy compared to fresh ones. Such sperms are not only less capable to fertilize an egg but can also cause genetic defects in kid which may result as some abnormality.

Abstaining from sex may cost you !

When a men is diagnosed with low sperm count, then the first thing they think is abstaining from sex for a few days as it may increase the count the next time they pair. But some scientific studies found that it may increase the count a little bit but the health of sperms is compromised in this way. The best way is to get indulged on daily basis for better results.

How to keep your sperm store healthy

As we told earlier that indulging in any sexual activity which results in releasing the semen can keep your sperm store fresh and healthy. As the old store is emptied, our body produces more healthy sperms. Read Secrets to keep you sperms healthy.

Do sperm's health have any relation to man's age ?

Yes there is a clear relation between the man's age and sperm health. According to some researches infertility level in men increases after the age of 40. Apart from that the sperm quality also decreases with age. It increases the chances of genetic disorders in the offspring.

Secrets to Improve Sperm Count and Health

This article is basically meant for those men who want to be a father soon and get bless with a healthy baby. The direct relation of healthy baby is with a healthy sperm. Every man have more 20 to 150 million sperms in per ml of ejaculation. If its less than 20 million then its less sperm count. Here betterhealthfacts.com will tell you how you can increase the count and health of your sperms.

Don't let them stale

A fresh sperm is the healthy sperm. Its the key. Don't abstain from sexual activities for weeks. Your abstaining will make them unhealthy and incapable of fertilizing an egg cell. Even people with less sperm count are advised by doctors to indulge in sexual activity more often to keep the sperms fresh as it increases the chances of fertilization. Read more in another article A Week Old Sperms are Unhealthy .

Save them from high temperature

Our testes lie outside our body in the scrotum for a reason. It because they need slightly less temperature than body temperature to keep the sperms healthy. Wearing tight jeans, or working with laptop on your lap are increasing the temperature of the scrotum and making sperms unhealthy. Hot bath tub is suggested to avoid by many doctors due to the same reason.

Your Health and Diet

Being obese or underweight can also decrease sperm quality as sperm production is directly linked to fat content in your body. A balanced diet not only keeps you weight in good range but also your sperms. According to some researches lack of folic acid in diet can decrease sperm quality and eating more soy products also have a bad effect on sperm health.

Your own age also matters

Quality of sperms decreases with age. After 40 the chances of genetic disorders in offsprings increases only due to unhealthy sperms.

Emotional well being is also necessary

Your mood and emotional well being is directly counted to sperm health and count. So a unhealthy social environment and emotional stress among partners can directly affect the sperm count and quality.

Note: A man may produce millions of sperms in a single ejaculation but at max only 200 healthy sperms are able to reach the egg and only one lucky-one fertilizes it. So keep your sperms healthy.

Can anyone be scared to death ?

You must have seen it in horror movies that sudden fear or shock made a person die due to heart attack. Is their any truth in it ? If there is, then a person with a fearful heart can easily die due to sudden scary thing happening around him/her. Does this fear has something to with our heart, or its just in our brain ? Betterhealthfacts.com will put some light on this topic in this well researched article. Before we proceed further let me tell you, YES fear can kill a person. However chances are quite less compared to horror movies, but its true.

Fight or Flight Mechanism

When we see something scary the Fight or Flight Mechanism of our body starts itself. As the name suggests it means either fight with that scary thing or run away (that is flight). That scary thing can be anything either a mouse, lizard, spider, height and sometimes some imaginary creatures in the dark. Fear of darkness is the oldest and most common fear as its the fear of unknown. Lets come back to fight or flight mechanism. As soon as this mechanism gets started our body releases adrenaline hormone which increases our muscular strength temporarily. It helps us in either fighting aggressively or run away very fast with full energy.

But how can anyone be scared to death ?

The truth lies in the same adrenaline hormone. Adrenalin increases our heartbeat and supplies our muscles with large amount of blood and oxygen to work more effectively. But every muscle has its own limitations. It applies on heart as well which is itself a bunch of muscles pumping the blood. More amount of adrenaline for a longer duration can damage the muscles of heart, and a weak heart or person already suffering from some cardiovascular disease can easily collapse due to heart failure. However it can't happen to a healthy person with a strong heart. Adrenaline hormone is meant to save us from some critical conditions, but sometimes higher dose of a good medicine can even kill you.

How can you save yourself from this scared to death condition?

  • As we said earlier that a healthy person need not to fear about such death. But keeping your heart healthy is the key to remaining unaffected by high adrenaline. You can keep your heart healthy by exercising regularly. 
  • Second thing that you can do is to win your fear either by positive thoughts or facing it intentionally. 

Home Remedies for Stomach Acid (Gastric Acid Reflux)

If you are one of those who face problem of Acidity in stomach or Gastric Acid Reflux then you must change your eating habits. In our last article we explained in detail how Acidity and Antacids are making you unhealthy. If you want to get relief from acidity by using some home remedies instead of using antacids then you are on the right page.

Home Remedies for Stomach Acid

  • Banana: Banana is a rich source of potassium and can easily check the acid production in your stomach.
  • Basil Leaves: You may either eat holy basil leaves or you may boil 5-6 leaves in a cup of water and drink it as soon as it cools down. You may add some honey in it to sweeten it.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon has antacid properties and its tea can greatly benefit in getting relief from acidity.
  • Buttermilk: Buttermilk can easily sooth the effect of acidity. You may also add fenugreek seed powder, coriander leaves or black pepper to make it more effective.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: However its acidic in nature, but it can neutralize the acid due to its alkalizing effect. You may take 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar after mixing it in a cup of water.
  • Cloves: Sometimes acidity also happens due to low level of gastric acid in stomach. In such a case cloves can help. Just chew 3-4 cloves in your mouth and drink its juices released. It will help in secretion of more HCl in your stomach, which may help you in getting relief from acidity.
  • Cumin Seeds: Dry roast the cumin seeds and mix 1 teaspoon of its powder in a glass of water. It will act as a acid neutralizer.

Home remedies are just a temporary solution to Stomach Acid (Gastric Acid Reflux). After treating it for temporary basis, you should do something for long term relief from acidity. That something is treating your lifestyle and eating habits. These lifestyle changes and eating habit changes don't need any special equipment but just need some time and your will to remain healthy.
Here are the list of changes that you should do with your lifestyle to get long term relief from acidity:

  • Have a regular diet pattern. Eating on right time is the key.
  • Over cooked and precessed food should be avoided.
  • More spicy and oily foods should be avoided.
  • Chewing your food completely is another major change that you should do. Unchewed food is hard to digest and don't have enough saliva in it.
  • Good Sleep pattern is also necessary.
Say no to antacids as they are making you nutrient deficient and causing more disease. Instead of it use the home remedies listed above and do the necessary lifestyle changes.

Acidity and Antacids are making you Unhealthy !

Most of the pharmaceutical companies advertise for their antacids and make people believe that acids in stomach are harmful for you, as if their is an acid attack occurring on your stomach and you should neutralize it as soon as possible. But the truth is much different from whats advertised. Reality is that antacids are making your sick and their side effects are causing numerous diseases. Here betterhealthfacts.com will bring much researched information from internet on the topic of Antacids and tell you why you should keep yourself away from using unnecessary antacids.

What are Antacids ?

Antacids are a class of medicines meant to neutralize the acid in your stomach. They are meant to give you relief from heartburn, indigestion or stomach upset. When excess amount of acid is produced in stomach then it can damage the lining of stomach. Antacids contain alkaline ions which can chemically neutralize the gastric acid of stomach and thus reduces the damage and gives relief from pain. There are various brands of antacids with different elements in them. Most commonly used elements are magnesium, calcium or aluminium.

Why do our stomach generate acids and how it works?

Gastric Juice produced in stomach usually consist of hydrochloric acid (HCl), potassium chloride (KCl) and sodium chloride (NaCl). Acids in our stomach help in digestion of food. Various nutrients from the food can't be extracted out of the food if there is no acid in stomach. Gastric Acid secretion can start only if we wish to eat something. Smell and Taste of food are other major activities to start secretion. 30% of total gastric acid is secreted by these activities. 50% of the gastric acid is released by amino acids present in the food that we just ate. Here are a few function of stomach acids.

  • Acid in Stomach kill various disease causing bacteria that comes in with the food.
  • HCL in stomach converts the inactive enzyme pepsinogen into the active enzyme pepsin which helps in digestion of proteins.

Is there any internal mechanism in stomach to fight acidity ?

Gastric Juice (or so called stomach acid) is produced by cells in lining of stomach known as parietal cells (also called oxyntic cells) and its production can be increased depending on the usage. The pH of the gastric acid produced in our stomach is 1.5 to 3.5. Some other stomach cell release bicarbonate, a base, to neutralize acid to save you from the excess acidic environment. Mucus is produced by some cells to protect your internal stomach skin from acid. Cells in the beginning of small intestine produce large amount of bicarbonate to completely neutralize the gastric acid. All these mechanisms are sufficient to save you from the extra acid produced by your stomach.

Why do people suffer from Acidity ?

There are two types of Gastric Acid problems. One is secretion of very heavy amount of gastric acid and second is secretion of very less amount of acid. Betterhealthfacts.com always tell it readers about proper balance inside body. Such problems occur when our internal system gets disbalanced, and mostly it happens due to our own ignorance. Sometimes it may occur due to some other medical condition or side effect of some other medication, but most of the time acidity is a result of imbalanced lifestyle and eating habits. The main question is why do we suffer from Acidity ? The answer lies in what you eat and how you eat. If you are eating processed and cooked food mostly then congratulations! you have already decreased the nutritional value and digestive enzymes of your food. Most of us don't even chew the food properly, as if its the duty of our stomach to grind it with teeths. Our stomach neither have teeth nor saliva, which are necessary to properly break the food and mix enzymes from saliva. Now when this unbroken and enzyme-free food reaches our stomach, it tries to compensate for the above loss by secreting excess amount of gastric acid to break it down. It causes acidity. And as soon as acidity happens we run for antacids, another unhealthy practice. So the list of our lifestyle factors responsible for acidity are:

  • Improper Diet Schedule
  • Mostly eating processed or cooked food.
  • Not chewing the food properly
  • Alcohol, coffee, tea and high sugar foods can double the production of acids in stomach.
  • Taking over-the-counter antacids without and prescription makes the condition more severe.

What are the side effects of Antacids ?

Antacids don't actually solve the problem but just suppress the symptoms. The acid when was meant to digest the undigested and enzyme-less food was neutralized by antacids. 
  •  It can easily lead to gas, bloating, bad digestion.
  • Acid blocking drugs can cause Nutrient deficiency.
  • Iron and Zinc deficiency and easily occur if you are taking antacids on regular basis.
  • Vitamin B12 also needs a good acid level in stomach for proper absorption.
  • Some antacids contain sodium, which is not suitable for people on a sodium restricted diet.
  • Nutrient deficiency can easily result in some other diseases and doctor will recommend more medicines and thus more side effects and the chain continues. 

Some unknown facts about Antacids and Gastric Acid

  • Antacids are different from acid-reducing drugs.
  • Antacids can't kill the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which is responsible for most of the ulcers.
  • Eno is the oldest antacid brand marketed by James Crossley Eno which dates back to 1852.
  • Main components of Eno were sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and citric acid. It is also used as baking powder.
  • The pH of the gastric acid produced in our stomach is 1.5 to 3.5. Lowest pH can be up to 0.8 but stomach lumen dilutes it to remain between 1 and 3.
  • An adult human stomach can secrete 1.5 liters of gastric acid per day.
  • Gastric Acid concentration in stomach can reach up to 3 million times of concentration in Arterial Blood.

What should i do if i feel acids in my stomach ?

If the condition is not severe then try changing your lifestyle and eating habits as told above. You may try some herbal treatment for acidity for a few days. If the condition is severe then instead of being your own doctor, visit a doctor and get the prescribed medicine for correct duration.

Biological Clock Circadian Rhythms: No Ordinary Watch

The Biological Clock is something that most of us has heard about. But what most of us don't know is that how it works, why do we need it and where is it located. Modern medical science have answers to all these questions. Betterhealthfacts.com has done some research and collected some interesting facts about this Biological Clock.

Where is  Biological Clock located in human body ?
There is a misconception that there is a single biological clock in body. Truth is that there is not just a single clock. We have uncountable Biological Clocks in our body. Each cell in our body have a biological clock. One Master Clock in brain keeps all of these biological clocks in synchronization.

What is Master Clock or SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus) ?
As we told in previous answer that Master Clock in Brain keeps all biological clocks in sync. Now the question arises about the location of this Master Clock. This Master Clock is group of 20000 nerve cells in brain also known as SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus). This SCN is located in hypothalamus, just above the area where optic nerves cross each other. This location helps Master Clock in maintaining Circadian Rhythms.

What is Circadian Rhythms ?
Circadian Rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that occur in human body and repeats themselves on a 24-hour cycle. Our body need different enzymes and hormones in different parts of day, to digest our food, to make us sleepy in night, to do repair works in body during night. All of these activities need exact timing to work properly. If you feel sleepy just after taking shower in the morning then it won't be correct. All such things are maintained by Circadian Rhythms. We humans are not the only one to have it, even animals, plants and microbes have Circadian Rhythms.

How does Master Clock know what time of day is it ?
As we told you that Master Clock or SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus) is located just above the crossing of two optic nerves. Due to this location Master Clock can easily get information from optic nerves about the outside lighting (either its day or night). Light is a main component to gather the information about time. However other environmental factors also affect the working of Master Clock.

What functions of the body are influenced by Circadian Rhythms ?
All functions of Circadian Rhythms can't be listed in this article, but we are listing some important one which are easily understandable.

  • Sleep Wake Cycle
  • Body Temperature
  • Hormone Release
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Metabolic Activities

Biological clock can adjust itself it the person travels from one time zone to other within a day or two.

Some effects on human body due to the Circadian Rhythms at different points of a day a listed below. These effects are not done by Circadian Rhythms directly but influenced.

  • 1:00 AM: Liver glycogen synthesis is highest
  • 2:00 AM: We are in the deepest sleep due to Melatonin Hormone.
  • 4:30 AM: We have the lowest body temperature.
  • 5:00 AM: Plasma Insulin Level is lowest at this time.
  • 6:45 AM: We have the sharpest rise in Blood Pressure.
  • 7:30 AM: Melatonin secretion stops
  • 9:00 AM: We have the highest testosterone hormone level.
  • 10:00 AM: At this time our body have maximum alertness. RBC and hemoglobin count is also highest at this time.
  • 2:30 PM: Our coordination level is highest.
  • 3:30 PM: At this time we have the fastest reaction time due high Adrenalin in blood.
  • 5:00 PM: Its the time of best cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength.
  • 6:00 PM: Urinary flow is highest.
  • 6:30 AM: At this time we have the highest blood pressure.
  • 7:00 PM: The body temperature reaches its highest post at this time.
  • 9:00 PM: Melatonin secretion starts to make us sleepy.
  • 10:30 PM: Bowel movements are suppressed so that it don't disturbs our sleep.
  • 11:00 PM: Blood Eosinophils and Lymphocytes are at the peak level. 

Betterhealthfacts.com expects that the information about the biological clock provided above has increased your knowledge about your own body. You may read more such articles listed below.

Do We Absorb 100% Calories / Nutrients in Food ?

Such a question might have raised in your mind some day. Every engine have an efficiency rate. There is no engine with a 100% efficiency rate. Then how can a human absorb all the energy stored in the food ? Is our stomach the only place where calories are absorbed ? If we can't absorb the 100% Calories then how do food manufacturers write nutrient information on packets ? If we totally depend on that information then it might make us suffer from malnutrition. Here betterhealthfacts.com will try to answer such questions with true scientific answers researched from internet.

Do We Absorb all Calories and Nutrients in Food ?
The straight answer in No. We can't absorb all calories and all nutrients of the food that we eat. Various factors affect the amount of calories and nutrients that your body can absorb from a food that you have just eaten. Some of the factors are:

  • The time of the day
  • Either the food is raw or cooked
  • Is there any supplement added in it
  • Even your age can affect
  • Need of a particular nutrient
We absorb 10 to 90% of nutrients and calories from a food depending on the factors written above. But on an average we absorb 85 - 90% of calories and nutrients from our diet. Our body can itself change its absorption rate depending on its need. Sometimes it can avoid the absorption of a nutrient which is already in sufficient amount in body. But sometimes it becomes more efficient in absorption of a particular nutrient if there is any shortage of that nutrient.
Note: Our eating habits also make impact on nutrient absorption. An article about Acidity and Antacids published on Betterhealthfacts.com will put some light on this particular topic. Its a must read for all health conscious people. 

How does time of the day affect calorie / nutrient absorption ?
All other factors written above make some sense, but how do the time of the day affect the absorption. Our biological clock or circadian rhythm, a 24 hour cycle in our brain affects our absorption rate. Some enzymes and hormones reach their peak at different times of day and help in absorption of different nutrients. For example parathyroid hormone, which helps in absorption of calcium, reaches its peak during night time. Due to that reason some people suggest taking milk before going to bed, as it can help in better absorption of calcium from milk.

Is our Stomach the only organ responsible for nutrient absorption ?
No, Stomach is a part of large digestive system in our body. Every organ starting from mouth to large intestine play an important role in the absorption of nutrients. Our mouth produces saliva and mixes it with food to break it down, further stomach mixes and churns it and breaks carbohydrates proteins and fats. But the main organ to do absorption is small intestine which absorbs amino acids, fat, proteins, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, chloride, sodium, zinc and many more. Further large intestine absorbs remaining water, sodium and potassium. Fiber in the food remain undigested and helps in bowel movement.

Where are the calories lost and remain absorbed ?

  • Some calories are consumed by the bacteria living in our gut.
  • Some calories are flushed out through urine.
  • Some calories remain absorbed from the food due to various factors listed above.
But still all of the above wastage of calories only account for a maximum 10% loss.
Acidity and Antacids can greatly affect the absorption of nutrients. You may read our article Acidity and Antacids are making you Unhealthy for more information.

If we can't absorb the 100% Calories then how do food manufacturers write nutrient information on packets ?
The nutrient information written on the packets is the average calorie / nutrients that your body can absorb. But as we said earlier that various factors affect that absorption, its not just the food. Even the nutrient information written on package is just an average value. Nutrient value of a food depends on various factors given below:

  • the quality of soil where that food is grown
  • amount and quality of fertilizers used
  • quantity of water used for irrigation
  • the breed/variety of the seeds
  • the pesticides used
  • the environmental conditions of that particular season

You can't check nutritional value of each food product before packaging, so the manufacturers just print the average value from their database. Apart from that the duration from which that food product is lying packed in the packet also affect its nutrients.

Can we stop / reduce calorie absorption ?
Yes we can do it up to some level. There are various food items that can both enhance or reduce the absorption of some nutrients. But most of us eat them unintentionally. If you will try to do it intentionally in order to reduce calorie intake, you will harm yourself by reducing some important nutrients in your body. If you want to do that to reduce your weight then its better to get your diet planned by by dietitian. Here we have mentioned some food items that affect the nutrient absorption.

  • Tea or Spinach can reduce / stop the absorption of calcium and iron from the foods that we have just eaten, due to presence of oxalates in them.
  • Olive oil can enhance absorption of carotenoids, which is an important nutrient for good health.
  • Phytic acid found in some grains and legumes can reduce absorption of minerals.

If you are on dieting, then rely of a single food to reduce your weight. Have a balanced diet by changing the fruits and vegetables so that you get all nutrients.

Water Poisoning : Don't drink it too much

Water Poisoning, also known as Water Intoxication or hyperhydration, is a medical condition that often occur due to over-drinking of water. Usually people take water as a toxin remover of the body. Water hydrates our body and blood and our kidney filters the toxins in blood and cleanse them out through urine with the help of water. But somehow if we get the overdose of water the over-hydration can harm us. Betterhealthfacts.com will put some light on this topic. You must read it if you know anyone who drinks water like a maniac just to lose weight or to cleanse his/her body.

What is Water Poisoning / Water Intoxication ?
Our body have certain salts in our blood stream to do various communication activities within body. Our brain need them most to communicative with different organs and and make our nervous system properly. A certain level of concentration of these salts in necessary. But when we drink too much water, the concentration decreases. However in such case our kidneys try to flush out extra water but some salts also flush out with it, and still if we keep drinking the water then we reach a level where salt concentration comes at a level where we call it Water Poisoning or Water Intoxication.

Symptoms of Water Poisoning

Symptoms of Water Poisoning starts to occur when Blood Sodium level falls below 130 mmol/L . Some of the early symptoms of Water Poisoning are:

  • Headache
  • Restlessness, irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Lightheadedness, dizziness
  • Fatigue, muscle weakness, unstable gait
If the condition remain undetected for more than 48 hours and sodium level falls below 105mmol/L then it becomes a life threatning condition. Its symptoms include:
  • Swelling of Hands and feet
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Blurred Vision
  • Less Urination
  • Coughing up blood
  • Siezures
  • Hallucination
  • Coma
These symptoms can cause death within a day or two.

Treatment of Water Poisoning
Mild symptoms of Water Poisoning can be treated by restricting intake of Water. But is severe cases special treatment is necessary. It may include diuretics to increase urination and vasopressin receptor antagonist (VRA).

How much water can cause Water Poisoning ?
Drinking around 2 liters of water per hour for a few hours can cause Water Poisoning.

Can Water Poisoning cause death ?
Yes, if symptoms are not diagnosed and proper treatment is not given then it can easily cause death.

Which activities can cause Water Poisoning ?
All those activities which include drinking lots of water with no or little sodium intake can cause Water Poisoning. People with low body weight are more prone to it. Here are a few activities that can cause Water Poisoning.

  • Water Drinking Contests: Several people have died as a result of such contests. Some of them drank just 7.5 ltr of water in a few hours.
  • Water Diet: Some fool people go on water diet to lose weight, but it can easily cause water poisoning and they take the symptoms as a result of low calorie diet.
  • Long term Physical Activities which needs drinking water: Some marathon runners face this problem as they drink lots of water, which don't have sufficient sodium in it. Most of the commercial drinks don't have enough sodium, they have just added sugar.
  • Mental Disorders: Some mental disorders can also make a person drink upto 15 liters of water in a day. 

Apart from the above some inhuman activities can also cause Water Poisoning.

  • Child Abuse with Water: In 2002 a 3 year old girl died as her baby sitter forced her to drink 2.8 ltr of water within a few hours.
  • Drinking water to hide Drug Abuse: Some people try to hide drug abuse by drinking lots of water the day before testing in order to flush out the drug. Sometimes it cause water poisoning. 
  • Drinking beer: Beer have very low sodium content. In 2012 a man drank 10 ltr of beer and got affected by water poisoning.
  • Suicide Attempt: Some people use this trick to attempt suicide. 

Are there any long term side effects after treatment of Water Poisoning ?
Yes, there are a number of side effects. It depends on the severity of water poisoning from which you recovered and how much harm it has already done to your body and brain. Here are few side effects of Water Poisoning that are basically caused due to permanent brain damage.

  • Mental retardation
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Persistent vegetative state: A state of being unresponsive to psychological and physical stimuli.
  • Hearing loss
  • Cerebral palsy: A state of uncontrolled muscle movement.
  • Gait abnormality: Its an abnormality in Walking.

What is the maximum limit of drinking water ?
One should never drink more than 1.4 ltr of water in an hour. An adult on average diet should not exceed drinking 11 ltr of water in a day. If you are on fasting (or low sodium diet) then don't go above 5 ltr of water in a day.

As we say in most of our articles that a proper balance in necessary to live a healthy and long life. Same thing applies on water. Drinking too less and too much, both can make you sick. So drink plenty of water, but not too much and balance it with your diet as well.
Note: Water Drinking competition often cause Water Poisoning. So don't fall prey to such contests just to earn few extra bucks. It may cost your life.

Negative Calorie Foods List Free Complete PDF

There is an assumption by some food experts that some foods consume more calories in their digestion than what they provide to our body. This assumption make them believe and say that these specific foods have negative calories. However there is no scientific evidence to support such assumption. But still these specific foods become an important part of diet-chart of those who want to lose some weight. Even if these negative calorie foods are not really negative, but still they provide very less amount of calories to our body and may be beneficial in weight-loss.

Negative Calorie Foods List

Here we are providing a list of so called Negative Calorie Foods with their calorie value.
FoodCalorie per 100g
16 - 18
33 - 42
48 - 56
14 - 17
28 - 35
23 - 27

Do Negative Calorie foods really help in Weight loss ?
Yes, they do. These negative calorie foods have very less calories, so they can easily satisfy your appetite without getting more calories into your body. Thus they help is reducing weight as advertised by most weight loss programs.

Do Chilled water have negative calories and it helps in losing weight?
The straight answer is NO. Some people try to be over intelligent by falling prey to this myth that Water has negative calories.
Myth : Water has zero calories. One you drink ice chilled water, our body rises its temperature by burning some fat calories, which helps in weight loss.
Truth: Our body burns just 10 calories in rising the temperature of 5-6 glasses of chilled water to make it equivalent to body temperature. In this way it would take a year to burn one pound of fat, which is a negligible amount if you really want to lose weight.
Side effects: Ice chilled water can do more harm to your throat. It can also make you sick if you do it in winters. Some people drink more water than required just to lose weight and fall prey to water intoxication, which can cause disturbance in brain functions.

Very soon betterhealthfacts.com will provide a free pdf to help you in weight loss. Most of the articles in that pdf will help you understand the basics of fat deposition in our body and you can reduce the extra fat.

If you want to add a few more foods in the negative calorie foods list provided above, then tell us the names of those foods in the comments section. We will try to add them in the list provided above.